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The Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items
Public Interest.
" Continued from page two
Report of the County Clerk of Benton county, Oreg n, showing
the amount of warrants drawn and for what purpose allowed, as per or
der of the County Court, of Benton county, Oregon, from the ist day
of April, 1905. to the 30th day of September A. D. 1905, both inclusive:
County court........... f 58380
Circuit court . 18I 85
Justices' tourt ; .-. 100 00
Shentt s otnce. 100996
990 00
500 00
249 99
502 03
25 00
310 5o
1 20
2 78
Clerk's office.
Recorder's .office ...
County treasurer's office ....
CorODer's office, including inquests
School superintendent's office including examinations.,
Stock inspector
Assessor's office
Assessment and collection of taxes .".
Tax rebate.
Current expenses stationery, books', ptampp, etc 666 65
of Corvallis
J. F. Yates was an Albany vis
itor Wednesday.
Horace Tocke of Albany, was
a Corvallis visitor yesterday.
Mrs. Lvcle Wiley of Portland
is the truest Ibis week
Johu D. Daly came up from
Portland Wednesday on college
Business. t
Joseph Ga.'iow arrived Thurs
day from California for a visit with
Corvallis relatives.
S. C. Starr and wife of Belle-
fountain visited Corvallis relatives
Mr. and Mr?. C. H. Barnell
leave Sunday to take up their resi
dence in Poriland. !
S. E. Trask came out from Ya
ijpiina Thursday, and will at once
gin his duties as decoratir in
sOses Bros.' store. - -
The final account of W. E.
Yates as administrator of the es
tate of William Krieus was allowed
Another car of fall seed wheat
has just arrived from Eastern Ore
gon, which can be had at the Cor
vallis Flouring Mills.
The Independent telephone
-company is building a line from
Philomath to the Benton county
lumber company's mill. Woik be
gan Tuesday.
Congregational church. Ser
mon at 11, "The True Freedom
Evening sermon, "Luck. What is
your luck? Are you lucky?"" Ser
vice at Plymouth at 3 o'clock.
The morning subject at the
M. E. church, "Dancing to the
Devil's Music." Evening, ' What
Present day Civilization and the
Christian church owes to Method
isra." Services at the usual hours.
Married. At the Presbyterian
church parsonage in Independence
by Rev. Dr. Thompson, on Tues
day evening the 7 th inst., Mr. Har
ry H. Samuels and Miss Fannie J.
Smith, both of Portland. Mr
Samuels is well known in this city
" having formerly resided here.
Presbyterian churchr. M.. S
"Bush, pastor. Bible school 10 a. m
subject, "The Sinless Christ."
Evening service at 7.30. The sec
' ond sermon on the book of Acts
Subject, "The Army Recruited and
Trained." ,
W. C. Van Houten of Lennox,
Iowa, writes to Clerk Moses for in
formation as to the requirements
necessary for gaining admission to
the bar of Oregon: also as to the
likelihood of getting into a law off
ice in Corvallis for study.
The Epworth League of the
M. E. church had an apple social at
the home of Rev. and Mrs. G. H
Feese Wednesday evening. Guess
ing games and left handed fishing
i r fortunes furnished amusement
;i-id all had a good time. There
-were 25 present. '
. Floyd Lane of Corvallis and
Miss Maude Gleason of Albany
were married at the bride's home in
that city at one o'clock Wednesday
afternoon. Immediately after the
ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Lane left
for Portland for a brief trip. They
will make their home in Corvallis
where both have many friends.
The funeral of the late Mrs,
John Price was held in Kings Val
ley at 2 o'clock Wednesday after
noon. The services were conduct
ed by T. T. Vincent of Corvallis
Deceased was formerly Miss Minnie
Tatom, and was born in Polk
-county, most of her life, however
being spent in .Benton. tone was
aged 31 years, and bad been ill a
little over a year with consumption,
The survivors are the husband, pa
rents, a brother and sister.
E. W. Strong has contracted
for the delivery by railroad from
the headwaters of Marys River, of
six million feet of fir logs. Offic
ials of the railroad company have
been in town on several occasions
this week, and it is understood that
their errand has to do with the
possible construction of a - switch
down Water street to connect with
the sawmill. What, if any, agree
ment hss been reached on the sub
ject, is not know?.
