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Toe Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
11. J. Garrow went to Portland
Wednesday for a few days visit.
There will be service at Ply
s&outh at 3.00 o'clock.
Mrs. V. A. Wells is visiting
."Viands in Albany for a fev days.
-'A license to wed was issued
' Thursday to Otis Ira Circle and
Nellie L,enora Leeper.
Frank Lane and Joe Patterson
returned Wednesday from a visit in
Miss I'.thel Oliver arrived
Thursday from Salem for a visit at
the Mrs. Sarah Klg'n. home.
J. A. Claxton, representing
.the Oregon Journal ol Portland,
was a Corvailis visitor Monday and
Mrs. M. M. Waltz and Mrs.
Willu-.r Starr returned Thursday to
th 'ir home at Bellefountain after a
'brief visit with Corvailis relatives.
The six-year old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Hulburt is reported
In be in a very critical condition
?, itta an affection of the brain.
Mrs John Hulbutt and Miss
Maud Whitaker reached home
Wednesday. They have spent the
past two months with relatives near
Sacramento, California.
Rev. E. II. Belknap and Wil
bur Starr came down from Belle
fountain Thursday to attend the
sessions of the Benton county Sun
day school convention.
Mike Bauer has purchased the
residence property of A. P. John
son, for $:,'300. ihe place is
fciown as the Ralph Davisson
brxese. The .sale was negotiated by
. P.obiuson & Steven-on.
Senator Avery arrived Wed
nesday from a two weeks' trip to
'S?.n Francisco. He and R. E. Gib
son of Portland were companions on
the journe3'.
He You ought to have some
thing round your throat to protect
it from the dratts. bhe Yes; a
-diamond and pearl collarette would
do nicely.
Albany is to have a hospital.
It is to bv; conducted by the Catho
lic Sisters and will have tbe co-operation
of the people of the town.
Befoi'e long, it will be the thing to
have such an establishment in Cor-
The Congregational church
-choir members were delightfully
titertained at the home of Rev.
and Mrs. E. F. Green Wednesday
evening, at dinner. lhere was
music and a general social time,
the occasion being greatly enjoyed
dy the guests.
The will of Harriett Hill has
Sjeea filed for probate. By its terms
-all of the property, both real and
personal, is bequeathed to her son,
. W. Hill, who is named as exec
utor, without bonds. A condition
of the will is "that my husband H.
W. Hill shall have and receive of
f the above bequest a maintainance,
support, and a comfortable home so
- long as the said H. W. Hill shall
live." .
Miss Maria Howard, aged 46
years, died at her home at Coburg
Wednesday evening, after a brief
illness. The remains were taken
to Monroe where the funeral ser
vices were conducted by Rev. M.
M. Waltz at ten o'clock today.
Interment was in Monroe cemetery.
Deceased was an estimable lady,
and leaves many friends who mourn
' her passing. She formerly resided
ia Corvailis.
Five carloads of onions passed
through town the other day, en
route to California markets. They
came from Beaverton and from the
Xewberg division of the Westside,
and "vere transferred via the C. &
K. to Albany, and thence sent
southward via the Southern Pacific.
Tn all, seventeen cars of onions
have passd over the same route,
bound for California, which state
hfiS a powerful appetite for Oregon
Congregational church, wor
hip and sermon at 11, "The Mak
ing of a Christian." Vespers and
evening sermon at 7.30, subject,
''From the Palace to the Crown."
A Great King, a Great Student, a
Dispenser of Wisdom yet a Mag
nificent Failure. At this service a
duet will be sung" by Miss Edna Al
len and Mrs. C. E. Peterson. The
male quartette will also give two
Mrs. Getchell of Milwaukee, is
the gueet for a fortnight of Mr. and
Mre. Frank Francisco.
Sheriff Burnett has been in
Portland a day or two, on a busi
ness trip.
Midwinter examinations have
been in progress at tbe public
school tbis week.
The O. A. C. basket ball boys
left for Independence today to play
tbe team of the Independence Ath
letic Club.
Sam Jonea, the noted evangel
ist orator, appears before au Alba
ny audience tonigbt.
Rv. E J. Thompson, of In
dependence, was in the city Wed
nesday, in attendance at theFisber
Rand wedding.
Among the Corvallisites attend
it g Iho Calve concert in Portland
Monday evening, were Frank Lane
and Jo eph Patterson.
