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For advertisements in this column the rate
of 15 centsSper line will be charged.
are being given on Studebaker ve
hicles at Huston's.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Wilbelm 6f
Monroe, were visitors in Corvallis
There will be service at
Plymouth at 3:00 Sunday after
noon. -Services as usual Sunday even
ing at the M. F. church. Also in
stallation of Epworth League offi
cers. ' .
Miss Lettie Wicks has arrived
from Portland, where she went for
medical treatment.
Mrs. F. E. Smith and son,
Kenneth, arrive today from Sa
lem for a visit with relatives.
' Miss Fay Wisecarver of Mc
Minnville, arrived yesterday, for a
Commencement visit with Corval
lis friends.
Corvallis day at the Lewis and
Clark, fair is June 15th. Buy your
linen suits, straw . hats, Oxford
shoes, shirt waists, .parasols, Lewis
and Clark ties, suit cases, for the
excursionists at Kline's. Store
will be open Wednesday evening
. until 9.
One of the most enjoyable
dancing parties of the season was
given in Wisher hall Tuesday eve
ning by the Carmencita Dancing
Club. About twenty five couples
participated in the pleasures of the
Mrs. Charles W. Adams ac
companied by her daughters Essie
and Dorothy, returced Wednesday
after a ten week's sojourn in Cali
fornia. .
At the Christian church to
morrow the 11 o'clock service will
be adjourned and pastor and people
will attend the baccalaurate sermon
at the college. In the evening at
8 p. m. Children's day will be ob
. served by an appropriate program
by the children entitled "Lighting
the world," The' pastor will
preach a 10 minute sermon to the
children on "The boy that helped
The following students will
take part in the program to be giv
en by the Vocal . department - next
Monday at 8 p. m. in College chap-
el: Solos by Misses Carrie Buchan
an, Gertrude McBee, Maybelle-
Keady, Agnes vonder Hellen, Ed
na Allen, Una Stewart, Mrs. F. L.
Miller, E. R. Hughes. Duets, by
Missps PViillins and MrTipp- ' T. C
Knapp and C. A. Ingle; Misses
Herron . and Keady. Quartette,
: Misses Cooper, Allen, Stewart and
Lieut, Quinlan has received
the following letter from President
Goode of the Lewis and Clark Fair:
' 'I take pleasure in expressing to
you the thanks of the Exposition
management for the excellent
part taken by the cadets of the
Oregon Agricultural College in the
parade and ceremonies incidental to
the opening of the Exposition on
Thursday, June 1st. The splendid
appearance of your cadet body was
most favorably commented upon by
the vice president and other dis
tinguished visitors, which was , a
source of keen gratification to the
people of the state.
It was a man with a hoe.
The sun shone warm. With infin
ite patience and considerable flow
of perspiration, he waS applying
the hoe in an effort to clear away
the weeds and grass in the street
next the sidewalk. It all looked
good to passersby and they re
marked as how the example ought
to be followed. What if every
body in town would do the same
thing, they remarked as- they pass
ed on. In a little while by such
means what a transformation could
be worked in the appearance of
things. The spot where . all this
happened was at the Congregation
al church, and evidence of the work
is there to be seen and the neatness
of the environment still stands as
proof of all the ' foregoing. The
man with the hoe was Rev. Green.
There will be no service at the
Congregational church on Sunday
morning. The congregation will
worship with the college in the Ar
mory. In the evening the service
will be at eight o'clock and the ser
mon will be preached by Dr. House
, of Portland. The following musi
cal numbers will be given; anthem
"Guide Me O Thou Great Jeho
vah," Mrs. Berchtold, Miss Allen,
Miss Von der Hellen Messrs Knapp
, and Hughes. Male qtfartette,
"Onward and Upward," Messrs
Knapp, Hughes, Ingle, Hill. Duet
"The Guiding Star," Mrs. Peter-
son ana Miss Allen. Anthem by
the full choir, solo by Mrs. Berch-
Mrs. Grace Hall, who has been
suffering' for a week with an attack
of appendicitis, is much improved.
After a brief visit in Corvallis,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hall left
Thursday for Buena Vista.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. De Var
ney are to arrive from Portland to
morrow for a visit of a day or so
with Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Johnson.
