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' iV
Tiie Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Otber Items of
Public Interest.
The O. A. C. basket ball girls
rgo to Salem tomorrow to play a
game with the Willamette Univer
sity team.
' What are money orders, pa?"
"Your mother's letters to me when
she is on a vacation."
Miss Juliet Cooper left Thurs
day morning for an extended visit
in Portland.
-i-Father Springer returned Wed
nesday from a visit with Salem
After a week's visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs! John; Allen,
Mrs. Walter Dey left today for her
;iiomein Portland.
A meeting of the Barnacle club
is scheduled for tomorrow evening
Fischer's ball. A royal time1 is
anticipated. !
Miss Mary Sutherland is able
?io be about, after a severe illness
with la grippe.
Miss Gertie Barclay v returned
Thursday to her home at Irish
JBend aft;r a visit with Corvallis
Misses Myrtle Shonkwiler and
Rose Greffoz arrived Wednesday
for a visit at the Sp.angler home,
Thev expect to return to Portland
.Monday. ' '
Presbyterian church, M. S
;Bush, pastor. Bible school 10 a
an., worship at ii. . Subject; "The
Oreat Supper." C.; E. meeting at
6.30 p. m. Let every member be
present. Evening song service at
7.30, worship at 8, subject, "John's
"Uncle,'.' said the scientific
youth, "don't you know that you
ought to have your drinking water
boiled, so as to kill the microbes?'
"Well," answered the old gentle
man thoughtfully, "I believe
-would as list be an aquarium as a
Mrs. R. J. Nichols entertained
"her SunJay school class Tuesday
afternoon, with a v demine party
that was a most enjoyable affair to
the little guests. In" the word
, "building contest, first prize, a large
valentine, was taken by Miss Jesie
JVIrs. Mary Barclay came
from Eugene Wednesday, where
he has ben at the bedside of her
daughter, Mrs. W. O. Heckart,
who is ill with typhoid fever.
When she kft.-Mrs. Heckart's fev
er had broken, and although very
weak she was thought to be on the
inend. Mrs. Barclay returned to
Eugene today.
The choir of the Baptist church
to give a Washington social at
the church Wednesday evening,
Feb. 21. There will be no admis
sion fee, but coffee and cake will
he served for ten cents. The pub
lic is invited, and a good time is
assured to all who attend.
"Mamma," said little Willie,
'I gave Freddie my apple to hold
while I was fixing to play a game,
and he ate it up." "Aw, mamma,"
replied Freddie, "that was part of
the gama. W e was playing life in
surance. Willie was the policy
holder." Congregational church. Sun
day school and young men's class,
io a. m. Worship at n, subject,
"Hidden Treasure." Vespers and
"Hidden Treasure." Vespers and
sermon at 7.30 p. m., the sub
ject, "'Pride tud Humility" is the
first in a series on Life's Contrasts.
Sunday evening music will include
a duet by Miss von der Hellen and
Mr. Hughes and the solo by Miss
Edna Allen with violin obligato by
Mr. Rosenstein will be repeated by
special request.
Mrs. Emma M. ' Wilbur nee
Emma M. Schimtnel died of tuber
culosis at Tulare California, Febru
ary 5th. Mre Wilbur was the dau
ghter of Mrs. Carl Schimmel and
spent her girlhood in this city.
The following is from the Tulare
Register: Mrs. Wilbur had been an
invalid for the past . two years and
for the two months just past she
had been conSned to her bed. She
was a woman of an exceptionally
1 lovable character, a cheerful dis--position,
and was : an attentive
mother and a devoted wife. .Mrs.
Emma M. Wilbur was born in
Pennsylvania thirty-one years ago
on the 13th of -December. When
i-quite young she removed with her
parents to Oregon, where she resid
ed until she was married to Mr.
Wilbur about eight years ago. To
;this union was born three children,
one boy and two girls. The boy,
- aged one year, and a girl, aged two
:and a half years, died in this city
.something over a year ago.
R, C. Wells was an Albany
visitor' yeslerday. ' ' I
Mtf. Charles Lee was hostess
f ir the Lidiee Whist Club Wednes
day alternoou.
In the Oregon (ontst, votes
f jr Miss A?n6S Wilson are to be
1)11 at the Pioneer Bakery.
H nr Taaly, representing Port-
and brokers arrived Wednesday
for a bueir ess visit. r
James L. Skipton, of Salem,
attended the funeral of his uncle in
this oil) today.
Miee OIlit) Skipton and father
arrived from Salem Thursday, to
attend the funeral of the late E.
Henry Wortham has been at
Newport for the past ten days su
perintending the construction of a
cottage on the Graham & Wortham
ots at Nye Creek.
