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For advertisements to this column the rate
oli5 cents per line will be charged.
Dr. Lowe the optician will be
en Corvallis Oct. the 5th and 6th.
Have you been to the new
Reading Room.
Ernest ' Miller has returned
from a few days' stay in Albany.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nolan left
Sunday for a week's visit at the
James Bier returned Sunday
from a week at the Fair.
Wanted, Hay and oats. I. D
Bodine. Phone 290.
J. D. Wells returned Sunday
evening from a visit to the Fair.
Miss Maud McBee returned
Saturday evening from a week's
visil in Portland.
Mrs. Philip Phile returned Sun
day from a week's visit wit1.! Port
land friends and relatives.
Any good books or magazines
will be thankfully received at the
new Reading Room.
Drs. Ainslie and McConnell of
Portland arrived Saturday and were
guests over Sunday at the John
Smith home.
Mrs. George Bowers left Tues
day for her home in Victoria, B.
C, after a visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Bier.
Mrs. J. J. Flett and Misses
Bessie Yates and Lura Flett left
Monday for a visit at the Expos
ition. Ernest Stewart, a lineman for
the Independent Telephone Com
pany, left Monday for San Francis
co. Lieutenant and Mrs. Quinlan
new occupy the new cottage next
door south of the Reuben Kiger
Mr. Graves and family of In
dependence now occupy the A. F.
Peterson property on railroad
street. x
Tyra Smith and family, Mrs.
J. R. Smith and daughter, and
Mrs. Chester Avery are to leave to
day for a visit to the Exposition.
Richard Scott, one of Benton's
enterprising young farmers, return
ed Monday from a visit to the Exposition.
An adjourned meeting of the
county court was held yesterday for
the disposal of various items of
-TheW. C. T. U. will meet in
their Reading Room on Thursday
at 30 clock. All members are re
quested to be present.'
A handsome new home is be
ing erected on the Gus Harding
farm, to replace the structure re
cently destroyed by fire. It is to
cost about $1,700. Charles Heck
, ert has the contract.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Misner,
and D. M. Prince, of Edison, Neb
raska, arrived Saturday for a weeks
- visit with F. O. Gray. They will
visit Southern California before re
turning home.
There was an apportionment
made by Superintendent Denman
Monday ot county school funds.
Something over $13,000 was dis
bursed, which is a neat sum for
Benton. ' "
Mrs. William Jenks passed
through Corvailis Monday enroute
to her home at Tangent. She had
been at Yaquina, at the bedside of
her sister, Mrs. Sidney Trask, who
is recovering from a very critical
illness. -
Charles M. Smith, residing
three miles west of town, sustained
a stroke of paralysis yesterday
morning. The attack is the second
within the past six or eight months.
The left side is affected, the organs
of speech being more or less involv-
. ed. The recovery from the first
attack was sufficient to enable Mr.
. Smith to get about, but not to do
hard work.
' Two lots belonging to S. E.
Young south of the college campus
were recently purchased by Tru
man W. Jones, recently arrived
from Kansas. The new owner
will begin at once the erection of a
new houee on the property. The
price paid for the lots was $210.
The sale was made by Robinson
and Stevenson. , .
The early morning train Mon
day, and the same train on Tues
day was loaded to the guards with
Fair-bound passengers. , In these
last two weeks of the big show, a
vast tide of travel will flow to and
from Portland. What an immense
amount of money has been drained
out of the interior of the state and
dumped into Portland by the Ex-
position. This drain upon the in
- terior is a shock to financial con
ditions in a far greater degree than
results from the shortened crop.
Wheat 62. Oats 33 to 35. . :
August Fischer and family
went to Portland yesterday.
The Misses Lough of Ashland
have opened "dressmaking parlors
over the Blackledge furniture store.
Mrs. Maud Gilmdre of Riddles,
Southern Oregon, was the guest
Saturday of Dr. and Mrs. Cathey.
J. L. Underwood aud family
moved Friday into their handsome
new dwelling on Fifth street.
Mrs. B. A. Cathey returned
Monday from a brief visit in
-R. E. Fletcher and family
moved this week into the Good
man house just vacated by J. L.
Underwood. .
Dr. Connell and Messrs Honey-
nun of Portland hunted pheasants
on the McBee farm Sunday and
Letters received in this city
relate that' Frank Spagle is
playing end on the Whitman col
lege football team at Walla Walla.
Dr. Lowe the optician will be
at Hotel Corvallis Thursday and
Friday of this week." Have him
test your eyes foi glasses.
M. H. Bell, a former well
known Corvallisite, now of Prine-
ville spent Sunday with relatives
in Corvallis. Mr. Bell is a brother-in-law
of W. A. Wells.
