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inclined to make much ot the fact
that the minutes of yesterday'
fateiul meeting have not been sign
ed by the plenipotentiaries. It is
pointed out that either side , could
repudiate the agreement but the
plenipotentiaries refuse lo admit
the possibility of such a happening.
Home of Gas Harding Three
!Vlfl?c IMnifh At I nrirll liv
Burned Thursday.
The farm home of Gue Harding
with most of its contents was burn
ed to the ground Thursday fore
noon. News that the structure was
ablaze reached town by phrne and
was wired fiom friend to friend,.
who were powerless to reader assis
tance. Charles Shenofield, ot tbe
Bell phone on learning of the fire,
started for the place to save, if pos
sible, the company's phone in the
house. He took with him a num
ber of Corvallis men who went to
render such assists nee as might be
possible. On their arrival the
place was entirely beyond assis
tance. Tbe dwelling wa? burned
to the ground, lying in a blackened
and smoking mass of ruins.
At the time of the fire,
Harding was in Portland,
other members of.
familv and the hired
were at the place. They managed
to carry out some of the contents,
but most of their effort was devoted
to saving: the outhouses, all of
which escaped. The flames are
supposed to have had their origin
in the chimney.
There was no insurance on the Of striking peculiarity is
an incident in this connection.
Arrangements had been made for
the building to be insured with the
Grange. About the time the build
ing was burning, John Whitaker
was on the way to Harding's for
-, lire: puipus: ui wnuug me yuuey.
: When he reached Corvallis, he
learned that the build' ng was in
ruins and that hh errand was vain.
There was a small policy on tbe
furniture. It is doubtful if $2,500
rould cover the loss.
A factor of the loss was the libra
ry of Mrs. Harding. Many of the
volumes were books of her father.
Judge Thayeri and involved sets of
considerable value. In addition
Mrs. Harding had collected mauy
volumes until altogether the library
was estimated to be worth fully
$1,000. It is a loss that cannot be
repaired, especiallv in view f the
associations connected with the old
er volumes.
Water Board Expects to Order tEe Is
sue Sold Next Monday Night.
An informal meeting of the Wa
ter Board was held in the council
chamber Thursday evening. The
business at hand was preliminary
to the regular mouthly meeting of
the board which occurs next. Mon
day night, when it is the purpoie
to take action for sale of bonds.
At Thursday's meeting the ques
tion of interest rate, of the manner of
sale and other features were consid
ered from every stand point. No
plan was adopted, but a general
notion ot procedure was obtained.
It is the endeavor of the board to
secure ooportunity for local invest
ors to take as much of the bonds as
they want, but how to do this and
at the same time get the lowest
interest rate is a problem. In re
sponse the late informal adveatise-
ment asking information as to what
amount of the bonds would be tak
en locally at four per cent, the ten
ders were not sufficient to be com
pletely encouraging. One man
made a tender to take $3,000 at
four per cent, interest payable semi
annually. Many other persons in
quired of the clerk concerning the
bonds. Some members of the
board believe the issue would go at
par at four per cent, and it looks
now as if that plan might be under
taken. Confidence in the sale of the
bonds at a low interest . rate is
heightened by the excellent char
acter of the security. The bonds
have behind them, not only the
water plant and water receipts, but
also the full credit of the city. The
debt of the city is but a trifle over
$20,000, an extremely small indebt
edness, in CDmparison with the pop
ulation and wealth of the town
The legislative act fully protects
the bondholders in the stringent
regulations provided. In fact, in
every way tbe security is complete
and stable. One of the bonds is as
good as its face in $20 pieces at any
time and anywhere. It is a secun
ty.that can be taken to a bank and
be converted into cash at a mo
ment's notice, either by sale, or as
security for a temporary loan.
Next Monday night, the board
will take action, nxing the manner
sale, and the advertisement for
the issue is likely to soon appear.
rapid! v..
