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Corvallis Times,
Of ficiaf. Paper of Benton .Cojinty.
And Call for Bids for Material The
N ew Mountain Water Survey.
At a meeting Monday night, the
water board took action for the
floating of $75,000 in water bonds,
ordered the issuance of an adver
tisement for bids for material to
be used in constructing the plant,
heard the report of Engineer Mil
ler with reference to the new sur
vey, and discussed various phases
of the situation. It is figured that
30 days will be required in getting
bids for the bonds. It is desired
that information as to the issue shall
be placed before Eastern investors
to the end that the best possible
bonds may be secured. The inter
est rate has been fixed at four per
cent. Some favored a slightly
higher rate, but some sales of sim
ilar bonds as published in a late
copy of a banking paper indicated
the sale of many securities on a four
per cent basis, and it seemed un
wise to propose a higher rate under
the circumstances. The date on
which the bids will be opened has
not been set.
The report of Engineer Miller on
the new survey shows a working
margin of about $5,000 between es
timated cost of the works and the
limit of money provided for in the
the bond issue, It will not be as
large a margin as is desirable, con
sidering the possibility of litigation,
but the board has determined to
take the chances, at least to the
extent of selling bonds and call
ing for bids for material. The new
survey taps Rock Creek 600 feet
above the point where the Peak
trail crosses the strerm. It passes
close to the Gellatly school house,
goes through the Gellatly place,
the Dentler place, follows the coun
ty road for nearly a mile, passes
through Main street ' Philomath as
far as the railroad depot and then
follows the line of the C. & E.
.-traight into Corvallis, save the
diversion for the reservoir on Os
burn hill. A large part of the pipe
line will be 12 inch, and there is
in all only 800 feet of steel pipe
lequired via the new route, the
former estimate requiring 13,000
feet. The present volume of wat
tr at the intake is 1,800,000 gallons
. enough for Corvallis when a city
many times her present size. It is
estimated that not more than two
weeks will be required to get bids
on ma'erial.
Corvallis Dwelling House Billy In
vestigator Recalled.
The Emil Liebe dwelling house,
better known to the public as the
Berlin house on College Hill was
burned to the ground in the early
hours of Saturday morning. The
blaze was discovered shortly before
three o'clock by Prof. Crawford
who lives a block to the East
ward. ' He happened to be astir at
the time, and the light attracted
his attention. The Denman house
stood between him and the burning
building, but from the latter a huge
column of flame shown far above
the Denman root. . le turned in
the alarm with his Independent
phone and within scarcely a minute
from the time he saw the blaze the
fire bell was ringing. There is,
however, no fire protection in the
neighborhood, and the firemen
could do nothing tc arrest the
flames. The two chemicals were
run out to the scene for use
in saving other buildings if neces
sary, but there was no wind, and
acccrdingly but little danger of oth
er fires. A large crowd of people
congregated on the grounds and
watched the structure through the
process of being reduced to ashes,
Most of those who remarked on the
subject agreed that it would be a
fortunate day for a large portion of
Corvallis from the standpoint of fire
protection alone when the new wat
er system shall have been installed.
It looked hard to stand by and see
a building burn, with not a drop of
water to turn on it, or on other
property in the neighborhood that
might have been lighted by the
flying sparks. The occasion called
to the minds of many the curious
mission of the late little Billie In
As stated, the fire must have been
started about 2 .-30 o'clock in the
morning, an unseemly hour, The
house was not occupied, which fact
obviously reduces the danger of
fire to the minimum. It all looks
dangerously like incendiary, and
yet, perish the thought, and let us
all live in the belief that there is
no one witnin our gates who would
wantomly apply a midnight torch
to the property of a fellow being.
No one is able to say .. whether or
not the property was insured. The
building is estimated to have been
worth $1000.
Mr. Schaffer, living one mile
west cf Philomath, died Sunday
night after several months' illness.
Mr: and Mrs. Arthur Tungland
of Toledo, came over from the Bay
Friday and on Saturday went to
Portland to spend a few days at the
Hoppicking commenced in the
Ireland yard Monday morning and
will begin in the Alford yard Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Tangent,
was over last Sunday on a visit to
their, daughter, Mrs. S. Moses.
Two Mrs. Parkinsons, sister and
niece of Mrs. Sarah Klsor are here
on a visit from the East.
S. Wallace who left here to set
tle in California several months ago
has bought a place near Cottage
Grove. He returned last week
for some of his goods.
