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Vol. XVIII.-No. 17.
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Other Newe.
Prefect of Police Had Won Esteem
as Just Governor of Odessa
Was of a Famous Family
Assassin Is Caught
Moscow, July 11. Major-Gener-al
Count SbouvalofF, prefect of po
lice here, and formerly attached to
the ministry of the interior, was as
sassinated this morning while re
ceiving petitions. One of the peti
tioners drew a revolver aod fired
five times at the prefect, who fell
The assassin was arrested. He
was dressed as a peasant, and has
not been identified. He was re
cently arrested as a political sus
pect, but escaped from the police
station before his examination.
The-assaesin waited in the after
noon of the prefecture, until the
other. petitioners bad been received,
and then,, entering the audience
room, he advanced toward Oount
considered to he a purely political
crime, as the count was not yet 40
years of age and was regarded as
one of the best type of Russian offi
cials. He came from one of the mrsi
famous families of Russia. The
count wa a ton of Count Pdter
Shuvaloff, the statesman who rep
resented Russia at the Berlin con
ference, was formerly colonel of the
Guard regiment known as the St.
Pttt-rsburg, ami was one of Empe -ror
Nicholas' personal friends.
As prefect of Odessa, when Count
Shuvaloff succeeded General Z-la-noi,
who was extremely 6evere,
Count Shuvaloff earned the esteem
of all by his firm butJ-enieLt couree',
making himself particu'a-ly popular
with the ftuderts The impression
exists, here that, tbe count was kill
ed for preserving order. -
. The JemstvoUts will not be al
lowed to -meet at Moscow July 19,
although thi-J net i- t-imply in ex
pectation ( f the oidr of the governor-general,
issued paevious to the
assatibina'ioo of tSe prefect.
Ka.tei ji, Rouimnia, July 11.
The Russian squadron seems to be
delaying here, owing to thn fear
that another mutiny will break out
should the ship put to sea.
Th fact that hb sailers from the
Koisz Potmkin, who surrendered,
have. been imprisoned on board the j hav
Last Amounl of Money Necesssary
For the Expedition Is Raised
Will Start From Cape '.
New York, July 12. With $35-
000 subscribed today toward his I
expedition to reach the North Pole,
Robert Jti. ftary announces tnat be
will sail this week for the North.
Commander Peary'p new Arctic
ship, the Roosevelt, has beea wait
ing several dfys for eupplies, which
could not. be bought oa account of
a lack of funds.
The polar expedition which has
been in prepaiation eince October
15, I984, has cost $150,000, includ
ing today'rf subscriptions. The en
tire amount has been- given by
American business men to the Peary
Arctic Club, whose members are
anxious that ronn but Americans
a band in this polar expedi-
About 800 Americans came over
from Michigan, and during the day
carried the Stars and Stripes
through the streets without unfav
orable comment being elicited.
Tonight the Americans gathered
in front of a hotel, when some one
"To hell with Canada, she never
showed us jet."
Instantly the American flag,
owned by the Port Huron, Mich.,
Lodge, was torn from where it
waved in the breeze and was ripped
into ehreda and trampled under the
feet of an angry mob.
Port Huron Orangemen say they
did not resent it, as they believed
the insult to Canada was uncalled
St. Petersburg, July 12. Private
adviets received here from Moscow
say that the slayer of Prefect of Po
lice Count Shuvaloff is a student
and that he made an unsuccessful
attempt at suicide after taking the
life of his victim. His recent an "ft
was due to his participation in 10
litical agitation.
. K:- -.r.YVk" , 4 A - -'
Victoria, July 11. News ss
brought by the Empress of India of
the slaughter of shipwrecked Japa r
eee fishermen by Russians on the
Sakhalin coast. Ten Japanese were
lost on the Sakhalin coast when
fishing toward the end of May. De
fenseless and weak from the ex
haustion resulting from their long
emersion in the waves, they were
met by three Russian guardsmen,
who fired on the fishermen, killing
The remainder escaped and after
weeks of privation in the Sakhalin
wilderness, managed to escape and
reached Sokkaido, where they told
tbeir story of wreck and long strug
gle with sinking boats and on
wreckage before reaching a little
cove on Southern Sakhalin, where
they hoped to secure shelter, but
were shot at instead. The surviv
ors lived in a cavern on a mountain
with Bome raw roots and snails as
their only food for 16 days. Fin
ally they secured a boat at a native
village and escaped.
Anumbeifbf Russian and Tartar
convicts have escaped from Sakha
lin and made their way to North
ern Japan.
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Shuva'ofif at his desk, firing five
shots at close range. The bullet
passed through the body of the pre
fect. .
Count Shuvaloff owes fai-a death
to his custom of freely giaoting au
diences and receiving petitions fiom
all classes.
