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    Vol. XVIII.-No. 17.
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Annapolis, Md. Nov. 2g. Mid-
shipmanMeriwether today took the
wittess stand in hia own.,- be ball.
His story of the trouble ; between
himBelf and Midshipman Branch
did not differ substantially from the
testimony of previous witnesses. He
told of having , had .a. fight, with
Midshipman Humphreys, in 1904,
in which the latter "knocked out"
the witness y-:.: .
Speaking of the night when the
feud came to a head, Meriwether
said: .: :," .-. . i
I went in Branch's room and
the light was turned on. : I said that
had come to see him about , what
occurred. ; Branch said, ' You are a
dam fool to come to see me, you
know that my claes hates jou.' ,.
I eaid, 'That is not so; you are
the only one who does .. '
("Branch asked, 'What if I do?', -"I
said. 'Then, you are, a damn,
sneaking coward, and I will fight
you, though I am not in fighting
condition.', j I added,, 'If you get up
will lick you.'
"He eaid, "You mean you will
try.?. i -
" 'That's what ,,- I will,' I said,
and if you get: up I will show you.'
He did not get up, and. after a little
further conversation, Jaegar and I
left the room. .
"I called Branch what I did be
cause I was told; the custom was
that a fight would end feeling, and
Branch had told me he wa, going
to 'bilge' me that is, make me fail
and I wanted to fight and end the
matter. I did not intend to fight
whon T wftnt. tr thn room. hut- hfi
again told me that he intended to
bilge me.
Meriwether's counsel then asked
him about his refrainiog from , bit
ting Branch during the fight,:, al
though to do so under the rules.
The witne-B told of two instances
of this, explaining that he did not
believe any blows ebould be struck
in a stand-off ght unless men are
on their feet. He also told how he
fouled and offered to give up the
fight, but the seconds would not al
lOW it. i,:.. u j-.-'fi ;.! . ." s
: "Alter the qnarrel with; Branch,"
said he,: -"Midshipman , McXLttrick
came to my room and told me that
be had been appointed Branch's sec
ond to arrange ai fight. .: I wanted
Jaegar aa mine. : ine details were
then arranged.. During . the fight
we .first fell under tbe blinds. About
the 12th round I ruBhed Branch,
and both fell side way b through the
door. . The next round, Branch , hit
me a terrific uppercut- f It stunned
me for some rounds. I returned to
his jaw; He threw his head back
and 1 returned, nut swuDg,my arm
around hia ceckwe lell in that po
sition, his hfad strikirg the idloor.
!!W were.: lilted an. . . .my, arm
could not be UBed for the :next two
rounds.ViiMy left arm was oruehed
in a football game about . three years
ago, The arm is still weaker than
the other..', :'." -
Meriwether then showed, a , deep
scar: on the wrist of: the left arm.
He said a silver plate had been put
there i si. ..5r;ei?
Attbe;en(Lo the ,234 round."
he continued,, "Branch oame across
the; room, and we both .apologized
and he said:? 'Afterwaras wewil.
befriends.' He then left and I have
never seen him since. We parted
aa friends... ' : . ::.. ..ut .
T could. not go to breakfast ; the
next mornine :..I had to go to , the
hospital.. An orderly came and said
that there was a man. lunconBcious
ia tha hall, i' Hetwas brought to. the
hospital that night, and . Dr.: Ames
told me that Branch: was doing well
About 3 o'clock the next afternoon
I was told by a nurse that Branch
was dead. I requested an official
investigation by the superintendent
1 was grieved beyond expression
I think that Mr." Branch, waa in
deed more fortunate in being in his.
place, in going , to .sleep- and not
waking up, than to be in mine and
having to live this life after this sad
and deplorable affair."
Duluth, Nov. 29. The. .-net, re
suits ot the great storm so lar as
known are the total wrecks of the
steamer6: Mataafa, Crescent : City,
Odenburg and La Fayette, the sink
ing of the Ell wood and the strand
ing of the barge Manila, steamers
W. B England and Bransford, and
besides two barges are missing. The
Bransford escaped with a puncture
in the forward compartment,, and
succeeded in reaching Duluth.; The
fireman of the Lafayette was drown
ed and the second assistant engin
eer of the Edenburgw was lost. Nine
men foundered on the Mataafa. :.