G- A. Scott and family visited
the Fair last week. Mr. Pugsley
took his place in the store during
his absence.
S. McLain had a large tumor
removed from his neck last week
by Drs. Pernot and Newth.
Surveyors were laying out a line
for the Corvallis water main,
through Main street last week.
b. (.Tibbons and wite are among
the Fair visitors this week.
There are several fires in the
mountains west of town making
the atmosphere very smoky.
Mrs. Weed returned from an ex
tended visit at Hood River last
Mr. Burnap has sold the prop
erty which he recently bought of
Mr. Ambler, and Mr. Albin will
remove to the Mael property.
Oar ladie3, misses and chil
dren's cloaks, jackets and rain
coats have arrived. Latest
New York styles. Inspection
solicited. J. M. Nolan & Son.
Paralysis was the Cause Died in her
Chair Mrs. Garlinghouse.
The funeral of Mrs. William
Garlinghouse, one of the old resid
ents of Southern Benton, occurred
at Monroe yesterday. Mrs. Gar
linghouse died at the family home
east of Monroe at one o'clock Sun
day morning at a moment when
she was sitting in a chair. Some
time ago she sustained a paralytic
stroke, and anhour before her death
sustained a second one. The lat
ter proved fatal and' death was sud
den. Tie maiden name of the de
ceased was Mary Jones, and at the
time of her death her age wss in
the eighties. The funeral was from
the late home, and the service was
conducted by Rev. M. M. Waltz.
The interment was in Monroe cem
etery. William Garlinghouse, the
husband has long owned a farm
east of Monroe, and was at one
time in the mercantile business
Monroe. '
Wanted. -
Red Clover and Alsike seed, half car of
each to fill an order, only pure clean
seed wanted. Also 100 Shropshire backs.
L. L. Brooks, Corvallis, Or.
Phone 155,
At Ballefountain.
Mr. Hadley and family
gone to the Bay for a few
; Albany Bread
This bread is
free from alum.
guaranteed to
For sale by Smal
Sunday Excursions.
. Taking effect Sunday and continuing;
every Sunday throughout the summer
excursion trains on the Corvallis & East
ern will run sharp on the following
Leave Albanv.
4 Corvallis
' Philomath
. Blodgett
' Summit
' Nashville
' Morrison
Elk City
Arrive Yaquina
Portland Market Report.
Wheat valley 71
Flour $3.90 to $4.10 per bll.
Potatoes .85 to .90 per cent
Eggs Oregon, 24 c per doz.
Butter 14 to 1 6c per lb.
Creamery 27 to 30c per lb.
Wheat 63 c per bushel
Oats 33c per bushel
Flour ,1.10 per sack
Butter 50c per roll
Creamery 75c per roll
Eggs 20c per doz
Chickens 17 per pound
Lard 15c per lb
Mrs. Coon has recqvered fromher
recent illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Huggina were Cor
vallis visitors this week.
Mrs. Stanturf and Mrs. Britdan.
have gone to the hop yard.
Mrs. J. H. Edwards has been suf
ferine from neuralgia of the stom
ach but is improving.
The party at W. C. Bslknap'd in
honor of Miss Stella Belknap was
a decided success and was largely
attended by her classmates and
friends. A dainty lunch was serv
ed and the remainder ct the even
ing was spent in music and games
Miss Belknar leaves fOrSalem in a
few days wheie she expects to at
tend echool.
S. N. Warfield of Alsea, passed
through this place Wednesday. He
reports everything on the move in
the valley.
Several wagon loads of chittim
bark have passed through this place
from the Alsea and Lobster coun
try. Monroe seems to be the place
in view.
Neighbors Came From Far and Wide
to Bury Clyde Tharp The
The funeral of the late Clyde
Tharp, who was killed in a runa
way accident Friday, occurred at
Bellefountain Saturday afternoon.
The service was under the auspices
of the Grange, of which the deceas
ed was a member. The attendance
included everybody tin the neigh
borhood as well a9 relatives and
friends of the family from Corvallis
and elsewhere, and was verv large.
Addresses in harmony with the oc
casion were made by Rev. M. M.
