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    V61.-XVIII.-No. 11.
B.T. IKTIKB Editor -and
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Anxious to Have it Over Verdict
; Staggers Him, but He says He
Is Ready to Die Denies '
He Had Dozen Wives
and Murdered . : -Them.
Chicago, May 19. Johann Hoch,
who by his owu confession is sever
al times a bigamist, and who is
charged by the police with having
married at least 4U women in tne
penalty to; - life imprisonment. A
prison guard who had heard Hoch't
talk saidy ia attempt , to cheer him
up: ;
"Where there's life, there's hope.
you know," - Hoch smiled and re
plied: ; 'C -t - ' , " . , : J
"JNot foi- me. It's all over, and
Johann is going to die." f "
Hoch f,h-en commenced to whistle
a lively tr.ue-;as he was returning to
his' cell. 7
Hock ia said to be penniless, and
for that mson it is believed he will
not be abteio carry his case f o .the
supreme oourt, should he change
his mind end ask for a new ' trial
and be refused. , . -
W 8is.w',iRssian Poland,- May
19. A workman 7 who "was trying
to avoid the observatidn-of two de
tectives on Midowa, street at , noon
past 15 years, today was found guil- today stumbled on tbe..curbf -th
ty of murder and the death penalty sidewalk apd a bomb which be was
killing the workmen and s both - of
the detectives and injuring several
persons wfcoi were.paB6ing by, It
is believed tne bomb was intended
for Governor-General Maximovitch,
was recommenaea Dy a . jury in
Judge Kereten's court. '-
The crime for whicn iiocrr will
be led to the gallows was the mur
der of his last known wife, Mrs.
Marie Walcker-Hoch. Hoch had
been married to this woman but a
few days when she became sudden
ly ill and died. He then formed
an alliance with the sister ot tne
dead woman and, securing the lat
ter's money, fled from Chicago
This woman in quest of revenge
notified the police that Hoch had
poisoned her sister, and- a search
for him was begun. He was found
two weeks later J in New 'York,
brought back to Chicago and con-
who was expected to pass the spot
on his way td the cathedral to at
tend the services' m honor of 4htf
czar's birthday. . 1 '
The bodies, of the victims were
literally blowji to .-pieces.- A cafe
near the scene of the explosion was
entirely demolished, all the "'wind
owe in the neighborhood . ' j were
smashed and a lamp post was torn
out ot the ground. , . - ,r
When a correspondent of the As-
The Battle Commences in Manchu-ria-ij-Qyama
Disposes HisFor- V
vifes for' Attack and Xinie-.... ..
." vitch Is Ready ''
Tokio. May 20. It was announ
ced this evening from the headquar
ters of the Japanese armies in the
field that three Russian columns of
mixed - forces advanced - southward
JtfayJJ? to" the vicinity of the rail-
roaa. r ue Japanese engaged inem
and drove, the Russians northward.
Simultaneously 500 Russian caval
ry attacked a Japanese field hospit
al at Kingpin, on the right bank of
the Liao rfer. - Japanese and artil
lery and infantry dispersed the at
tacking cava.ry, - inflicting .very
heavy, loss upon them 7 , "
fronted by several of his supposed sociatea rress recnea tne scene tne
3 trial expert teB- muiuaieu retnuiya were siiii v iying
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wives, LDaring the
timonv. was " offered by the . state
that Hoch had noisoned the woman
,by administering arsenic.
fr 1 T ' i . T 1
ltjaay s veruici was uds oi tuo
quickest on record in Cook county,
the jury having reached a verdict
in less than half an hour. . Three
ballots were taken. The first ballot
was unanimous as to Hoch'e guilt,
and then a.ballot followed as to the
punishment so be fQUicted. . Inls
shawedtcaiai fiyot i oT- tbTeatta
penalty and. two for life imprison
ment. A third ballot resulted in
the12 jurymen voting for the death
Well 1 guess it's all over witn
Johann," groaned Hock, as the ver
dict was read in court, and it was
plain he was greatly affected. He
had eat in a stoopi&g position,, but,
when the dreaded word "death"
was reached, he turned pale, stared
hopelessly at the jurors and then
sank limp in his chair.
Hoch s attorneys will ask lor a
tew trial, although the condemned
man, after reaching bis cell,; de
clared he was ready to die, and
would be betterlsatisfied if they did
not make the effort.
"I wish they would hang me to
night, now that I have been found
guilty," declared Hoch. "Iamlnot
afraid to die, and the sooner it is
over the better."
Hoch expressed great surprise at
the finding of the jury, and declared
that the jurors did.not take time to
consider the evidence.
