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Vol. XVIII.-No. 17.
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Took Pay and Did Work Senator's
Own Words Contain Evidence
He Was Hired to Serve in
Department Other
Louip, Nov. 21. The intro
duction of letters and telegrams ex-
cbar ged between Senator R. Bar
ton aod Thomas ft. Harlan, an at
torney for the Rialto Grain & Se
curities Company, was the feature
of the second day cf the trial of
Barton in the United States circuit
court on an indictment charging
that he agreed to accept and accept
ed compensation from the R'alto
Grain Company for using his influ
ence while a member of the United
States Senate for the benefit of the
Rialto company in matters pending
before the postoffice department,
and in which the government is in
terest d.
The effort to introduce this evi
dence by the govornment brought
frequent objections from counsel for
the defense, which in only one in
stance was sustained by Judge Van
devanter. The court ruled that one
telegram, which was said by the
government to be a reply to one
sent to Burton by Mr. Harlan, was
relevant- In no case did the de
fense question the authenticity of
the letters or telegrams, basing -ob
lections on grounds teat tne con
tents were not pertinent to the alle
gations made in the indictmett.
Mr. Harlan, who at Senator
Burton's former trial was called as
a witness by the defense, was plac
ed on the stand by the government
today and called upon to identity
letter-press copies of letters sent by
him to Burton, and originals of let
ters received by him from Burton.
The first letter was' dated Novem
ber 18, I9O2, addressed to Burton,
and signed by Harlan. Foil wing
is an excerpt from this document.
"I hope you received my message
to tne meet teat tnis company
(meaning the Kialto company)
accepts your terms to act as
counsel at a salary of $5oo a month
said service to begin immediately,
that is of this date, Nov. 18, i9o2."
In reply, Burton wrote Harlan,
in part, as follows:
"I called at the department this
moring and find that there are two
complaints lodged against your
compaiy, one by Bella Evars and
the other by Mrs. E. C. Hont, both
of Albany, N. Y. Without know
ing anything about the merits of
the samp, I would advise that all
complaints receive special attention
by your company. No action of
any kind will be taken against you
without my first being notified and
every opportunity for a full expia
tion or bearing will be had. In re
turn, if agreeable, you may make
lemittance for my month's fay-"
ine toliowirg is ta&en trom a
letter dated December 2, 1902, sent
to Burton by Harlan: '
''The cases here (indictments
age inst the president of the Rialto
company) are set for trial on Janu
ary 6, and Judge Krum and I are
preparing now for the trial."
In reply to a 1 tter from Harlan
stating that an alleged postoffice in
spector had tried to extract money
from the Rialto company by virtue
of his official position, Burton wrote
the following:
"There is no man by the name
of J. H. Bowman who is a postoffice
inspector. The man operating in
Colorado is also a fraud. There has
gone from this office no instructions
whatever about the Rialto compa
ny, and there is nothing in this of
fice against you at this time. The
matter in St. Louis, sb you know,
is in the hands of Mr. Dice there.
"I would suggest that you pre
pare carefully the case of Dennis for
early next month.
I will take care of things at this
end of the line.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 21. The
Novoe Vremya was the victim of a
remarkable hold-up by social revo
lutionaries last night. Three edi
tors of the Worker's Gazette, the
official organ of the Workmen's
council, entered the composing
rooms of the Novoe Vremya with
revolvers in their bands end com
pelled the compositors to set up
their paper making prisoners of
such persons as entered the room.
.Later, going to tne prees room,
the visitors compelled the pressmen
to run off 30,000 copies of the work
men's Gazette. M Souvorine, edi
tor of the Novroe Vremya, in an
editorial on the subject,) says sarcastically:
If men can with impunity raid
a newspaper in the heart of St. Pe
tersburg today, tomorrow they may
make a prisoner of Count Witte."
An afternoon paper quotes a man
who has just arrived in St. Peters
burg ss sayng that 10,000 Don Cos
sacks are marching from Maschend
to bt. Petersburg, with the object
of releasing the emperor, whom they
beleave to be a captive in the hands
of the Jews.
Fresno, Nov. 9. Billy owl on
toast is what many a patron of
fashionable San Francisco French
restaurants has been receiving in
stead of quail ordered.
loday Patrick Hughes of Jame
son was arrested by Deputy Fish
Commissioner E. E. Pedlar tor kill
ing birds not fame birds. For ma
ny months Hughes has been mak
ing a living with his shotgun slay
ing billy owls for the delicate pal
ates of the elite of San Francisco.
When he was taken before Justice
of the Peace G. W. Smith today
and told that he was charged with
killing non-game lirds, he protest
ed loudly that the birds that lives
off mice and gophers in holes with
rattlesnakes and ground squirrele
is a game bird because he sells
them as game.
The justice of the peace decided
to lay the matter before Fish Com
missioner Vogelsang of ,San Fran
cisco, who, it is asserted, will in
vestigate fully the serving "of fried
and toasted owl in the restaurants
of San Francisco. Hughes says he
has shipped an average of five doz
en owls a day for over a year.
Borieoglyebsk, Russia, Nov. 21.
Many' padic-stricken persons are
seeking refuge here from the peas
ant?,' who are taken possession of
the,,esjates, removing the grain,
burning the buildings and ordering
the proprietors to relinquish their
rights and depart, under penalty of
death. The excitement hae reached
such dimensions that the vice-governor
has ordered the troops to de
sist from making arrests. In en
counters with marching bands of
peasants, the troops have killed 100
and wounded many more. The
residence here are afraid that the
peasants will attack the town, but
their fears appears to be unwarranted.