Wednesday was the fiftieth an
niversary of the marrisge of Mr.
and Mrs. JiSiph Yttes, of this city.
On account of tbe absence of a ton
there waa no celebration.
John Funny about Mame
She's older by two years than I am,
and yet she can t begin to remem
ber so far back as Icpn The Moth
er Ut coorse not: it would not be
-The seven-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Mirk Fruit has been very
ill with fever for several days and
typhoid was feared for a time. A
change for tbe better today, how
ever, leads to the hope that the lat
ter malady will bs escaped.
Corvailis Grange is called to
meet at two o clock tomorrow after
noon on the third floor of tbe ad
ministration building at the col
lege, for installation of officers. All
rr embers of the order are invited to
bd present.
Exp3Ctation baa been that the
0. A. C. track team would be weak
in the weights this eeason. If Will
DanUp and some others of the big
men keep up their practice, the con
trary will be true. Danlap has al
ready tossed the sixteen poundham
mer 11 4 feet.
Bellefountain has a central of
fice and local telephone circuits.
There are nine local lines with an
aggregate subscription list of 100
subscribers. The to'al is to be fur
ther iucreas-ed by addition of four
more lines, now building or pro
jected. Tbe line between Corvailis
and Bellefountain now is a trunk
Benton County Sunday Schol Ass -ciation
. The 22nd annual convention of
the Benton County Sunday School
Association convened at the Pres
byterian church in this city, at 2
p. m. yesterday, and will conclude
its business at the 8:30 o'clock
meeting at the Congregational
church tonight. The meeting has
been well attended and very inter
esting. The opening session yesterday
began with a song and prayer
service conducted by Rev. M. S.
Bush, followed by organization and
appointment of dommittees. Rev.
W. C. Merritt ehenled in the round
table conference and Sunday school
management, and Prof Tarter dis
cussed. "How we mry Train our
Future Teachers." Rev. Merritt
spoke on, "The Synoptic Gospels,
Turning the Light Upon the Les
sons of 1906.' and the meeting
concluded with a roll call of Sun
day school and registration,
The evening session included
song and prayer service led by
Prof. Shaw; address, "Reaching
the Unpreached," by I. E. Cald
well, of Philomath College: special
music and announcements; address,
' 'Our Inspiration in Working with
the Young," by Rev. Merritt.
The morning session began in a
song and prayer service led by Rev.
Green; "Walks with Jesus," Rev.
Merritt; "Getting and Keeping
our Scholars," Rev. E. H. Bel
knap; "What we Should Know
About our Pupils," W. C. Swann
' 'Round Table Conference, Decis
ion day and Its Possibilities," Rev.
This arternoon the session was
taken up with song and prayer ser
vice led by Rev. Noble; the hearing
of business reports: "The Master
Teaching the Preciousness of the
Lost," Rev. Merritt; "Possibilities
of the Primary Department," Mrs.
J. E. Henkle; "The Cradle Roll,"
Mrs. R..J. Nichols; "The Little
Beginners," Mrs. J. A. Cramer;
"Round Table Conference, the Sun
day School Teacher," Rev. Mer
Tonight at the Congregational
church the closing session- will be
held, as follows: Song and prayer
service, Rev. Hurd; address, "The
Bcok we use," Prof. Edwards;
special music and an address, "Or
ganized to win" Rev. Merritt.
At the First . Methodist church
Sunday, the topic for the mornirjg
sermon will be, "Why and How Je
sus Was Baptized;'' evening,
"Language and Powfr of the Eye,"
the first of a series if sermons on
tbe 5 senses, s'ght, hearing, smell,
speech and touch, and the effect of
religion on each.
The last of the two big steers
exhibited by the Lilly meat market
at Christmas time, was slaughtered
the other day. Its dressed weight
was 1,175 PPDde,iwbjch probably
indicates it to have been tbe largest
ever killed in Corvailis. James
Taylor, the pioneer butcher of the
town once slaughtered a steer that
d re sped , something oy er , l t100
pounds. The other of the two. big
steers exhibited on the streets,
dressed 1,046.
