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    Corvallis Times
Official Paper of Benton County. .
Hereafter the publication day of the
Times will be Tuesday evening and Fri
day evening, instead of Wednesday and
.Saturday mornings. For n years the
paper has been actually appearing in the
evening, though the following morning
was given out as publication day. The
change now annonnced ought to have
been made n years ago.
Football Hen Arrive and are in Fine
Condition Things About the
The OAC football men arrived
from California Wednesday after
noon, and met with an enthusiastic
ereetine at the station. Several
hundred students, headed by the
cadet regiment band were at the de
tot. and the reception was stormy
and strenuous. The veils of the
receptionists was significant ap
proval of the work of the OAC
men in the Berkeley game, where,
all accounts agree, they acquitted
themselves most creditably. The
. team against which the boys went
is accounted by Dr. Steckle as one
of the best in the history of Cal
ifornia football. The speed was
great and the teamwork superb.
There was an unlimited resource of
men, no less than 30 players, all
said to be of equal availability, be
ing on the sidelines, waiting for an
opportunity to go into the struggle.
The moment a Berkeley player
showed weakness, the coaches took
him out and sent in a fresh man.
Throughout the first half Berkeley,
was easilv held out of striking dis
tance, save in the case of a place
kick which the Californians were
enabled to make by an OAC
In the second half, the OAC
men had to play on their nerve
against the constantly freshened
troops of the Blue and Gold. For
mation after formation was hurled
'against them but they met every
"assault with as much power as with
which it came, and the ball surged
back and forth with honors largely
even save when Snedigar by a
lucky chance, got away for a sixty
yard run for the only touchdown of
the game. Once Williams, got
"away on exactly the same terms,
and after a thirty yard run was only
prevented from making a touch-
' down by bsing driven a few inches
'outside of bounds. Most of the
OAC players, believe that in an-
' other trial, fierce as are the latter,
they could do the Californians.
All of the team arrived home in
'" good condition, and unless some of
them get blown up or fall out of a
: well, the prospect is that every one
in the bunch will be in the pink of
condition for the big game with
U. of O. on Saturday of next week.
Since his return. Manager Stim
son described his feelings as Snedi-
' gar was making his 60 yard run
for the touchdown. Evidently he
didn't want the Calif ornian to cross
the goal line. "Gosh: if I'd had a
gun, I'd shot him" he said.
. Excitement Among Boys.
Great interest and enthusiasm is
being stirred up among the boys of
this town as the result of a unique
and original offer - being made by
J. M. Nolan & Son.
This store announces that the
salesman for Ederheimer, Stein &
Co., makers of Xtragood boy's
clothing, Chicago, will call
within ten days and they offer to
give, feee, any Xtragood suit
' in their store to the first boy under
sixteen who finds . and iden
tifies this salesman.
The feature of the plan is the one
set expression which must be used
by the young detectives, who are
required to say: "You are from
Ederheimer, 'Stein & Co. , Chicago,
and sell Xtragood clothes." The
salesman, it is said, will not admit
his identity unless addressed in
these precise words.
So active have the. boys become
in their search that every stranger
who reaches town is quickly besieg'
ed and questioned by a crowd of
young sleuths.
Wood to Sell-'-Stumpage.
I want to clear some land and have
2,000 cords of fir and oak grub wood to
sell. First come gets first choice of
timber to cut.
G. A. Cooper,
P. O. box 218.
Mrs. Caroline Maxfield has add
ed a line of groceries to her store,
in addition to millinery and con
fectionery. Your patronage is so
Mast Give Bonds or go to Jail A law-
is not a JokefcEven to Clubs,-
Mike Klines foolhardy scheme
of running a booze joint in a place
where such a thing is prohibited
by vote of the people has got him
and his assistants into a closeY place.
than ever. 1 hey have all been in
the custody of the authorities since
four o'clock yesterday afternoon.
They were under guard of an offi
cer in their sleeping apartments
throughout last night. Thev
have been warned that they must
give bonds by four o'clock this af
ternoon, or go to jail. What the
outcome will be will develop within
the next few hours.