. Early today when the life-saving
crew resumed its efforts to reach the
Mataafa, the form of a man was
seen standing at the door : . of the
captaiu's cabin. A megaphone was
secured and in response to repeated
palls a man appeared on deck, and
replied "All alive forward, can you
get na ashore?'' This spurred; i the
life-savers, and with great difficulty
through a sea so rough that the
waves were rolling over the wreck
and clouds of spray that flew mast
high, the life-boat tossed like a chip,
reached the side of the wreck and a
rope was thrown to the eager hands
on board.
San Francisco, No. 28L From
the coast oi faraway Luzon comes
story giving the pathetic features
of a tragedy of the, sea. As the
coast guard steam schooner sent
from Manila on a tour of the small
er islands cautiously, approached a
desolate islet lying on the. northeast
coast of Luzon the captain stood
on the bridge, glasses leveled, at a
particular place amid the. breakers
on shore where a vessel was strand-
Flying from the truck, of , her
only remaining mast was a string
of signal flags, and the captain of
the coast guard ship was engaged
in deciphering its import.
" 'Farewell is what they mean.
he said at last to his mate.
The wreck was that of the coast
guard schooner Ley te, which had
been at sea during the great ty
phoon tidal wave which swept" the
Philippine Islands two months ago.
During hat storm many vessels
were wrecked even in Manila har
bor. Tha Ley te never came to
port. All on board the vessel un
doubtedly pensned as there are no
indications on tne island tnat any
As the little steamer went to her
doom, the brave American officers,
recognizing tneir ngnt lor lite - as
hopeless, hoisted the sad message
spelled by tiny signal flags, "Fare
well as a last word to the world
and their families. ,
Richmond, Va., Nov. 28. The
first jury, composed exclusively ol
women ever convened in this state
was impaneled at Winchester yes
terday to decide an issue between
Misa Juliet Hathaway, a young so
ciety woman, and Mme. Zentmyer,
a modiste., Miss Hathaway accused
the dressmaker, of having made
some lingerie which did not fit. ,.
Misa nathaway and her dress
maker both doned the questionable
garments and. paraded before the
jury, Justice J onn , M. Johnson
watching the proceedings over his
wise old spectacles. ' The jury re
tired, resolved themselves into a
debating society for the ..discussion
of fashions in general, , much ' of
which had no bearing on the case
in hand.
A decision was . finally , tendered
in favor of Mme. Zentmyer, who
impulsively '.embraced each mem
her ofc the iury' whom she believed
voted for her. ,, .
Spirit of Rebellion Has Spread
Through Army From End to
End of Empire Cossacks
Alone Loyal.
St. Petersburg, - Nov. 29. The
last day of grace accorded the mu
tineers at Sevastopol expired at
midnight with no signs of surrend
er on the part - of the men; The
hills towering above the harbor of
the Russian stronghold in the Black
Sea may resound -this' morning, as
they did in the days of the Crimean
war, with the roar of musketry and
cannon, should the government at
tempt to carry out its announced
intention of crushing the revolt
with the mailed fist.
The rebellious sailors are playing
a waiting game and apparently
have full confidence that the guns
of the fleet will not b3 turned against
them. If they-have not actually
regarded the summons to haul down
the red flag, they seemed determin
ed to make the authorities show
their hand. :
Whether General - Nepluff, the
commandant; of the fortress,' who
waa released-by: the ' mutineers to
day and who relieved General Bar
on Gakomoleskie, will dare to ac
cept the challenge of the mutineers
and stake the discipline and loyal
ty, not only of the troops at his dis
posal, but of the- whole army, on
the cast is, however, doubtful. Dis
patches from more than a score of
garrisons in Russia show that the
land forces of the empire are in a
state of discontent, and any order
to the troops to fire upon their com
rades in the sister branch of the ser
vice might probably precipitate a
general and widespread mutiny.
On the other hand, it would be dif
ficult to starve out the sailors by a
regular siege, as provisions and wa
ter can be obtained by them, and
as they are under the guns of not
unfriendly warships.
The staff quarters at Sevastopol
are guarded by Cossacks and the
officers in the streets are accompan
ied by escorts of Cossacks, the only
branch of the Bervice the fidelity of
which is unquestioned.
