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of 15 cents per line will be charged.
N. R. Adams was a business
visitor in Polk county Wednesday.
Miss Carrie Ainslee ! of Port
land has been the guest of Mrs.
John Smith since Tuesday.
Mose Kline is expected from
Portland tomorrow for a visit with
his sister. Miss Pauline.
--Miss Emma Sox of "Albany,
was the guest of Miss Mary Nolan
Wednesday and Thursday.
Misses Louise and Juliet Coop
er leave tomorrow for a few days'
visit with Salem friends.
Regular services at the M. E.
church. South, next Sunday at n
and 7.30.
" Mrs. J. D. Irvine of Indepen
dence came ur Wednesday for a
visit at the home of Mrs. Mary Bar
Mrs. Harris and daughter of
Waucoma, Iowa, have arrived and
are guests at the home of the for
mer's sister, Mrs. R. H. Colbert.
C. W. Adams returned yester
day from a three weeks; trip to
California. He was among those
from this city who witnessed the
O. A. C. -Berkeley football game.
In Klines show window is a
handsome O. A. C. sofa pillow. A
card on it relates that it is to go to
the O. A. C. player who makes the
first touchdown in the Eugene
game, if such an event shall hap
pen. Its value is $10.
m Services at the Church of
Christ next Sunday will be as fol
lows; Sunday school at 10, preach
ing at 1 1, Subject "Why call ye
meIord, Lord, and do not the
things which I say unto you?"
Preaching at 7.30. Subject. "The
addition of fractions." All are welcome.
A reception is to be held Tues
day night by the ladies of the W
' R. C, in honor of Mrs. R sina
Foust, of Oregon City, state inspec
tor of the order. The affair will
no doubt prove most enjoyable.
From Corvallis, , Mrs. Foust goes to
Toledo! for an official visit to that
A considerable number of Cor
vallisites are going to Salem tomor
row to see the football game be
tween the U. of 0. and Willamette
University elevens. It . will be one
of the big matches of the season,
with honors even enough doubtless,
to make the game extremely inter
esting, ,
The annual junior eleven game be
tween the O. A. C. and U. of O. is
called for three o'clock this after
noon. , Both are strong teams and
' the game will be a better one than
many a first team game seen in
years past on O. A. C. field. The
admission is 25 cents. The cadet
regiment band will be . in atten
dance. At this week'-s meeting, the
county court ordered the supervisor
of district number 1 1 to open up a
county road near the Independent
school house. The road was au
" thorized last year but has never
been thrown open to public use.
At the same meeting, the court re
jected the petition of citizens of the
vicinity for aid for the Fall Creek
road on the ground that assistance
had been rendered the same road
on a former occasion.
The classes at the college ofJ
Philomath, according to Mr. and
Mrs. Hummer who were in town
yesterday, are going ahead with
their work the same as though
their college home had not been.
burned. The next day after the
fire they assembled as usual, the
College dormitory being utilized for
the purpose. The religious ser
vices of the church, which i were
conducted in the chapel of the col
lege building, are, it is expected, to
be held for the present in the Meth
- odist church. The insurance, on
the building was $1,400, but the
loss has not yet been fully adjusted.
No determination has as yet been
reached as to when or wheth
er the building will be rebuilt.
Four handsome Silver cups,
valued at $10 each, have been on
dered for the Corvallis Poultry
Association, to be placed on win
ning birds at the annual show the
last of this month. An attractive
feature of this year's show will be a
display of fancy pigeons, ferrets and
pet stock. ' Also several varieties of
pheasants and quail, and the rarest
pair of birds in captivity known to
be in existance, namely, a pair of
Dims supposed to be a cross be
tween the Blue Grouse and the
China pheasant. These are hand
some birds, now full grown and re-
. semble both the grouse and China
Pheasant. The show will be held
in the Opera House, Nov. -50th,
Dec. 1 st and 2nd, further notice of
which will be given in these col
umns later.
Wheat 63.
Heman Hall of Portland is a
Corvallis visitor.
The lumber is being hauled for
the new dwelling to be erected by
C. A, Troxell near the Carnage
Reopening services by Dr!Rader
will begin Sunday morni&g at 10:30
childrens rally conducted by him at
3:00, preaching 7:30.
James Flett and family left to
day for the Buck Creek ranch,
where the Chittim King is to teach
a winter term of district school.
Thelma.tbe 12 year old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. James VanMe
ter in Kings Valley died this morn
ing of typhoid fever. By Frantz
was in this forenoon for a casket.
The funeral occurs tomorrow.
Information is that a very large
acreage of grain has been planted
this autumn. The early rains and
favorable weather have kept every
body a-field from early morn to ev
ening tide during late weeks.