Mrs. William Lynch of Har
risburg was the guest over Sunday
of E. B. Horning and family. Mrs
Lynch was enroute to visit relatives
in Polk county.
M. M. Farrell and family mov'
ed Monday into the Woodcock
house on Fourth street, known as
the Mackay property. Mr. Farrell
comes from near Portland.
The Ladies Coffee club is to
give a dancing party Saturday eve
ning. The music is to be furnish
ed by Fechter's orchestra of Al
bany and a good time is assured.
J. G. Leverett and Miss Ena
Leverett, brother and sister of Miss
Ammee Leverett, arrived last week
from Arkansas, and are " attending
O. A. C.
College Lads Will Have to Hustle
Big Game Next Saturday.
Next Saturday is programmed
for a football game on O. A. C.
field in which Steckle's men will go
aeainst Chemawa. --v The latter
team is strong with veteran war
riors like Reuben Saunders in the
lineup. Saunders is one of the
fiercest players that ever dived into
a scrimmage, and interest is al
ready keen locally over the ques
tion of what he can do to the new
O. A. C. forwards. Some say his
rushes will penetrate it, and others
that Sanders is not man enough to
drive his way through the sturdy
college lads who make up the
heavy O. A. C. line. Besides San
ders and his spectacular playing,
there are other men of spirit and
strength in the Chemawa line-up
and a mighty interesting game is
expected. By that time, the line
up of the home lads will be more
systematized, and some of the
lightning dash that characterized
the team last season,- may be ex
pected to be seen in their onslaught
on the Chemawa lads. In any
event, the game will give every
body a line on the new eleven, and
for that reason, as well as for the
expectation that the Indians will put
up a whirlwind game, the kickoff is
looked forward to with much antic
ipation, and a big crowd is expect
ed to be present.
Wheat advanced in the local
market Monday from: 61 to 62
cents. A firmer market in the
East and a better demand for flour
in the Orient is ascribed as the rea
son for the rise.
Remember Dr. Lowe does
nothing but fit glasses. Been at it
exclusively for over 18 years. A
man cannot be good at everything,
but Dr. Lowe is certainly a good
Good grass for the fall and
winter seems assured by the late
rains. Lower prices for hay and
better prices for livestock are likely
to be the sequel. Sheep are report
ed advancing in price with sales of
stock sheep at $3 and owners hold
ing for four.
A meeting will begin . in the
New church in Jobs addition Sat
urday evening at 7.30, conducted
by Elder W. A. Prosser of Scholls,
uregon. Mr. Grosser is a very
able man and fluent speaker. Ev
erybody invited to come and hear
It is reported that two Carlisle
maians are among tne players on
the Chemawa football eleven that is
to play on O. A. C. field next Sat
urday. The Carlisle team is one of
the great elevens of the country,
and if ex-warriors from .that aggre
gation show up on college field Sat-,
urday there will be interesting
sights to see. - . ;
Monday's Portland Telegram
says: "J. T. Murphy of Corvallis
aged 68 years, lost his way while
going from the home ofW. D.
Fenton, 1 ro East Sixteenth street
to the Perkins Hotel, Saturday, and
has not been seen since. The pol
ice have his description." If the
missing man hails from Corvallis,
he is not very well known. The
postofflce people know nothing of
him. .'
Dow Walker and Will Abra
ham, All Northwest center and
tackle last year, John Allen, crack
tackle from the - Baker City high
school, J. B. McKinnan, 190 pound
guard on O. A. C. second team last
year, , and Frank Pendergrass,
tackle and end from Fort Stevens
are a few of the football notables
who have enlisted at O. A. C. in
the last day or two.
Penalty and Interest Must" 1e Paid on
all Unpaid Taxes. Two Paid
There has been strenuous tax
paying at the sheriff's office for a
week past. Monday was the day
for unpaid taxes to become delin
quent and the day after which pen
alty and 10 per cent interest is add
ed. Last spring a large number
paid only half, leaving the other
half of their taxes to be paid this
fall. It was the rush to avoid the
penalty and interest that made
strenuous hours for the sheriff un
til the omce closed Mcnday on
what at that moment became the
delinquent roll. In spite"of repeat
ed notice and six months time,
considerable number failed to make
the final payment.
Two of the latter came in to settle
Tuesday. They thought penalty
and interest ought not to be added.
Sheriff Burnett , told them he had
no alternative but to collect both
penalty and interest, whereupon
each of the citizens- was . wroth,
They said one day of gTace ought
to be allowed, to which the sheriff
rejoined that if one day be given
more and more days and weeks if
not months of time would be want-i
ed,. and that he' could not , on any
account or for any body break the
law. : -
(53053) Fanion 34473-
Will be at Monroe Childer's place 12
miles south of Corvallis and anybod
wishiDg to breed mares this fall will find
the horse there. .