Court house, janitors, repairs water, lights
Jail, repairs
County poo, eupplies, county physician,
Indigent oldiers, relief of.
Bridges built by contract
Ferries, Corvallis and gravel terry
Election expenses
ScalD bounty 00 wild animals
665 79
2 25
965 70
4o 00
27 00
267 29
320 10
2 50
50 00
Roads and highways in lading special road dist funds 8288 74
Expense adv-.rtlsing Benton county C tizens League 150 00
Kxpense preliminary bearing before pros atty 14345
Lewis ond Clark Centennial Expedition Portland 1734 83
Total $ 17878 16
County Clerk's statement of the financial condition of Benton county, state of
Oregop, on the 30th day of September A. O 1905.
April ist.'igos, to county warrants outstanding and unpaid $ 14027 57
Sept. 30, 1905, to countv warrants issued during six months ending Sept
30th, 19P5, inclusive..'. ; 17878 16
$ 31905 73
October 1, 1905, by couuty warrants redeemed during six months end-
iue Sent 3o, 190s, incliuive : 10005.34
ctober I. IQ03, by road warrants redeemed 399 9
October 1, 1905, Special fund road warrants redeemed 174030
Total amount all warrat.ts redeemed ' : t 22335 13
October ist, 1905, total amount warrants outstanding and unpaid . ...... 9570 60
Oct. r, 1905, to warrants outstanding and unpaid 9570 60
To interest thereon estimated at ' 18500
To balance state tax 1904... 5205 00
Total Liabilities
$ 14960 60
Oct. 1. 1905, by cash in haad of treasurer applicable to payment state tax
county ana road warrants . . 2257 29
By cash in hand of sheriff 3366 61 ; amount thereof estimated applicable
.... , . 1 , ,
to payment state lex, ana couuty ana roau warrants zuuo wo
Total cash resources, exclusive of delinquent and unpaid taxes
Oct. 1, 1905, total liabilities
4257 29
; 14960 60
cash ... 42579
Net Liabilities 10703 31
State of Oregon )
SS. .
County of Benton )
I Victor P. Moses, county clerk of Benton county, Oregon, do here
by certify that the foregoing statement is a true and correct statement of
the claims allowed by the county court for the six months ending bep
t ember 30, 1905, and on what account the same were allowed; the
amount of warrants drawn, redeemed and cancelled during said six
months, and the amount of county and road warrants outstanding and
unpaid on the ist of October, A. D. 1905, as the same appears from the
records in my office and in my custody.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my nana and amxed the
seal of said county this the 13th day of October A. D: 1905.
(Seal) County Clerk Benton County, Oregon.
" What a:difference
the suffering at
of childbirth
when Dr.- R. V. Tierce's medicines are used."
Mites Mrs.- Edmon Jacobs, .of Batgersville.
. ohnson Co.- Ind. "I bad not beard of Dr.
Pierce's medic-ines three years ago; when I
v-as confined, so had to suffer almost death.
lefore baby was born I could not be on
mj feet without two persons holding- me.
rne.oaoy was a
hoy,, weiphi nar
S "pounds, and
for " some weeks
"after his birth I
X suffered severe
bain. ' Last fall,
following the ad
vice of a neigh
- bor, my husband
: bought me Dr.
Pierce's Favor
ite Prescription,
which I. took
during the win
'ter, and in
March. I gave
birth to a baby
boy, weighing
10 lbs. I was
only In labor two
hours and was
on my feet with
out help until
Tlu advice oa neighbor thirty minutes
. . before baby was
born. He is now three months old and weighs
19 lbs. I know it was Br. Pierce's medicine
that saved me from suffering. I advise all
women to take Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion, also his Pleasant Pellets,' if necessary.'
"Following the advice of a neighbor.'
What a weight of confirmatory evidence
there is in those six words. The neighbor
had tried jthe " Favorite Prescription " and
recommended it. Mrs. Jacobs has also
tried it and proved its wonderful proper
ties and now she recommends it. Beside
such testimony as this its maker's words
are unimportant. Mrs. .Jacobs' experi
ence is a fact. Her neighbor's experience
is a fact. The written experiences of 500,
000 other women are facts. There is no
theory about it. There can be no ques
tion about it. In every neighborhood in
this broad land there are women who
have been cured by the "Favorite Pre
scription. " It has cured more cases of
female complaint than all other medicines
for women combined. It is the only med
icine of its kind invented by a skilled
specialist in medicine a regularly gradu
ated physician of more than forty years'
actual experience.
