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    doucty Clerk's Orfiee
Vol. XVIII.-No. 17
B.F. IBVHTB Editor
and Proprietor
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Sixteen-Year Old Whitman County
Girl Says Sae Was Forced to
' Work in Field Like a Man ' S
Without any Reward
- Other Newe.
Walla Walla, Wash. Oct. 2S.
Myrtle Tipton, a 16-year-old girl,
was lodged in the county jail this
evening on a charge of -horsestealing.
She stole three horses, a hack
-and harness from an Indian family
on the Coeur d'Alene reservation
and SDld them in the town of St.
John, "Whitman county, .for $225.
Dsputy Sheriff Nessley, of Whit
man couLty, arrested her yesterday
" afternoon at the Harkoess ranch,
and brought her to Walla Walla
today, from where he will leave to
morrow morning for .Colfax. Myr
tle admits stea'ing the outfit and
says: "I caught the horses in a
field one night, hitched two of them
to the hack and ttruck oat, . I
roaobarl - TrV.n iYta npvf ta7 arid
readily sold the outfit to a livery
stable for $225. With the money
I nnreriaserl a. suit, nf hrw's nlnthsn
Karl m r aT : Al-lt onrl rart- rtiit
J - -
ana caa a good time un
7 .til onite late. I then secured a hsd
at the hotel, where I .remained un
til the train started for Prescott the
next morning. . "
. "My father has been - farming
cause. Don't
Be Alarmed!!
some Indian land on the reservation
for two or three years and has made
me go out into the fields to plow
and do other kinds of work, and
came down to Walla Walla to stay
with him this fall after harvest and
wanted himto give me moneyenough
to go and visit my mother at North
Yakima, but he would it, so
I went back up to the reservation
on horseback, and after staying
with friends a short time, conclud
ei that I wtitrid raise some money,
and that is why I took the horBes
and outfit. .-.
4 1 am ready to go back and plead
guilty and take my medicine.
"I doa't care if I am sent to the
penitentiary. I have a curiosity to
see how they ruo such an ; institu
tion. I would rather go there than
to a reform school.
Grant's Pass, Or.,Oct .28 A fea
ture of the recent investigation
ma je into tie Jennings' murder
mystery . of Granite Hill, mining
camp, to solve the question of - who
murdered N. M.-Jennings, the aged
wood con tractors - is damaging to
Jasper Jennings, eon. of the murd
ered man. - The boy has said .that
his sister committed the crime, but
it has been found that the blood
stained tracks over the ifioor of the
room in which the old man - was
killed, aid which lid over the door
step and across' the " yard, were
tracks of a man. They could not
have been made by 'Dora Jennings,
whom Jasper says killed her father
because she hated him.
To account for the tracks the' boy
declares his istsr wore bis shoe3
over her own? that the blame for
the crime might be laid at Jasper's
door. Bat the girl denies all knowl
edge of this.Jasperaaye bis sister stole
into the cabin where he and a com
panion slept late at night, stealing
both his rifla and bis ehoes. Bet
the door of the boy's cabin opens
with difficulty, and its ruaty hinges
screech loudly. It seems improba
ble that the door could have been
opened without one or both of the
boys hearing it. '
Interest in the case is growing,
and there is a change in the feeling
of the general public toward the
girl. She will eay absolutely noth
ing concerning the crime, while the
boy talks freely, though his confes
sion tends toward shifting the blame
upon his sister.
Seattle, OzX. 27. The Lowmac-
Hanford skyscraper now nuder
course of construction collapsed this
afternoon at 1 o clock and will
have to be almost entirely rebuilt.
Suddenly and without warning, the
6ixth floor of the uew building gave
way, carrying a'l Deiore it. une
floor alter another plunged down
ward until the entire number were
piled in the basement, 75 feet be
low, a twisted mass of beams and
cement. The damage it if estimat
ed, will reach $50,ooo. The build
ing was to have been ten Etories in
height aDd constructed of steel
The cost waB estimated at $175,ooo.
Four men weie carried down
with the floor. Two of these, Mich
ael Mannox and Roy Campbell
were taken to the hospital in a crit'
ical condition. The other two men
are euppoeed to be in the, ruin0,
and men are digging fir them,
- - J
the: MAGIC
Opera House Nov 6 th
BAY. .
Oregon's - Great Recreation and
Health Resort at the Newport
As a winter health and recreation re
sort Newport is the one par excellence.
Recognizing ibis, and wishing to give
the people an opportunity to . breathe
the fresh, pure ozone of the- ocean, the
Southern Pacific and Corvallis & East
ern railroads will resume the sale of
tickets through to Yaquina Bay on Sat
turday, October 21, and will sell same
throughout the winter and spring on w
ery Wednesday and Saturday. The rates
will be the same as during the sumin -r
and will be good for return 30 days from
date of sale. . - .