C. H. Barnell and family are
to leave in a few days for Portland
to take up their residence! Their
house has been leased to Mrs. Ra
ber, who will take immediate pos
session. The extensive repairs and im
provements being made in the
church building will not interfere
with the services of the Congrega
tional church. Worship and ser
moo at 1 1 , vespers and sermon at
Tuesday evening Rev. and
Mrs. Simpson entertained about
forty guests at the rectory. Deco
rations and amusements were in ac
cordance with Halloween tradi
tions and the occasion a most en
joyable one.
H. Mitchell, the contractor for
construction ot the pipe line for the
eravitv water system is to arrive
tomorrow to begin work. His first
attention will be directed t clear
ing the riant ot way trom toe i -
tike to the vailey. -
At the Citizen's League meet
ing Tuesday night arrangements
will probably be made for the re
ception of the excursion ot busi
ness men out of Portland, who are
expected to spend an hour at noon
in Corvallis, November 17th and
1 8th.
ext week for II
irith the Uni jg
frain ic In 1 B
Extremely low Rate for the Trip An
nual 0. A. C Eugene Games
Manager Stimson has arranged
for a special train to take the OAC
football team and friends to Eu
gene on Saturday of ne
the big annual game with
versity eleven. The nam is to
leave the C. & E. station at 8:30
or nine o'clock, will run straight
through to Eugene, and on the re
turn trip will leave Eugene about
seven o'clock, reaching Corvallis
at 8:30 or nine o'clock p. m. The
railroad companies have made the
unusually low rate of one fare for
the round trip, or $1.85 in all from
Corvallis to Eugene and return.
The round trip rate for . a similar
excursion two years ago was $2.50.
The rate on the present occasion
places the trip within reach of ev
erybody, and will well nigh convert
the day into a municipal holiday at
Corvaliis, for there are indications
that the excursion will be
record breaker. The game
has come to be one of State-wide
interest, and the enthusiasm for it
this year, here and elsewhere,
transcends all things of the kind in
the past.
Besides the special train out of
Corvallis for the game, negotiations
are pending for a special train from
Monmouth and Independence, car
rying excursionists from there in
time Saturday morning to ' make
connections with the Corvallis
special. Manager btimson is
awaiting a reply from Mr. Hirsch
berg, proprietor of the Independence
motor line with reference to the
matter. Many people oflndepend
ence and Monmouth have written
for rates and information concern
ing the Corvallis-Eugene special,
and it i4 certain that if a tram con
nects trom Independence, many
from that section will "join the
Unless you have seen ' the new
Styles in "La Vogue" Ladies' &ats
have on display, you do not know how
splendidly ready-to-wear . garments can' be
made. " ;
There is such sf Undid style and dres
sy tone to them, and they are so well
sewed and finished that you'll be surprised.
They fit gracefully to the natural lines
of the figure and the woman they would
not become would be hard to fit.
Better see them before too many are sold
Price $5 to $20.
Our Business
L'onard W.Riley, general mis
sionary of the American Baptist
Home Missionary Society, will
preach at the Baptist church Sun
day at i i o'clock. Mr. Riley is
a fluent speaker, All are cordially
Albany Democrat: J. J. Try
on and wife left today for St. Johns
where they will hereafter make
their home. Mr. Tryon has bought
property there and will open a gen
eral merchandise store in a few
The County court Wednesday
appropriated the sum of $100 to
pay for the keeping of Benton
county children who have been sent
from here to the Boys . and Girls
Home at Portland during the past
year. In all about a dozen Benton
children have been sent to the in
stitution for varying periods of
maintainance, and only $10 has
been paid by the county for the ser
The permanent Benton county
exhibit is to be placed in the room
at the county court house now oc
cupied as a private work office of
the county clerk. It is the room
on the first floor in the southeast
corner of the building. Since the
court house was built the succeed
ing clerks have used it as . a place
for copying assessment rolls, and
performing other tasks where priv
acy was desired. The plan of the
court is to divide the main office
by a partition, now used as a re
ception office for the transaction of
public business, partitioning it so
that the east end will be for the
private office of the clerk and the
west end for the public.
' Block for Sale.
I have a fine: block of land, or any por
tion therefor, for sale at a bargain, Will
sell and take payments on the same.
N. B. Avery,
Young woman wishes to meet a
widowed or single gentleman who
will loan her $30 on good security.
Strictly confidential.
Address P. O. Box 208.
. ' Salem, Oregon..
Ellsworth Corps, Attention.
Mrs. Ro3ania Fours wishes to
meet the ladies of tillsworth Corps
for inspection on Tuesday afternoon
Nov. 7, at the regular houn
Emily Henkle,
Corps: Sec' y.
