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    CorvalHs Tiroes
Official Paper of Benton County.
The movement that has for its
purpose the eradication of diseases
that affect fruit and fruit trees will
doubtless meet with a hearty wel
come in Benton. Perhaps none
will be more pleased with the plan
than the orchardists themselves.
Diseased and intested as they are,
the fruit trees bring but a poor re
turn for their fruitage. Customers
are driven from consumption of the
fruit because it is not pleasant to
coquette with a worm while essay
ing to eat an apple. Less fruit is
consumed, and less money is paid
for it, by thousands upon thous
ands of dollars, than if the trees
were cared for and the product
made perfect, as is easily possible.
The loss falls on those who have
orchards; the gain to come from re
form of condition, goes solely to
The law governing the situation
is strict. It enforced, it will clear
the Willamette of diseased fruit
and sickly trees. Then Willamette
apples will take their place, where
they belong, in the front rank with
other apples, and a great revenue
will pour in where now there is
In the past effort has always
been to break out of jail, but with
drouth in town and drouth at
'the club" and the Benton bastile
full of tarantular, the main concern
is to keep somebody from breaking
Diseased Trees Must Go.
And Diseased Fruit also
What the Law says Or
chardists must Spray.
It has been stupidly dull, of late,
for the people of Ecuador but every
thing is normal and the country
herself again now they had a rev
olution and a change of government
there yesterday.
Believing as he does in his own
fiercenes3, if President Castro were
head of a big nation instead of his
little potato patch, he wouldfill the
world with "Frenzied" politics.
Even as it ie, he has chased the
French minister out of Venezuela,
and is shaking his fiat at the United
States. Somebody ought to hit
him in the nose with a piece of raw
ine btf etersDurg editor who ex
pressed his opinion of the Czar will
have time in the years confinement
to which he has been sentenced, to
reflect on the uncertainties of this
world and the drawbacks of the
Where Fighting is Thickest.
There Woman is Floods of
Literature in Equal Suffrage
The prettiest political fight that
ever took place in Oregon, is now
on. The battle is straight slugging
with no sparring for wind, and no
lying down to escape punishment.
The fighting is between those ex
cellent ladies favoring woman suff
rage and those opposing it. Though
the eleccion is more than five
months in the future bombardment
of the works on the two sides to
the contest, is incessent. If all
goes well and the ammunition does
not give out, every woman in the
state is likely to be involved in the
carnage on one side or the other be
fore election day. If so, the less
weighty issues the election days is
to decide, will pale into insignifi
cance before the Woman Suffrage
The fight on either side is led by
a powertul and brainy organization
of women. One is the "Oregon
Equal Suffrage Association" and
the other is the "Oregon State As
sociation Opposed to the Extension
of the Suffrage to "Women." The
names of the two organizations tell
the tale of what banner each side
flies. It is different from men-
there is no double-dealing, no back
ing and filling as is so often char
acteristic of the sterner sex in poli
tics and other affairs. Every issue
is clear cut as is the names of the
And both are fighting viciously
Showers ol literature are pouring
in on the newspapers from both
sides. Not infrequently, the same
mail brings matter from both. And
it is literature of the very first or
der. The arguments go to the mar
row' of the question on both sides,
and leave the reader always a re
cruit to that side of the question
whose literature he may have last
read. The outcome of the struggle
will be watched with interest, for
the battle is a hot one, as is always
" the case when Greek meets Greek,
or woman meets woman.
Wormy fruit cannot be sold in
the (Vrvallis market this autumn,
and thereafter. If displayed in the
markets for sale it will be con
demned and destroyed. Further
more infested fruit trees in Benton
county will have to be relieved of
the diseases that affect them, or
they too will be condemned and
destroyed. The law says that these
things must be done and an officer
has been appointed for the purpose
of seeing that the law is put into
effect. The way orchard owners
will have for avoiding these conse
quences is to spray their trees so
that the diseased conditions of both
fruit and trees will be removed.
The wormy apples can be elimin
ated almost entirely by spraying if
it is attempted. Last season 98
per cent of the fruit in the Meeker
orchard on College Hill was free
from worms, which means that only
two per cent or two apples out of
every 100 were affected. Spraying
did it. The treatment was under
the direction of Prof. Cordley, and
five aDplications were made. In
the years before spraying was re
sorted to, half the fruit in the or
chard was wormy.
Law Requires it
Ine entorcement 01 tne law re
quiring no affected fruit to be sold
and requiring diseased trees to be
either cured or cut down, is in the
hands of the fruit inspector of Ben-
toa county, and he is Prof. A. B
Cordley. He has no alternate but
to follow the law, and the law is
stringent. It specifies his duties,
and declares what must be done.
