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The Comings and Goings of People
, Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
Mr. and Mrs. John Allen are
Fair visitors.
Mrs. E. R. Bryson and child
ren are in Portland for a month's
visit with relatives.
Miss Bertha Davis is at home
from a week's visit with Portland
and Independence friends.
Punderson Avery and John F.
Fulton left Saturday for a week's
stay at Scdaville.
There is a new pianola, of lat
est design, at the home of Dr.
Miss Lulu Newhouse is to re
tarn today from a 'week's visit to
the Fair. "
An attractive new barn has
fceen added to the E. B. Horning
property in the southwestern part
ot town.
Mrs. Saylor who has spent
sometime in Corvallis, left this
week for her home in Portland.
Miss Lizzie Kester is lying
very ill at the home of Prof. Cord
ley. It is feared that the ailment
as appendicitis. -
Among Corvallisites returning
Monday from Portland were Mr.
and Mrs. S. N. Wilkins, Dr. and
Mrs. Harper and Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Hayward. .
There were 75 passengers on.
board the excursion train leaving
Philomath for Newport Sunday.
Twenty five went from Corvallis.
There were 130 when the train
gulled into Yaquina.
: With Engineer Miller's prelim
inary survey and estimates before
them, Corvallis citizens now know
what mountain water will cost, and
are consequently in position to say
whether or not they can afford it.
They never knew before. Was it
not a good thing to-get the survey?
Considerable property has been
changing hands in the southwest
ern part of town. Mrs. Rosendorf
has purchased the three lots adjoin
ing her residence , property on the
south ; while R. C. Wills has pur
chased a triangle tract of land near
the Herbert hpme. on which he is
to build a dwelling this summer.
A turn for the better has ap
peared in the case of Mrs. John
Rowland, who has been suffering
for two months with typhoid fever,
and she is well started toward re
covery . Mr. Rowland wants
mountain water in order to make
sure of avoidance of future attacks
ef the sort; and he expects, he says
to vote for it, if it is the last vote he
ever casts.
The funeral of the late Rev.
Thomas Starns occured Saturday at
ten o'clock from the First Metho
dist church. A profusion of beaut
iful flowers adorned the altar and
covered the casket. , The choir
rendered three hymns,, and Rev.
T. L. Jones of Amity, an old friend
of the departed, delivered the ser
mon. On the rostrum were. Rev.
Feeseofthe M. E. church, Rev.
Noble of the Baptist, Rev. Bush of
-the Presbyterian, Rev. Jones of
the Christian, Rev. Reeves of the
M. E., South, and Rev. Belknap,
all of whom took part in the ser
: vice. Interment was in' Crystal
Lake Cemetery, where the newly
rounded grave was literally buried
under choice roses, vines and other
flowers. -
One of the events of Com
mencement, Saturday's Times fail
ed to mention. It was the senior
play at the Opera House Tuesday
evening. The production - was in
every respect creditable alike to the
players and to Mrs. B. W. John
son, under . whose instruction the
play was staged. All of the parts
were well sustained, especially for
1 large number of amateurs on the
boards for the first time, but Karl
Steiwer, in particular, as a German
music teacher at a girl's boarding
- school was decidedly happy and
effective. Another character es
pecially well rendered was Bush
Davis in the role of a young man
masquerading as a boarding school
girL As a whole the play was one
of the best and the production one
f the least amateurish the seniors
tvc cvci given.
Dr. B. A. Cathey made a busi
nees trip to Summit Monday.
W. S. McFadden has been a
Junction City visitor the past few
days. ...
Misa Maud MoBee, of Albany,
was the gueet over Sunday of Cor
vallis friends.
Cheater Avery and family
moved Monday into the old Thomp
son building, opposite Dr. Pernot's
residence. . -
Mrs. Craig Hayes and daugh
ter, of Junction City, visited from
Friday until Sunday with Corvallis
relatives. .
Mrs. Wet-ley Hinlon and Mr.
and Mrs. Clifford Ralls, allof Mon
roe, vieiei Corvalli9 relatives Sat
urday. Miss Myrtle Spaulding arrived
from Portlaud Saturday, where she
has been attending echool. She
will spend the summer in Corvallis.
