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Tae Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
Services at the Christian
church next Sunday at the usual
hours. I. S. Handsacker, former
ly pastor, will occupy the pnlpit.
Presbyterian church, M. S.
Bush, pastor. Bible school 10 a.
m. Morning and evening services
in the Opera House.
At the home of Mrs. B. W.
Wilson, Friday evening, Arthur
Bouquet gave a' dinner to a few
friends in honor of his 21st birth
day. v
Mr. and Mrs. W.-D. DeVarney
returned to Albany today after a
business visit in tbis city since
Tuesday. ' .-
Cabby I 'ad a beard like yours
once, but when I found what it
made me look like I got it cut off.
Bussy An' I had a face like. yours
once, an' when I found I couldn't
get it cut off, I grew a beard. r .
"Why do you avoid the man
to whom I introduced you ? He is
very agreeable and interesting."
"I avoid meeting agreeable and in
terestine people," answered the
misanthrope. "That was how
came to eet my life insured in a bad
company." .
The VTdito livery stable Is to
have a number of new rigs for the
coming spring and summer bust
ness. Robert Vidito went to Port
land yesterday morning "to make
selections of buggies that the firm
will install.
A Blodgett correspondent
writes: "There has been a local
ten party telephone line built in
Blodgett known as the Oregon
Short line Independent Telephone
company. The officers are; A. L,
Richardson, president: W. I. Van
Allstyne, vice president; Wn.
Seppert, treasurer. Trustees, J
A.Wood, C. H. Taylor, E. E
B. E. Emerick, formerly
member of the faculty of Philomath
College, has been in town for sev
eral days. He is editor and pub
lisher of the Searchlight, , a sem
monthly journal devoted to the
cause of prohibition. His visit to
Corvallis and Philomath is to secure
material for a Benton county ed
ition ot his paper, shortly to ap
pear. The Searchlight has a cir
culation of several thousand. The
price is 50 cents per year.
Over 100 miles of underground
telephone cable has been laid in
Portland by the Independent, or
what is known as the Home tele
phone people. They are the com
pany that is co-operating with the
Corvallis Independent. The wire
laid in the Portland cables if strung
out singly would reach three times
around the earth. Over half a mil-,
lioa dollars has been spent and anoth-
' er half million in bonds for construe-
, tion has been issued and sold.
Contracts have been let for con
struction of trunkiines from Port
land to Corvallis and other Willarhf
ette towns. y It costs $30,500 to put
one metallic circuit through from
Portland to Corvallis. The "Bell
people have eight or ten such cir-j
cuits leaving "Portland for the scrathi
ward. r " ; -
At Bellefountain.'
.The political pot that has been sime
rueriog for some time is now be
ginning to to'l. . '. ".
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Waters of
Elmira, are visiting relatives in this
PlftC(?- ' . p-..- :)
' 1 - i '
Bennie Oaks arrived home'Wifd'i
nesday from Poit'aod where he has
been in the hospital for six weeks.
Mr. Wilson aud family have re
turned to their home on Green
Peak, where they expect, tp reside
""in the future.
Charles Perin made a trip to Cor
vallis for Woodcock & Taylor, Wed
nesday, : . ' '
The band was agreeably surpris
ed on Tuesday evening, by the la
dies of this place. Refreshments
were served, after which can,
dy pulling was the order,' at a late
Mr. Sieson and family have mov
ed back into this neighborhood.
Mrs. Cox, a sister of George R.
Hall, is " spending a few ' weeks at
Newpoit before returning to her
"home in the east.
Quarterly meeting services will
be held at. this place.; Saturday and
Sunday, the i7 and 18th, conduct
ed by Rev. Wire of the M. E.
Miss Anna Thompson is vislt
ng her Bister in Portland. She left
John Carpenter, ot Monroe was
n Corvallis on business Wednesday
and Thursday.
Miss Sarah Story left Thursday
for en extended visit with her
mother at Airlie.
Protracted meetings began at
the M. E. church last night, with
Rev. J. L Jones, of Amity, as lead
Rose Eytinge, astisted by Ed
na Irvine, is to give a a ram at ic
reading in the Grand Opera House
at Silem tonight.