Miss Belle Mattley, who is en
gaged in teaching school at Ya
quina City, is enjoying a two
week's vacation at home.
There will be no service, ex
cept C. E. meeting at 7 p. m. in
the Presbyterian church next Sun
day. Union service with the Con
gregational church at 8 p. m.
Fred Foster arrived Thursday
from Southern Oregon. His fam
ily occupies the Marshall Miller
house near the Southern Pacific
station, and the young people at
tend college. After commence
ment, all will leave for home.
An interesting meeting of the
Ladies Aid Society of the Metho
dist church occurred at the home
of Mrs. G. W. Smith Wednesday
afternoon. Mrs. Lum, a mission
ery to her travels There was a
programme, refreshments and a
pleasant afternoon.
At the United Evangelical
church the will be
at q:ak instaad of 10 a. m. and no
preaching service on account of the
Baccalaureate sermon at the col-1
lege. The evening services will be
as usual with preaching at 8 p. m.
by the pastor, C. T. Hurd.
By invitation of the Trustees
of Albany College, Rev. M. S.
Bush, pastor of the Presbyterian
church will deliver the. annual ad
dress to the young people next
Sunday evening. It will be a
union service of all the churches of
Albany and will be held in the
M. E. church.
Exercises in the Armory Wed
nesday afternoon attracted a large
crowd of people. The occasion
was the closing work in Miss Craw
ford's physical culture classes,
which were in fact, the final exam
ination. The gallery was crowded
with spectators, and an overflow
crowd jammed the main entrance.
The various evolutions by the
young ladies were the subject of
much favorable comment.
Half fare is all rhat it is to
cost to make the trip to Salem and
return tomorrow to see the big four
cornered track meet. The rate for
the round trip is $1.35, all provided
that 100 persons go, and the indi
cations now are that far more than
the requisite number will make the
journey. The Cadet band is to be
in the excursion, and will furnish
music during the meet. The ex
cursionists leave via the 6:30 C. &
E. train in the morning, and return
by the train which reaches Corval
lis at 10 o'clock in the evening.
The meet takes place at the Fair
Grounds at two o'clock p. m.
"Midsummer Night's Dream"
is to be given on the college - camp
us at four o'clock Monday after
noon, weather permitting. An at
tempt last Saturday at an open air
rendition of the well known : play
was interfered with by showers.
Instead of an outdoor performance,
the players and their audience at a
delightful spot on Oak Creek, im
provised a play house out of an old
barn in which the play was render
ed. At the request of various peo
ple, Miss Crawford has consented
to give the play again, and it will
with the assistance of the weather
clerk, be given Monday evening on
the campus. Later," on account of
the sickness of two of the players,
the play will not be produced.
The brooder house and 'con
tents on the F. L. Miller poultry
farm near town was destroyed by
fire Thursday , night. : The con
tents consisted of about 250 chicks
a month old, three brooders, a
small quantity of oil for heating
purposes and a quantity of chicken
feed. The house was 16 by 25 and
was not valuable. The whole loss
aside from the chickens is not in
excess of $75. With 600 young
chickens in his yards,- Mr. Miller
could better afford the loss than
most people. The day of the fire
Mr. Miller and his man . debated
whether to - turn the chicks
out of the brooders and concluded
to leave them in another day or
two. The lamp that warmed the
place caused the burn, but how no
body knows. -
400 Cords.
Of maple and ash wood for sale at $3
and $3.5o per cord. Will be delivered
the latter part of August. Leave orders
at Abbott's barn. 1 '
m 2o-2m. . Norwood Trading Co.
Sean the me tuna tou ttave Always m
The Kind You Have Always BougK.
Corvallis to be Deserted Only a Soli
tary Guard to Watch the
It looks now as if Corvallis would
be a relic,- a Jdeserted viliage, a
ruin next Thursday. All the busi
ness houses will be closed, and the
proprietors and the clerks will be
at the Fair. It will be7 Corvallis
day down there, and Corvallis is
going en masse toemphasiz ethe fact
before the multitude of Fair visit
itors. The town has a lot of things
up its sleeve. . It is the purpose to
go down there and behave decor
ously, but at the same time to do
thing that will make denizens of
other climes who happen to see us
dig up their geographies and see
whereabouts Corvallis is on - the
map. . ,
As to who is going to the Fair
that day, that has ceased to" be
talked about, and it hasYather be
come a quiry as to whether or not
anyone is going to remain at home.