GIVE ME 203.
Salt Lake City, Nov. 7. The
American party, of which ex-United
States Senator Thomas Kearns
is a leader, today elected . Ezra
Thomson mayor after a bitter cam
paign in which opposition to the
Mormon church was the sole issue.
Mavor Richard P. Morris, Mormon
and democrat, ran ahead of Chief of
Police W. J. Lynch, repumican
and Gentile, for whom United
States Senator Reed Smoot made a
nersonal camnaisn.
Excent soma Aldermen, the
whole American Ticket is elected
At King's Valley.
Minnie Price, wife of John Price,
d -i on Monday and was buried in
tt e King's Valley cemetery. The
t'liieral services were conduc el by
K v. T. T. Vincent.
.Mrs. John and Cbetter Cham
bers went to Corvallis on Monday
t- visit Jemes Chambers who i9 suf
fcitng with typhoid fever.
Grandma Frantz has been eick
for the past week.
Protracted meeting at the Evan
gelicel church tvevy eveiiog.
Halloweeners did considerable
The Lockes from below Corval
lis passed through the Valley Sun
day with a band of beef steers ob
tained at the John Hamer and
Nash ranches on Rock Creek.
John Smith passed through the
valley Wednesday with a drove of
beef from Skaggs and Johnson
ranch at Summitt and. the Warn
ick ranch on the Yaquina. Mr.
Smith does not expect to put tbem
on the market until spring.
- P. A. Kline was in the valley
last week trying to buy hogs. He
iound a good many for sale but he
wanted them delivered at his farm
near Corvallis. Ha went horns
without buying a pig.
Farmera here have been improv
ing the good weather and a great
deal cf ground has been seeded
since the rain.
Teams are hauling rail , road iron
through the valley for the Srauld
ing Logging Company, , The iron
is to be used on their logging road
up the Luckiamute.
Yes Ma'am
This is Mrs, . Please
send by the first delivery ,
2 packages Ply month Rock Geli ine
1 bottle Burnelte Vanilla Extract
1 quart Manzinetto Olives for 25 cts
1 jar pickled Lamb Tongue
1 pound Saratoga Chip8
1, gallon fresh Cider
1 pound Full Cream Oheese
1 quart Sauer Kraut
1 package Zest ,
1 pound New Dates
- 2 pounds New Figs
Field and Garden
Thatcher & Johnson.
Bean the The Kind Yea Have Always BougK
For Sale.
Wagons, hacks, plows, harrows,
mowers, driving horses, draft ho
buggies and harness; fresh cows
you want to buy, come in. I can
you money.
H, M. stone.
Our ad., but our goods change hands
every day. Your money exchanged
"for Value and Quality is the idea.
of Corvallip, Oregon,
MAKES LOANS on approved se
curity, and especially on wheat
oats, flour, wool, baled hay,
cbittim bark, and all other
classes of produce, upon the re
ceipt therecf stored in mills and
public warehouses, or upon
chattel mortgages and also
upon other classes of good sa
upon the principal financial
centers of the United States
and foreign countries thus
transferring money to all parts
of the civilized world.
A CONSERVATIVE general busi
ness transacted in all lines of
line, Fresh
Domestic and Imported.
Plain and Fancy CWnavare
A large and varied line.
. We always keep Vegetables when
when they are tobe had.
B Borning
Opera House
Starting Monday
Hovember 13th
The Great New York
18 Acting Members in a
Selection of Popular Copyright
ed Plays
Monday. Night
"A Broken Heart"
Tuesda Night
"The Great Diamond Robbery'
Wednesday Night
"The Man From Japan"
Popular Prices
15c, 25c 6c 35c
Price of admission will be
most cheerfully refunded if en
tire satisfaetion is not given.