The Pendleton Tribune office
1 in turmoil! The editor was whi.
ed by. the foreman, one day this
week afld the mix-up between the
different proprietors was general.
C. W. Husband, connected
with the Cdriistian Standard Pub
iDine House of Cincinnati, Ohio,
who comes highly recommended as
a very able speaker, Will occupy the
pulpit' at the Christian church, San
day, at both services.
fTheBJertainment given at the
Opeta house Situ'rddy evening un
der direction of Mis Helen Craw
ford' and "MrsT .Florence Gree'n' 'was
a complete success -financially as
well a-i artistically. The net pro
ceeds, ipc.odlng a donation by- tbe
proprietor of the Opera house and
the merchants whd made reductions
in their bills, amounted in all, to
ab ut $76, which has been handed
over to the 1 fficers of the W. C. Ti
U. The euni goes to reduction of
.ae: indbf$crn8S 'on tne reading
. t -7 .-. .. ..
jrebm. '' The" thanke of the society
were voted 'to alf concerned at a
wieetingy stf rday. afternoon.
Mr. rianKUo r. L,ne gave a
b wling pa'rly Thursday" evening
Hi guests numbered twenty and
were as follow?: Mr. and Mrs. B
W. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. George
Irvine, Mrs. . F. Irvihe, MisBes
Grace Gatch, Mabel Witbycombe,
Ethel Linvitle, Harriett Sheaegreen,
Frahkil Paynft' Mary Nolan,' Edna
Irvine"; Misses" Sam''' -Dbta'D-, : Sax
Damon, Fred' Stimson, Lyman Bun
viy,'' Tom Nolan, Joe Patterson,
Kenneth Cooper and Ray Walker
TurjQorrow, O. J. Blackledge is
to receive from the Albany factory
pobab!y the largest order of chairs
1 ver shipped :' intotbn city at one
lime. There will be 25O of them,
and th-y are for the basement of
tne tiTti MAtnodist cnurcn, in
which will be fitted up a large au
ditorium to be used lor socials, en
ttrtainments and like purpoeee.
Albany Dimocrat. Col. J. B.
Eddy, of the Harriman lines, has
been in the city today interviewing
members of the city council for the
purpose of securing the consent of
the city for the erection of the big
1,000,0 jo gallon crude oil tank in
this city, to be used in supplying
fuel for the oil engines soon to be
Used. When hecame to council
man Bryant he was met with some
thing like this, "I'll be hanged if
I'll consent to anything of the kind
until the Southern Pacific moves its
depot ti tnis side 01 tne trace, so
that the lives of our people will be
eaftr. Move the depot it you wan
favors from Albsny
The Portland Telegram tells a
good story on Floyd White, former
ly ot Aioany. : lne young man
reached the -court house for a mar
riage license Wednesday afternooa
but found that twelve licenses had
already been issued and he refused
j to take number 13, but left the
building. Later he returned and
finding that another one had not
been issued he left again, to return
eeveral hours later, when he found
two marriage permits had been tak
en during his absence, and he se
cured number 15 for the day, thus
removing the "hoodoo." He stated
tnat ne did not wisn to start in
with the handicap of No. I3.
The funeral of the late Jacob
Modi, who died at his home near
Sodaville, Saturday, was held at
Sodaville, Sunday, and the remains
were brought to Mt. View Monday,
where interment was made in the
Locke cemetery. ' Mr. Moii was
aged 85 years and 29 days. r'He
came to Oregon 50 years ago, cross
ing the plains by ox team. Most
of that time he has resided in Ben
ton county, and for two ' terms he
was assessor of the county. . The
survivorsare the widow, and five
children, as follows: Mrs. Joseph
Hecker, of Wells; Mrs. Martha'Da
vidson, ' Albany; Mrs. Eliza Mel
ville, Spokane, Wash.; Mrs. Jessie
Browd, Bsnton county, and Milton
Modi, Prineville. Deceased was
widely known, and had many
friends, being a man of good char
acter and honest dealing with his
fellow men. v Bri'ef services were
held at the grave, before the re
mains were laid away from view.
At .Belief otmUin.
The dry weather has broken with
a nice warm Oregon raio.
Grain looks well with prospect
for a good crop.
W. W. Minton, of Free Water,
vitited this place labt week.
The infant daughter of W. H
Rickard was buried at Bellefoun
tain cemetery Tuesday.
The Little Oaks . boy who has
beenuffering with appendicitis has
been taken to Portland for an' oper
Almost every borne in this com
modity has ao Independent phone,
witti a central here, and a trunk
line to Corvallic It is giving 'the j
besv of satisfaction. '" ' '
The band, boya will play a drama I
entitled "Oak Farm," at the ha'l
on tbe 24th inst. Everybody in
vited. Ladies requested to bring a
lunch, and a snanJkercbIef to be
auctiooert-d off to the highest bid
der. Proceeds to go t3 band.