What the statute provides is to be
found below.
Codlin Moth and San Jose scale
are the most prevalent diseases,
Both affect the fruit, which means
that hereafter no fruit from such
trees can be sold in the local mark
et. Either is considered easy to
control. A good spraying of the
tree with lime sulphur-salt solu
tion between now and budding time
will control the latter for the sea
son, if not actually eradicate the
disease, though perhaps for the
latter, another spraying may be
necessary next year. A double ap
plication now is likely to be fairly
effective for eradication.
Can Eliminate Worms
Destruction 01 tne worms re
quires more labor. Four or five
applications of spray are required
to do a first class job. If followed
up in good shape, there is no
doubt but that the worms can be
controlled to such a degree that
there will not be as much as a five
per cent loss on their account
There is no doubt but by resort to
spraying, the increased amount of
marketable fruit will more than
make up the cost of spraying. Es
pecially will this be true the com
ing season, when wormy fruit will
not be allowed to be sold in the
market, and must be a loss.
As it is to be done in Benton, so
is it to be in all the Willamette val
ley counties. Fruit inspectors are
Kivine notice in all of them of the
requirements of the law. and of the
plan for strict enforcement. Pub'
He meetings nave been neia in
many of the counties, notably in
Polk. Yamhill. Washington and
elsewhere. The movement is gen
eral and it means that the old or
chards will have to be cleaned up
and be made healthy or they will
have to be destroyed.
It is believed that 90 per cent of
the fruit trees in Corvallis are affect
ed with San Jose scale. On such
trees as the old leaves of last season
still hang to, the scale is almost
sure to be found. The presence of
the leaves now means that the dis
ease was so manifest that there was
not enough vigor in the branch at
the proper season to shed the leaf
An ashy appearance on the limbs
is another sign of the presence of
scale. Two college students have
fitted themselves out with spraying
appliances and are to do spraying
as required, tor a consideration
This is one of the easiest, cheapest
and best ways to get the work done.
The boys will operate under the
direction of Prof. Cordley. The
law under which the new regula
tions are to'be applied is as follows:
Wnat the Law Says
Section 4185. It shall be the duty of
the several members of the Board and
of the secretary or the county inspect
ors, under their direction, whenever they
shall deem it necessary, to cause an in
spection to be made of any orohards,
nurseries, trees, plants, vegetables,
vines, or any fruit packing house, store
room, salesroom, cr any other place
within their districts, and if found in
fested with any pests, disease, or fungous
growth, injurious to fruits, plants etc,
and liable to spread to other places or
localities, or of such nature as to be a
public danger, they shall notify the
owner or owners, or persons in charge,
or in possession of articles, things or
places, that the same are so infested and
shall require said persons to eradicate
or destroy said insects or pests, or their
eggs or larvae, or to treat such coatag-
I ions diseases within a certain time to be
specified in said notice.
Any and all such orchards, places,
nurseries, trees, plants, shrubs, vegeta
bles, vines, fruit or articles thus infested
are hereby declared to be a public nuis
ance; and whenever such nuisance shall
exist at any place in the state, on the
property of any owner or owners, upon
whom or upon the person in charge or
possession of whose property, notice has
Deen served as aforesaid, and who snail
have failed or refused to abate the same
within the time soecified in such notice.
or in the property of any noa resident
or any property not in the possession of
any person and the owner or owner of
wbicn cannot be found by the resident
member of the Board or the secretary or
countv inspector, after dilieent search
within the district, it shall be the duty of
ine oara or tne member thereof In
whose district said nuisance shall exist
or the secretary or county inspector un
der his or their directions, to cause such
nuisance to be at once abated by eradi
cating cr destroying said insects or pests
or their eggs or larvae, or by treating
or disinfecting or destroying the infested
or diseased articles. The expense there
of shall be a county charge, and the
county court shall allow and pay the
same out of the general fund of the roun
Any and all sums so paid
accredited as an interpreter and por-
trayer of human feeling. Nothing
and. become a lien on the property and
premiser from which said nuisance shall
suance of this act. and mav he rmvwerad so fine as her Shylock or in the dis
1 ;i 1 . . . I ! " , j r ' 1 1 1 i: 1 -
vy a suit in equity against sucn property pairing piaini 01 uianca to me uuus
or premises. as has ever been seen on the local
stage, a verdict in which all the
audience were perfectly agreed.
In addition to Miss Eytinge's
numbers, Prof. John Fulton sang
TV. rrJUry rU-yA T5t, with tine effect, "The Winds in
w"k5fc r" uuuau" ITW A r, - A.
