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Vol. XVIII.-No. 17.
anl Pfoprl
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Russians Still Unyielding in Refer
ence to Payment of Indemnity
Negotiations may Fail
Other News.
Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 26 As
indicated in these dispatches last
night there was no rupture in the
peace negotiations today. Peace is
by no means assured, but an im
portant crisis has been tided over,
and the fact that the life of the
conference has been prolonged into
next week adds materially to the
chances of a favorable issue.
According to the Russian veision
it was Japan and not Russia which
weakened this afternoon, Mr.
Witte publicly announced after the
sitting thot it was Baron Komura
who asked for an adjournment un
til Monday, in order to have time
to submit a new proposition. Yet
it is known that Mr. Witte has re
ceived instructions after the pres
ident's intercession at Peterhoff
through Ambassador Meyer, to
agree to the division of Sakhalin,
and to permit liberal compensation
for the Russian prisoners of war
and the cession of the Chinese East
ern ra lroad, but to continue absol
utely to refuse to Day war tribute
under any guise. This was des
cribed as Russia's "ultimatum"
leaving the same old question of
money the stumbling block to an
In the regular course of proced,
ure, after the presentation of the
Japanese compromise proposition
on Wednesday, the diplomatic move
passed to Russia, and it was Mr.
Witte'a turn naturally to present
the counter-proposition of his gov
ernment. If he succeeded as is in
timated, in withholding his card
and forcing the Japanese to play
again, be undoubtedly gained a
point in the game.
But no adequate account of the
proceedings of today's meeting
U forthcoming. The plenipoten
tiaries, by agreement) excluded the
secretaries. There were no min
utes. There are no records. This
in itself, is extremely significant.
When men who are fighting a
desperate battle lock themselves in
a room alone, it is the best evidence
that tbey are terribly in earnest. It
is a hopeful sign. All that is form
ally announced is that the minutes
of the last sessioQ were approved
and upon Baron Komura's motion
the conference adjourned until
Monday at 3 o'clock, but whether
or not the counter-proposition of
Russia was submitted at this after
noon's eession, it seems to be up to
Japan to formally renounce her de
mand for the cost of the war and
try to obtain a partial recompense
in another way for instance, by a
bona fide sale of the northern half
of Sakhalin.
Emperor Nicholas reply to Am
bassador Meyer and his instruct
ions to Mr. Witte are regarded as
his last word, as form as indemnity
is concerned. A comDromise by
which Japan can secure a compar
auve moderate sum 01 money is
open. ,
But the gulf to be spanned is stil
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wide between the two adversaries.
Russia is now willing to divide
Sakhalin. Japan on Wednesday,
claimed the entire island by right
of occupation, offering only to sell
back the northern bait at toe price
of the cost of the war. And it
should be borne in mind that the
elimination of articles lo and 11,
surrender of Russia's interned war
ships and limitation of Russia's
sea power, was conditional upon her
acceptance of this proposition. Bar
on Komura and Mr.Takahira want
time to consult their government
before agreeing to yield further.
The most competent Japanese au
thority said tonight: .
"The question ot peace or war
still baDge in the balance.".
f or the brat time there appears
to be some dissension in the Japan
ese camp as to tne advisability ot
making another conciliatory step.
Many of the attaches are strongly
of the opinion that they should not
recede another inch. The most
nrominent of them said tonight - to
the Associated Press:
'We only offered one half of Sak
balin upon condition that we should
receive for it the price we faxed.
The island is ours by right of con
quest. If Russia imagines we will
eive ud half ot tt tor notnlne, sne
is much mistaken. Our answer
phild be, come and take it."
The main hope ot peace rests, as
before, upon the fact that both sides
are at heart seriously endeavoring
to end the war. . All the principles
involved in the war have been set
tied in favor of the victor, and with
each dav 6 prolongation ot tne ne
gotiations the pressure on both
sides will increase not to allow
mere Question of money stand be
tween them.
Portland, Aug. 22 The embry
onic science 01 aenai navigation
scored a point at the Lewis and
Clark Exposition yesterday morn
ine when the airship City of Port
land, made the most successfu
night yet effected at the Expoei
tion. From every standpoint the
flight was satisfactory, and the per
formance yesterday must rank with
the best nights ever made.