-Mrs Mary Piatt has been quite
HI for several days atthe home of
Mr. and Mrs. .Henry stone, in this
T. T. Vincent returned Tuesday
frooo Portland, where be was sum
nuned to preach the funeral ser
mon of an old friend.
-J. 'Fred, Yates 4ias moved his
office from the -old location over
Zierolf's store to ap-staira. rooms in
the building occupied by .Small &
Son. ":!!''- . ': '
The ! Independent Telephone
company has now an all night ser
vice in Albany. It was established
Tuesday night, and will prove a
great convenience" to patrons. , . . ,
The Norwood Trading compa
ny of Bruce nas sold oat f to : K. a.
Tieaholm, of Alsea. . The deal was
completed last week. Mr. Norwood
will go' to "farming. iv
The Benton county circuit court
convenes a week from today. The
number -of cases cannot yet be de
termined, as new ones appear each
day. "' i
Harry Meier, a traveling man,
welrkaown io'Cdrvalus," is to be
married the 25th, In Portland, and
po to S tn Francisco on a trip. Mr.
Meier is with Mason & Jfirhman.
Miss Ella King was tendered a
surprise party at her home Wed
oeeday evening.-in -honor of -her
birtnday. About 14 guests were
present and the . occasion was
pleasant. 1 . r i
Tomorrow night a 'parents' and
teachers meeting is to occnr at
Wells, and much interest is taken
in the affair, by the people in that
locality. There are papers by sev
ere! leading citizens, and Supt.
Dinman u to be present.
The frame i up on the ferry
house, of which Contractor Heckert
his begun the construction. It is
to contain six rooms, and will be
for the occupancy of the county fer
Toe W. O. W. had a social
time at their - lodge, ;Wednesdav
night, There was the initiation of
candidate, story-telling by vari
ous members, and a good supper.
The occasion was enjoyed by all..
Isadore Jacobs, who fell oh the
court house steps Tuesday, severely
lacerating the ligaments about one
knee cap, is resting comfortably in
the good Samaritan hospital at Port
land, where he was taken for treat
ment. While painful, the injury
is not necessarily serious.'
-Walter J. Cathcart, of Alsea, was
21 years old Wednesday. On that
day he took out hi3 naturalization
papers and became a citizen of the
United S'atee; :and also registered
as a' lifgal voter." .Mr. Cathcart was
born in Canefd a,' but has spent most
of his life in Alsea. His-witnessts
:were R'. J.rMpsend Willis. Vidite
?1 "The'taws and cbdsfifu3Eional
aineBdmehts proposed r6?reB"act-
mentlfndef the initiative havebeen
i published in pamphlet form at the
ptaje-printing-office -arid be
supplied county clerks for; free-distribution.
Those who-have a sur
feit of time and wanT to study these
various measures can get copies of
them on .application at the clerk's
office. ; " : ;:rJ6i?I "
The new directory.. for the. In
dependent phone people' "is ready
for distribution. It contains nine
pages and involves -over-l,2UU
names. W. D. DeVarney has been
operating' lhfthe 'telephone' business
for nineteen years, in such sections
a? Kansas, Nebraska and Oklaho
ma. He says thafiniaU his expe
rience he has never organized a sys
tem that distributed, phones: so
widely and so thickly In . so short a
time. Corvallis and Ub rural sys
tem is without a rival in the coun
try ,:. ; 'r ' 1
Pending id the city council is
an ordinance that provides for the
opening of 15th street through the
Berlin propeity, giving job's addi
tion access to the college grounds,
and also for the opening of Harrison
street through the Applewhite prop
erty, opening one more thorough
fare for residents of tbe addition . to
reach the. main town. Both ordi
nances have passed the second read
ingt and will be up for final-passage
:ai an adjourned; meeting to be held
Monday night. i !
Don't Starve or Diet, but Use Mi-o na.
and Cure Your Stomach Troubles.
The average treatment of stomach trou
bles consist of a rigid diet list, which
often starves the patieut. Of
would be foolish for any one who knows
that some foods are positively harmful
and poisonous to continue eating them,
even while following the Mi-o-na treat
ment, but in ordinary cases of stomach
troubles it is not necessary to starve or
diet if Mi-o-na is faithfully used, a tablet
before each meal.