Arthur BelkDap had an expe
rience with a swarm of bees a few
days ago, and as a result carries his
right hand well bandaged this
Seventy Four Thousand
continued page 2
ri-t of 13 and 1-8 miles of 4 inch, 6
inch and 8 inch wood pipe, togeth
er with 4o fire hydrants, 57 gates,
aed 17,oco pounds of iron casting?.
The system will be able to delivr
the water to the consumers at a
pressure head of about 2 jo feet and
is sufficiently extensive to cover the
whole built-up portion of the city.
The net work of pipe is so arrang
ed ttat a double circuit has been
obtained throughout nearly the
whole -city.
In this system when finished, the
city of Corvallis will have a water
system second to none in the Wes
tern country.
The cost of the proposed works,
exclusive of right of way, which at
present I have no means ol ascer
taining, would be as follows:
Headworks on Bock creek S 500.00
dealing and grubbing 1.390.00
Steel and wood pipe 33,50.40
Gates, all valves & overflows 950.50
Btundard iron castings 320.00
Fig lead and oakum 430.00
Pipe laying 1,807.82
Hauling of materials 1,900.00
Excavation andj back filling 10,200 00 50,952.72
Beservolr on Baldy Butte 2 500.00
13, 1-8 miles ol dlst. system 17.025.00 1 9,525.00
Add 5 per ceuk englu'g. plans
Grand total
From the. preliminary survey
maps and profiles have been made
up so that it was poesible to make a
fairly close and accurate estimate
of the cost of the construction work.
Tie surveyed line can be revised
and improved somewhat at several
point3 along the pire line, and
thtrtby. a slight reduction in the
cost of the construction made, bat
the savicg, as a wLo e, would not
be sufficient to materially chanee
the present estimate.
Assuming that the city has a pop
ulation of 2,5ao inhabitants, and as
earning five persons to the house,
which is the customary ttandard
used would give us five hundred
Louses with an average rate of $ i.25
cents pr month from each house,
which is a very reasonable tax
This gives us a revenue of $7,5ao
per annum. The operating expen
ses of the gravity system should
not exceed $l,2oo per annum, hence
we have:
Bev. from Water consumers $7,500.00
Int. of 6 per cent on $75,000.00 $3,750.00 -Operating
expenses . 1,210.00 4,950.00
Net income to the city per annum $2,550.00
In addition to this the city would
obtain revenue from the Agricultural
College, public institutions and the
town of Philomath that would in i
my judgment amount to not less
than $l,5oo and as the growth of
the city continues the revenue from
the sale of water will correspond
ingly increase.
I may mention that if the pro
posed works are undertaken and
carried out in a first-c!aa3 manner,
as outlined in this report, your city
will have a modern water system,
that will never fail to render the ser
vice for which It is intended.
Acknowledging valuable assist
ance from Dennis P. Woods, C. E.,
thi3 reppit is respectfully submit
ted. - G. W. Miller,
Civil and Hydraulic Engineer.
Da'ed, Corvallis, Or., June 15, 'o5.
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Raymond Henkle, a rising
young business man of San" Jose,
visited his father and relatives in
this city Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. snd Mrs. T. Callahan,
Mrs. Martha Burnett and Mrs.
R. H. Huston are expected home
from Portland tomorrow.
Judges and clerks for the wa
ter election on July 6th are; E. Al
len, William Bogue and S. L.
Shedd, judges and S. L. Hender
son, Cliff Gould and Grant Elgin
ienry Amoier, tne wide a
wake real estate man is to reside!
was in town yesterday.
The Benton county Sunda'
School Convention will be held in
the First M. E. chnrch of Corval
lis, June 29th and 30th. A worker
of the Sunday School Union of the
Northwest will be present and ren
der valuable assistacce. A pleas
act as well as profitable time is ex
pected. Come and help a'nd te
Engineer. Miller was called to
Independence yesterday to attend
a meetine of the Citv council there
last night with reference to a grav
ity water system. 1 he town has
authority to issue $45,000 in bonds
for the purpose, and it is possible
that Mr. Miller may be retained to
make a preliminary survey and es
timate. The preliminary survey and
estimate for the water system cost
$655, ani tne suni has been paid. !
A number of citizens borrowed the !
money at the bank and paid the en
gineers off Monday. It the bonds
are ordered sold, the citizens will
lose nothing, for the survey will bej
paid out of the proceeds of .the
bonds. But if the system is not
built, the citizens will have the
cost of the survey to pay. Those
who borrowed the money
are: P. Avery, S. L. Kline.