Even the members of the guard
regiments treated well and superla
tively paid, are joining in the rev
olutionary movement. Two . hun
dred and fifty men of. the guard reg
iments who were said to be leaders
in spreading the revolutionary prop
aganda, were arrested at their bar
racks tonight. It is understood that
the soldiers of the equipages from
which the crewa of the imperial
yachts are drawn will be withdrawn
to St. Petersburg on account of dis
affection among them.
A delegation representing the
Newspaper Unioo called, on Count
Witte yesterday to demand that ths
writer, M. berracheflsky;. who wae
expelled from Warsaw by Governor
General Skallbn, be allowed to re
turn. The Premier said he would
telegraph- to the governor-general
suggesting the exercise, of all len
iency possible in the case of M. Ser
racheffsky, but he was unwilling to
issue a direct order.
"You know," he aaid, "how
touchy these governor-generals and
governors are just now. Say a
word to them and they resign." '
Professor Podsky, editor of the
Nasha ShiBin, called on the Pre
mier to demand permission for
Father Gagon to return to Russia.
"What is the use of deception
among friends?" said Count Witte
to the professor. "You and I know,
even if the police do not, that Fath
er Gapon has been living in your
house since August 13."
Houston Tex.;,Noy:. 28. A suh
terranean volcano ha.8 broken loose
in the Humble oil field and formed
a crater 100 feet in diameter, swol
lowing , derricks and machinery.
The -eruption is hurling , tons of
earth and rock into the air.
Common Colds are the Cause of Many
Serious Diseases.
Physicians who have gained a national
reputation as analysts of the cause of various
diseases, claim that if catching cold could be
avoided a long list of dangerous ailments
would never be heard of. Everyone knowa
that pneumonia and consumption originate
from a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
and all throat and lung trouble are aggra
vated and rendered more serious by each
fresh attack. Do not risk your life or take
chances when you have a cold. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy will cure it before
these diseases develop. This remedy con
tains no opium, morphine or other harmful
drug, and has thirty years of reputation back
of it, gained by its cures under every condi
tion. For sale by Graham & Wortham.
In answer to a question, Meri
wether said: - -
"If - I had . not ,' . resented Mr.
Branch's continued actions, I would
be in the, same position , aa another
classmate with whom no one had
anything to do; Under .these cir
cumstances I would have- to resign
and could never hold up my head
again;',' ;..-. :.: , . .
.The prosecution then, began its
cross-examination. The defendant
was requested to describe "running"
as Branch had conducted it toward
him. . Pressed for direct answers aa
to what Branch had done, Meri
wether said:
"I don't care to relate them."
Meriwether then whispered to indop-ari and thn nnestinn
. j 0 . -1
was withdrawn. It was evident
that Met i wether bestitated to men
tion certain things before the wo
men, of whom there were a num
ber in the courtroom. He then de
clared that he had not been "ratty"
but had unfairly acquired the rep
utation. At the end of Meriwether's testi
mony, the defense announced that
it had closed its case.
Captain Gaorga P. Colvocoressea
commandant of midshipmen, was
the first witness for the rebuttal.
He told of a cooversation with
Midshipman Churchill Humphreys,
president of the Srcond class, in
which he had told Humphreys that
he was under oath to obey all regu
lations. He, as commandant, took
the etand that fighting at the acad
emy was against good order and
discipline, and would not be toler-
-1., A
. "This," he said, '.'I think is also
the view of superintendent Sands."
Midshipman James R. William
son, of New Jersey, a member of the
n: a 1 r 11 1 l t t
mret-uiasa oi ma navai suuuji, wuu
testified before the court-martial
yesterday, was this morning drop
ped from the navv for gen ral inef
ficiency, by order of Secretary Bo-
commendation that he be dismissed
was made before the Meriwether
court-martial proceedings began.
Williamson wa3 a leading member
of the academy track team. . .
New York. Nov. 28. The appli
cation made by William R. Hearst
to open final ballot boxes and re
count the votes in them, , cast dur
ing the, reoent mayoralty ..election
in this city, bas been granted -by
the supreme court. It. was expect
ed that the boxes would be opened
tomorrow, but today in view of the
fact that an appeal may be taken
from Justice Amend's decision, and
the delay that will be occasioned in
the selection of, a judge to. preside
at the recount it is not thought the
boxes will be opened for a week
from next Wednesday. -
.1 o.stoxs.i a. '
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There is a quality in Royal
Baking Powder which makes
the food more digestible and
wholesome. This peculiarity
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mend it.