F. J. Chambers i? improving and
enlarging hi store building.
Mr. Logan bus prored over . era
thousand bushel of wheat this year
at the Kings Valley Mills,
L. G. P-iee has the lumber on
th grounrl for his new residence
at King" Valley. He waa eick
las-t we or ratber worse than be
has heen eince he returned from
tbe hospital. '
W.'S AlcornV father and mothf-r
are vb-iting him. Tbey are Easterner?.
Snows enough to carry an umbrella
'hen i. rains, but the wise one is lie
ho carries one when it is only cloudy.
-Any nuin will
sond for a doctor
when he gets
bed-fast, but the
wisor one is he
who adopts
proper precau
tionary, preven
tive and curative
measures when
first appear the
ills which, if un
checked and un
cured, grow into
serious illness.
Impaired digos
tion and nutri
tion are eenerallv
the forerunners
of a nervous or functional break-down.
Nature has jrrovlded remedies most
abundantly for all such conditions in our
native medicinal plants. With the use
of chemically pure glycerine, of proper
sirengtn ana at a proper sustained temp
erature, Dr. Pierce extracts from Golden
Seal root, Queen's root, Stone root, Black
Cherrybark, Bloodroot and Mandrake
root, medicinal principles which, when
combined in just the right proportions,
constitute his widely famed "widen Med
ical Discovery." It restores the tone of
the stomach, the activity of the liver
and the steadiness of the nerves, pouring
ltantv into tne mood till the once sick
and debilitated one is so renewed in
health, strength and power that he can
resume his work, whatever it is, with
Vigor and elasticity.
l11 medical authorities, of whatever
school, agree that Hvdrastis. or Golden
Seal one of the essential roots in the
make-up of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery is of very great value as a
pure tonic, and as an alterative valuable
n enronic airections 01 tne stomacn. in
testines and bladder.
&wVpk Not oils' tne Original but the
PvSSSa. best uttIe Liver Pls. first put
VeWrts up over 40 years ago, by old
Dr. E. V. Pierce,' have been
much Imitated but never equaled, as thou
sands attest. They're purely vegetable,
being- made up of concentrated and refined
medicinal principles, extracted from the
roots of American plants. Do not gripe.
One or two for stomach corrective, three or
four for cathartic
Appear on Desert, Forming Inland Sea
What Earthquakes did.
Xne of the queer phenomena of
nature is t e rapid rise of. water
forming an inland sea on the great
Colorado desert in Southern Call
fornia. Mrs. H. E. Burns, who ar
Tived in Corvallis recently has been
at the scene and is familiar with
ihe details. Already the advancing
water has submerged an area of
more than 5oo square miles and the
:avance of the tide goes steadily
on. Water first appeared in last
April, and the process of forming a
:great infand sea has been' going on
ver since, what adds to the pe
:uliarity of the condition is that the
waters are salt, and that m them
are the salt fish and other life of
the ocean. The desert lands
where the waters are rising are at
considerable distance from the Gulf
-of California, and 265 feet below the
level of that body of salt water.
A notable fact in connnction with
the phenomenon is that the first ap
pearance of the water was preceded
with earthquakes, all of which leads
to a general belief that the
sfesmic disturbances resulted
in subteranean fissure or rent in the
earth through which now the wa
ters of the California gulf and its
sea life flow to the desert. The
whole circumstance forms one of
the curiosities of the time, and is of
striking interest in the southern
portion of the Golden state.
touching phase of the phenomenon
is that some years ago a huge irri
gating canal was built through .a
portion of the desert, and large
tracts of land were reclaimed on
hich there were prosperous farms.
All these have been inundated the
homes have been washed away and
the occupants reduced to ruin by
the rising waters.
Hop Picking Season.
Hop picking: will begin in the
Xilly hop yard Monday. Sept. 4th
Will move camping outfits to yard
Wednesday, August 30.