Ralph Pruett of CjrvaHie, visited
relatives in tnis place the first" of
the week; "' :
' ' ' . ;
Hazel Brifctow - was sick last
week but is slowly improving." "
. Marcus Greet? came ui from
PhllomaVh SatnVday
it with his fattier for eome' time.
The little daughter of Mr. . and
litU W. Hi Kiek4td: of the-Btfttee.
Was buried -' iullefbuiriaih center
tery Tuesday". The i services were
eohduoted by Ml M; Wait2.: "
Mrs. J. H, Edwards is eufferio
again wita neuralgia of the stpmf
ach, being confined to her bed the
greater part of ttre. time. '
Will atanlurf; fiBBred in a- lively
runaway Tuesday; morning..,. While
p'qiviog the team: became,. Irighteni
ed and started to run. f, Finding, he
could not stop tbe team Will man
aged to free himself from the lines.
The team ran through a picket
fine' before leaving-the 'plow. . The
horses escaped with a few scratches
Farmers re making preprations
to spray their orchards bef re the
buds begin to swell.
Teacher's Examination.
Notice is hereby given that the county
sup-iriateudent of Benton county will
hold the regular examination of applf'-
csnts for state and county papers t Cor
vallis, Oregon as follows :
For State Papers.
. Commencing .Wednesday Fab. 14 at 9
o'clock a. m. , and continuing until Sat
urday Feij. i7, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship, history, spell
ing, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmatic, theory of
teaching, grammar, bookkeeping, phj-
sics, civil government.
Friday Physiology, geography, men
ial arithmetic,' composition and phy
cical geography.
Si nrday Botany, plane
n-ineral history, English
For County Papers.
C "iimencing Wednesday, Febroary 14
r 9 o'clock a. m. and continuing uLtil
Friday February 16 at 4 o.clock p. m.
Fust, Second and Third Grade Certi:
' ficates.
Wednesday Penmanship; . history, ' br
, ihograpby, reading.
Thursday- WritteD ari thmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, physiology." ' '
FridayGeography, mental arithmetic
school law, civil government.
. - - ? .
For Primary Certificates
Wednesday Penmanship, orthography,
arithmetic, reading
Thursday Art of questioning, theory of
teaching, physiology.
Notice is further given that teachers will
- be confined in their answers in theory
and practice to White's Art of Teach
ing. Notice is further given that applicants
who are strangers to the county board
or examiners wi l be expected to fur
nish testimonials as to their moial
character before certificates will be is-
sned. ' 1
Dated this 31st day of December 1906, at
Corvallisj Or.
Geo W Denman, .
County School Supt Benton Co., Or,
Veterinary Surgeon.
. vr. ti,. jacKson, veterinary sur
geon, has located in Corvallis for
the practice of his profession. Office
at Winegar fe-Snow s livery stable.
Wood Wanted.
Notice is hereby given that the County Court
of Benton County, Oregon, will receive sealed
bido for furnishing wood to Benton County, for
the year 1906, as follows: : 25 cords ol oak grub
wood, four feet long, and not less than 3 Inches
In diameter; also 35 cords split maple wood, four
feeit: long, also 15 cords of second growth fir
wood, four feet long. Said wood to be delivered
at the county court house in Corvallis, Oregou,
between June 1st and August 1st, 1906, and
when' so delivered and accepted to be paid for
in county warrants. All bids must be filed In
the office of the county clerk ol Benton counfr,
Oregun, on or before Wednesday, March 7. 190G,
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. The court reserves
the right to reject any and all bids.
Dated this 10th day of February, 1906.
County Clerk.
I Practical Sfioer &
ing. Setting 25c a shoe,
New shoes $1.50 a horse.
No 6 and over. $2. V
111! HII IIP 111. PMl
Rememtier Blackledge is Here
We have rust received, 45
f-tt- T ' ft ' t
iaoi& iron, rxos, an . prices,
; $2 90 up. . One ', thousand-;
' Matting, just in. -New
, Paper just .received." . Lower
f than any house in Benton-county
'. ,The new folding Go-Girts . are
h here.
r We donthave4irne tOjCha
,,we sell goods to
' Dont buy until you see- ou?
mgAjppds 4,rooms; tuu. ,,vcme, washer. j;
lyRemember ;BlGkIedge is Mete
Abe Lincoln Said
"You can fool some of the people all the lime,'
and.all of the people some of the time; but you can't.'
fool all of the people all the time." '
. We have adopted a better plan than that :
Never sFool Anybody
. The merchandise we sell, is exactly as represented '
: If not we request you. to allow us to exchange it for
other goods or real money.