R. H. Huston, E- P. Greffoz, P.
M. Zierolf, Wm. Bogue, F. L.
Miller, A. Rennie, J. R. Smith, B.
W. Johnson, Thos. Leese, J. M.
Nolan, B. Woodward, E. E. Wil
son, B. F. Irvine, E. R. Bryson.
A. J. Johnson. Virgil E. Watters,
Hollenberg & Cady.
Ought a few citizens be com
pelled to borrow money to pay for
the preliminary survey and esti
mates for the water system? Are
only the few citizens to be benefit
ed, or is every home in town to
share in the benefit ? Since all
share the profit, all ought to help
pay by an appropriation from the
city treasury. That, however,
cannot be done so long as the in
junction . pends.
City Corvallis Special Water Bond
To tn3 legal voters of the City of C rvillls:
Notice Is hereby given that on Thursday the
Sixth day of July, A. D. 1905, la the Common
Couucil Chamber in the City Hall on the south
east c rner of Madison and Fourth s.reeta in
the i y ot Corvallis, Benton County, Oregou,
a election of the legal voters of said city
of L'cm v 'ULs will be held for the purpose of do -term
ulng whether or not '-The Water Oomml:
tee" said city ahall issue the bonds of the
City Corvallis r foresaid, bearing interest at a
rat.-1, -t exceeding live per cent - per annum,
pa: le half yearly, on forty years time, lor the
puij ,eof constructing water works for the city
ofCi.i vailis, such election having been specially
api i ted. and the time and place aforesaid
fixe-; inerefor. by resolution of "The Water
Ooa n lttee " of said cltyjduly passed on the 16th
day ! June. 1905,
Tii- maximum amount of bontfs proposed to
be if :ied by said Committee for said purpose Is
$75,1 ' 0.00 aud the same will not be Issued, nor
said water works constructed, unless a major
ity of the votes castatsuch election shall be in
favor of issuing bonds. Voters desiring the Is
suance of such bonds shall cause their ballots
to read '"For Bonds," and these against the is
suance of sucn bonds shall cause their ballots
to read "Against bonds."
Said election shall begin at nine o'clock in the
forenoon of said 6th day of July. 1905 and con
tinue until six o'clock in the afternoon of said
day without the polls being closed.
This notice Is eigne by the Clerk of said
committee and published In the Corvallis Times
a newspaper published la Corvallis, Oregon,
for two weeks immediately prior to the date of
such election under the direction of the afore
sali resolution of "The Water Committee." -Dated
this June 21st, 1905
. " S. L. KLINE,
Clerk of "The WatJr Committee,".
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chine work, casting, repairing and
building engines, etc; on short notice,
and at reasonable prices. Work guar
anteed. Franklin Iron Works Co.
R. D. Burgess
Office over Blackledges furniture
store. Hours 10 to 12, 3 to 5.
Phone, office 216; Res
- Corvallis, Oregon.
. Sheriffs Sale.
- -. " - -
On Saturday the 21th day of June, 1005, at the
hour ot one o'clock in the afternoon,' at the
front door of the court bouse In Corvallis, Ben
ton county, Oregon, I will sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all of the
following described real property situated in
Benton county, Oregon towlt:
The east half of tne southeast quarter cf sect
ion 5; the west halt of the soutnwest quarter
the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter
the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter,
the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter,
the south half of the northwest quarter of Sect
Ion 4 all in township 15 south range 6 west: al
so beginning at the southeast . comer of the
northeast quarter of section 5, townrhip 15
south range 5 west, and run thence west 15.25
chains, thence north 20 chains, thence east
16.25 chains, thence south 20 chains to the place
of beginning, containing 30 J acres more or less
Said sale Is made under an execution in my
hands, saued out of the circuit court of the
state of Oregon, for Benton county, in the suit of
Geo. E. Chamberlain et al constituting the State
Land Boai d, plaintiff, vs. Geoiga Schaferetal
defendants, a proceeding to foreclose a mort
gage. M. P. Burnett, -Sheriff
of Bonton County, Oregon
May 27th. 1905.
Copyright 1904 by
Hart Schaffner fjf Marx
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