Jim Sing.f
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wood js.5o per cord. Fir wood
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The S. P. is selling round trip
tickets between Corvallis and Port
land for $3 good going Saturdays
or Sundays and returning Sunday
or Monday following, either on
East or West side, but gooi only
on afternoon train from Albany to
Portland on oatutdays if East side
is taken. Passengers to pay local
fare between Corvallis and Albany.
Wood Sawing.
Done . promptly. Satisfaction
guaranteed and prices reasonable
ind phone 349 or 692.
. Cummings & Cady.
We have just received a new lot
of Columbia disc and cylinder rec
ords. Also a lot of the American
Blue records, the best record that
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Lime and Cement:
Best and highest grades of lime
and cement can be had at the Ben
ton County Flouring Mills, at the
lowest prices. , Agents for T.
Seaside Excursion!!!
on the
Gorvallis & Eastern
Sunday Sept. 3rd
That' Popular Seaside Resort,
Many attractions are pro
vided, including fishing, surf-
Mthing, crossing the bar on
iie Lore'ns, picking water
H'.ates, visiting ligntnouse ana
ivind maratine drill on the
y by the
Usual Rates.
A series of earthquakes similar
to those fell recently gradually in
creasing in violence, culminating
in the eruption of Dscemher, 1631.
when 1800 inhabitants of tbe vicin
ity lest their lives.
Since thu great upheaval the
volcano ba n-ver relapsed into a
condition of tntal quiescence. In
1776, 166q, 1794 and 1822 occurred
violent eruptions succeeded by
spasmodic emissions and earth
quakes. Strom boli is on an island
between Sicily and Italv. It ripes
from the sea to a heiahth of 3,o22
feet. It is of interest as the only
volcano in Europe ia a state of
constant activity.
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First Nat'l Bank Building,
Qnly Set Abstract Books in Benton County
At Kings Valley.
Henry Olam an is said to be 'im
proving since his return from the
hospital. ,
Hoppicking beginB in the Ritoer
and Charles Maxfield yard Septem
ber 1st. The other yards will be
gin a few days later.
Dr. Lather gave an ice , cream
Eocial Saturday evening.
Rool Maxfield is home from the
hospital and the sight in his re
maining eye is improving very
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter ot the Estate )
James Bobinson, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given to all peisons concerned
that the undersigned has been duly appointed
administrator of the estate ot James Robinson,
deceased, by the county court, ot the state of
Oregon for Benton county. All persons having
claims against said estate of said James Robin
son, deceased, are herebv required to present
the same, with the proper vouchers, duly veri
fied as by law required, wtthiu six months from
the date hereof to tbe undersigned at his resi
dence four mites north ot Corvallis, Oregon, or
at the law office ot E. E. Wilson In Corvallis Or
egon. .
Dated this August 12, 1905.
Administrator of the Estate ol James Eobiuson,
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Estate)
of I
Louisa Ibwik, deceased. 1
Notice Is hereby given to all persons concern
ed that the undersigned has been dulv appoint
ed executor of the last will and testament of
Louisa Irwin, deceased, by ,the county court of
Oregon for Benton county. All persons having
claims against said estate ot Louisa irwin, ae
ceased, are herebv reoulred to Dresent the same
with the proper vouchers, duly verified as by law
required within six months from the date here
of, to the underslgnea at his residence ten miles
south of Corvallis, Oregon, or at the law ofttce of
a. a. wiison in uorvams, uregon.
Dated this August 12 1905.
Executor of the last will and testament of Lout
sa Irwin, deceased. s -
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Child Not Expected to Live from One
Hour to Another, but Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Kemedy.
Hutb., the little daughter of E. Dewey
of Agnewville, Va., was seriously ill of
cholera infantum last summer. "We gave
her up and did not expect her to live from
one hour to another," he says. "I happened
to think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Kemedy and got-a bottle of it
. from the store. In five hours I saw a change
for the better. We kept on giving it and
before she had taken the half of one small
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