This scientific remedy, for the core of
stomach troubles, acts upon the whole
digestive system, and strengthens the or
gans so tnat they are able to digest any
ood that is eaten without fear of distress.
If you suffer from loss of appetite, belch
ing of gases, sour taste in the mouth,
furred tongue, severe pains in the region
of the stomach,, depression of spirits, bad
dreams, lack of energy, a stomach cough,
offensive breath, headaches, back aches,
loss of strength and weight, yon can be
assured that these troubles are all due to
imperfect digestion.' , ' r '
Strengthen the stomach by taking a
Mi-o-na tablet before each meal, and
aeon you will gain in weight, strength
will return, and. your food will rive nour
khment so that the rich red blood will
carry good health to every part of the
system. .. .
Graham & Wells have so ma h confi
dence in the power or Mi-o-na to . cure
stomach troubles and resulting ills, that
they give a guarantee with every 50 cent
box to refund the money unless it cures
Spraying and Other Things.
Spraying fruit trees is certainly
a nauseous dose, so. to -speak, ..but
there is a degree of satisfaction fol
lowing the operation that recompen
ses largely for the trouble "and ex
pense undergone. , The satisfaction
of thinking tbe little scaly pest-, at
their jniecbievoua avocation, are suf
fering, closed in, dying and "dead,
is a contemplation worth consider
ation. : And, besides the "hope of
securing .better fruit, even if it be
without market value, is another
satisfaction, and itr it not satisfab-
tiob that one wants? The little du
ties performed ,r the little difficul' ies
overcome together make up tbe ag
gregate of humab satisfaction.
And, nowr speaking of . spraying
fruit trees leads mealeo to; say, that
I have sprayed my, hen house where
I knew tbe little parasitical nuisan
ces dwelt, I knew they, were "and
how l have reason to believe they
are not. " Yet the sprayer and pump
are just-the things to scatter death,
bell and destruction (lime, sulphur
arid salt) upon th 4 natural enemies
of the hen,. and now we anticipa e
the codlinr moth and have it in for
him and tf course for her. " And
whentnat villainous VanthraonOee''
the veg-table devil, the w-irst of all
can we hut overcome it? Th dread
ed lupus of the apple tree, (B ill-tin
No. 60) bv Prof. Crdlfv. i have
never had lilt want it.' It ac
counts for the dead lioobj, ed
ba k, . and finally tl e dead tree.
Many plagues have eeiz -d upon the
fruit industry f tBe hitherto favor
ed Oregon. Let us uot sunenaer,
but give them bittle.
Nqw a few words about the wea
th r and I will baVe done. Follow
1' c three or more most beautiful
dj.vs the snow is here on this 10th
da v of March as this scribbler op and repeatedly predicted to
oM settlere, who having .kept ; no
w rnoranda were disposed ti be
ek I ticair Ippk out for. March .eve
ry, year, jno exception.
- Geo R Hall. Sr.
Forty :vo!its -ajfo, 0r. Tiorce searched
Nature's vaixrratcrnt- lor a remedy with
wich to supplant the' Ignorant and yt-
cious meinoas 01 ireaimem, witn aico-
...ill.. mnuiui(.u) uilv 11 111 luguo, auu ami
too commonly prescribed and advised fofc
woman s peculiar aliments. . ,
Nature abounds with most efBclent rem
edies, and in Ladv's SliDoer root. Black
Cohosh root;, ;0nicorii -root, Blue Cohosh'
root' ancb Boioen oeai rooi.. ur.r -ierca
found medicinal properties, .which when
extracted and preserved bj the use of
chemically pure glycerine, have proven
most potent in makine weak -women
strong and sick women well. ; It contain
no alcohol; is. not' a ? paten medicine;
nor a secret -one e;mer. , .. .jyj
-- nI VASrsufferlho' with ncrrnnft liAnriAAlin:
jjalns In .J,tiv back, and dizziness, so that at
times i. naa to ne aown ior nours colore l
could raise my head," writes Mrs. Mary M.