The rate isso low that it is cheap
er to go on the excursion than it is
to sit on a dry goods box and whit
tle at home. The wear and tear on
the knife and the box will nearly
foot up more than an excursion
1 icket. Every thing is so favor
able for making the trip, and so
many are going that the main fear
is that there will be nobody left to
watch the towi, except the chief
of police who it is acknowledged,
under the stress of his 1 loneliness
may fall accidentally on his own
sword or shoot himself with his
own automatic, and none be left to
tell the doleful tale of how it came
about. Or hearing that the .town
was guarded but by a single man,
there might be an invasion from
Lincoln county and Peruna be
drunk and guzzled upon our regen
erate streets with reckless abandon,
and the lone, solitary chieftain of
the police force be unable to put
down the disorder or save the hon
or and sobriety of dry Corvallis
from the designs of the invaders,
As stated all Corvallis business
houses are to close for the day.
I They have signed an agreement to
tnat eiiect. The mayor is prepar
ing to issue a proclamation, declar
ing the day to be a municipal holi
day, and calling on all citizens to
rest from their labors. The Citi
zens League, comprising 100 in
fluential and leading citizens, has
unanimously and enthusiastically
resoluted, calkag Tipon -verybo$
i to make of the occasion, a holiday,
and to doall possible to swell the for
ces of the excursion of Corvallisites
at the Fair, and to assist in every
way to show the Fairites a bit. of
Western enterprise, by the show
ing made. A committee of the
1 League has canvassed the town and
J raised money. A special train has
I been secured to carry Corvallis to
I the fair in style. The League has
guaranteed that 900 passengers
will go on the train. The belief
now is that the number will be
2,000. Not one detail has been ov
erlooked, and the common guess is
that after the thing is all-over Cor
vallisites wTill be more than gratified
at the showing made.
To make the occasion the more
successful, it is proposed to-ueive
the event more of the charactepof
Benton county day. The showing
made in the parade and otherwise
will be devoted more to Benton
county than to Corvallis. " The
mottos and legends displayed will
strenuously emphazie old Benton,
and it is the purpose as a result to
draw as heavily as possible from
Benton' s population to help carry
outthe plan. Information from
the country is that every locality
and nearly every family will send
a delegation to jo'n in the trip.
The arrangements for the rate
of fare are great. The charge for
the round trip, returning the same
evening is only $2. . On a $2.60
ticket, a person can go down on the
special excursion train in the morn
ing and return at any time within
seven days. That is the cheapest,
arrangement for a round trip ticket
ever made from Corvallis to Port
land with so long a period to stay.
The excursion train will leave Cor
vallis about six o'clock next Thurs
day morning. The hour for. the
return by the same train . in the
evening has been fixed at 7 o'clock.
White kid slippers at Kline's,
$1.50. - . .
' Notice to Builders.
Sealed bids will be received up to .3
o'clock Saturday June 17th, 1905 for the
remodeling of the M. E. church of Cor
vallis, Ore, 'tin ' accordance with the
plane and specifications now at the of
fice of Ambler & Watters. Reserve the
rigijl to reject any and all bids.
. Virgil E. Watters,
Chr. BJdg. Cam.
- , Groceries
, Mill feed, oil meal, chick food, crack
edcorn, bone shell at
Dunn & Thatchers.
Officer Failed to Overhaul arid Jail
his Quarry But Hade the Vil
lain ran.
It happened recently, about mid
night. Officer Osburn, making his
usual rounds, paused a moment
near the Woodcock residence. To
his astonishment, a man emerged
from the cover of vines near a
window aad darted away. Ot course
the officer gave instant pursuit.
The course, lay around the Burnett
corner and thence westward and
southward, both men. going like
quarter horses, The officer in oth
er days had a good stride and was
able te go some, and he started out
with high hop-s of capturing the
fugitive. '
The chase took a diagonal course
through the school house lots.
There was ploughed ground there, ;
and it worried both runners. It
did much to wind the officer, while
the fugitive sped on at a pace too
hot for any ordinary trail. " It was
so hot in fact, that when he came
to the deep ditch north across the
street from the Farra residence,
that he saw the depression too late.
