The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, July 05, 1905, Image 2

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    Corvallis Times
Official Paper of Benton County.
There are, by actual count. 572
dwelling houses in Corvallis; be
sides the suburbs. Payment of the
bonds does not begin until after
seven years. How many more
houses and correspondingly, how
many more water consumers will
Corvallis have by that time ? After
seven years, $2250 of principal of
the bonds will be paid each year,
which will every year reduce the
interest expense. All this time,
Corvallis will grow larger and
larger. What a fine chance
will there be for the mountain wat
er not only to pay its way, but to
become a splendid investment.
Would those who knock, rather
have this coming increment for
water to go to enric'i a private cor
poration, or have it divided among
Corvallis people?
In the water election ' tomorrow,
there is no property qualification
for voters. Every ordinary . voter
whether taxpayer or not has a right
to the ballot. In many of the bond
elections recently held in other
places, the ballot has been confin
ed to taxpayers. The ' Corvallis
water bill. leaves the ballot open to
all, as it properly should. A man
may not pay taxes, but he does use
water. So does his family, and he
should have a right to throw his
influence to get the best water pos
sible. Besides, it is not a matter in
which taxpayers have more inter
est than do others. The bonds to
be issued are water bonds, which
bonds the water works must and
will pay off at the end of 40 years,
The taxpayer is no more affected
by the issue than is the non-tax
payer, for it is not a question of
taxes, but a question of water rates.
Every non-taxpayer has a right to
vote, and ought to vote.
to reach half way to the top of the
22 or 24 foot pole. Small boys
saw the ludirous side of the incident
and shouted to the firemen to 'spit
on the fire.' ' Unable to reach the
flames on the upper portion of the
pole, a fireman climbed half way
up it, and trom mat vantage point
was finally able to throw the stream
to the top and extinguish the blaze.
During the operation the jeers of
bystanders directed at the water
conditions were as amusing as they
were pathetic."
' Attention.
You who have carpenter woik, hcuse
painting or papering to let by contract
should get my figures on the same before
placing contracts. My e8imates will
cost you nothing and might save you dol
lars. Headquarters at H. M. Stone's
office. Independent phone. Dixie line
' Charles Holt.
Cord Wood Sale.
Call op No. 1 Phone, P. A. Kline line.
P. A. Kline.
AH new wall paper at Blackledge's.
There is no doubt of the final re
sult in tomorrw's water election
Predictions run all the way from
two to one to three to one in favor
of mountain water. Indeed, some
claim the figures for water will be
even larger. There have been so
many desertions . from the oppo
sition since the "Instigator" appear
ed on the scene that the backbone
of those fighting for Willamette
water and against mountain water
is broken.Lawyer Yates took to the
brush a day or two ago and until ye s
terday was out of town, according
to a notice posted on his door. The
common opinion is that every new
issue of the "Instigator" sends a
new crop of recruits for mountain
water. Few decent people can
stand the idea of having their cause
championed by a sheet that its own
editors are ashamed to stand spon
sor for, and who, after swearing
their printer to secrecy, have their
product laid on people's doorsteps.
At last accounts, a badly bloat
ed dead horse was floating in the
upper Willamette. Sheridan Smith
and Grant Bratton reported it pass
ing Peoria Sunday, and later Cap
tain William Cary reported it lodg
ed' in logs near the mouth of East
river. Yesterday morning the
badly decayed body of a calf was
found lodged against the ferryboat.
It was so badly decayed that the
hair was slipping." It had floated
down against the ferry during the
night. If the calf died of tuber
culosis, which is not impossible,
one part of its sputum in a solution
of 400,000 parts water is sufficient
to inoculate a guinea pig t ith con
sumption. See July number Les
res. Still there is an attempt to
.fasten Willamette water on Corval
lis. . -
' 'I know of no reason why the
college should not make a contract
with the people of Corvallis for a
water supply, provided rates are
favorable.' ' was the statement of
President Weatherford of the board
of regents to a committee of loCal
citizens yesterday. The citizens
were, Thomas Leese, E. R. Bry-
son and Senator Averv. "It is
simply a business proposition,"
added Mr. Weatherford; "The col
lege has not sufficient water, and
finds it difficutt to get water. Wa
ter is needed for irrigating the
whole campus, and ultimately some
arrangement must be madeJo sup
ply it."
Mitchell Found Guilty.
"Guilty"', was the verdict of the
jury in the Mitchell case, shortly
before eleven o'clock Monday night
in Portland. The case went to the
jury at three o'clock. An agree
ment was reached at 10:30. "We
find the defendant guilty as charg
ed, and recommend him to the
mercy of the court, for leniency"
wa9 the verdict. With his chin
reptvnt! in ma nana, the senator re
ceived tbe blow. The muscles of
his face did not change. Senator
Tbureton entered the court room a
moment lat-r, and the defendant
whispered to him, "it is guilty."
The scene is described as one of tbe
most dramatic in the bietory of tte
federal court.
Job' s addition people are told by
the masked gang that runs the "In
stigator" that, if mountain water
works be built, they will be com
pelled to build lateral sewers and
be forced to take water for flushing
purposes. Wnat a noble argument:
What a lofty discussion of the wat
er question!
Why would mountain water any
more than a mountain mule cause
the city council to force Job's ad
ditioners to build lateral sewers
especially if Job' additioners didn't
want lateral sewers? Except in
extraordinary cases where espec
ially necessary, is it not the custom
of the council only to have laterals
built where a majority of property
owners petition for them ?
