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At First Chapel Exercises An Inci-
dent of College Opening.
1 V
The Oregon Agricultural College
opened last Tuesday with an at
tendance of about 400 students.
On account of the Lewis and Clark
. Exposition, a hundred or more
students will be delayed a few days
in order that they may take advan
tage of the great fair.
The exercises began promptly at
8.50 in -the morning with prayer by
Rev. Simpson of Good Samaritan
Episcopal church of Corvallis aud
was followed by Bishop Morrison of
New Orleans. Bishop Morrison
took the following text from
the 1st chapter of St. John: "Keep
the good wine till the last of the
feast." The entire address was
full of well founded advice to the
voune men and women, many of
whom are away from home and
parents for the first time in their
lives: it consisted largely of words
of sympathy for the girl and boy
who are starting out for the higher
life in business and in the intellect
ual pursuits.
He said; "Young men and
women, you are now at the open-
sag of a seaeon of books and letters
Many of you have entered College
for the first time in your lives:
hence I desire to speak to you of
ihe first grest miracle wrought by
our Savior; it was His advent in
the work miraculous: it was his
first instruction to men and women
for he was a teacher and he thought
as no other man thought; he spake
as no other man spake; he suffered
as no other man ever suffered.
You are here to eo. from the life
you have lived to the enjoyment
that living better will give you,
This was Christ's entire trend. He
was always doing somethiug good;
ihe touched water and it became
wholesome wine; he spoke aloud,
the corpse arose and Lazarus came
Jlte sooner you come, young
men and women, into touch with
the teachings of Christ, the sooner
you will come to your higher inter
In this college you will find
many problems that your teachers
will help you solve but there will
foe many problems and many exi
gencies ihat no teacher except
Christ can solve for you.
You will notice that the Savior,
in his desire that the servants
might have a part in his great mir
acle, said: "Fill up the wa'er
pots." In order that you may
have a part in the greater life, you
may expect to live, you will be
called upon time and again to dc
the things that a laggard might ex
pect others to do for him. Your
college life will prepare you (or a
citizenship of 50 or 60 years at the
most: thai is all; this Faculty pre
pares you for such a citizenship but
Christ's teachings prepare you for
a citizenship of the whole universe
and for eternal ages.
You will also notice that He told
them to f 111 the six pots of water to
The brim full to overflowing; this
as the way that God does business.
He does not do things on the scant;
when he made the ocean, he made
it full. There is nothing narrow in
God no narrowness or meanness;
everything is kindness and fullness
with God.
You will notice also that Christ
kept the good wine till the last of
tfee feast ; this is the theory of the
Christian life. The world says,
"Drink the best first"; Christ says,
"Keep the best wine for the last of
the feast."
Your college career is a part of
the 'Christian theory which pre
pares men and women for the best
of life at the close a Christian sun
set without a cloud. This you
will have if you allow Christ to cul
tivate the heart while these teach
ers cultivate the head.
Write Him.
T. W. McGowati, Jr.. established
I857 commission merchant, in hops, 36
fc 38 Whitehall street. New York. Lib
eral advances made on all consignments,
Highest market prices obtained and
quick returns. References: Bradstreets
Mercantile Agency, New York; Bank of
America, New York. ,
Portland MarketReport.
Wheat valley 71
Flour $3.60 to $4.10 per bll.
Potatoes .65 to .75 per cent
Eggs Oregon, 26c to 27c per doz.
Butter 14 to roc per lb.
Creamery 25 to 30c per lb.
Wheat 6rc per bushel
Oats 32c to 34 per bushel
Flour 1. 00 per sack
Potatoes $0.83 percent.
'Butter 50c per roll
Creamery 75c per roll
ISggs 23c per doz
Chickens r5 per pound
Iard 15c per lb
In Memory of Clyde Tharp.
One dear form lay on a slab,
One form so still and white,
Clyde, the wife and child's com-
Had gone to a home of height.
O Clyde, my husband, the wife
How ran 1 give yon up like
And then with a wail of pain,
6he pressed
Upon bis brow a kiee.
In silence they stood beside her,
To comfort, tothe and calrr,
The heart eo ciually bleeding,
Because the husband wa
from it torn.
Don't weep for Dearest Clyde,
Do not wish him back again;
For he is only waiting on the!
other side,
A star for your golden crown!
And when vou think , of that lin
ed grave,
That holds one form so dear,
Remember father and mother
that your Clyde,
Is with our Blessed Svior;
And try t)think that bye and bye
When you are done with earth
sod care
That you, too, will go home with
him to rest,
In a mansion bright and fair.
