The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, October 11, 1905, Image 2

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    Corvallis Times
Official Paper of Benton County.
Apparently peace abroad for Rus
sia was dearly bought by Russian
subjects. The price they have
paid for cessation of Japanese hos
tilities is appalling. It is a thous
and fold more grilling and more
galling than any humiliation Jap
anese subjects may feel at the peace
terms. Peace abroad was mani
festly desirable to Russian rulers
that a free hand might be wielded
in dealing with those at home who
ask for better conditions' for Rus
sian masses. The horrors now be
ing enacted at Moscow and else
where by those in authority scarce
ly seem possible in a country that
claims to be civilized. A sample
of these horrors was visited by the
prefect of police upon strikers after
a battle in the streets of Moscow
After the fighting was over boys
and youths, men and women were
dragged into the prefect's court
yard and the gates closed. There
upon began what is known a3 a
lesson to the intellectuals. Scores
were taken to a long stable along
the side of which was drawn up
two lines of picked troops, mostly
Cossacks. The victims were made
to run the gauntlet.
There were 5o men on a side,
who brutally struck them with
whips and the butt end of rifles.
The victims were forced to run un
til they dropped, fainting or dead.
1 Then they were picked up and re
moved to the prison infirmary or
Unfortunate creatures were taken
straight from the street to this
peculiar Russian form of execution
without the possibility of offering
a defense or hearing an accusation.
It will be more creditable to the
affairs of this world when the rul
ing regime in Russia can go no
longer unwhipped of a richly de
served justice, and the long and
terribly suffering people of that em
pire be well rid of over-classes and
rulers that are a travesty on man
hood and a mockery to civilization.
Elsewhere in the Times appear
resolutions adopted by the Corval
lis (Ministerial Association. As
handed in for publication, the res
olutions contained kindly mention
of the Times of the same character
as thac applied to local officers,
Though the words of approval are
greatly appreciated, the paragraph
is omitted, because the Times
shrinks from accepting at the
hands of the ministers a character
ization it might not in whole de
serve. It does not pose as a tern
perance paper or as devoted to
spiritual concerns. Its defense of
the officers of the law in their effort
to break up Mike Kline's joint is a
defense of the sovereignty and
authority of the law. It is not
seeking to estop any man from
drinking intoxicants if he so de
sires, but to prevent Mike Kline,
Hooligan and others from conduct
ing a drinking joint when a big
majority'of our people have denied
to far more honorable men the priv
ilege of conducting a legitimate,
licensed saloon.
The Times thanks the ministers
for their kindly words, but begs
that the publication of those words
reach the public through other
means than the Times own columns.
The Times joins with the ministers
in commending the officers of the
law, and later on will have some
thing to say along that line.
On the streets of this city Mon
day evening a ladies gold " star pin
with the word ' 'fatal" ; engraved on
it i Finder , will please return same
to this office.
Fo r :
First class vetch seed 2 1-2 miles south
of Philomath. Address E. Conger
Corvallis, Or Bell phone no 16
Officers will Endeavor to Bring Him
Back' for Trial Was not Under
According to a statement made
in Justice Holgate's court yesterday
morning, V. C. Geer, the president
of the Corvallis Social and Athletic
Club has fled the state. A bench
warrant has been issued and an ef
fort is to be made to bring him back
for trial. Deputy Attorney Bryson
explained to the court that it had
been arranged' for Geer to give
bonds for his appearance, but that
on account of the pressure of his
own business matters the executing
of the proper bond had been post
poned. It had been understood
that bondsmen stood ready to go as
sureties, but that since Geer's dis
appearance they did not care to
sign the bond. Deputy Bryson
stated that he had assurance that
Geer had left the state intentionally
to avoid trial, and asked the issu
ance of a bench warrant, to which
the court assented.
And Hooligan Portland Lawyer
Defendants The Jury.
The trial of Mike Kline and
Hooligan on another charge of
violating the local option law was
in progress all day yesterday and a
part of Mnnday, with Deputy Dis
trict Attorney Bryson appearing for
the state, and Mr. Fouts of Port
land representing the defense.
Three or four hours were consumed
Monday in securing a jury. Many
jurymen were examined and dis
missed on one account or another.