Miss Agnes Wilson has been
nominated as a candidate for the
Oregonian trip to Yellowstone Park
under the circulation contest inau
gurated by the Oregonian. Under
Ihe arrangement, ; Corvailis, La
Grande, Hood River and Marshfield
are one district from which one
young lady will be sent on a trip to
the Park with all expenses paid by
the Oregonian. Of course, in each
town there will be effort to have
its candidate win, which will have
the effect to increase the subscrip
tions. It is said Miss Wilson had
a promise of 10,000 votes before she
consented for her name to be used.
Friends of Miss Lulu Spangler
have also submitted her name as a
candidate for the trip, and many
votes are said to be available in her
A new schedule is to go into
effect on the C. & E. at once. The
time card is not yet in the hands of
the local agent, and all the details
in the way of changes are not
known. The day will, however,
begin as usual with the 6:30 train
for Albany, and at 8:30 the same
train will arrive from Albany. The
11:30 and 1.3o schedule will not
be changed. The five o'clock train
for Albany will not leave until six
o'clock. The night mail train
will not be changed. , The largest
change is that the week day service
will extend to Sunday and there
will be a train to and from Albany
at noon, besides the two morning
and two evening trains on Sunday.
It is also said that there will be a
train leaving here every day at
12:3o and returning at 3. 20 p. m.
Practically all these trains are to
carry mail, a portion of which is
now brought by the Albany etage.
At BellefotmUin.
Grain is lo;kirtg well and stock
is in flue sha'pa fur this time of the
year. "
The telephone switchboard ar
rived and wa put in position Wed
nesday. Josie Benham ia operator.
The band boys practice now in
the Bain hall on Siuth street. ' W.
T. Nichols has consented to drill
the boys for a few roooths.
Manley Buckingham and George
S -rr came out from their home
W -dnesday returning the same day.
Mrs., Summers passed through
this place this week en route to her
L me on theAlsea.
Preaching at this place Sunday
at 11 o'clock by Rev. McClain.
W. C. Belknap had the misfor
tune while cutting wood last week
to cot bis foot. . Ii is feared serious
results may follow bb he was cut
ting poison- oak previous to the ac
cident. He was resting comforta
bly when last beard from.
If you are looking for some real good bargains in
Stock, Grain, Fruit and Poultry Ranbhes, write for our
special list, or come and see us. We take pleasure in
giving you all the reliable informatidif you wish, also
showing you over the country.
Real Estate, Loan and Insurance
Gorvallis and Philomath, Oregon.
At Summit.
Our band boys and several others
attended tbe parents' meeting held
at Blodgett, Saturday. There will
be a parents' meeting held at Sum
mit in the near future.
Mrs. J. II. Yantisis visiting her
daughter in Albany this week. .
O. N. McDonald started Wfd-
nesday for Idaho on a business trip.
Mrs. John Wellendorfer of Iowa,
arrived Tuesday with two children.
She is a gueEt at the McDonald
. A. R. Butler, P. O. inspector of
Portland, inspected Summit office
and found things O. K.
Mrs. John Post is visiting ber
daughter at Salem. ,
Mr. Ling of Salem, is visiting his
eon H. H. Ling of this place.
C. A. Baldwin, an old landmark
has sold out and gone hence.
Try the ' new sea food Vegeta
gelatine. Absolutely pure. Made
from Irish Moss. . It is not a refin
ed glue like the animal. A. Hodes
our enterprising grocer has put in a
stock. Try it and you will always
buy it.
No Prizes go with our
Chase & Sanborn High Grade
In fact nothing: goes with our coffee but cream, sugar and
Sole agent for
Chase & Sanborn Higb Grade
The Grocer
, . : 1 r
We are not inclined to spend much time in
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
and customers speak' for themselves.
' !
6. B. Burning
The First National Bank of Corvai
lis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative tanking business.
Loans money on approved secu
rity. Drafts bought and sold and
money traneferredto tbe principal
cities of the United States, Eu
rope and foreign countries.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has bt-eu duly ttppointnd Ihe administrator -of
the estate of Pamella Winkle, deceased, by the
county court, of the state ot Oregon, for Benton
county, and has qualified as such anmiuistra
tor. All persons having claims againat aatd es
tate are hereby required to present the game
duly verified to the undersigned at his residence
In Willamette precinct, said county, within six
months from the date hereof.
Dated Dec. 12, IM.
Administrator of the estate of Pamella Winkle,
Physician & Sttrgeon
Office, room 14, BanK Bldg. Hourii
lO to 12 and 2 to 4.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvailis, Oregon.
Chamberlain's Salve.