Thomas.-ot 337 Winston Street. Log AnvelefL
-Cal. "A-tter iaklntr the first bottle ot Tof
vortte pneoriptum." bo-wever. l was so pleased
' with the remits that-I kept on taking it until
I was restored to health and . strength. I
shall never be without this great medicine.
and shall take a few doses when 1 do not
One of thetprtnclpal uses of Dr. Pierce's
"Favorite Prescription is the preparation
of prospective., mothers for the time of
trial ana danger that' comes when a child
is Doro. - x ne xrescn prion is strength
ening arid invigorating and lessens pain
and danger. It insures the perfect well
being and the perfect health of both
Mother and ; child. Every woman should
l:v.rv these things before she really needa
t kaovi them.. There are many things in
U". rierce s common sense meaicai aq
A'iscr, that every Woman ought to know.
Tiiis celebrated work reached a sale of
(i i),000 copies at $1.50 each. The expense
: proauciion naving mus Deen covered,
i 'J is hoV being given away. A copy will
sfnt to any address on receipt; of 21
o-vceat stamps to cover cost of mailing
u "i, 141 cium-uiuuiuKior.oi .si-amps.
vaaress ur. m. v. fierce, itunaio, jn.Y. .
f'An' ' Ha HAn1nrni-at hoodooed'
iun i iv iiuvmniimbu, hypnotUed
.rover-neranaded into acceritln a sunatitutA
for the Original Little Llvr Pills, first put
up Dy old ut jk. Y. fierce, over 40 years ego,
and called Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
they've been much - imitated . but never
iualed. . One or two are laxative, three or
(our cathartic.
If you expect to buy an Incubat
of call at Blackled'ge's. :
! j. g: MORRIS i
j Practical Shoer & General Blacksmith
I Prices for general shoe- . Careful attention won
- - - -
frig. Setting 25c a shoe, knee hitting, interfering, I
" New shoes $ 1.50 a horse. 1 lameness. Tre a t m e n t f
No 6 and over $2. " without extra charge. I
m nn aa na nn un uu
Reraemt3er Blackledge is Here
We' have just received 45 Mai- .
lable Iron Beds, all ' prices, from .
$2 90 up. One thousand yards
Matting, just in. New wall
Paper : just received. Lower
1 than any House 'In Benton county
The new folding Go-Carts ?are
here. . - ' :':!'-: '
For Floors, Woodwork, etc.
Wedoh't have timie to change our ads every week, but
' we sell goods to beat the band. 1
Dont buy until you see our large stock of House Furnish
' ' ihg Goods brooms full. 1 . Acme Washer.
. v.; . : ; ; l i u - .. -
Remember ;BlackIedge is Here
Off all Sad Words Ever Spoke
in the Morn
The Saddest are these, That
tShoe Hurts my Corn.
If you had been wearing a Packard foot-form shoe,
that corn would "not have been there to hurt
Packard Shoes, no corns.
Corvallis, . Oregon.
Corvallis' only; ei.clusiye Men
We -are not inclined
writing advertisements
and customers speak for
i.: ' -
e. b.
""7 Wanted. - ' '
, Competent lady to . assist in gen
eral houseworks '
; - Apply to Mrs. M. Coffee,
- Monroe, Oregon., r .
Child Not Expected to Live from One
Hour- to" Another,'.' bnt Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
. Diarrhoea Jlemedy. - .., ;.. . ;
Euth, the little daughterf E. ,N jtewey
of Agnewville,' .V,, was.' seriously" ill' of
cholera infantum last summer. : "We gave
her up . and did not expect her to live frpm
one hour to another," he: says. f,."I happened
to think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ang
Diarrhoea Remedy and got a bottle of it
ifrom the store. In five hours I saw a changer
for the 'better.r. AVxiie pi )ji an
before she.-had taken the.halfTof.onesmaH
bottle she was well." This remedy is for sale
by Graham & Wortham. r.. , I
to spend much time
we prefer to let bur goods
Spraying and Whitewashing
Done in first class manner.