As finally constituted the jury is,
Thomas Callahan, J. B. Goodman,
Thomas Jones, H. M. Fleming,
Lee Henkle and Joseph Underwood.
The offense named in the complaint
is the selling of liquor to Thomas
Bell, who swore on the witness
stand that he got , brandy from the
establishment and that he was as
sessed" sixty cents for it, together
with some cheese and crackers.
Most of the evidence was circum
stantial in character, all tending to
indicate that Kline is master spirit
of the enterprise with the club fea
ture as a blind to cover up the real
purpose which, in fact, is the sale
of liquor for the especial benefit of
Kline. The case was still on trial
with the end a long way ahead at
the Times press hour.
(53053) Fanion 34473.
Will be at Monroe Childer's place 12
miles eonth of Corvallis and anybod
wishing to breed mares this fall will find
the horse there.'
We have secured the Agen
cy for the Celebrated Browns
ville Clothing for Men. Suits
ready-to-wear and made to
measurement. For farmers,
mechanics and working men
these goods have no superior.
J. M. Nolan & Son.
Portland Market Report.
Wheat valley 71
Flour $3.60 to $4.10 per bll.
Potatoes .60 to .65 per sack
Eggs Oregon, 26c to 27c per doz,
Butter 15 to 1 6c per lb.
Creamery 25 to 30c per lb.'
Wheat 62 c per bushel
Oats 33c to 35 per bushel
Flour 1. 00 ', per sack
Potatoes $0.70 per bush
Butter 50c per roll
Creamery 75c ' per roll
Eggs 25c per doz
Chickens 15 per pound
Lard 15c per lb
Good for
Stomach Trouble
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets have done me a great deal of good,"
says C. Towns, of Rat Portage, Ontario,
Canada, "Being a mild physic the after
effects are not unpleasant, and I can recom
mend them to all who suffer from stomach
disorder." For sale by Graham & Worthan
As Boys Dolt.
A student .named Armitage
while on a lark, on the college cam
pus with other students came near
sustaining serious injury Monday
evening. The account is that
members of the freshman and soph
omore classes had been engaged in
the usual manifestations of class
rivalry on two or three preceding
evenings. A similar time appears
to have been on when the accident
occurred Armitage, it seems, was
running from a number of com
panions, whom he glanced back at
as he ran. While his head was
turned, be ran against the frame
work around a shade tree on the
campus, and nearly unjointed his
neck. In a few moments he be
came unconscious, and was carried
to the home of Ellsworth Erwin,
where he received medical attention
Dr. Steckle, Dr. Pernot and Dr.
Burgess all being at the bedside at
one time. For several hours after
the accident he remained uncon
scious but yesteiday morning he
was much better and on being
driven to his lodgings was able to
walk to his room. The case gave
rise to many exaggerated rumors
as to the character of the injurh
and the nature of the occasion. It
is stated by all interested that the
affair was not a case of haziag as
was for a time rumored.
At the September Term of the Coun
ty Court.
The following. bills were allowed
by the County Court of Benton
county, Oregon, while in session
October 3, 4, and 5th, A. D. 1905.
A. J. Williams, J. P. fes $ 2 50
Guy Frink, Elisor fees 1 00
John Wells, Constable fees 4 10
R. L. White, Sheriffs fees o 50
T. H. Davis, Co. Assessor 1,10000
V. P. Moses, Copy-census 18 00
Corv. Times, Printing 1300
Glass & Prudhomme, books
and supplies 20 58
Graham & Wells, Books 7 25
Corv. Gazette, Printing 50
J. D. Wells, Janitor 40 00
M. P. Burnett. Board pris. 20 35
Mrs. D. Huggins, Care Co.
