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of J5 cents per line will be charged.
Mrs. G. S. O. Humbert of Eu
gene has been the guest of Corvallis
friends this week. She will occupy
the pulpit at the Christian churoh
Sunday morning.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
Missionery Society were entertained
by Mrs. John Rickard Wednesday
afternoon. The occasion is said to
have been very enjoyable.
Miss Bessie Irvine returned
Wednesday, after a two weeks' vis
it with Salem relatives. She was
accompanied home by Clifford
Miss 15. Graham Crozier of
Iowa, wants to put the children of
poor families to death by chloro
forming them to save them from
the trouhles incident to the life of
the poor.
Joseph Henkle is to leave Sun
day for Schenectady, New York,
where he is to join the other OAC
graduates engaged in electrical
work there. His many friends in
Benton unite in good wishes for his
J. H. Albright sold his resi
dence Wednesday to M. L. Earnest
who recently settled in Corvallis.
The price paid was $850. Just
what Mr. Albright intends doing is
not known at present.
Presbyterian church, M. S.
Bash, pastor. Worship n a. m.,
subject, "Something Christ Could
not Find." Evening service 7.30,
subject, 'The Parable of the Sow
er." The sermon will be illustrat
ed. Miss Spangler will sing in the
morning and Miss Marvin in the
There would be no race suicide
if someone would follow Senator
Clark's example and gurantee to
settle a million dollars upon each
new baby. Senator Clark gives
that amount to each new grand
child. The musical programme given
by the Polmatier Sisters in College
chapel Wednesday evening was a
very enjoyable entertainment. The
orchestral playing -and the quartette
numbers were first class, and elicit
ed many a round of applause. The
cornetist, by reason of the purity
and sweetness of her tones as well
as her technique, played with very
fine effect, and was compelled to re
spond to numerous encores.
Oregon Council No. 2, Royal
and Select Master last evenlug
elected and installed the following
officers for the ensuing year: J. B.
Horner, Th. III". M.; M. M. Davis,
D. M.; S. I,. Kline, P. C. W.; Z.
H. Davis. Captain of the Guard;
E. B. Hornine, Recorder; S. N.
Lilly, Steward; E. Holgate, Treas
urer; J. R. Rowland, sentinel.
Rev. Joseph Hoberg officiated
at the funeral of the smallest baby
in Oregon a few days ago. Francis
Gallagher, daughter of James and
Esther Gallagher of North Yakima,
died at the age of four months and
tweive days. At the time of her
death the little one weighed eight
pounds and ten ounces. At the
time of her birth she weighed two
pounds and fourteen ounces. When
one day old she was taken to the
incubator at the Lewis and Clark
Fair, where she was kept for six
weeks until the close of the Fair.
Mention was recently made in
the Times of four hogs sold at Lil
ly's meat market that weighed an
average of 328 pounds, though bnt
eight months of age.. In answer to
requests, attempt has been made to
ascertain fuller facts, but without
avail. They were sold at the Lilly
market by Sol King. They were
bought as pigs by Mr. King on the
Albany prairie a short distance this
side of Lebanon. Even their breed
is not known to Mr. King. Their
weight for their age was remark
able, but not over strange as Sol
King always has the best livestock
to be had.
R. M. Gilbert left Wednesday
to resume his duties as inspector of
pipe in course of construction at
Tacoma for the Corvallis water sys
tem. He came to Corvallis in com
pany with Mr. Russell of the Pipe
works to adjust matters relative to
the construction of pipe. Russell
claimed that pipe that contained
but a quarter of an inch of sap or
less in thickness on the inside next
to the water flow, was admlssable
under the specifications, because
just as good as pipe entirely free
from sap. The water committee
refused to admit the contention and
rejected 10,000 feet of pipe that has
already been manufactured, requir
ing the staves to be entirely free
from sap, as provided for in Engi
neer Miller's specifications. A
large amount of pipe has been re
jected at Philomath because it con
tains streaks of sapwood.
Dr. M. M. Davis left Tuesday
for a visit at Eugene.