Dr. Minthorn's sanitary sea baths will
be in operation during the entire winter
and treafmenta will be given daily. Hot
and cold salt water batha can - be taken
every day in the sanitarium, and for any
one desiring rest, recreation end health,
no place on the Pacific Northwest can
be found equal to Yaquina Bay. ' ' J'
Neat, clean, cottages eithei furnished
or partly so; can be rented in the immed
iate neighborhood of the sanitary baths
at about 5' per month. - Plenty of fresh
milk, vegetables, honey, fruit and all
household necessaries can be obtained at
the lowest possible cost, while all kinds
of fish and the famous rock ovsters can
be had in abundance for the trouble of
securing thera. " :". - '
Full information as to rates, time ta
bles, etc can be obtained on application
to J. C. Mayo, Gen. Pass. agt. C. & E.
R. R.; Albany; W. E. Coman, G. P, A.
a. f ,: uo. Jfertland or to any S, P, or
C. & E. agent. :"' . . . ..
Bate from Corvallis to Yaquina, fi-75.
- Call at ZeirolPs for fresh grass
seed, timothy, clover, alfalfa, vetch.
Great Cities of Russia Lighted On
ly by Soldiers Fires battles
, on Streets Moscow Defies
: Authority Other News. :
London, Oct. 29. A St. Peters
burg dispatch' to- the Sunday Ob
server says it is rumored that Ad
miral Binlon, minister of Marine,
and Admiral Chucaine have been
killed by bombs. -r
The bulk of the population be
lieves that the imperial family fled
after the czir bad invested Count
Witts with full power.
Meanwhile the situation is pass
ing from bad to worse, with mat
ters at the moment in a state of un
stable equllbrium. The chiefs of
state are at a loss bow to act, and
the revolutionists, encouraged by
the inactivity of tte government,
are growing bolder and more insist
ent in the demands made in their
As before Friday night s giant
meetinsr at the university, it was
again announced today that for
ther meetings there would not be
permitted, but the college portals
weru again open tonight and the
hospitality of the university was
extended to a group of lawyers and
other professional menj-one of whose
orators, referring to tne old kub
sian folk-legend that tne world is
supported on- the backs- of three
whales, said that the autocracy
rested on three cetacea money,
the army and the loyalty of the
people but that . Russia is now
bankrupt and the moral sympathy
of the people alienated, and that
the army alone remains true, and
this, he predicted, would not be
long. '. s
Another speaker openly, preaeoed
terrorism and advocated"makicgan
example of a number of high per
sonages. " '-'-..-; . - - ." :'-
Count Wittb's ally in the stu
pendous task he is about to take
will be General Treepoff, who,
though all of his life has been
spent as an instrument of oppres
sion and though be twice has es
caped attempts by the terrorists' in'
struments of death, has come to re
alize that the old order of things is
changing and giving p'.ace to a new,
and is now a geouine convert to the
policy of giving the people a share
in the government.
The best opinion that nothing
will eave the present government
from complete ruin. Many shrewd
ed observers believe that Wltte
comeB too late.
The condition in St. Petersburg
is that cf on9 fairly under siege and
one with surprises threatened from
within, almost completely isolated
and its scanty store tf provisions
being rapidly exhausttd. The
campfires of the soldiers who are
bivouacking in the streets, light up
the tboroughfarfls where electricity
has been extinguished.
The situation at Moscow paral
lels that in St. Petersburg. The
same paralysis has seized Russian's
second city. The strike is general.
Tbev people are defiinj; all inhibi
tions and are swarming to ifa uni
versities and other mwting places.
A pi ovisional government has al
ready been organized and is wait
ing to exercise its powers. The
university ia barricaded against
the troops. ;
One hundred persons wounded is
the record of the fighting iuMoecow
that has occurred tonight. Of these
many will die. .Frequent collisions
between strikers and, the troops
have occurred and blool has- been
spilled freely by the soldiers in dis
persing the bands of citizens.
Lexidgton, Ky., Oct. 27. Spe;d
ing at the rate of 50 miles an hour,
a passenger train on the Louisville
Southern early tonight plucged
through a covered bridge over South
Elkhorn Creek, eight miles west of
this city. The tender, baggage,
mail and smoking cars were smash
ed to kindling and the bridge, 150
feet long and 45 feet high, was destroyed.-
The debris, wedged tight
ly together, has formed a aam and
dynamite has been used to clear
it away.
Many passengers are! not ' ac
counted for, but so far nodeadhave
been taken from the wreck, but ten
The Eilers way of Selling and why they can do it A few Figures
that Illustrate how it can be done Your Opportunity to get
a Piano No Home Need be Without one.
Cut rates on pianos I You have
heard of cut prices on groceries,
but cut prices on pianos, -how is it
possible you ask. That is lust it.
Before Buch a thing could be effect
ed there must have 'been a combin
ation of very unusual' conditions.
In the first place it means buy
ing in large quantities, getting out
of the small way of doing business.
It means the cutting out of every
useless and unnecessary expense.
It means the shipment of pianos
without boxes in epecial cars which
saves big sums on freight charges.
Then it means the selling of pi
anos so excellent and satisfactory,
that the public demands them.
