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    Gorvallis Times
Official Paper of Benton County.-
- Mr. Emery journeyed to Dallas
because of his ' 'interest in the wel
fare of our beautiful little city."
He says he learned there that great
indignities had been heaped by the
Dallas city council upon his uncle,
Mr. T. V. Embree. The uncle,
in an affidavit in another column in
this issue, says in effect that his
nephew from Corvallis romanced.
Mr Emery, in his article, says the
Dallas city council by ordinance , is
working great hardships on ; the
iwir1 nf Tlnllns. Dan. P. Stouffer
r r .
for ten years police judge of Dallas
declares in , his affidavit elsewhere
in the .Times that Mr. Emery's
Statement in this particular, is un
true. ; -' ""
In his article Mr. Emery declares
the Times statements with refer
ence to insurance reductions to be
incorrect, but admitsthe insurance
on brick buildings to be reduced
12 1-2 per cent. What about their
contents? Now Charles F. Belt,
ex-postmaster of Dallas, leading
rlmo-crist ntiH Tvrnminpnt citizen, 'de
clares to the Times that insurance
rates were reduced io to 33 per
LLuij w:iu xn average a 3 Jr A
cent, and he points to the insurance
rate book in proof.
In view of the facts, the question
is, if it really was his "interest in
. the future welfare of our beautiful
little city": that took Mr. Emery
to Dallas, why did he come back
and misrepresent the x facts ? Is
he seeking to give Corvallis people
the truth, or does he seek to de
. ceive them ? For reply, the Times
is compelled to point to the affi
davit of Mr. Emery's uncle.
One of the cabal who is trying
to fasten Willamette water on Cor
vallis for an indefinite period of
years, argues this way: He says
the projected system cannot be
built for the $75,000. Well, what
of that? Is that a reason for any
body to vote against water next
If it cannot be built for the $75,
000, what is the use of these trips
to Dallas? What is the use of
publishing the "Expediter?" What
is the use of all this effort of the ca
bal to keep its movements secret,
these midnight meetings with Wil
lamette water men ? If the system
cannot be built for the $75,000.
that is all there is of it. and there
is no use of all this effort to beat
the thing in election. If it takes
more money, the whole thing will
sop itself, that's all. If bids show
ed the works would cost $80,000,
r oes anybody suppose the commit
teemen would be fools enough to
try to build it with $75,000? '
The committeemen are authoriz
ed by the law to spend so much.
They cannot spend one1 penny
-more. If they should spend more
they would have to pay it out of
their own pockets. If the works
cannot be built for $75,000, that
settles the , whole business. But
hadn't we better for fear of a. mis
take, vote to authorize bond issue,
-so that in case the cost be right,
the committee might 'go ahead?
. .. Lost.
Thursday between Corvallis and
Albany, a ladies tan jacket. Finder
please return to Times office and
receive reward.
London, June 23. Replying to
a question in the house of commons
today in regard to the reported ex
pulsion of American and European
firms from Port Arthur, the under
secretary for- foreign affairs, Earl
Percy, said the government had
been informed that no such orders
had been given by the Japanese authorities.
On an Interesting (Topic Testimony
: of Men who Know as to
Wood Pipe. ..,
' Below are letters and parts of let
ters on the subject of wood pipe.
They are a few expressions out of
a bunch of about sixty of which all
speak in much the " same tenor.
They are answers to a letter .sent
out by the Water Committee and
Special Council Committee, asking
for information relative to water
works and water supply. Before
the letters were sent, most of the
committeemen were unfriendly to
wood pipe.. The result of the u-
nanimously favorable testimony of
the letters with reference to its use
convinced the committeemen that,
though far cheaper, wood pipe und
er proper conditions of soil, such
as that along the line of the pro
posed Corvallis systemj is perhaps
the longest lived of any of the var
ious kinds of pipe in use. The let
ter sent out by the committee, after
stating that Corvallis was contem
plating the construction of a muni
cipal water system, said:'
"We understand that the four
kinds of pipe, viz: '.' wood pipe,
cast iron pipe, steel .pipe, and steel
pipe with cast hubs, are all used
more or less and we are anxious to
put in the best. Also please state
price paid for 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch
mains per foot.