Waltz, Ed Belknap and Mrs. Ed
Belknap. Mrs. Belknap was a for
mer teacher of the dead young man,
and her tribute to his life and mem
ory was tervent and eloquent. The
members of the family were pros
trated by the tregady. The moth r
fainted at the grave, and was not
restored to consciousness until nine
o'clock in the evening, six hours
'Later accounts of the accident
differ but little from that given in
Saturday's Times. With others,
Clyde Tharp was hauling gravel on
the roads, and with his wagon
heavily loadd was passing down
the hill at the Pern Starr place.
Marks on it seem to indicate that
the brake block slipped to the side
of the wheel instead of pressing
it from the front. The wagon
rushed on to the horses, and the
driver was unable to hold them.
After passing over a bench in the
hill the outfit went out of the view
of those who watched from above.
A few moments later the horses,
detached from the wagon and run
ning at full speed, appeared below.
At the bottom of the hill the wreck
of the wagon, and the young man,
frightfully injured, were found.
The victim was still breathing, but
lite lasted only a few minutes.- He
was lying on his back, and across
his breast was one of the boards of
his gravel bed, and on the board
and the prostrate form of the man a
heavy weight of gravel. Blood
was gushing, the flow of which was
only staunched by death.
The young man bore a high rep
utation in the community'. He was
the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Al
Tharp, and was 25 years of age.
We bought more Blankets and Comforts than we have
room for, on Saturday Sept. 2nd we will begin a 10 days Spe
cial Sale. Don't fail to attend this as it means money saved to
you. Get ready for winter and buy NOW.
Hotel keepers and Boarding houses should "not miss
Money Saving Sale. ' '
The Blankets are made from Oregon Wool by the Salem
Woolen Mills. , .
Mrs. J. Mason announces that she
has twenly-seven and one-half doz
en very fine new street hats,- all the
latest styles, that she will dispose of
at one-half Portland p ices these
are the finest hats ever brought to
Corvallis. She has also a very fine
selection of velvet suitable for dress
One Dollar Savwd Represents Ten
Dollars Earned.
The average man does not save to exceed
ten per cent, of Jus earnings. He must spend
nine dollars in living expenses for every
dollar saved. That being the case he can
not be too careful about unnecessary ex
penses. Very often a tew cents properly in
vested, like buying seeds for his garden, will
save several dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It 'costs
but a few cents, and a bottle of it in the house
often saves a doctor s bill of several dollars.
For sale by Graham & Wortham.
of Mrs. Mack
suffering with
considered out of
The little child
which has been
bloodpoisoning is
Mrs. Clem who has been
sick for the past ten days is
proving elowly. "
7 :3 a
8;50 '
9:05 '
9:25 '
10:00 . '
10:13 '
10:55 '
10.-20 '
, Newport 12-00 N. .
Leave 5-00 p. in.
Returning trin arrives ! at Corvallis
at 9-2o p. m. ; Albany 9-55 p. m.
. Fare Corvallis, philomath lo New
port and return,' 1 .50. West of Phi
lomath to Chitwood inclusive, $1; all
points west of Chitwood to S'orrs inclu
sive .75; all points west of Storrs, 50
J. C MAYQ, ,
Gen. Pass. Agent. v
Seaside Excursion!!!
on the
Gorvallis & Eastern
Sunday Sept loth.
That Popular Seaside Resort,
Many attractions are pro
vided, including fishing, surf-
batning, crossing tne Dar on
the Lorens, picking water
agates, visiting lighthouse and
grand maratine drill on the
bay by the
Usual Rates.
When in need of hay and grub oak
wood in 4 ft. 16 inch length. Telepho
L. I,. Brooks
New Gasoline Wood Saw.
I am now ready to attend promptly
to all orders. Ind. phone 8.
W. R. Hansell.
Do you shave yourself? Well
just keep in mind that our Witch
Hazel Extract is a distilled extract
and does not contain one drop of
wood alcohol. Price, bottle, 25.
Graham & Wells.
buy It Now.
Now is the time to buv Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy. It is
certain to be needed sooner or later ana when
that time comes you will need it badly you
will need it quickly. Buy it now. It may
save life. For sale bv Graham & Wortham,
. For Sale
Household goods, including
large chiffonier, couch, organ, ex
tension table and etc. Must be
sold soon.
Mrs. A. F. Peterson,
Cor . 9th and Van Buren Sts.
"I stuck to my engine, although every
joint ached and every nerve was racked
with pain," writes C. W. Bellamy, a lo
comotive fireman, of Burlington, Iowa.