, Girvallis, . Oregon.
Moses Brothers
Sure Pop
You will always find-us up and coming
and our prices reasonable.
- Boots and' shoes for men; women and phildren, hats.
. caps, under wear, everyday and Sunday shirts
ladies skirts, mens and boys suits in fact
things to" numerous to mention,
A fin 3 line of groceries, crockery and everything
is needed in a grocery department
For Moses Brps quick delivery-wagon. Listen for the
bell and you will-find
We are not inclined to spend much time in
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
and customers speak , for themselves.
; 6 BorniH9
General Blacksmith
Careful attention given
knee hitting, . interfering,
lameness. Tre a t m e n t
I without extra charge.
i . . . ... ....
tm mi ii I n mi an b
Mai - ' f
' '
irom .
yards ;
; wall
ourv ads eyeryv weekr hut,'
bit .the band.
large stock of House Furnish- ;
there is something doing
m .. k 'b & i a. w -
The First National Bank of Corval
lis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative banking business.
Loans mooey on approved secu
rity. Drafts bought and sold and
mooey traoeferredto the principal
cities of tbe Unitad States, Eu
rope aod foreign couDtriet-.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffico. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson strwets. Honrs 10 to
12 a. in., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & -ham's drug store.
First Nat'l Bank Building,
Qoly , Set Abstract Books in Benton County
Physician & Surgeon
Officti room 14, BanK tPldg. ; Homrsi
IO toltkndato. "
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Cprrallis, Oregon.
E. R, Bryson,
' ft 1 i i. . : , - , , . ,
Physipian &.. Surgeon,
Office up stair iu 3 ira ;-.t B rick
idence 6a th-i cirner a." vfiluj,i
Seventh st. - Paiie t i . . . 1 1 . fi '
C. H. Newth,
Physician and Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
Jeu Jime Card for O E.
Taking effect January I, 19OC, the new
time card of the C. & E. will . be issued,
changing the' times of trains, between
Albany and Corvallis as follows:
Leavs Albany for Corvallis : 8:00 a. m .
12:45 p. m. and 7:35 p. m.
Leave Corvallis for Albany: 6:30 a. m,
11:30 a.- m. and 5:00 p. rxi.
Sunday Trains:
Leave Albany for Coavallis at 7:35 p. m.
Leave Corvallis for Albany at 6:30 a. m.
The afternoon tram leaving Albany at
2:40 p ui. will be discontinued.
Banking Company
Corvallis, Oregon.
Responsibility, $109,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
The Bank o
NEW YORK Messrs. J. V. Morgan Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of Tne Repair.
Ilo. ,
LONDON, ENG. N M Rothsctalldg & Sons
CAN AD A. Unlet wit nl Canaaa
In the Circuit Court of the Stati of Oregou for
Benton County.
Myrtle Benson, Plaintiff,!
Johs T. BexsoS, Deft. )
To John U. Benson, the above named defend
ant: In the name of the State ot Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff In the
above entitled suit In the above entitled court,
now on file in the office of the clerk of said court
on or before the last day of the time prescribed
in the order for publication of this summons
made by the county judge of Benton county,
state of Oregon (which order Is hereinafter re
ferred to to-wlt, March 23d. 1006, and you are
hereby notified that If you tall so to appear and
answer the said complaint as herein required,
for want thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
above entitled court tor the relief demanded in
her . said complaint, namely, for a decree of
divorce from the said defendant forever dissolv
ing the marriage contract existing between the
plaintiff and said defendant, and for such other
further and different rule, order or relief, as to
the court may seem proper.
This summons is pnblished in the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive nd con
secutive weeks, beginning with the issue of
February 9, 1906.. and ending with the Issue of
March 23, 1006. under and in pursuance of the
directions contained in an order, made by the
Hon. Virgil E. Waiters, county judge of Benton
county. Ores n, being the county where the'
above entUUd suit is pending in the above en
titled circuit court, dated February 8, 1906.
Date ol first publication hereof is February 9,
Plaintiffs Attorney.
One Dollar Saved Represent Tea.
.- Dollars Earned.
The average man does not save to exceed
ten per cent, of his earnings, lie mustspend
nine dollars in living expenses for every
dollar saved. That being the case he can
not be too careful about unnecessary ex
penses. Very often a few cents properly in
vested, llke'buying seeds for his garden, will
gave several dollars1 outlay later on. It is1
the same in buying Chamberlain's Colic, .
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It costs
but a few cents, and a bottle of it in the house
often saves a doctor's bill of several dollars.
For sale by Graham & Wortham.