Services at the Catholic church
next Sunday at the usual hours,
mass at 10:30 a. m., and vespers
at 7:30. .
The voting place of the Ore
gonian contest for a tito Yellow
stone Park is at the Pioneer
Rev. M. J. Ballantyne, Presid
ing Elder will preach in the United
Evangelical church Saturday night
at 7.30 and Sunday morning and
evening. Communion isunday
Miss Nita Kerr was given a
surprise party at her home Thurs
day afternoon by a dozen juvenile
friends. The occasion was very
Services at the M. E. church,
South, Sunday at 11 a. m. and
7.30 p, m. Subject of morning
sermon, "The Unity of the Christ
ian Church."
Mrs. J. M, Howard entertain
ed a number of ladies Tuesday af
ternoon in honor of Mrs. G. S. O.
Humbert of Eugene. The guests
wets, Mrs. P. E- Edwards, Mrs.
R. M. Gilbert, Mrs. G. W. Fuller,
Mrs. Cams, Mrs. Vidito, Mrs.
Dilley, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Brooks,
Mrs. Goodchild, Mrs. Randall. Mrs
Mathena. Mrs. McReynolds, Mrs.
Erwin, Mrs. Hays, Mrs. Prudence
Chipman, Mrs. F. L- Miller, Mrs
Henry and Mrs. Goodsett.
Albany Democrat: Josh Bal
lard appeared before Recorder
Thompson at 10 o'clock this morn-
lne, and in response to a plea 01
guilty to the charge of fighting and
riotous conduct was sentenced to
three days in the county jail, with
out a fine. The recorder also gave
him a lecture which would be
worth a good many hundred dol
lars to him if considered, one on
the neglect of his family, and the
spending of his money for liquor
when it should go for the support
of his family.
The sale of the Arch Johnson
farm 10 miles south of Corvallis is
announced by Ambler & Watters,
who made the deal. The farm
comprises 1,300 acres, and the pur
chasers are said to be three Port
land business men, who make the
buy as a side investment. The
figures have not been given out,
but are guessed at by persons' fam
iliar with the farm as likely
to be $20 per acre or a total of
$26,000. The deal is the biggest
that has been made in the connty
in some time. The fact that it is
Oregonians who are buying the
farm is a good sign, as it shows
that they have faith in their own
state, particularly in Benton county.
A very pleasant dancing party
occurred at Fisher hall Wednes
day evening, given in honor of J.
C. Henkle, who expects to leave
Sunday for New York. The hall
was tastefully decorated for the oc
casion and presented a pretty scene
Mrs. S. N. Wilkins. Mrs. Lee
Henkle, Mrs. Will Horning, and
Mrs. M. O. Wilkins, were chaper-
ones, while Mrs. aaran Moore serv
ed punch. The guests were.
Misses Moore, Fisor, Gretta Har
rington, Besse Danneman, Pauline
Davis, Kate Moore, Thompon,
Myrtle Harrington, Mary Danne
man, McBee, Sheasgreen, Sproat,
Bonney, Kennison, Dwyer, Wil
liams. Logan, Wysong, Messrs.
Henkle. Cate, Groyes, Barnett,
E. Wills, Eisman, R. Wills, Doane
Cathey, Brownell, Thompson,
Da volt, Jones, Lingaas, Davis,
Bundy, Stebinger, Wilkins, Abra
ham and Woodcock.
The campaign for crucifying
tne pests ana diseases tnat are
about destroying Bentou orchards
is about to begin. A first class
spraying apparatus has been order
ed by D. C. Montgomery and Mr.
Tedrow, who will do spraying in
any ana all orcnards on a commer
cial basis. The work under the
direction of Prof. Cordley, and by
that token will be intelligently and
scientifically done, The spraying
for San Jose scale is opportune from
now up to the time when the buds
are forming. By the arrangement
those who do not have trees enough
to justify the purchase of a spray
pump and to fool with spray mix
tures, can at small expense have
all their trees well sprayed without
bother. Many orders for spraying
have already been received by Mr.
M. Montgomery and his associate.
A fine line of fishing tackle and
the best shells in the market, cheap
at Hodes gun store.