The trouble, is that none of the
defendants have given bonds in the
last three cases in which they have
been convicted. One of these cases
dates away back to October nth,
nearly a month ago. The officers
have shown every leniency in the
world, more even than ought to
have been shown. Promises have
been made by Mike that the bonds
would be forthcoming, but when
the time came nobody appeared to
become sureties for the convicted
defendants. They declared they
would give one of the fidelity com
panies for sureties, but their lawyer
at Portland lately informed them
that the companies would not go
their bonds. In consequence,
Judge Holgate has issued commit
ments and the officets have deter
mined that oaii must be put up or
the men go to jail.
Of the five cases tried, bonds
have as yet been given an but two.
October nth Kline was sentenced
to twenty days in jail and to pay a
fine of $400, and Hooligan was fin
ed $300. October 24, Kline, Hool
igan and Miline were all sentenced
to 30 days in jail and to pay fines
of $500 each. October 24th, Kline
and Hooligan were sentenced each
to 30 days and fined $soo. Bonds
have not been given in either case
The bond required from Miline is
$500, and from Hooligan $1,500.
Kline has to give one bond of $600
and two of $800 each, mamng $2,
200 in all. The foolhardiness of
the attempt to throttle law, and to
do a thing that the people, the law.
the courts and the officers . declare
shall not be done is what makes it
burdensome ior the men to give
bonds. Ordinary men able to go
security do not care tj go bonds on
a scheme that five juries without a
dissenting voice have pronounced
impossible. This figures somewhat,
perhaps, m the tardiness of the de
fendants in putting up bail.
Something of a change has come
over the attitude of Kline and those
assisting him in his outlawed enter
prise. When the shebang opened
it was with a spirit of utter defiance
of the law. When the first fine
was imposed, Mike Kline requested
Judge Holgate to give him the full
penalty. Of late, attorneys for
Mike have been requesting District
Attorney Bryson to take but one
case before the circuit court, and to
dismiss all the rest. Requests of
the same character were made of
District Attorney Brown, Mr. Bry
son s superior in othce. mat is to
say, for the tone of defiance and
bluster, there is subsituted an indi
rect appeal for merfcy. It is under
stood thac Mr. Brown will not in
terfere in the matter, and that Mr.
Bryson' s own preferences will be
followed.. At enormous expendi
ture of valuable time, Mr. Bryson
has delved both into the law and
the facts governing Mike's enter
prise. He has with great patience
and much ability brought matters
to the point where he is in position,
if the managers of. the outfit but
realized, to dictate terms of sur
render. Later on they will come
to a full understanding on- this
point. They have, in all, $4,500 in
fines, and a good many days asses
sed against them as penalty for viol
ated law, and there is not a lawyer
in Corvallis. and but few, if any,
elsewhere, but believe that higher
courts will sustain every step taken
in the lower court. It all means
that District Attorney Bryson is in
position where he is totally inde
pendent as to whether or not there
is compromise, and he should be
given his own way in working out
the Inevitable end to the campaign
on which he is bent. Nine-tenths
of the people or Benton county are
behind him in his effort to uphold
and defend the law.
A feature of interest is that after
each convictiontin the cases that
have been brought, against Kline
and his flunkies, Mr. Bryson has
offered, if they would close up their
establishment, to dismiss all other
pending cases. All along, this of
fer of peace by Mr. Bryson has
been laughed at by the defiant de
fendants. who on some account
were persuaded that their shebang
could be run right along, even
though a legitimate, licensed saloon
can not be operated. In spite -of
this defiant attitude, however on
their part. Mr. Bryson went even
further and gave defendants . great
liberty in the matter of securing
bonds, delining to send them to
jail when other prosecuting officers
would have done so, and in many
other ways gave them consideration
and kindness. Since they spurned
Mr. Bryson' s offers to drop these
prosecutions all along, neither the
defendants nor their attorneys
should now come to Mr. Brysoni
with the plea that he bef mercifu
and take but one case " before the
circuit court. The very fact that
Kline's lawyers take this course is
the best sign in the world that they
are convinced that Bryson is going
to win.