For Sale. r
Seventy bead of good goa's.
William Crees, - Corvallis.
New lot of freshly loaded shotgun
shells. All kinds of football supplies.
-At Hodes Pioneer Gun store.
Tall and UEinter Styles
The authoritative productions of the leading manufacturers of
clothing for boys are ready for your inspection.
We are showing many exclusiue styles , patterns and color effects
in all the wool iabrics.
Norfolk styles. $2 50 to 7 00
Double Breasted styles. 1 50 to .0
Sailor, Eton, Cadet, Russian Blse 1 5O to 7 00
Steel Shod Shoes
For boys $2 00 to $3 00
Quilted Bottoms, the kind that don't wear out.
: " Red School House Shoes
For boys and girls $1 25 to 2 50
Black Cat School Stockings
No 15 for boys. No 10 for girls. Sold exclusively
Our goods are moving every day, moving in from Portland and out among our
hundreds of customers.' We want you to keep them moving. If you are fittin
one or more rooms, it will be to your advanlage to talk with us before placing your
order for house furnishings.
Ask to see onrnew patterns; Columbia Brussels Carpet. 700 yards just received
We handle the White Enameled Steel Ware, imported goods, nothing- like it on the
market. Bargains all aloug the line.
The House Furnishers.
An Authorized Representative
of Eilers Piano House a Resi
dent of Corvallis. .:
There ia probably not a finer
judge of musical tone and genera
construction of pianos, than the
head of the piano department
Oregon Agricultural College-. Prof,
Tailandier. He is a man of fine
musical attainment and broad ex
perience in the musical field and
his judgment may bs entirely re
lied upon.
We have arranged with Prof.
Taillandier to represent us in Cor
yallis and vicinity. - Dj not select
jour piano until you see him. We
can explain to you why you can
buy of us to much greater advan
tage to yourself in both price, and
payment and also the superior mer
it of the pianos carried by us, and
will render you every assistance in
securing a piano ' exactly suited to
your needs and taste. The House
of Eilers is known throughout the
Northwest as the most liberal and
reliable of piauo dealers..
Old instruments are accepted in
part payment for new ones at a lib
eral valuation. And every instru
ment we sell fully guaranteed by
both ourselves aud manufacturers.
Prof. Taillandier can be consult
ed every evening at his residence
on College Hill, or anytime on Sat
urdays. A telephone call , will
bring him to your house. Inde
pendent 185.
,' Largest leading and most res
ponsible dealers in the Northwest.
Call at Zeirolf s for fresh grass
seed, timothy, clover, alfalfa, vetch.
Reward Offered.
For harvesting specs go to Hodes
Pioneer gun -store. Also a fine
assortment of King's triple beaded
rifle sights and Sheard's hunting or
target sights. The reward is in the
good bargain to be secured.
An experienced girl or woman to do
general housework. Good wages and
permanent place for right party. Ap
ply at Times office.
Write Him.
T. W. McGowan, Jr.. established
I857 commission merchant, in hops, 36
& 38 Whitehall street. New York.. Lib
eral adyances made on all consignments.
Highest market prices obtained and
quick returns.; References: Bradstreeta
Mercantile Agency, New York: Bank of
America, New York.
Wanted" -:-
A good girl or woman to keep house.
Inquiie at Berman store.
For Sale.
Choice oats, vetch, and cheat seed to
be had at reasonable prices, either at the
Corvallis or Benton County Flouring
Mills. ; " A. W. Fischer.
Save Costs.
To Taxpayers:
Next Monday is the , date for
closing the tax books. After that
time 10 per cent penalty and 12 per
cent interest will be added to all
taxes unpaid. I shall have no al
ternative but to enforce the law.
M. P. Burnett.
Sheriff of Benton County.
Tall Goods Ready
Lots of Fun.
:- e have fine cam.
Graham & Wells.
New Gasoline Wood Saw.
- I am now ready to attend promptly
to all orders. Ind. phone 835.
W. R. Hansell.
Hay?For Sale. l v
. Vetcb and alfalfa, best cow hay in th
Ind Tel 155. L. L. Brooks.
Just received a large assortment of fall and
winter dress goods. This shipment includes
broad cloths, henriettas, eloenes, cravenettes,
waisting and fancy mixtures; wool plaids for
ladies waists and childrens dreases
Palmer Garments
Our first shipment of ladies and misses rain
coats and childrens jackets has arrived. Ladies
and Misses Empire coats in transit. ' Style, fit
and quality are the essentials in womens gar
ments. ' The Palmer Garment excels in these
three points and more than that, it gives you
the money value. Style, fit and quality that are
right. You are invited to inspect this line,
First-Glass Job Work done on
short notice at the most reason
able prices at this office. See us
before going elsewhere.