The S. P. is selling round trip tickets
between Corvallis and Portland for 3,
good going Saturdays or Sundays and re
turning Sunday or Monday following,
either on West or East side, bnt good on
ly on afternoon train from Albany to
Portland on Saturdays if East side is tak
en. Passengers to pay local fare be
tween Corvallis and Albany.
New Owners Take Charge
February First Something
About Them.
The sale of the Corvallis Electric
Light plant is announced. The
purchaser is the syndicate that was
recently given a 30 years franchise
in Corvallis, and which owns the
light plants in Woodburn, Silver
ton. Salem, Albany, Eugene, and
probably in other valley towns not
yet reported. The representative
of the corporation is R. Welch of
The price paid for the plant is
$18,000. Under the terms, the own
ers are to take charge February 1st.
Ed Strange will have management
of the plant and remain in it in the
same capacity that he has hitherto
maintained at the works. He is a
very able electrician, as is manifest
by the excellent service the concern
has given nnder his direction.
The present instance is the third
time the local light plant has chang
ed hands. The works was built
by L- L. Hurd in the eighties. He
retired from it to give place to a
company of which J. M. Porter
held the controlling stock, which
company has since owned the plant
and business Most of the smaller
stockholders have long since dis
posed of their holdings. Porter
had a franchise from the city for
eight years to come when the . late
franchise to the Welch corporation
was granted. The latter extends
to the year 1935.
- There is a strong belief that the
Standard Oil people are the new
owners of the plant. When the
Corvallis franchise was sought it
was stated that the Eastern invest
ors were Philadelphia people. A
dispatch in Sunday's Oregonian,
sent out from Brooklyn, denies this
statement and says that it is very
rich New Yorkers that are reaching
out for control of the light plants in
the Willamette Valley. "The very
plan, said a well known citizen
today, "in which these people ara
going about tne business means
Standard Oil. That corporation,"
he continued, "is already in Port
land with its grip on several big
enterprises. It owns one of the
biggest banks. It controls the
Portland General Electric Compa
ny. Of course, wherever it goes, it
controls the situation and drives
out competition. The way it is go
ing about the purchase of light
plants in the Willamette valley,
would suggest that it expects to
be master of lighting, whether elec
tric or by coal oil, just as it is mas
ter of the ' oil business in many
states now trying to drive them
from their borders."
It is to be hoped tha new transac
tion may be for the good of Corval
lis and that the misgivings on ac
count of it are without foundation.
For Licensing Corporations Proposed
Initiative Laws.
Petitions are in circulation in
town invoking the initiative for the
enactment of the laws proposed by
the State Grange, explanation of
which appeared in Tuesday's Times
They are in the hands of John
Withycombe, a well known scudent
and are being signed freely. Up to
yesterday, about 200 signatures had
been secured in Corvallis. The
proposed laws are of a character
that ought to appeal to every citi
zen. The Standard Oil Company,
for instance, did a $300,000 busi
ness in Marion county last year and
paid $4.40 taxes. It is proposed to
levy a tax of three per cent on the
gross income of this company and
by that means force it to pay for
the privilege of doing business in
Oregon and thereby compel it to
pay its just proportion of taxation:
. 11 is aiso proposed to impose
similar indirect taxes on telephone
ana telegraph companies, express-
companies, refrigerator car and
sleeping car companies dqing busi
ness in the state, All these laws
have been proposed in the legisla
ture, but they have always been
turned down. There should be
no hesitancy in signing the peti
tions tor they are in the interest of
good government and a proper dis
tribution of the tax burdens.
Railroad Lands for Lease.
Lands of the Oregon & Califor
nia Railroad Company, in Oregon,
will be leased for the year 1906
suujeci 10 cancellation ot lease m
the event of sale of land during the
term of the lease. Owners of farms
and ranches adjoining railroad
lands should file their applications
not later than February 1, 1506, af
ter wmch date applications from
others will also be considered.
Address: Charles W. Eberlein,
Acting Land Agent,
1035 Merchants Exchange,
San Francisco, Cal.
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