And remember that circling
round you now,
Are myriads of angpl forms
And that Clyde, dear Clyde, i
- with the baod,
That shields you from all barm
Then be earnest in Hia eervice
Let your soul be filled with
For a few more days will show to
Your work God holds in store.
J. I,. H.
Population in Benton 271 More Males
Than Females in Corvallis.
The male persuasion preponder
ates somewhat in the population
of Benton county. There are 271
more of him than of her within the
county limits, according to the
figures of Assessor Davis, just com
pleted. Of him there are 351 1; of
her there are, 3240. The total pop
ulation of the county is. 6751. In
the census of 1895, the figures for
the county were, 4,483.
There are ten more stern than
fair sexed persons in Corvallis. Of
males there are 1,035; of females,
,025; total. 2060. The figures do
not include Corvallis suburbs like
the Fischer's mill section, College
hill, and about fifty families of per
sons in Corvallis for school pur
poses. The census of 1900 gave
Corvalhs a population of 181 8.
Philomath has a population of
12 with two more males than fe
males. The summary of the cen
sus i :
Liable to military duty.
1 198
Legal voters,
Males over 2r and upwards,
Males under 21 and over ten,
Males under ten,
Total males,
Females over 18 and upwards 1962
Females under 18 and over ro 629
Females under ten 649
Total females, 3240
Total males and females, , 6751
Population of incorporated cities,
included in above totals.
Legal voters,
Males over 21 and upwards,
Males under 20 and over 10
Males under ten
Total Males,
Females over 18 and upwards, 675
Females under 18 and over 10 196
Females under 10, 154
Total females, 1025
Total males and females, 2060
Legal voters,
Males over 2 1 ana upwards,
Males under 21 and over 10,
Males under 10,
Total males,
Females over 18 and upwards,
Females under. 18 and over 10
Females under ro,
Total females,; ,
Total males and females,
Rates to Lewis and Clark Fair.
Corvallis to Portland via Albany
The round trip rate Corvallis
to Portland, via Albany and the C
& E is the same as via the West
Side, viz '$2.90, tickets good 30
days- C & E have reduced the
Fair rates to- basis of one and one
tenth rate from all points.
A limited number of pupils in
vocal music will be received by
Mrs. Ella J. Taylor at the Presby
terian Manse.
&n Incident of the Anstro-Prusslan
, War of ISCa.
An incident of the Austro-Prussian
war of 1S00 was told as follows by the
Archduke Joseph: "On pur retreat be
fore the advance of the Prussian
army," said the archduke, "we camped
In the neighborhood of a Bohemian
town. I was lodged in a peasant's cot
tage when about midnight I heard the
sentry challenging some newcomer.
Sly adjutant entered and reported that
a gypsy wanted to see me in private.
A soldier (a gypsy) entered, and on my
asking what was the matter h told me
that the enemy wiis approaching to
surprise us.
" 'The outposts have not heard any
thing suspicious,' I said. 'No, your
highness, because the enemy is still a
long way off.' 'But how do you know
this?' I asked. 'Come to the window,
your highness,' answered the man. 'Do
you see those biras nying over xue
wood toward the south? JVes, I see
them. What then?' 'What, then? Do
not birds sleep as well as men? They
certainly would not fly about if they
were not disturDea. xne enemy is
marching through, the wood and has
frightened all those birds.'
Emerson on Lincoln.
The president impressed me more
favorably than I had hoped. A frank,
sincere, well meaning man, with a law
yer's habit of mind, good, clear state
ment of his fact, correct enough, not
vulgar, as described, but with a sort of
boyish cheerfulness, or that kind of
sincerity and jolly good meaning that
our class meetings on commencement
days show in telling our old stories
over. When he has made his remark
he looks up at you with great satisfac
tion and shows all his white teeth and
laughs. He argued to Sumner the
whole Case of Gordon, the slave
trader, point by point, and added that
he was not quite satisfied yet, and
meant to refresh his memory by look
ing again at the evidence. All this
showed a fidelity and conscientiousness
very honorable to him. When I was
Introduced to him he said, "Oh, Mr.
Emerson, I once heard you say in a
lecture that a Kentuckian seems to
say by his air and manners, 'Here am
I; If you don't like me, the worse for
vou.' " Diary of R. W. Emerson in
The farmer reaps what he has pre
viously sowed. The human body reaps
likewise the natural crop of weakness,
gain and death if the seeds of disease
ave been sown by bad habits of careless
ness in eating, sleeping and exercising.
Keep well if you can and when you
need a little help in keeping well use
Nature's remedies, that do not roughly
stimulate but gently quicken the action
of Nature's functions in a natural way.
Nature's laboratory furnishes the follow
ing plants which enter into the manufac
ture of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery: Golden Seal root, Queen's root.
Stone root. Black Cherrybark, Bloodroot
and Mandrake root.