Measures Before the Citizen's League
Action to be taken Tuesday
Matters of much import, affect
ing ;the rights - of Corvallisites
generally are to be considered at
the meeting of the Citizens League
next Tuesday night. A committee
has urged a-aumber of improve
ments for beautifying Corvallis,
and the report has been made ' a
special order. Among the recom
mendations possible of odoption are:
All telephone, telegraph and
light poles to be removed jrom
Main street, and all such poles to
be painted ;
All trees on Main street to be cut
down; -
All awnings and signs out of har-
mony with what is sightly to be
That the district in which cement
sidewalks are made mandatory be
widely extended, including a large
area of residence property:
All unsightly buildings on Main
street to be condemned and torn
The swinging of gates over side
walks to be prohibited;
To provide by city ordinance for
the lawn or bulkhead outside of
sidewalks be widened so as to re
duce largely the width of the
To forbid by city ordinance, spit
ting on pavements or public place's
within the city limits:
There will be a variety of views
as to whetherall of the recommend
ations mentioned above should be
carried into effect. If so im
portant body as the Citizens League
should recommend the proposed
measures, it is extremely probable
that the city council would feel dis
posed to enact legislation necessary
to carry the various propositions
into effect. It will be of extreme
interest to those who want the re
forms, and tnose who might desire
to oppose them, to be on hand in
war paint Tuesday night. Besides
the recommendations herein alluded
to, there are a number of others of
more or less importance,, and they
will all be considered and passed
upon by the League Tuesday night,
MARO The Magician
Maro, the eminent prestidigita-
teur, who will shortly play an en
gagement in this city, furnished an
amusing episode to a large crowd
of spectators during his recent ap
pearance in San Erancisco, Like
most people who visit the Golden
Gate city, Maro was anxious to
visit the district known as China
town; hence at his earliest conven
ience he and a guide proceed to the
celestial headquarters.
Passing one of the main business
streets they stopped m front of a
Chinese grocery, where lay a num
ber of dead pigeons which had been
killed at a shooting match and af
terwards bought up by the enter--
prising merchant. Maro picked
up one of the pigeons and at the
same time enquiring of the pro
prietor of the grocery why some of
the birds were dead and some alive.
The Chinaman indignantly replied
"No live, alle dead, Melican man
shoot alle same tis mornin." "Oh
no, John", some are dead and some
are alive," answered Maro, "Now
this one that l hold m my hand is
alive." "I bet no live" and John
backed his assertion by holding out
a handful of coin. By this time a
large crowd had assembled, mostly
Chinamen, and Maro. thinking he
had secured a good audience., gent
ly smoothed the feathers of the,
pigeon, gave it a toss into the air
and it took its flight. The crowd
was thunderstruck, some ran across
the street while others were paralyz
ed with wonder and amazement.
The clever magician, however,
simply said here is another and
again a pigeon flew down the street.
The proprietor of the grocery let
his handful of money fall to the
ground, rushed into the store and
locked the door. Maro tried to ex
plain that it was only a trick, but
John could not see it that way.
For Benton What the County Pro-
. duced Interesting Figures.
County Clerk Moses forwarded
Monday to the secretary of state
the summary of the census taken
by Assessor Davis. The figures of
the population appeared in a recent
issue of the Times, ; but the enum
eration as to products has not been
published. Appended is the list:
Number of acres under cultivation
Number of bushels of wheat rais
ed during preceding year, 334,020.
Number of bushels of oats raised,
Number of bushels of barley and
rye, 3,560.
Number of bushels of corn, 50.
Number of bushels of potatoes,
Number of bushels of apples,
Number of tons of hay, 18665.
Number of pounds of wool, 83.
432. Number of pounds of cheese and
butter, 151,576.
Number of horses, 2,607.
Number of cattle, 7,070.
Number of sheep; 23,799.
Number of hogs, 2098.
Number thousand feet of lumber,
Maro, Magic of the Orient.
Thn is Maro's latest magical sen
sation wherein he gives a weird and
wonderful exhibition of magic as
performed by the Hast India fakirs.