poor 115 70
Franklin Iron Works, ferry
J. E. Michael, ferryman
W. Turrell, gravel
Chas. Cartwright, "
Mary Barclay. "
Walter Pool,
B. B. Wo'olridge, road work
Albert Noyes bridge work
Oscar G. Noyes, "
5 75
33 52
123 00
1 95
2 10
1 50
18 00
8 50
8 50
5 00
7 50
12 06
52 80
10 50
4 85
21 50
13 35
. 2 05
1 80
1 00
O. S. Noyes,
R. M. Gilbert,
j; E. Taylor,
R. R. Gilbert,
H. M-. Fleming,
Vidito Bros., team hire
T. H. Simpson, road sup.
Linn co. tiling
Bent. Co. L. Com. lumber
V. E. Watters, I& C Expo
H. C. Kreem, "
J.E. Henkle,
G. A. Waggoner, ex "
75 00
N. L. Raber, Attend L&C ex 79 70
D. A. Howard, prunes L&C 1 00
Kdham Print and S Co, print-
ing L & C
5 50
1 50
18 20
1 5o
H. H. Cronise, witn. fees
Chas. Wynant, "
Elmer Bethers, '
J. F. Powell,
J. D. Mann,
Frank Seabrook, "
Dave Hood, "
Ruthyn Turney, "
Jno Warfield, road work
M. Hayden, "
Robt. Kyle,
Moses Bros, road wk voucher
Corv Ind Tel Co, telephones :
C. A. Carey, ferryman
R. E. Pugh, nails
D. D. Berman, supplies pow.
J. E. Banton, road, nails "
W. P. Taylor, lumber
M. Fiechter, bridge work
3 50
20 70
1 50
1 50
1 50
5 00
25 65
63 75
4 5o
26 03
6 00
1 80
9 95
12 00
Ohling & Hurlburt, nails, roads 25
P. W. Spink, lumber
7 20
4 25
12 00
5 00
3 00
3 5o
4 5o
40 00
86 25
1 5o
i5 10
19 20
8 40
C. E. Bohannon, gravel
J. R. Fehler, raod work
M.Porter, fruit, I,&C
B. W. Johnson. "
John Kiger, "
A. J. Johnson, "
A. Schriber, "
H. I,. French, work I,&0
H. S. French, ex L&C
C. M. Vidito, witness fees
J. D. Wells, constable fees
W. A. Jolly, Co. Commission
Peter Rickard, "
County Clerk.
Hodes Grocery
ao ton Vetch seed to fill car at Corval
lis this week. .
I L. Brooks
0. A. C. BOYS,
David Hirstel oftheOAC class
of 1904, is in town-to submit a bid
for the construction of the Corvallis
water plant. He is associated- in
the enterprise with Mr. Robinson
of Portland. A fact of interest in
this connection is that Mr. Hirstel's
graduating thesis had the ' Rock
Creek system for a subject and in
volved a complete survey of the
line. The material gathered then
has been of much use in submitting
his bid.
Willie Scott, another old OAC
boy, and incidentally a crack foot
ball player, is also in town on an
errand similar to Mr. Hirstel, each
being a competitor of the other.
Mr. Scott is associated with Mr.
Huber of Portland. It looks good
to see old OAC men back on such
errands in which they appear as
factors in progress and development.
Real Estate Transfers.
Mary Miller to W. A. Buchanan
3 lots in blk. 22, Co. add, $1.
Virginia E. Wortbineton and
hus. to L A Eddy, 1-12 int. in Ap
plewhite estate, $66.15.
Lillie J. King and hus. to C.
Reed, small tract adjoining Cor
vallis, $250.
The Bently Realty Co to C. B.
Porter, 520 a near Philomath, $1,
560. C. B. Porter and wf. to M. C.
Thomas, 520 a near Philomath,
Eliza Gibson and hus. to Gor
don V. Skelton, 8 lots blk. 2 Ray-
burn s add, $1200.
John Bier and wf. to B. F. Hy
lane, lot 1 blk 14, Corvallis. $10.
L,. V. King and wf. to Hollis
King, 1 80 a. in Kings Valley $800.
Hollis King and wf to A. C.
Miller, 180 a in Kings Valley $800.
Philomath College to Eliza
Grant, 1 lot in Philomath, $i5o.
I. B. Smith to J. A. Walther, 8
lots Chases 3rd add $400.
E. N. Miller to George W. Smith
lot 4 blk 20 Co add $65o.
H. A. Rust and wf to D. R. Clouse
16 1-2 a south Philomath $1,000.
Philomath College to A. W.