We have accomplished just these
things. We buy tor' the largesjt
and busiest storey on the Pacific
Coast, in Portlarid, Astoria, Salem,
Pendleton add Eugene, Ore; San
Francisco! 'Stockton and Oakland,
Cal.; Sf ohane, Seattle and Walla
Walla, Wash.; Boise and Lewiston,
Ilaha. - "
We buy the best pianos that
money can secure. If we went all
over the world with hundreds of
thousands of dollars to spend on
injured recovered, six of whom may
die. Eight negroes riding in the
smoker have not been seen since
the wreck, and are believed to be
in the debris.
The accident was caused by the
tender's leaving the track and de
railing the coaches behind it, throw
ing them onto the sides of the
Harrisburg, Or., Oct. 26, Geo
McMlllan was drowned in the Wil
lamette River about one and one
half miles couth west of this pity
Tuesday. Judge McFaddenj'ef
Corvallis, had him employed as
foreman on his farm situated on
the west side of the river, near the
railroad bridge. Tuesday he cross
ed onto an island nearby to look af
ter the Judge's cattle and not re
turning up to Wednesday noon, a
searching ; party was" organized
which continued the hunt until
Thursday. It appeared McMillan
had undertaken to cross the river
at a point where, the water is 2O
feet deep, bordered by a bluff bask
of loose gravel. The supposition, is
that, upon entering the water his
horse turned a summersault, send
ing him to the bottom.
This morning a successful enort
was made to recover the body. A
coil of barbid fencing wire was pay
ed out where the body was suppos
ed to be and the first haul was suc
cessful. His watch stopped at 1:30
o'clock and about the same time
Tuesday his horse was Been on the
island "
"Good evening, gentleman, Kind
ly raise up your hands and line up
behind the stove."
With these words two highway
men, their faces covered withmaBk6
pushed open the barroom door of
the Pacific Hotel, at 10th and Quim
by streets, ' at 7 o'clock last night.
While the taller of the two covered
the occupants of the room with two
revolvers, compelling all to line up
against the wall,ythe shorter robbed
the money till behind the bar of $6
and took a silver watch from V. A.
Cook, the bartender.
Twelve men, includirg two bar
tenders V. A. Cook and Frank
Cook, and the pioprietor of the ho
tel, W. H. Lehman, were in the
barroom when the highwaymen en
fcredw 03e of the patrons of the
hotel, when, the thaga tntered the
plice, jumped fioai a chair near the
entrance to the dining ropm, and
rushiog through bsfore ha could be
stopped, shouted, "The p?aos is be
ing held up!" '
' A great shout of laughter weut
up at the ludicrous appearaHce oi
the excited man, and he was laugh
ed out of the rooml the supposed
huge joke of a barroom full of men
being held up. The uproar in the
dining room frightened the high
waymen, not, however, until they
had robbed the till and taken' Mr'.
Cook's watcb.
As the laughter died away la the
dining room, the man who was cov
ering the room full of men with his
revolvers commanded hi3 compan
ion to stop. .As the shorter backed
out of the door, the master of the
pianos, it would be impossible, ab
solutely impossible to get better pi
anos than we have to sell, simply,
because we have the best that mon
ey can buy, Chickering, Weber,..
Kimball and others, over thirty
makes in all.
We have placed the selling of out
pianos in the hands of Prof. Tail
landier, head of the piano . depart
ment of the Oregon Agricultural
College. Trof. Taillandier'a entire
reliability and excellent judgment
are well known to the people of this
vicinity, fiano buyers will doubt
less be glad of the opportunity to
consult him in regard to their se
lection of a piano.
He will be more than pleased !o
give you all the information desir
ed and can be seen at his residence
on College Hill on Saturdays and
every evening of the week. A
telephone call will bring him to
your house. Independent '185.
Largest leading and most tes
ponsible dealers in the Northwest.
Prof. Taillandier, Special
First class vetch seed 2 1-2 miles south
of Philomath. Address E. Conger
Corvallis, Or Bell phone no 16
Uood for Stomach Trouble J and
' Constipation.
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets have done me a great deal of good,"
says C. Towns, of Bat Portage, Ontario,
Canada. "Being a mild physic the after
effects are not unpleasant, and I can recom
mend them to all who suffer from stomach
disorder." For sale by Graham & Worthan
situation bade the occupants of the"s
room good-night, and the two dis
appeared in the darkness. , .
The hold-up was the most dariog
that has been perpetrated in Port
land for months. The coolheaded
manner io which the trick was turn
ed, notwithstanding that it was at
an early hour of the evening, con
vinced the inmat$3 of the hotel that
the hold-up was not being done by
Not a man offered resistance r r
showed signs of battle as the lig
robber in a well modulated voice -simply
requested the I2 to raise
their bands and line up against the
wall. A wild scramble followed to
comply with the request as quickly
as possible, but as the door to ti e
dining room, which leads into the
saloon, was closed when the fright
ened informant rushed through, the
noise was not heard. The Cook
brothers walked from behind tbe
bar at a demand from ths big man
and took their places at the end of
tbe line against the wall.
aiciiig Powder
hot biscuit
: " t