Her Recital Many were There An
, Evening with the Poets.
Rose Eytinge in dramatic read
ings at the Opera House Friday j
night was the best performance
seen in this city in a long time.
Miss Eytinge read Robert Brown
ing's Herve Riel, Elizabeth Barrett
Browning's Bianca to the Night
ingales, Bayard Taylor's Give us a
Song, and the Letter and other
scenes from Macbeth, Sam Simp
son's Beautiful Willamette, and as
sisted by Miss Edna Irvine, readalso
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Lord
Walter s Wife, and the great scene
between Shylock and Portia from
the Merchant of Venice. Though
in all splendid, particularly in The
Nightingales, and in the Skakes-
pearean selections Miss Jiytinge
shone conspicuous in all the splen-
shall be did genius with which she came
I Vegetagelatine I
VEGETABLE GELATINE is pure and nutri
tious. Ordinary animal gelatines being made
from bones, tissues, skins and hoofs of animals,
containing little or no nutrition. Vegetable
gelatine is a clean wholesome sea product and
is recommended by prominent physicians for
its high nutritious value.
Glucose, Confectioners Sugar
Corn Husks
always on hand
Sisters in Attractive
The newspapers are unstinted in
their praise of the work of the Pol-
matter Sisters who give a musical
and elocutionary entertainment in
College chapel tomorrow evening.
Below are sample press notices:
Marshall, Minn.
My Dear Brother: The Polma-
tier Sisters gave us one of the fin-
Trees" and for an
lightfully 'Mary of Argyle,' ' Miss
Edna Irvine read Kipling s "My
Rival" and the Florodora sextette,
composed of Miss Gertrude McBee,
Miss Myrtle Harrington, Misses
Mary and Bessie Dannaman, Miss
Pauline Davis and Miss Gladys
Moore gave a selection and encore,
the first selection being,
rretty Maiden.' and the encore,
"Teasing." The work of the sex
tette was graceful and attractive.
The recital was a finished occas-
Hodes' Grocery,
Now is Your Chance
est concerts we have had in a long ion not only artistically, but social
time. The best musicians of the lv. Most of the fine crowns in town
city were present and without ex- were worn. The patronesses were
ception the company artists. The Mrs. Gatch, Mrs. Withycombe,
trombonist and cornetist perhaps Mrs.' James Taylor, Mrs. Roee Sell
excel and yet I doubt if I am jus- ing, Mrs. Helm, Mrs. Farra and
tified in making this discrimination Miss Helen Crawford. The ushers
The tone of this company and its were Miss Juliet . Cooper, Miss
presentation is most wholesome. Sheasgreen, Miss Louise Cooper,
Your people will greatly enjoy this Ray Walker, Sam Damon and Ken
concert, and those who absent neth Cooper. The doorkeepers
themselves will surely be made to were Fred C. Stimson and Lyman
regret it by those who attend. We Bundy. There were decorations of
shall re-engage them at our earliest evergreens about the stage and oth
During the month of December will offer all of ourTalk-
"Tell me aphone and Columbia Graphophones at 25 per cent discount
REMEMBER for one month only. We have also ad
ded to our stock The Victor and Edison Talking Machines.
We also carry a good assortment of records as follows:
Victor Records Zonophone Records
Columbia Records American Records
Edison Records.
The same old rm in the same old place.
Rev. W.
J. Vaxlentyne.
er tidying effects in the background
The complete hush that rested on
the audience throughout the even"
ing was the best testimonial of the
power of Miss Eytinge in her work,
and of the success of the program.
Carberry, Man., Nov. is, 1905:
The gracefnl and charming Polma-
tier Sisters performed here last
night under the auspices of the
Western Star lodge I. O. O. F.
Every member was honored with
one or more recalls. 'Harmony of
sweet sounds" was produced on For Carl Pressley Alleged to
many ana varied lnsirumenis as
well as by the human voice. In
deed, one could not imagine if more
versatile, whiie the effect produced
by dress and stage arrangement was
simply grand. Our critics pro
claim it the best musical combina
tions that ever visited the town,
while all declare it most delightful
and satisfying. Mr. Charles Hitch
cock in his various dramatic mono
logues was repeatedly encored and
"brought down the house." He
possesses great pantomimic power.
N. Dickie, N. G.
Notice is hereby given that on the second day
of February A. u. iaut, 1 win under ana oy vir
tue ol the terms and conditions 61 a certain
chattel mortgage made and executed by Siug
On to me and recorded at pace ras 01 Hoot 1 re
cords 01 chattel mortgages of Benton county.
Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash at the hour of two o'clock of
saidday at the farm of Hem y A Gerhard situated
on mroi B lsianu (tuuuii uirot, mum duuui ui
Oorvallls. in Bent n county. Oregon, at the resi
dence on said premises the following described
nersonal DroDertv:
The leasehold estate or Int erest et said Sing
on in the rarm 01 saia Henry a. uernara con
sisting of about 180 acres situated on Elger Isl
and in Benton county, Oregon, and all rights of
said Sing On therein under lease from said
Henry A. Gerhard to said Sing On. dated De
cember 8, 1903, and recorded In the office of the
uuuuby nwwuw Ul WtlU OCUfcVU GVUUIi wfvguu.
March 22, 1904, at page S. ot Book "44" records of
deeds of said county, the unexpired term ot said
lease being about eight years. Also all hop poles
on said premises.
Sated January 23, 1906.
Railroad Lands for Lease.
Lands of the Oregon & Califor
nia Railroad Company, in Oregon,
will be leased for the year 1906
subiect to cancellation ot lease in
Have Sold Intoxicants to a
Carl Pressley is under bonds
of $400 to appear on a charge of
selling intoxicants to a minor,
Pressley resides with his mother
near tne .bane home on ourta
street. He has of late become
more or less prominently identified
with the place they call "The
Club." The charge is that he sold
a bottle of beer to a college student
who is but 19 years of age. The
complaint was sworn out by Chief
Lane. The trial is set for two
o'clock Thursday afternoon
Pressley gave cash bail in the sum
of $400.
The arrest was made by Sheriff
Burnett yesterday morning. Ac
companied by Chief Lane, the sher
iff went to the Pressley home but
the man wanted was not there.
Then the officers went to the
'club." There the Sheriff's rap on
the outside door brought some one
tip toe to ihe door on the inside.
Then there came two raps from the
inside, after the manner of the
lodges. These the sheriff answered
with a like number of rap.
"Who's there," came from the in
side. "The Sheriff; open this
door," came from the outside.
Then there was a rustle of feet in
side as the person at the door va
moosed the spot. "Open this door
or I'll batter it in," shouted the
sheriff, who by this time was angry
Learn shorthand if you study the right system, and it
will not take you long either. How long? Only three
to four months, if you
A .A. 1 -M. -A- -A. Mf r- I ST A Mm -f VST J AsW Vi7
Which will commence Jan 2, 1906, and be able to write
from 100 to 150 words a minute by April 30th. Some
' will be able to take lectures and sermons. Ejectric
Shorthand is very easy to learn, none eaiser to read and
none so rapid. Yes, 2 to 3 recitations a day beginning
JANUARY 2, 1906
And when you are competent we will assist you to a
good position.
Corvallis Business College
I. E. Richardson, President
50 men every day, for the next 30 days
to buy Hats, Shoes, Ready-made Clo
thing and Mens Furnishings. Inquire of
Opposite Postoffice
Corvallis, Oregon.
tne event 01 saie 01 iana uuring ine So warned, Cams, who is connect
leim 01 me icasc. uwucis uuaims pj mi Hi tht
and ranches adjoining railroad
lands should file their applications
not later than February 1, 1906, af
ter which date applications from
others will also be considered.
Address: Charles W. Eberlein,
Acting Land Agent,
1035 Merchants Exchange,
San Francisco, Cal.
For Rent.
Nice office rooms to rent in my
concrete building. Aiso cheap
back room.
B. R. Thompson.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Dr. jj,. Jackson, veterinary sur
geon, has located in v Corvallis for
the practice of his profession. Office
at winegar & Snow s livery stable.
establishment, opened
the door and the sheriff entered.
About that time Chief Lane, who
had been sent to the rear door, ap
peared on the scene with Pressley,
who was taken in custody as he was
trying to escape in that direction.
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors,
I In the District Court of the United States for the
District of Uregon, in Bankruptcy.
In the matter of i
E. P. Greffoz, In Bankruptcy.
To the creditors of E. J?. Greffoz. of Corvallis.
In the county of Benton and district aforesaid. I
a bankrupt. I
Notice Is hereby given that on the 5th day of
January. A. D. 1906, the said E. V. Greffoz was I
duly adjudicated a bankrupt; and that the first I
meeting 01 ms creditors -wiu be held at my
nee in Corvallis on the 30th day of January, A .
D . 1906, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at which
time ine saia c realtors may attend, prove tneir
claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bank
rupt, and transact such other business
properly come before said meeting.
January, 10, iwo.
Keferee.ln Bankruptcy.
as may I
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