If you have a gravity system with
reservoir, we would like to know
something about that. What is the
size of the reservoir, by that we
mean how many gallons per capita
will it hold, how is it constructed,
and of what material? Have you
any trouble with it ? ,
If you have any other informa
tion to give us, it will be thank
fully rece;ved by the Water Com
mittee. Also be kind enough to
send us, if you have it in printed
form, rules and regulations govern
ing your water system and prices
What do you know about hy
draulic engineers ? Who are they,
and where are they located ? We
would only care for the names of
any engineers you could recommend
for such work."
. Cuban Diarrhoea.
TJ. S. soldiers who served in Cuba dar
ing the Spanish war know what this dis
ease is, and that ordinary remedies have
little more effect than so much water.
Cuban Diarrhoea is almost as severe and
dangerous as a mild attack of cholera.
There is one remedy, however, that can
alwavs be depended upon as will be seen
by the following certificate from Mis.
Minnief Jacobs of Houston. Texas: "I
hereby certify that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy cured,
my husband;of a severe attack of Cuban
, Diarrhoea, which he brought home from
Cnba. We had several doctors but they
. -did him no good. One bottle of this rem'
. , edy cured him, as our neighbors will tes
tify I thank God foi bo valuable a tned-
-cine' For sale by Graham & Wortham.
P. T, Rowe, mayor, Orting,
"This town does not own its own
water system. It is owned by a
private individual, and be uses
wooden pipe altogether for nis
mains, and thinks it much better
than any other."
S. A. Barnes, mayor cf Weston,
' 'Have gravity system, , The
mains from reservoir are wood pipe
made at Olympia, Washington,
We have never had any trouble of
any kind. We have a very good
system, best in. Eastern Oregon.
T. J. Suefert, president board of
water commissioners, The Dalles,
"You need have no fear to use
good wood pipe, as it is very satis
factory. For conduit pipe where
you have over 20 pounds of press
ure, continuous stave pipe is much
the cheapest, All that is needed is
plenty of pressure so the wood pipe
keeps well soaked through, The
underwriters say we have one : of
the best plants for the size of the
town on the Coast. Our popula
tion is 5,000, and our system grav
ity. Our expense consists of a su
penntendent who also collects all
moneys, and a helper, who makes
required extensiqns, who does all
the tapping and all outside work.
ington: - - , ' :
"We have in our plant nearly
every kind of ipipe manufactured.
If you want the very best regard
less of expense, cast iron would un
doubtedly meet every requiremdnt,
and suit any and all conditions; but
it is very expensive at first cost,
and also expensive to lay, and
might cost you for the entire sys
tem about double what a , plant
equally as good but of a " different
kind of construction could be had
for; for instance, under certain con
ditions of soil and pressure, wood
pipa, properly built, is equal to
cast iron and by smxe experts is
considered even better. If you are
contemplating the construstion of a
plant the best plan would be to get
a thoroughly competent, practical
and experienced water works man
on the ground to consult with, and
advise you. This would cost
something, bnt it would be monsy
well spent, and by far the most
economical method in the long
J. E, Shraugur. mayor, Mt. Ver
non, Washington:
"The system here is privately
owned. We use the wooden -stave
pipe. This pipe is superior to iron
or other pipe. It will outlast any
iron pipe, the water does not taste,
nor have you the iron rust to con
tend with. Strange as it may seem
this pipe will not decay as the pres
sure of the water fills the pores and
keeps the wood perfectly. Piping
in this vicinity that has been in the
ground for 35 years is now in as
good condition as when put in,
which would not be true of iron or
any other pipe. The cost of this
pipe is about one-half that of steel
pipe. Any one coming s into this
toMn would never know there is a
water system here, except by the
hydrants , as there are no leaks,
or wet places to indicate it We
think we have the best system in
the state and in some . large fires
have certainly been able to control
them without difficulty. In fact
we have had very - favorable men
tion in the Seattle papers along this
line. 1 1 think that there is no doubt
you will make no mistake if '. you
use the wood stave pipe. Seattle
uses large quantities of it in her
immense Cedar River system and it
has given entire satisfaction."
