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Vol. XVIII.-No. 17.
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Republican Leaders Are Taken
Away and Hidden Trains With
Repeaters Held Up Same
of the Returns Other
Philadelphia, Nov. 7. Two mur
ders already, aDd 2OO prisoners in
cells held incommunicado early this
morning, mark the beginning of
what promises to be the bloodiest
election day in the history of Philadelphia.
All information regarding the
murders and arrests are denied at
the city hall. Sheriff Miles Bwore
in no deputies, and left the protec
tion of the city to the mayor. .
GIty party leaders are condemn
ing the actions of special policemen
sworn in by the mayor, of whom
there are aboct 2OOO. In one ward
a prominent old soldier was arrest
ed on the charge of intimidating a
city party voter, and was dragged
through the streets and thrown in
to a cell with negroes.
Ia another ward a man was ar
rested for saying that he had lott
his naturalization papers. . Every
voter was challenged and forced to
prove his eligibility to vote.
Harbor Matter Samual G. Malo-
ney, Magistrate James Fealy, ex
Lieutenant of Police James Carey,
republican leaders, nave been ar
ieBted. Friends are unable to learn
where they have been taken.'. ... So
far a dozen poling places have been
closed and election officers have ap
pealed to the courts for protection
In one place the boot b 8 were
wrecked. All the dieorderia in the
wards where the republicans . are
conceded-to be in -the majority
When riot calls are turned In the
police appear and arrest every one
at the polls.
Mayor Weaver, it is reported, has
stopped at Willmington a train
loaded with repeaters en route to
this city.
Sheriff J. L. Miles, who is rerub-
ican leader in the thirteenth ward
and chairman of the city committee
announced last night that he would
swear in 1,000 deputy sheriffs in or
der to protect electors. The etate
mnt was' met by a proclamation
from Mayor Weaver, in which
Miles was denounced as a lawbreak
er end warned to keep his hands
off the polls.
republicans met with sweeping de
feat. William H. Berry, Democrat,
was elected state treasurer by a plu
rality of at leatt loo, 000 and the re
form organization carried Philadel
phia by A6,6'6i votes.
In Maryland the Poe constitu
tional amendment disfranchising
negroes was overwbelmly defeated.
Republicans electing state and city
In Massachusetts Curtis Guild,
Jr., rep., was elected governor by
29,434 plurality. All other' state
officials are republicans.
Gover Utter, republican, and the
entire state ticket was elected in
Rhode Island. In New Jersey the
independent republicans carried the
In Indiana 20 cities went dem
ocratic and Zi republican, among
the latter being Indianapolis.'
lhe democrats in Virginia, elect
ed Swanson by 20,000. The repub
licans gained seven in the legisla
ture, negroes staying away for the
first time. Democrats elected a
mayor at Louisville and the legisla
ture is unchanged insuring a dem
ocratic successor to Senator Black
burn. In Chicago the republicans
made a clean sweep of county offi
In Nebraska the republicans
elected. a state supreme judge and
regents of the state university by a
normal majority. In San Francis
co, Schmltz, labor union, was re
elected by 11,504 majority. All
the candidates on the .union, labor
ticket were elected by pluralities
ranging from 2,5ooto 10,000.
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New York, Nov. 8. Election day TWO SUICIDES
came to a close with a dramatic
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Ooklatd, Cal., Nov. 7. Ed Ru
pert, an expressman, was seized by
savage lion named Nero, which
was being shown in the animal act
at B( 11 Theatre, and but for the
prompt woik of attendants, might
have met a horrible death. A3 it
is, Rupert 8 thigh 13 horribly lacer
ated. The accident occurred while
the lions were being removed from
the car cages to tbe large iron cage
when Nero, which has the deaths of
two men to his credit, suddenly
reached a paw through the bars of
the cage, acd with a roar suck his
claws into Rupert's leg.