At King's Valley.
Mr. Paggett, who has been run
ning the Pee Dee store, died sud
denly Saturday night. He was as
well as usual Saturday, but in the
evening complained to some cus
tomers of a slight pain in his breast,
but said be guessed it did not
amount to anything. He lived at
the store alone. About midnight
he arose and made his way to Mr.
Dyer's, who lives near the store,
and in twenty minutes after he ar
rived there he was dead. Heart
trouble is supposed to be the cause.
They bad a breakdown at the
Hoskin's sawmill last Friday, which
has stopped the sawing until they
can get a new rtfindrill for the large
saw. ' $
L. G. Price has been doing good
wurk logging the last month. He
is to occupy his new residence soon.
Mr. McDowell of Salem, bought
a good drove of beef of W A. Gel
latly the last of the week.
Coyotes are said to be numerous
up about Tom Alexanders. There
was a crowd of men out after them
today. Several were seen' but none
were killed. Uno.
Alter Taking the Oath of Office He
Will Enter Upon His New Du
ties at Portland Other
News. 1
Washington, Nov. 2I. Judge
Charles J. Wolverton, of Albany,
now setting on the Oreaon Supreme
bench, was today appointed United
States District judge for Oregon to
fill the vacancy caused by the death
Bellinger and the subsequent de
clination of W. W. Cotton, to whom
the office was tendered. Judge
Wolvertou's commission, alter be
ing signed by the president and attorney-general,
was forwarded him
today, and it is presumed that be
will, upon its receipt, promptly take
the oath and enter upon his new du
ties at Portland.
His appointment coming at this
time, will require reappointment
when congress convenes, and his
nomination will ba sent to the sen
ate the first week of the session, but
this will not interfere with his du
ties. He will ba confirmed.
Judge Wolverton owes this ap
pointment very largely to President
Poosevelt. While he was strongly
endorsed by Circuit Judge Gilbert
and by prominent members of the
Oregon bar, and while he was on
Senator Fulton's list, and was high
ly regarded by Attornf y-Genersl
Moody, his indorsements were no
stronger than those of several other
candidates. As has been stated be
fore in these dispatches, Mr. Moody
recognized merit in several candi
dates, but his choice was Judge
Bean, of Salem. Mr. Fulton, while
he named both Wolverton and
Bean on the list which was sub
mitted to the President after Judge
Cotton declined, preferred and
ftronelv urged the appointment of
Judge McBride.
United States Attorney Francis
Heney was one of tbe men who
threw his weight against both Mc
Bride and Btan, and bis presence at
the national capital in the last few
deys is believed to have had some
connection with the appointment
made yesterday. Another strong
pull in Wolverton's behalf wa9 ex
erted by Judge W. B. Giloert, Sen
ior justice of the United States Cir
cuit court of appeals for this dis
week. There is a significant change
of tone on the part of some of the
organs against tbe dictatorial atti- '
tude of the social democrats. The
Russ loudly denies that the victory
of the imperial reform manifesto be
songs entirely to the workmen, de
claring that the proletariat was
strong then because it voiced the
lentiment of the nation.
Moscow, Nov. 22. Twenty-four
provinces in Europf an Russia, not
including Poland, Finland and the
Caucasus, having a population of
52,000,000, are now in a state of in
surrection. Peasants everywhere
are seizing the land of the great es
tate owners, who are fleeing abroad.
The authorities everywhere have
been issuing contradictory mani
festos. The priests are warning the
peasants not to believe the lies pur
porting to come from the czar.
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St. Petersburg, Nov. 21. Tbe
newspapers of this city appeared to
day for the first time in over a
Common Colds are the Cause of Many
Serious Diseases.
Physicians who have gained a national
reputation as analysts of the cause of various
diseases, claim that if catching cold could be
avoided a long list of dangerous ailments
would never be heard of. Everyone knows
that pneumonia and consumption originate
from a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
and all throat and lung trouble are aggra
vated and rendered more serious by each
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St. Petersburg, Nov. 21. The
revolutionists say that a civil war
will begin on the anniversary of
"Bloody 'Sunday." A of
guards and officers conferred with
the revolutionary leaders last night
and asked them to supply tbe
troops with political pamphlets.
The leaders immediately placed
25o,ooo copies at the disposal of
the troops.
New lot of freshly loaded shotgun,
shells. All kinds of football sup
plies. At Hodes Pioneer Gun store.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 21. Despite
the decision arrived at by the coun
cil of workmen at the meeting of
November 20 cot to attemyt the in
troduction of the movement for an
eight-hour day, the question of
shorter hours is taken a critical
turn and threatens to produce an
industrial crisis. At tbe Hubbard,
Pahl. Westinghouse aud other im
portant works tbe men insist on a
deduction of hours and have adopt
ed a course of dropping their tools
after ttey have labored eight bonrB.
The employers had a mteting to
night and resolved to ttand firm -against
the demands of the men.
The local works will be closed un
less the men consent to the old sys
tem of 60 hours a week.
Good Health
to the
Children especially are fond of dainties,
and the housekeeper must look carefully
to their food.
As good cake can be made only with
good eggs, so also a cake that is health
ful as well as dainty must be raised with
a pure and perfect baking powder.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable
in the preparation of the highest quality
of food. It imparts that peculiar light
ness, sweetness and flavor noticed in the
finest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc.,
and what is more important, renders the
food wholesome and agreeable to young
and old.