This salve is intended especially for sore
nipples, burns, frost bites, chapped hands,
itching piles, chronic sore eves, granulated
eye lids, old chronic sores iind for diseases of
the skin, such as tetter, salt rheum, ring
worm, scald head, herpes, barber's itch,
scabies, or itch and eczema. It has met
with unparalleled success in the treatment
of these diseases. Price 25 cents per box.
Try it. For sale by Graham & Wortham.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Honrs 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & v -ham's drug store.
First Nat'l Bank Building,
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
E. R. Brysori,
Attorney At-Law.
3 days more
for our great '
Mid-Winter Sale.
One Dollar Savnd Represents Ten
Dollars Earned.
The average man Joes not save to exceed
ten per cent, of his earnings. He must spend
nine dollars in living expenses for every
dollar saved. That being the case he can
not be too careful about unnecessary ex
penses. Very often a few cents properly in
vested, like buying seeds for his garden, will
save several dollars outlay later on. It is
the same "in buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It costs
but a few cents, and a bottle of it in the house
often saves a doctor's bill of several dollars,
For sale by Graham & Wortham.
Gaims of Supervisors
Following are the : claims filed
with the county, clerk by road super
visors af Benton cpunty,' for serv
ices during. 4th quarter, 1905:
A; R. Locke Sup. Dis. 1 $25 00
H. M. Flemming" " 2 5650
W.A.Schmidt " " 3.
O. X,. Davis " ' 4 2000
P, F, Alter matt " " 5 4050
E. M. Dodele " "6: 500
John Price . " 7 1000
W. M.. Clark.. " 8 18 00
A. Cadwalader " " b 15 00
W. P. McGee ' " 10 42 50
J. R. Fehlei " "11 27 75
A. E. Buchanan " "12 o
J. E.Banton " " 13 75 00
E. N, Starr " " 14 5 00
D.B.Farley " "15 '
, 3rd & 4th 37 50
James Herron sup. Dis 16 1000
DokeGray " "17 5 00
S. R. Strow " ' 18 1 25
Henry Hector "19 9 00
B. W. Harris " " 20
1st quarter 25 00
B. W, Harris sup. dist. 20
2nd quarter 35 00
B. W. Harris sup. dist 20 3rd
& 4th quarter 20 00
J. O. Wilson sup. dis. 21 7 50
A. M. Gray " ' 22 26 62
M. V, deeper " " 23 for
year 16 50
If no objections are filed to al
lowance of above claims, the same
will be allowed by the county court
at February term 1906. Published
by order of county court.
Dated this nth day of January,
- Victor P. Moses,
Cotrnty Clerk.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office a? stair i 1 8 in j-.t 8 riclc
idence 01 tl-i carter j;' tliltiia
Seventh st. t'Dui 1.1.; ti a
C. H. Newth,
.. Physician and Surgeon ....
Philomath, Oregon. .
ffeur Jime fard for C. V E.
Taking effect January 1, 19O6, the Sew
time card of the C. & E. wilt be issued,
changing the -times of trains between
Albany and Corvailis as follows: .-
Leavs Albany for Corvailis : 8:00 a. m.
12:45 p. m. and 7:3s p. m.
Leave Corvailis for Albany: 6:30 a. m,
11:30 a. m. and 5:00 p. rxi.
Sunday Trains:
Leave Albany for Coavalli9 at 7:35 p. m.
Leave Corvailis for Albany at 6:30 a. m.
The afternoon tram leaving Albany at
2:40 p. m. will be discontinued.
Banking Company
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
SEATTLE r California
NEW YORK Messrs. J IP. Morgan & Co.
CHICAGO National ltank of The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. N M RothcbiIds & Son ;
CANAD A .Union Rant of Canada
Common Colds are tbe Cause of Many
Serious Diseasos.
Physicians who have gained a national
reputation as analysts of the cause of various
diseases, claim that if catching cold could be
avoided a long list of dangerous ailments
would never be heard of. Everyone knows
that pneumonia and consumption originate
from a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
and all throat and lung trouble are aggra
vated and rendered more serious by each
fresh attack. Do not risk your life or take
chances when you have a cold. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy will cure it before
these diseases develop. This remedy con
tains no opium, morphine or other harmful
3rug, and has thirty years of reputation back
af it, gained by its cures under every condi
tion. For sale by Graham & Wortham.