He went down like a shot but was
up again like a flash. Across the
street at the Farra curbing there is
a barbed wire, He ran"intoit, and
went down on the stone pavement
with a dull sickening thud. Student
von der Hellen was passing down
the street at a distance of fifty yards
or more and saw the fall into the
ditch. "Pretty work; pretty work"
he shouted oblivious to the fact
that far astern a man-of-war
with all sails set and jib boom and
spanker flying was bearing down
hard on the speeding craft.
There was a quick rise after the
fall on the pavement, and a quick
dash around the corner and a final
disappearance in the darkness. The
officer, in spite of the double fall of
the fugitive was distanced, and bad
to give up the chase. Subsequent
developments seem to indicate that
a cherry tree in the Woodcock
yard was the only thing on which
the marauding and strange visitor
had designs. The story is that his
companion, who . was actually in
the tree when the other fled, got
home without bruises from a fall in
a ditch, and had no chase over
plowed gror.nd arid no experience
with a barbed wire and a stone
payement. The cherries on that
tree- are said to be awfully7 good. ":
From points on the C. & E.
to Portland and Return.
Individual Rates.
One and one-third fare for round
trip plus $3.30 when sold via Al
bany and $3.50 when sold via Cor
vallis. Sale date Daily from May 29th
to October 15, 1905, both inclusive.
Limit 30 days but not later than
Oct. 31, 1905.
Parties of Ten or More.
Parties of 10 or more from one
point traveling together on one
ticket both ways will be sold tick
ets as follows: ;
Rate One fare .for the round
trip, plus $2.45 when sold via Al
bany and $2.60 when sold via Cor
vallis. . v :
Sale dates Daily from May 29 to.
Oct 15, 1905 both inclusive.
Limit 10 days from date of sale.
Organized Parties.
For organized parties of, 100 or
more moving on one day and from
one place individual tickets will be
sold as follows:
Rate One fare lor the round
trip plus $2.45 when sold via Al
bany and $2.60 when sold via Cor
vallis. : Sale dates Daily from May 29
to Oct ith, 1905 both inclusive., .
Limit io days from date of sale.
Coach Excursions.
Coach excursions will run from
time to time during the fair, for
which special low vrates . will be
Stop Overs. -
No stop overs will be allowed on
any of the . above tickets. They
must be used for continuous pas
sage each way, Tickets, will not
be sold locally to Albany or Cor
vallis but a ticket reading through
to Portland good during the fair
will be used under conditions in
dicated above, For information
write to -. . .
. J. C. MAYO, .
Gen. Pass. Agt., Albany.
, Notice.
We are here to do all kinds of ma
chine work,: casting, repairing : and
building engines, etc; on - short notice,
and at reasonable prices. Work guar,
anteed. Franklin Iron Works Co.
New Gasoline Wood Saw.
: I am now ready, to attend promptly
to all orders. Ind. phone 835; . i
j W. E. Hansell. -
JyJlk ;DAT.TPnuc;.
To meet the demands in our increasing dress goods
trade, we have added a full line of these popular fash
ions. Thestandard patterns- give better satisfaction ,
than any other now on'the market.
Advanced 10c and Reduced
in 15 c in
Quality. no higher. Price.
Subscription taken for the Designer. A real home
and fashion magazine. Was $1 per year, is now 80e.
Its sole aim is one of helping all women indoors and
oui along practical and beautiful lines. The very latest
of fashion trend.- The Designer for June now on file
10c per copy.
Call and see our line of Summer Suitings. We carry
the newest and most popular goods.
The White House Corvallis, Oregon
We pay special attention to Mail Orders.
Great June Sale!
"A bargain oppurtunity
year. On Wednesday June 7th we place on sale our
entire stock of Summer Wash Fabrics and ladies
r , - Wash Fabrics.
10c values reduced to 8c
New Waists,
W ) have just received from the East a sample line
"of waists which we are instructed to sell at cost rang
ing in price from 40c to $6.00
This sale includes' all our new Spring Goods, and
when we say it is a bargain opportunity, we mean it.
So come in and see "you are welcome" everybody is.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
and Silverware,
Eyes tested free of charge
and glasses fitted correctly
at prices within reach of all
' ' Fine watch repairing a spe
Pratt The Jeweler 6Y Optician.
that happens only once a
3 SLll