If in doubt as to your trouble or need
ing advice, you can consult, free of
charge. Dr. E. V. Pierce, chief consulting
physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute. Buffalo. N. Y. All
letters are considered confidential and
answers bearinz correct medical advice
returned in securely sealed envelopes.
" ' suffered for nearly eight years," writes
P!;.lip A. Fatch, Esq., of Mobile, Ala.. Deputy
Siu'i-iff, "with malaria, which poisoned my
ei.sire system ana aepnvea me of my vi
ta. ,;y. I was cured in three months by using
Lr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. I it was largely due to neglect and I little attention to my trouble until I
Ia- ame so run-down and weak that I knew
1 Lad to do something at once to regain my
health. I began to feel better within four
davs after I used the 'Golden Medical Dis
cv.v ry,' and after using nine bottles I was
rtv'ored to my usual health, feeling better
thn for years."
The most valuable book for both men
and women is Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Medical Ad
viser. A splendid 1008-page
volume, with engravings
and colored plates. A copy,
paper-covered, will be sent
to anyone sending 21 cents
in one-cent stamps, to pay
the cost of mailing only, to
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.
Y. Cloth-bound, 31 stamps.
Wood Sawing
promptly. Sa isfaction
guaranteed and prices
ind phone 349 or 692.
Cummings & Cady,
.When in need of hay and grub oak
wood in 4 ft. 16 inch length. Telep ho
L. L. Brooks
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Estate
James Robinson', deceased.
Notice Is hereby given to all peisons concerned
that the undersigned has been duly appointed
administrator of the estate of James Robinson,
deceased, by the county court, ot the state of
Oregon for Benton county. All persons having
claims against said estate of said James Roblu
son, deceased, are hereby required to present
the same, with the proper vouchers, duly veri
fied as by law required, wtthiu six months from
the dateheieof to the undersigned at his resi
dence four miles north of Corvallis, Oregon, or
at the law office of E. E. Wilson In Corvallis Or
egon. -
Dated this August 12. 1905.
Administrator of the Estate ot James Robinson,
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Estate)
of I
Louisa Ibwin, deceased. )
Notice Is hereby given to all persons concern
ed that the undersigned has been duly appoint
ed executor of the last will and testament of
Louisa Irwin, deceased, by the county court of
Oregon for Benton county. All persons having
claims against said estate or Louisa irwin, ae
ceased, are hereby required to present the same
with the proper vouchers, duly verified as by law
required within six months from the date here
of, to the underslgnea at his residence ten miles
south of Corvallis, Oregon, or at the law office of
c wiison in uorvaii is, Oregon.
Dated this August 12 1905.
Execntor ot the last will and testament ol Loul
sa Irwin, deceased.
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Tetleys India and Ceylon tea
t Imported Weir Senf Mustard
Pickled Pearl Onions
. Mapline
Clam Chowder
Sniders Pork and Beans
Use "Three Heart Soap"
3 in I Ammonia, Borax, Naptha washes in cold water.
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southwest of Philomath.
information you ..wish, also
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs in. Burnett Brick
Idence on the corn er of Madison
Seventh at. Phone t house 1 1 d
Banking Company
Corvallis. Oregon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
SEATTLE f California
KKW YORK Messrs. ,T. P. Morgan Co
CHICAGO- National Bank of The Repub
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W. E. Yates Bert Yates
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Law, Abstracting & Insurance
Zierolf Building
Both Phones.
Corvallis, Or.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & v -ham's drug, store.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanH Bldg. Honrsi
lO to 12 and 2 to 4.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon.
First Nat'l Bank Building,
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
P. A. Klines line Phone r.
O. Addr?ss, Box n.
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Live Stock. Satisfaction gmiranteed.
Twenty years experience.
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Sunday Excursions
to Newport!
ON THE G. & E. R. R.
. Beginning Sunday, June 18
and continuing until the end
of August
Leaving Corvallis at 8:00 a.
m., Philomath 8:15 a. m.
Returning leaves Newport at
5 p. m. arriving in Corvallis
at 9:15. at Albany at 9:55,
Giving 5 hours at the beach
Fare round trip from Albany,
Corvallis and Philomath $1.50
Largest line of matting in the city at
Child Not Expected to liive from One
Hour to Another, but Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Ruth, the little daughter of E. X. Dewey
of Agnewville, Va., was '. seriously ill of
cholera infantum last summer. "We gave
her 'up and did not expect her to lire from
one hour to another," he says. "I happened
to think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and got a bottle of it
from the store. In five hours I saw a change
for the better. We kept on giving it and
before she had taken the half of one small
bottle she was well." This remedy is for sale
by Graham & Wortham.