Pugsley, lot in Philomath, $ioooj
J. T. Cooper- and wf. to O. V.
White, lot in Philomath, $500.
Wm. J. Johnson to C. C. John
son 62 a. near Philomaih, $1,400.
C. C. Johnson to Wm. Johnson,
140 a. Alsea, $1,401.
E. P. Erwin to Jennie B. Adams
2 lots Co. add, $1500.
Tie Only Preparations General Tar
i V lor Made For Defeat.
Santa Anna was the greatest military
leader the Mexicans have ever known.
Santa Anna with 25,000 veterans wenf
to the battle of Bueria Vista with the
avowed purpose of exterminating the
entire, army of the United States, and
there was no doubt in the mind of
Santa Anna that this great feat could
be accomplished with comparative
ease. . General Taylor, with his 5,000
men, prepared for the unequal contest,
and not only defended himself success
fully, but won a substantial victory
from his aggressive antagonists and
drove them from . the battlefield of
Buena Vista.
Some time after the battle was fought
and the Mexican war concluded Gen
eral Taylor was criticised for having
made no preparations for the retreat
of his army n the event of defeat
General Taylor promptly replied: "I
made every preparation necessary for
the battle of Buena Vista. I wrote my
will, and so did nearly every man In
my army. If we had not won that
battle, we would have needed no lines
of retreat It was, from our stand
point, victory or annihilation. The only
preparation necessary for the contin
gency of defeat at Buena Vista was
that we should write our wills."
Cloths For Presents In Japan.
Of one singularly attractive and dec
orative detail of Japanese dally life lit
tle la known In this country. Yet it
touches all classes, from nobles - to
coolies the use of present cloths.
These are squares of all sorts of mate
rials, from twenty inches to two yards
across. They are used to tie up the
gifts which are exchanged on all possi
ble occasions. After the presentation of
the gift the cloth is removed and re
turned to the giver by a servant These
cloths are handed down fronr genera
tion to generation, and among them are
found some of the finest specimens of
the old embroidery and dyeing. Many
of the square pieces of Japanese em
broidery used In this country for pillow
and table covers were originally nsed
as coverings for presents. -House Beautiful.
Wood Sawing.
Done promptly. Satisfaction
guaranteed and prices reasonable,
jnd phone 349 or 692.
Cummings & Cady.
MAKERS CHICAGO jf. tr'''''
The variety of choice and the high character of the Clothing
we sell deservedly the most famous ready-for-service clothing
in America intensify the importance of the splendid opportu
nities which the early-season offering presents to you
No Prizes
Chase k Santa High Grade
In fact nothing goes with our coffee but cream, suar and
Sole agent for
Chase & Sanborn High Grade
Bicycle & Sporting Goods Store
Is the place to get your Guns and
Ammunition for the opening of the
pheasant season. I have guns, and
ammunition of ever ription.
Guns and Bicycles for Rent
A full line of sewing machine sup
plies. I have anything in the um
brella line from a rib to a new um
brella. Everything you call for in
sporting goods line.
For Sale
Oak grub wood, Cheat and vetch hay
for sale. Satisfaction guaranteed
T A Logsdon
Phone 55 Mt View line
Field and Garden
Thatcher & Johnson.
We have just received a new lot
of Columbia disc and cylinder rec
ords. Also a lot of the American
Blue records, the best record that
is made. Graham & Wells.
Piano Wessons.
Mordatmt A. Goednough announces
the opening of bis studio, at 4th and
Jackson Ste. Sept. 18th. Pupils received
at any time in Piano, Harmony and the
oretical subjects. Send for catalogue.
Ind. phone 476.
go with our
All kinds of fresh grass seeds for
sale at Zeirolfs.
To contract from one to three carloads
etch teed if price is reasonable.
li. Jj. Brooks,
Telephone 15s Ml. View.
For Sale.
Seventy head of good goats.
William Crees, Corvallis.
New lot of freshly loaded shotgun
shells. All kinds of football supplies.
At Hodes Pioneer Gun store.
Do you shave yourself? Well
just keep in mind that our '. Witch
Hazel Extract is a distilled extract
and does not contain one drop, of
wood alcohol. Price, bottle, 25.
Graham & Wells;