From a small Indian shawl prev
iously shown empty he produces,
first, two white table cloths, which
are placed on two empty tables.
From the shawl of mystery he then
produces dish after dish of viands,
fruits, nuts, etc.. until the two
large tables are covered with fifteen
large dishes and all filled . with edi
bles, portions of which Maro dis
tributes among the audience. He
also produces a tray with six glass
es, each filled to the brim with wat
er. Maro then produces from the
wonderful scarf, first, a small bird
cage containing a live white dove,
then a very large cage standing
three feet high full of other white
doves. 1 hen suddenly there ap
pears an immense bouquet nearly
three feet across from which he
produces a very mysterous and in
exhaustible dish out of which he
takes many beautiful nosegays and
handsful of bonbons. Suddenly and
without warning, the audience ate
much surprised to see in Maro' s
hands a large oriental pagoda from
which a large tub which is prev
iously shown empty, is entirely
filled with confetti. Then to the
wonderment of all, the great Maro
produces from this empty tub sev
eral white doves, then several rab
bits, a hen and a rooster, and a
duck, until the stage does indeed,
look like a glimpse into fairy land.
You must see Maro if you wish to
see the greatest wonder of the age.
Real Estate Transfers.
William Howell and wf. to Adam
Wilhelm, 160 acres near Monroe,
$460. ,
State of Oregon to Soloman Gar
dee, 165 a. .near Wells, $306.98.
B. F. Hylaud to Linn F. Houck
160 a. near Monroe, $3000.
William Middlestadt and wf. to
J. W. Melville, 105 a. near Philo
math, $2,900.
B. F. Hyland to Mary Dinges,
4 lots in Corvallis, $500.
S. E. Young to T. W. Jones, 2
lots N. B. & P. Avery's add, $250.
Good for 7 Stomach Trouble and
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets have done me a great deal of good,"
3ays C. Towns, of Eat Portage, Ontario,
Canada. "Being a mild physic the after
effects are not unpleasant, and I can recom
mend them to all who sutler from stomach
disorder." For Bale by Graham & Wortham-
The undersigned is prepared to do all
kinds of dressmaking at my residence on
Sixth street.
. Mrs. Mary Avery.
Write Him.
T. W. McGowan, Jr.. established
I857 commission merchant, in hops, 36
& 38 Whitehall street. New York, Lib
eral adyances made on all consignments.
Highest market prices obtained and
quick returns. References: Bradstreet
Mercantile Agency, New York; Bank o
America, New York.
liuy it Mow. .- . .
Now is the time to buy Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
certain to be needed sooner or later and when
that time comes you will need it badly yon
will need it quickly. Buy it now. It may
save life. For sale by Graham & Wortham.
Vetch Seed.
pure vetch seed for sale.
Matthew Thompson.
C. & E. Crossing.
: I ! -Mi
VHr fBrandegee,
Copyrighted, 1905 Kincaid &
I Wood.
No Prizes
ise & sawn mo e
In fact nothing goes with our coffee bnt cream, sugar and
Sole agent for
Cbase & Sanborn High Grade
Bicycle 8c Sporting Goods Store
Is the place to get yonr Guns and
Ammunition for the opening- of the
pheasant season. I have guns and
ammunition of every description.
Guns and BiGydes for Rent
A full line of sewing machine sup-
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' J Tbrella line from a rib to a new um
brella. Everything you call for in
sporting goods line.
For Sale
Oak erub wood. Cheat and vetch hay
for sale. Satisfaction . guaranteed
T A Logsdon
Phone 55 Mt View line
Field and Garden
Thatcher & Johnson.
We have iust received a new lot
of Columbia disc and cylinder rec
ords. Also a lot or the American
Blue records, the best record that
is made. Graham & Wells.
New lot of freshly loaded shotgun
shells. All kinds of football sup
plies. At Hodes Pioneer Gun store.
" Wanted
A good girl or woman to keep honse.
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NOT radicals but the
distinctive suits we're
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are handsome.
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effects and added
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