J. L. Boyle, superintendent . wat
er works, Snohomish, Washington:
"Our plant was put in about 12
years ago, at a cost , of $52,00.
au steel pipe, we could put in
the same plant of wooden stave
pipe for less than one-half that, and
it would last four times as long.
Our pipe is nearly rusted out now,
after 12 years. I have been super
intendent here for. seven years and
we have had leaks all of that time.
The last two years I have put in
about 17.000 feet of four and six
inch wooden pipe. It doesn't cost
a third what the steel pipe does and
in my opinion will last several
times as long. We pay 26 cents
per foot for the wood pipe and the
steel, same size, six inch, costs $1,10
so you secthat there is no question
as to which is the most economical.
And that is not all, To calk the
joints in the steel pipe it will cost
from $2 per joint up. On the wood
en pipe you have none of that. You
don't even have to have a skilled
laborer: any common laborer can
drive the pipe together, while with
the steel or iron pipe you must
have plumbers."
Newport Sunday
Otto A. Weile, consulting engin
eer, Port Townsend:
"I am now constructing a water
plant for the city of Port Town
send, similiar I imagine to what
your plant at Corvallis is proposed
to be. We have a long gravity
line from the head works to a res
ervoir. All pipe having a press
ure exceeding 350 feet head is made
of steel; all other pipe is made of
wood. The distributing mains in
the city are from 14 inches down
to six inches, and principally wood.
I would not advise the use of steel
riveted pipe, . particularly of small
diameter, such as you intend "using.
All the various pipes have their
particular advantages, the cast iron
pipe being generally recognized as
the best although of far greater
cost than any of the others and
probably showing the least capacity
of discharge. The steel pipe is
generally considered somewhat
cheaper than . cast while more
expensive than wood and has a
larger discharge capacity than the
cast iron. The wood pipe has the
best discharging capacity, the least
cost when first laid, and under
proper conditions, probably its
length of life is equal to steei or
cast iron."
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Call up No. 1 Phone, P. A. Kline line.
P. A. Kline.
Notice to Builders. ,
Sealed bids will be received up to 3
o'clock Saturday June 17th, 1905 for the
remodeling of the M. E. church of Cor
vallis, Ore, in accordance -with the
plans and BDecifications now at the " of
fice of Ambler & Watters. Reserve the
right to reject any and all bids. '
Virgil E. Watters,
. Chr. Bldg. Com.
Wood Sawing.
I am prepared to ' saw w ood on
short notice with gasoline wood
saw. JJas A. Hbyt. ..
Ind. phone 351.
For Sale or Rent.
Seven room house, barn and 12 lots in
Wilkins addition, vknown as the Mc
Caustland block.
S. H. Moore,
Ind. Phone 713. '
Al. Clark,' superintendent
water works. Bellingham, Wash-
For Sale.
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heifers and calves. - . '
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Notice of Final Settlement,
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed, administratrix of the . estate of
Jacob Whitaker, deceased has filed in
the county court of the state of Oregon,
for Benton county, her final account as
such administratrix of f aid ' estate, and
that Saturday the 8th day of July, 1905,
at the hour of ten oclock a. m. has be en
fixed by said court as the time for hear
ing objections to said report and the
settlement thereof.
Nancv L. WhitnkAr.
Administratrix of the estate of Jacob
Whitaker, deceased.
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Again Open.
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Dry Fir Wood
At 3.50 per cord. Orders solicited
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Gorvallis, '
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Wood Sawing.
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