"I waa weak and pale, without any appe
tite and all run down. As I was about
to give up, I got a bottle of Electric Bit
ters, and after taking it, I felt as well as
I ever did in my life." Weak, sickly,
run down people' always gain new life,
strength and vigor from their use. Try
them. Satisfaction guaranteed by Allen
& Wood-eard. Price 5o cents.
I Cor. 3d & Jefferson Sts., Corvallis
The Comforts, were made in Columbus, Miss., hand knot-
For Sale.
For Bicycles, Ammun
ition, Fishing Tackle,'
Sporting Goods, Etc.
J K Berry, Salesman
The Right Prices. " All Fresh Goods.
Two Doors South of the Post Office.
No Prizes go with our
Chase & Sanborn High
In fact nothing goes with our coffee but cream, sugar and
P. M
Sole agent for
Chase 8c Sanborn High Grade
Wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a man enduring
pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds. Bruis-
es, .Burns, scaias, sore ieeiorsun joints.
But there's no need for it. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and cure
the trouble. It's the best Salve on earth
for Piles, too. 25c. at -Allen & Wood
ward's, druggists.
' For Sale.
Wagons, hacks, plows, harrows, and
mowers, driving horses, draft horses,
buggies and harness; fresh cows. If
you want to buy, come in. I can save
you money.
H. M. Stone.
Vetch hay. Grub oak wood in 4 foot
or 16 inch length.
Vetch, clover, Alsike and timothy seed?.
li. Li. Brooks, Corvallis, Or.
Phone 155.
Reduction in Rates.
Sept. 1, the round trip fare to
Portland, account Exposition will
be reduced from $3.50 to $2.90 for
a 30 day ticket but not good after
October 31st. This is a voluntary
reduction made by the S. P. R. R.
and will be appreciated by the pub
lic as the last six weeks of the Fair
will be the beet part and see the
largest crowd.
J. E. Farmer, apt. Corvallis.
W. E. Coman, G. F. & P.Agt, Portland.
All new wall paper at Blackledge's.
To co n tract frcm one to thiee carloads
e Ich seed if pike is reasonable.
L. L. Brooks,
Telephone 155 Mt. View.
Gasoline Wood Saw.
I have purchased the Boddy gasoline
saw and can execute orders for wood
sawing promptly. Indp. phone 339,
Link Chambers.
I,ots of Fun.
Taking pictures. We have fine cam
- , - Graham & Wells.
Hop Pickers.
L,ight barrels, just what
want for hop picking, for sale at 25
cents eachr at the creamery.
H. W. Kaupisch
To the Seaside and Mountain Re
sorts for the Summer Va-
On and after June 1st. the Southern
Pacific in connection with the Corvallis
& Eastern railroad will have on sale
round trip tickets from points on their
lines to Newport, Yaquina and Detroit
at very low rates, good for return until
October 10th, 19c 5.
Three day tickets to Newport and Ya
quina good going Saturdays and return
ing Mondays ara also on sale from all
eastside points from Portland to Eugene,
inclusive, and from all westside points.
Season tickets from ail eastside points
Portland to Eugene in c 1 u s 1 v e
and from all VVestsid e points
are also on sale to Detroit at very low
rates with stopover privileges at Mill
City or any other point east enabling
jounsts to visit tne Santiam ana Ureiten
bush hot springs in the Cascade moun
tains which all can be reached in a day
Season tickets will be good for return
from all points October loth. Three day
tickets will be good going Saturdays and
returning MondayB only, lickets irom
Portland and vicinity will be good lor
return via the east or the west side at
option of passenger. Ticksts from Eu
gene and vicinity will be good going via
the Lebanon-Springfield branch, if de
sired. Baggage on Newport tickets
checked through to Newpoit: on Ya
quina to Yaquina only.
S. P. trains connect with the C. &E..
at Albany and Corvallis for Yaquina
and Newport. Trains oa me v. oc iu.
for Detroit will leave h Ibany at
m. enabling tourists to the hot
to reach there the same day.
from and to Corvallis connect
east side trains on the S. P.
FuU information as to rates, time ta
bles, etc can be obtained on application
to J. C. Mayo, Gen. Pass. agt. L. &
R. R.; Albany; W. E. Coman, G. P,
S. P.: Co. Portland or to any S, P.
C. & E. agent. -Bate
from Corvallis to Newport, J3-75-Rate
from " to Yaquina, $3.
" to Detroit, $3.95
Three day rate from Corvallis to Ya.
quina or Newport, $2-5'
7:3o a.