One bullet wounded the count in
the pericardium, acother pierced
his abdomen, a third struck bim in
the arm, and the fourth in the th wi
der, while the fifth bullet of the as
sassin struck the leg of a woman
who was standing near. According
to the physicians, the bullets wtra
poisoned. The victim speedily lost
consciousness and never spoke af
A great crowd gathered in ' front
of the house of Count Shuvaloff,
and made a determined show of its
indignation and sorrow at the as
sassination of the prefect, who was
very popular. ,
Grand Duchesa Elizabeth, widow
of Grand Duke'Sergius (assassinat
ed in Moscow February 17), attend
ed the first requiem forCount Shuv
aloff tonight. .
St.. Petersburg, July 11. The
assassination of Prefect of Police
Count Shuvalcff of Moscow, is today
different vessels ol the quartron,
i.i tng, has caused lbtenss
luiliguation trh;.n' th crewr-, and
as a consequence tbere are fears of
another mutiny.
St. Petersburg, July 11 The
goveriiujent will commence r-feu'ar
proceeding for the rxtraii'.io of
the crew of the Knaz Potenokin as
ordinary cr.iiuif a's In the diplo
matic, exchange on the. subject of
th Russian foreign office poiitd
out that Roumtnia'd promise to give
the mutineers an asylum as made
before Rouuianta bad been ap-prised
of the other crimes comm t'.ed by
the Russian tailors. :
Warsaw, July 11. Th-ei bloody
encounters between troops aod'strik
ing stoemaker8, in which about 20
persons were killed or wounded, oc
curred today. Tae strikers were
marching through the city from
house to bouea demanding the low
erirg of rents by 20perrent. Many
proprietors, out of fer,; complifd
with the demands of the strikers.
tion, Morris K. Tessup, president
f toe club, (-ub'cribed $25,000 : to
day, aud Thdmas H. Hubbard gave
In announcing that the ship is
at last resdv, Commaoder Peary
today made public for the first time
i riona'ion i( $5o.ooi given by Geo.
"Cn cktr in January last. The $35,
o o received today will be expend
ed, Mr. Pt-ary said, for band-picked
coal aod additional scientific instru
ments. His pary is complete, with
tbe exception (if a surgeon. Mrs.
Peary will probably sail with the
From here the Roosevtlfc will
proc-ed to Sydney, Cape Breton,
where the New York crew will give
op tbe thip to a picked crew, which
is alreadv waiting on the Erick, a
cral ship, which will accompany the
Roosevrit to latitude 79. The Erik
win tben return snutn, bringing
Mrp. Peary with he-.
Portland, July 11. The price cf
night, admission to the Lewis and
Claik exposition will be 25 cents
hereafter. The new admission rate
was announced yesterday after
noon by Exposition President H.
W. Goode, and it went into effect
last evening for tbe first time at 6
o'clock. Hereafter the 50 cent rate
will be dropped at 6 P. M., with
the closing of tbe exhibits .palaces.
Tbe reduction follows the request
made several clays ago by Iran con
cessionaries. They complained to
the - Exposition management that
people seemed unwilling to part
with a half-dollar in the evening,
when the buildings are mostly clos
ed. .
As another incentive to night at
tendance, arrangements are now be
ing made to keep tbe Museum of
Arts opened at night. Since the
lighting is artificial throughout, the
wealth of famous masterpieces and
renowned paintings may be. viewed
as well, by night as any other time.
Announcement has been made that
the museum will be open at an ear
ly date.
None of the free attractions will
be withdrawn under tbe new rate.
soars tto s The Kind Ycu Have Alvvava
London, Ont, July 12. An
American flag was torn down in
front of tbe City Hall tonight and
trampled under a hundred feet, as
the result af a remark made by an
American visitor at the Orangemen's
Washington, July 12. Hot wea
ther prevails over a greater portion
of the Uniud ft ites, according to
reports received at the weather bu
reau tonight. Apparently, there is
no immediate relief in sight, except
through the local thunder storms
in several scattered sections.
Throughout the West reports indi
cate increasingly hot' weather. The
humidity is high all ovtr the Atlan
tic Coast from New England to
Florida, ynd the prospect is that it
will continue so two or three days,
with northeast to south winds.
In Washington today the maxi
mum temperature was 88 degrees,
the same as yesterday, but some re
lief has be'n experienced through
local thunder storms. There were
a number of heat prostrations here,
but so far as reported none of them
has resulted fatally.
' New York, July 11. A St. Pe
tersburg dispet-'h to the World
stye: The Lavy dtpai truant ban
resolved to . build a powerful new
navy, and has instructed Charles
M. Schwab to make plans for new
whirves, giving the exact tima j
which the work caa ba complete...