C. H. Newth,
Physician and Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs in Burnett Brick
idence on the corn er of Madison
Seventh at. Phone a t hoaseit 1 &
Banking Company
Corvallis, Oregon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
PORTLAND ( The Bank o
SEATTLE r California
NKW TOKS Messrs. J. P. Morgan A Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. N M Rothschilds A Sons ;
CANADA. Union Bank of Canada
Oregon's Great Recreation and
Health Resort at the Newport
Aa a winter health and recreation re
sort Newport is the one par excellence
Recognizing ibis, and wishing to giv
the people an opportunity to breath
the fresh, pare ozone of the ocean, the
Southern Pacific and Corvallis & East
ern railroads will resume the sale
tickets through to Yaquina Bay on Sat
turday, October 21, and will sell same
throughout the winter and spring on ev
ery Wednesday and Saturday. The rates
will be the same as during the summer
and will be good for return 30 days from
date of sale.
Dr. Minthorn's sanitary sea baths will
be in operation during the entire winter
and treafments will be given daily. Hot
and cold salt water baths can be taken
every day in the sanitarium, and for any
one desiring rest, recreation end health,
no place on the Pacific Northwest can
be found equal to Yaquina Bay.
Neat, clean, cottages eithei furnished
or partly eo; can be rented in the immed
iate neighborhood of the sanitary baths
at about $$ per month. Plenty of fresh
fe, ye&etables, honey, fruit and all
household necessaries can be obtained at
the lowest possible cost, while all kinds
qf fish and the famous rock oysters can
Ik had in abundance for the trouble of
earing them.
"Pall information as to rates, time ta
lles, etc can be obtained on application
loj. C. Mayo, Gen. Pass. agt. 0. & B.
.. R.; Albany; W. E. Coman, G. P, A.
I. P,: Co. Portland or to any S, P. ,or
e. & E. agent.
Rate from Corvallis to Yaquina,
R. D. Burgess
Office over Blackle'dges furniture
store. Hours 10 to 12, 3 to 5.
Phone, o&ce 216; Res 454
Corvallis, Oregon.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postofliee. BesideEce Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & ham's drug store.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK Eldg: Hourst
10 to 12 and 2 to 4.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon.
First Nat'l Bank Building,
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
E. R, Bryson,
Largest line of matting in the city at
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Estate )
WIlm am J Kelly, deceased?
Notice Is hereby given to all persons concern
ed that the undersigned has been duly appoint
ed administrator with the will annexed of the
estate of said William 1. Kelly, deceased, by the
county court of the ttate of Oregon, for Benton
county All persons having claims against said
estate of William J. Kelly, deceased, are hereby
required to present the fame, with, the proper
vouchers, duly verified as by law re.
quired, within six months fiom the date hereof,
to the undersigned at his residence in Monrce,
Oregon, or at the law office of E. E. Wilson, In
Corvallis, Benton county, Oregon.- -Dated
November S, 1U03.
Administrator with the will annexed of the es
tate of Win. J. Kelly, deceased.
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the Estate
O. M.- Smith, deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all persons concern
ed that the undersigned has been duly appointed
executrix of the last will and testament of C. M.
Smith, deceased, by the county court ot the state
of Oregon for Benton county. All persons hav
ing claims against said estate of C. M. Smith,
deceased, are hereby required to present the
same, with the proper vouchers, duly verified
as by law required, within six months from the
date hereof, to the undersigned at her residence
three miles northwest of Corvallis, Oregon or
at the law office of E. E. Wilson, In Corvallis,
Benton county, Oregon.
Dated, November 3, 1905.
Executrix of the last will 'and testament oi 0
M. Smith, deceai-ed.
For Sale.
Draft or carriage horse, weight 1,200
ound and trne, thoroughly broken to al
lasses of work, perfectly safe for ladie
nd children. Also new 2-inch "01
Hickory" wagon, and complete set o
work harness. Inquire at City Stablae
Child Not Expected to Tiiye from One
Hoar to Another, bat Cared
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera an
Diarrhoea Ilemedy. "fg
Ruth, the little daughter of E. N. Dev,
of Aenewville, Va, was seriously ilr
cholera infantum last summer. "We cave
her up and did not expect her to live from
ne hour to another," he says. "I happened
to think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera arH
Diarrhoea Remedy and got a bottle of J
from the store. In five hours I saw a chanae
for- the better. We kept on giving it aiffl
before he had taken the half of one small
bottle she was well." This remedy is for sale
by Graham & Wortfoam.