Montgomery. & Tedrow i
Phone 374., J ; . . . 2-20-im
. . . Notice to Creditors. .-
Notice Is hereby given to all concerned that
the undersigned has been dnly appointed the
executor of the last will and the estate of Har
riett Hill, deceased, by tbe oounty court of tbe
state of Oregon for Benton eounty, and has duly
q allfled for the duties of said trust. All per
sons having claims against the deceased, or her
estate, are required to present the same dnly
verified to the undersigned at his residence In
Philomatn, Benton couuty. Oregon; within six
months from this date.: r -.- s ! W. HIXL, -Executor
of the last wlil and estate of Harriett
Hill,-deceased. ....
-Dated Feb. S, 1906. "
; ' For Sale.
--Jarmrand city, property.
S. L. Hendersoriv
Corvallis,' Or.
The First National B ink of Corval
lis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative tanking,, business.
Loan? money od approved secu
rity ..Drafts bought and soldand
money traneferredto tbe principal
cities of the United Statee, Eu
rope and foreign coantrief. ;
Veterinary Surgeon
Office Winegar & Snows Barn
Office Phone Ind 328
" Bell 441
Resident " Ind 389
Physician & Surgeon
. ....... -. .
Office over poetoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hoars 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p.m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & ham's drug store.
First Natl Bank Building,
Only Set Abstract Books tn Benton County
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK . Bld. Hoarst
lO to 12 and a to . f ,r.
Phons, office 83. Residence 351.'
Corvallis, Oregon.
E. R. Bryson,
Physician & Surgeon,
Office ap itiiriia 8 ira-.t B.-iclc
idence on ttn cDtaer jf vltli3i
Seventh st. Piii; i i.-t ii i
C. H. Newth,
Physician and Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
JYeu; Jime fard for V E.
Taking effect January I, 19O6, the new
time card of the C. & E. will be issued,
changing the times of trains between
Albany and Ooivallis as follows:
: Leavs Albany for Corvallis : 8:00 a. m.
12:45 p. m. and 7.35 p. m.-:
Leave Corvallis for Albany: 6:30 a. m.
11:30 a. m. and 5:00 p. m.
Sunday Trains:
Leave Albany for Coavallis at 7:35 p. m.
Leave Corvallis for Albany at 6:30 a. m.
The afternoon train leaving Albany at
2:40 p m. will be discontinued.
Banking Company
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
' - Exchange."
Bays County, City and School
. Warrants.
" Principal Correspondents
I-eRTLAND f The Bank o
SEATTLE f California
NEW YORK Messrs. J. 1?. Morgan A Co.
CHICAGO National Bank, of The Kepub
- ,- Uo. .--
LONDON, ENG. N M Rothschilds A Sons
CAN AD A . Union Rank of Canada
Summons. '
In the Olrcuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton County.
Myrtle Benson, Plaintiff,!
John T. Benson, Deft. )
' To JohnD. Benson, the above named defend
ant: ' . :
. In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint -ot me piainun in tne
above entitled suit In the above entitled court,
now on file in the office of the clerk of said court
on or before the last day of the time prescribed
in the ordei ffr publication ot this summons
made by the 1'i uuty. judge of Benton county,
state of Oregon which order Is hereinafter re
ferred to to-wit, March 23d, 1906, and you are
hereby notified that 11 you fall so to appear and
answer the said complaint as herein required,
for want thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
above entitled court for the relief demanded in
her -said complaint, namely, for a decree of
divorce from the said defendant forever ("lssolv
ing the marriage contract existing between tbe
plaintiff and said defendant, and for such other
further and different rule, order or relief, as to
the court may seem proper.
. This summons is pnbllshed tn the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive and con
secutive weeks, .beginning with tbe issue of
February 9,1906.. and ending with the Issue or
Hareh 23, 1906,-under and la pursuance of the
directions contained In an Order made by the
Hon. Virgil E. Walters, county Judge of Benton
eounty, Oregon. I being the - county where the
above entitled salt Is pending in- the above en
titled circuit court, dated - February. 1906.
Date of first publication .hereof Is .February
1906. . .... - I E.E. WILSON,
, - .Plaintiff's Attorney.