Rupert, with a cry of pain,
sprang back, the movement tearing
lhe nesh from his thigh lor twelve
inches. The scent of human blood
enraged Nero, and otly after the
most exciting scene was h9 subdu
ed. Nero killed an attendant wh le
scene at the Hoffman House, where
William R. Hearst gathered his
friends and advisers around him
and began the preparation of bis
legal contest of the returns which
indicated the success of his demo
cratic opponent, McClellan.
As the late totes came In, show
ing McClellan only a few thousand
ahead, and as it was noticed that
figures from some of the East Side
districts weie missing, Mr. Hearst
said he believed he was being cheat
ed out of a hard-fought and honest
ly-won victory ,and announced bis
intention to make a contest in the
courts. He sent out a call at once
for the members of the law commit-
The Couple Had Been Married On
ly a Short Time Beside the
Dead Woman Was a Re
volver Other News.
Newberg, Or., Nov. 6. A little
after 8 o'clock this morning a shoot
ing occurred in the southern part of
the town, which resulted in the
e it., nr. 1 r , . 1 vuo .unu, vi.
T 11A a , 1 . 1 uob u ui wan uuiiuiu ouu vvnc
neighbors who, on entering the Hur
ford cottage, found both husband
rive, many 01 tnem in evening
clothes, they baying been found at
social gatherings or at the theatres.
At the hotel waiting for the law
yers were scores of Hearst voters
with stories of violence and outrag
es at polling places where they had
gone to cast their ballots. Men were
coming into the hotel constantly
with biuised and bleeding faces.
One man's arm was - broken and
another's head was cut so badly
that Mr. Hearst had him put to bed
in the hotel..
Reports were brought in telling
of a Hearst voters, eye being goug-
ld out, and of a Hearst man whose
finger had been chewed off in a poll
ing place.
New York, Nov. 8. District .-At
torney Jerome, tired and hoarse,
but pleased with the k suit, did not
leave his house until 1:30 this af
ternoon. He said: "I shall imme
diately start an investigation of the
frauds perpetrated by Tammany.
If the facts warrant it I shall begin
in tbe act 01 Deing snown
and another in St. Louis.
New York, Nov. 8. Complete re
turns show that George B. McClel
lan hasbeen elected mayor of Great
er New York by a plurality of 3,
485. Hearst demauds a recount
and will contest the election on the
ground of fraud. Jerome's plurali
ty will be in the neighborhood of
Evidence of colonization in many
parts of the city are pouring in.
District Attorney Jerome has seized
the returns in a number of instan
ces, determined that the count shall
be a- fair one. Hearst claims his
election by several thousand plu
rality. JJobn M. Pattison, democrat, has
been elected governor of Ohio by a
plurality approximating 4o,ooo ov
er Grover Herrick, whose majority
two years ago was 113,813. Tom
Johneon was elected mayor of
Cleveland by 12,ooo plurality and
Dempsey, dem., was elected mayor
of Cincinnati by booo plurality.
A political revolution was accom
an. immediate
thy guilty."
A revised account of the
attorney contest shows:
119,638; his opponents,
and wife dead, tbe former lying on
the bed and the latter on the floor.
Beside tbe woman was a revolver.
Whether it is a case cf double sui
cide or a murder and a suicide is a
mystery that is hard to solve. ...
The principals in the tragedy
were young persons, Hurford being
about 2I years old, and his wife a
little younger than he.
The couple had been married on
ly a short time.
. The bride came here from Mis
souri to meet Hurford. The young
man had been sick for a day or so,
and his wife bad taken : an early
morning walk to the -Newberg fur
niture factory, where he was em ploy
ed, to see if the proprietors woold
keep his job tor him until his re
covery, fehe was answered in the
amirmative, and started away, but
returned and again made the same
icquiry. Manager. Fisher says she
appeared agitated and kept her right
hand under her cape.
Shortly after her return home a
loo, 000, many of whom are perma-
nently injured. Hundreds of Jew
ish victims are being buiied at ' O
dessa, where their bodies are placed
in long trenches. Many hundreda
of the victims cannot be recognized.
On each grave wreathes are placed
bearing the inscription:
; "Martyrs to the faith victims of
the outocracy."