Besides, how could Job's ad
ditioners be forced to build sewer
laterals when there is no main sew
er for them to attach to ? Indeed,
they can never get a main in the
addition until a 'new one is built
from the Willamette for the . Van
Buren main is already too near
the surface to be possible of further
extension. If the council attempt
ed to build such a sewer main, any
Job's additioner that didn't want
it, could stop it just as the enjoin
ers stopped the city from paying
for the preliminary survey and un
til such a main is constructed no
lateral sewer could be ordered by
the council to be built in Job's ad
dition. The people of Job's addition are
laughing at the thin attempt of the
dark lantern crowd to fool them
with a scarecrow. .
Elackledge sells refrigerators.
Description of how a Corvallis Tele
phone Pole was Bravely Saved
From Fire.
An eloquent appeal for a water
works that will furnish an adequate
fire protection for Corvallis, was a
fire that destroyed the home and
belongings of Mrs. Ed Cline on the
7th of last September. Not only
were the buildings' and contents
burned, but a quantity of chittim
bark that represented the summer's
work of the family. A part of the
story of the fire, as told in the
Times of September 10th, when
there was not near an election to
determine whether it shall be the
old or a new water works, is as
' Xack of water at the fire made
the efforts to save the building far
cical. It is true that the flames
had made great headway before the
alarm was turned in, and it is pos
sible that with an adequate water
pressure, the building might not
have been saved. JBut it is never
theless true that the firemen on ac
count of the lack of water, were
helpless to render assistance and
that the incident disclosed how ut
terly unprotected from fire is the
residence portion of the town.
Many of the best citizens in town
aver that the extreme heighthto
which water could be thrown was
12 feet., Some others admit that
the distance may have been a few
feet higher, but all agree that 14
or 15 feet was the outside limit. Af
ter it was established that the
building and its contents were
doomed, the firemen set about "to
extinguish the flames on a burning
telephone pole. Forty good citi
zens declare that the stream failed
A Yigorous Representation of the Facts
by the President of the
Editor of Investigator:
You ask if I- am willing to
stand sponsor for the Times articles
concerning mountain water. Not
knowing who you are, I take this
means of answering your communi
cation. Since no one stands sponsor for
anything in the Investigator, it
seems presumptious for you to ask
citizens of Corvallis to vouch for
the Times, a paper that has a
known sponsor.
But to tne point, I have not per
sonally investigated the statements
of the Times, so as to be able to
vouch for their truthfulness, be
cause I have not had the time, but
this I will say that I do heartily
endorse that paper's position on
the subject of mountain water.
But what I fail to understand is,
"what has all this to do with moun
tain water any wav? Why don't
you, Mr. Investigator, investigate,
give the result 01 your actual in
vestigations, and discuss the sub
ject on its merits.' Why do you
attempt to mislead and befog vot
ers, and by holding the microscope
of mendacity over mole hills make
them appear to be colossal moun
tains, thus working on the voters
fears and prejudices, endeavor to
influence him to vote against Cor
vallis having a system of pure wat
This indulging in personalities,
this impugning of honest men's mo
tives, this disposition to misrepre
sent, this attempt to knock, this
woeful lack of co operation in mat
ters affecting beneficially tne public
welfare of Corvallis, is to say the
least, most unfortunate. If as
city were to grow ana prosper, we
must get together, eliminate sel
fishness and envy, cultivate con
fidence and do things, not all the
time seek to undo them.
Municipal ownership and the
proposition from a business stand
point are the real questions at issue.
1 here is nothing else. By muni
cipal ownership I mean whether or
not the city should own and man
age its water works, obtaining the
benefit of whatever profit there is
for its citizens, or whether the city
should leave the matter to private
individuals, to put in a water plant,
and reap a profit at the expense of
the taxpayer. I -am iavorable to
municipal ownership in this case
because I have investigated the
whole plan, and become convinced
of its feasibility, and for the furth
er reason that there is no likeli
hood of getting a mountain water
system in any other way. Thfi
fact that the principal business men
and many of the largest taxpayers
after careful investigation, approve
this bond issue, argues convincing
ly in favor of the investment.
Furthermore the character and
business standing of the gentlemen
constituting the water committee,
is a splendid guarantee that the
money from the sale of the bonds
will' be spent wisely and well.
These men who compose fhe wat
er committee are all business men
occupied with their own affairs.
Their service on . the committee is
voluntary. They cannot receive
one cent of pay,- and I take it that
it is a matter upon which the city
should congratulate itself that it is
fortunate enough to get these men
to give their time and attention
from their own business, to a con
struction of a water system for the
city. Such public spirit is indeed
Let the "knockers" vote for Wil
lamette river, but . men who are
hustlers, and worth while, will cast
their votes for the bond issue and
for the prosperity of Corvallis.
Ycurs Truly,
B. W.' Johnson.
P. S. Mr. Investigator editor,
may I ask how many taxpayers in
the town will stand sponsor for
your publication. As yet, no one
not even yourself, has dared to
father your utterances, much less
stand sponsor for the child.
To hire work team for six weeks
at six dollars per week. : See or
write E. A. Miller, Philomath.
Notice of Final Settlement,
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed, administratrix of the estate of
Jacob Whitaker, deceased has filed in
the county court of the state ot Oregon,
for Benton county, her final account as
such administratrix of f aid estate, and
that Saturday the 8lh day of July, 1905,
at the hour often oclock a. m. has been
fixed by said court as the time for hear
ing objections to said reDort and the
settlement thereof.
Nancv L. Whitaker,
Administratrix of lhe'estate of Jacob
Whitaker, deceased.
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