Over the Boat and Into the River
Horses and Wagon A Ferry
A sensational accident happened
at the Corvallis ferry late Tuesday
afternoon. A team and a heavily
laden wagon dashed at full speed
down the grade on the west side of
the river, sped swiftly the length of
the boat, tore away the chains and
big timber that bars the boat's end,
and plunged headlong into the wat
er below. It all transpired in a
twinkling, giving but little time
for the three persons about the boat
to scramble to places of safety. The
happy fact in thei ncident is that no
other teams were aboard the boat
at the moment, or the details told
in these lines would be of far more
serious import.
. The occasion of the accident was
the fact that the brake on the wag
on tailed to hold. This was fol
lowed by an effort of the team to
hold the load, when the neck yoke
gave way. On the wagon was 1,-
200 feet of lumber, five kegs of
nails, and a large quantity of hard
ware. The owner is Wesley Mill
hollen, who was hauling materials
over to his farm for building a new
When the brake broke, the
trouble was on apace. The driver
held the horses held fairly well, un
til the neck yoke broke, and the
heavy wagon smashed against them.
The impact was terrible and the
set ne that followed extremely ugly.
Down the grade the outfit passed
at great speed. Before the boat
was reached, the, driver rolled off
the wagon into a place of safety,
and escaped with only a few bruis
es. On to the boat, across it, then
off of it and into the waters of the
river went team and wagon.
The horses were saved. The
chains that bound the bar across
the east end of the boat caught in
the breast strap of one of the horses
and pulled the heads of the team,
after the outfit went over, back to
wards the boat. This enabled those
about the boat to get ropes
on the horses by wzich they were
held until the harness was cutaway.
Once freed, one of the horses struck
out and swam across to the east
side of the river. The other land
ed safely on the west bank ' at the
ferry landing.
The wagon sank to the bottom of
the river, was subsequently fished
out and drawn across the river to
the east side where it was pulled
ashore, The lumber . in the load
happened to be bound with a chain
and it was all recovered. Two, of
the five kegs of nails were also
fished out, but most of the hard
ware is still somewhere in the bot
tom of the Willamette. The acci
dent, is one of the luckiest yet
chronicled, in that there was so
much chance ior serious conse
quences with so little of loss actual
ly consequent.
We are here expressly for the purpose of furnishing your home with Furniture
and house furnishiugs. Our store is a scene of bustle and activity from morning till
night. Good goods and reasonable prices is our motto. We have no favorites, prices
the same to everybody.
A car load of chairs just received. A new line of Dressers, Extension Tables
and Stands ready for inspection. Charter Oak, Laurel and Toledo Ranges, best on the
market. "We sell ranges on installment plad. If you need a stove or range come in
and talk with.
The House Furnishers.
Red. White, Crimson, Alsike and Al
falfa clovers. Vetch, cheat, Rape. Speltz,
English aad Italian Rye grass, Orchard
grass, Timothy, Black and gray oats.
Grab oak wood sawed. Vetch hay.
Leave orders at Robinson
and Stevenson's office or telephone to
L. L. Brooks.
First class vetch seed 2 1-2 miles south
of Philomath. Address E. Conger
Corvallis, Or Bell phone no ifl
Notice is hereby given that there
is money on hand at the county
treasurer's office to pay all orders
endorsed and marked "not paid for
want of funds" up to and including
those of June the 12th 1905. In
terest will be stopped on same from
this date. Corvallis, Oregon, Oct.
18, 1905.
W. A. Buchanan.
Treasurer of Benton county.
For Rent.
A nice little home of 17 acres for one
Ambler & Watters.
Latest Styles
For Sale.
Choice oats, vetch and cheat seed to
be had at reasonable prices, either at the
Corvallis or Benton County Flourin
Mills. A. W. Fischer.
One Dollar Saved Represents Ten
- Dollars Kariied.
The average man does not save to exceed
ten per cent, of his earnings. He must spend
nine dollars in living expenses for every
dollar saved. That being the case he can
not be too careful about unnecessary ex
penses. Very often a few cents properly in
vested, like buying seeds lor nis garden, will
save several dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Ii costs
but a few cents, and a bottle of it in the house
often saves a doctor's bill of several dollars.
Eor sale by Graham & Wortliam,
For Sale,
22 head of goats at 2.00 per head.
Spencer Bicknell.
in Fall and Winter Suits
iand Overcoats.
G uaran teed Clo thing
Top Round
Corvallis Oregon
V '"Try. a roll of that Maple Fron
Creamery Butter, the sweetest, cleanest
and best. - At Thatcher & Johnson's.
' For Sale s
Phonograph reco rds in first class
condition twenty cents each,
G. W, Denman, Corvallis.
Trespass Notice,
There will be no shooting on IheKI
ger place this winter. Stay aw ay or ge
cinched. This includes night , Bhootin
. Richard Kigef.
Fine Job Work
Corvallis Times Office.