The losses will total many
millions. In Odessa alone no less
than l,ooo families are ruined and
many wealthy merchants are re- .
duced to poverty.
Alarming news comes from the
Caucasus, where fighting between
Armenians, Tartars and Russians
continues. Every attempt of tha
troops to restore order has resulted
in wholesale slaughter through at
tacks by the people. Three com
panies of soldiers are said to have
been exterminated in the interior
districts. In one place lo5 Cossacks
were killed by bombs.
prosecution against pistol shot was heard. Mrs. Jdur
ford ran to the door and called just
district across the way to a neighbor. A
Jerome, H. Douglas, and he in turn, called
Osborn, to see J. C. Morns, and the two
I ammany, 103,188: Shearnmuni- started for the Hurford cottage,
cipal ownership, 72,492; Flammcr. When about half way they heard
republican, 13,348.
New York, Nov. 8. -District At
torney Jerome announced today tbat
he would do all he can to see that
there is a fair count of the vote for
' TT v .
mayor, ne gave orders to his as
sistants that the returns from, the
another, shot, and. as they reached
the house a third. On , entering
they found both young people dead,
as described
St. Petersburg, Nov. 8. Massa
cres of Jews in the province of Bes
sarabia are spreading rapidly. It
Eighteenth and Sixteenth assembly la rePorted taat S JewB were
districts be guarded liarfnlW burned to death in the town of Ca-
Tammany leader Charles P. Murphy larsschi. A Slavonic leader named
is leader of the Eighteenth and Balabanoff, headed a mob which
Congressman Timothv D. Snllivari started fires in four parts of .the
is leader of the 16th district MV. town at once ana tuocKed all exits
Jerome said: "Take these returns from the Jewish quarter.. The mil
from the Eighteenth and Sixteenth ltarv 18 attempting to preserve or
districts and lock tham nn. finarri der. but incendiarism continues
them carelully. They may cut a o'xiy'Sixtn revolutionists were snot
big figure in this count. I propose yesterday. Hundreds, of Jewish
to see tbat there is a fair count in families are seeking refuge in Rou
ting mayoralty contest, no matter mama.
whom it hurts." A telegram irom Odeesa states
that the number of Jews killed dur
-'"-.3 jl ucau iuass seeds ior v .,: ic 11..
c J .' . 'number of wounded approximate
New York, Nov. 8. It was an
nounced at the Hearst headquarters
today that the contest over the of
fice of Mayor would he taken at
once to the courts over. tbe heads. of
tha board of canvassers. It was al
so said that evldenoe had been fe
cured upon which about 1000 elec
tion officers eould be sent to prison,
and thttt at least 3o,ooo Hearst fol
lowers, when they went to the polls
found their names had been voted
on by others.
At Belleiouotain.
Farmers are altnott through fami
ng. A larger number of acres have
been sdwh than usual.
L. N. Price of Portland, but for
merly a resident of this place, was
buried at Simpson chapel Saturday.
The funeral services were conduct
ed by Rev. M. M. Waltz.
J. H. Edwards is on the sick list
this week, being confined to his
bed a part of the time.
Mrs. Mtrtha Perin has been suf
fering with neuralgia for the past
few wetk?.
Mrs. B. N. Tharp, of Independ
ence, is visiting her son, S. A. Tharp
of this place. -
Mr. Bristow has received news
that his son Floyd is improving,
and will soon be able to come home,
having been in the hospital some
Little Bado, the three-year-old
child of Mrs. Clyde Tharp, has been
very sick for the past ten days,
with bowel trouble. When last
heard from she was not improve
Frank Dinges is gathering up a
car load of cattle to ship to Califor
nia. Good for J Stomach' Trouble and
Constipation. ( "
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab-
lets have done me a great deal of good,'
says C. Towns, of Rat Portage, Ontario,
Canada: "Being a mild physic the after
effects are not unpleasant, and I can recom
mend them to all who sutler from stomach;
' disorder." For sale by O raham & Wortbank