The vessel was in the air for half
an hour during which time the ma
chinery worked without a hitch.
The vessel changed its course at
will of the navigator, describing
circles and loops and 1 traveling
against the wind and with it. Th
cratt, in making a spurt, covered
a distance of one mile in a trifle
more than three minutes. It mad
this record traveling with the wind
which recorded a velocity of five
miles an hour at the time. Return
ing against the wind the vessel
made from two to five miles an
Thousands of people faw the
flight and joined in cheering the
successful feat as Aernaut Lincoln
Beechey made a safe landing in
identically the same spot from
whence he had ascended.
velopments. A telegraph wire has
been placed directly in connection
with the navy yard and Oyster
Bay, with Assistant Secretary
Pierce has been provided with a
cipher which he and the presid
ent only understand.
New York, Aug. 23 Five thous
and men, women and children
turned in terror to stampede from
the grounds at Sjuth Orange Park
last night, when an enormous Af-
ican lioness, an attraction at the
Greater Electric Park Amusement
company, daehed through an open
door in her cage, after knocking
down her keeper, and sprang snarl
ing across the platform toward the
audience, standing shoulder to
shoulder for 200 feet back from the
Many had the clothing torn from
their backs in the rush to the main
enirance, and only the promptness
with which the guards threw open
the big gates, prevented a tragedy,
for the great mass of people rush
ing around would have, hurled
themselves against the barrier and
scores would undobtedly have been
trampled to death. -
The lioness, one of the largest of
her species, was enraged when she
left the cage, btrange to say, she
did not pursue the flying throngs,
but leaped to the ground from the
end of the platform and made off
down the pike carrying terror in
her mad run down the thoroughfare.
She took refuge at 11 o'clock be
hind one of the buildings at the
southern end, where Carl Gorman,
her trainer, responsible for-her es
cape, with half a doz'n employes.
is trying to dislodge the beast. A
cordon of 200 men, armed with ri
fles, revolvers, and pitchforks has
been thrown across the park to pre
vent the escape of the animal.
Charleston, W. Va., Aug.26 "
The vicinity of Big Otter Creek in
Clay county, 65 miles north of this
city, was visited by a cloudburst
yesterday afternoon, in which five
lives were lost and much damage
was done to property. The tre
mendous downpour of rain raised
Big Otter Creek so rapidly that the
home of John Pickering was sur
rounded by water before the occu
pants wer aware of their danger.
The family consisting of father,
mother and four children, the eld
est a daughter 17 years old, was
swept away by the flood, the moth
being the onlv one saved, she hav
ing clung to some floating debris.
Portsmouth, Aug. 23 Meetings
of the peace envoys were resumed
this morning after an interval of
four days. Since they adjourned
Fjiday they were apparently almost
hopelessly divided. Many things
have happened, and much has been
accomplished, which leads to the
belief that today's session may re
suit in something definite. Special
arrangements have been made to
keep the president informed on de-
Salem, Or. Aug. 26 Al Downs,
of Silverton, charged by his broth
er, Robert Downs, with the offense
of hunting without a license, was
brought to the Marion county jail
today and will spend five days be
hind the bars. He refused to pay
a fine because he felt an injustice
had b en done him.
The story told here is that Al
Downs sent to Salem for a hunter's
license but for some reason it was
not procured and he went to the
mountains 10 company with Ray
McKinley to hunt deer. On their
return they told Robert Downs
that they had killed two deer. Rob
ert unknown to them is a deputy
game warden and immediately
made complaint against his broth
er and his frieud. Both pleaded
guilty, declined ah offer of being
let off with the minimum fine of
$25, and were given the minimum
sentence of five days in jail.
McKinley and Al Downs say
Robert Downs knew they were go
ing huofiLg without licenses and if
he is willing to send them to jail
under such circumstances they are
willing to serve their time.
Warsaw, Russian Poland, Aug.
26, Another massacre of Jews
marked by atrocities worthy of eav
ages, has occurred in Biali3tork,
about 50 miles southwest of Grod
no. Little is known outside of Rus
sia of this slaughter, while even in
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