"The evidence was all circum
stantial," be said, "and my life was
'guessed' away by the jury, which
did not give sufficient consideration
to the testimony offered. Had they
done so, I might have stood a bet
ter chance. But there is no use in
finding fault now; it is all over with
me, and I hope that .no time will be
lost in taking me to the gallows. I
do not want my attorneys to at
tempt anything more for me, as I
know it will be of no use. The eLd
cannot come too soon to suit me. I
committed no crime. If my wife
had been shot by me instead of
poisoned, as was alleged, it would
have taken the jury at least a day
to return a verdict; but this a case
of poisoning, and at least twice as
much time Bhould have been taken
foi its consideration."
Hoch denied positively ' that he
had murdered a number ot wives,
as has been alleged, and displayed
some bitterness in speaking of the
'Such talk Is foolish," he said.
"The reports have been spread that
I am a modern 'Bleubeard.' . This
is untrue. All that can be said
against me is that I committed big
amy. As to the talk that I had
nearly a dozen wivep, it ie nonsense,
as are the stories that I made away
with them. There was no evidence
that I had another sweetheart and
wanted to get rid of the woman I
am accused of poisoning. I spent
money to get her, but this part of
the evidence was ignored by the
Hoch said he preferred the death
in the roadway,, portions ol ; them
being on the sidewalks 2,20 yards
distant. IheToadway, was cover
ed with debris . .
After theclSsials had. entered the
cathedral detectives .' observed a
poorly dressed man loitering near
by. Whetvihe man-8aw the detea
tives he ran toward the entrance of;
a confectionery fctore, where he ejlh
tofifasat tha detectives. The ex
plosion occurred only a moment
before - the t people commenced to
pour out of the cathedral. Three
minutes later the Governor-Gener
al would have passed the spot.
Cossacks who were hastily sum
moned soon cleared the streets, and
the governor-general drove by
another route to the castle. In all
32 persons were wounded.
Riga, European Russia, May 16.
Two policemen were killed by un
known persons at midnight near
Gupenburg Park. A bomb was
thrown at a police patrol, with the
result that a police commissioner
was wounded and a policeman was
killed. A policeman, among those
who pursued the bombthrowers
was shot and killed by the a seas
sins, who were armed with revolv
ers. -
Largest line of matting in the city at
ters A later dispatch Bays the ves-
sels outside Port ayot brought.
colliers. J v -
London, May 20.-:-Britl3h naval ,
expert authorities here incline to
the opinion that iiojeatvensky has
been unable to get into close quar
ters with Togo, and that he has re
ceived stringent orders from St. Pe
tersburg to go forward at all hiz
ards. Japan has no fear that the
Sussians -will injure her trading
ships as Rojestvensky is not likely
to encumber himself with Blow-sailing
merchant vessels while on his
way north. ' " .
It has hitherto been customary
for the British fleet in the Far East
to proceed north about this time far
summer cruising. It has received ,
orders this week to remain in Hong--keng
for the present, in view of the .
possible clash of the Russian and
Japanese fleets. '
. A torpedo, boat is said to - have
met wih Toeo's fleet not lar from
this pors. The Japanese signalled -the
British ; not to report their '
fiOUaCUU i MO, .iUO( 1UU 1UUCD
north of Tie Pass,' Manchuria, May
2O. A general engagement is im
minent... Field Marshal Oyama is
deploying heavy forces against Gen
eral iyinievitch s leit. and . is con
centrating his troops along the -center,
but his base ia. opposite theRusv
eian tight. It is not yeclear which
wing ia i' making a demonstration
and which will deliver the main
Wow, It is evident from Linie-
vitch's preparations that he intends
to accept a decisive battle. "",
St.' Petersburg, May 16. The
court of. appeals has decided that
the. sentencing of four persons con
demned to death at Warsaw by a
military court-martial for attempts
on the life of Chief of tolice. von
Nolken and other 'official of that
city, was illegal, as martial law did
not exist J,her.e at the time; The
prisoners will te tried again before
a civil court.
"ParisMay 2l'.-The Petit Journi
al's Saigon correspondent, telegraph
ing Saturday evening, says ha .has
information from an authoritative
soared .that the. entire ; Russian
fTTeeti after leaving Port Dayot, made
for the Island of Hainan, where. .it
ageborfed, tiikfi-oe " oda;, and Uias
on the, night of May 19-20 a portion
cf the Russian fleet, comprising 11
ships-, returning to the annam coast
anchoring at Port Royal, but out-
Bide territorial waters.
The Petit Journal says this fact
was immediately telegraphed to
Saigon and Admiral de Jonquieres
decided to proceed immediately to
Port Dayot to enforce the observ
ance of neutrality and that the ad'
miral carries precise and severe in
structions to that effect.
Tne retit journal says that it is
believod the returned portion of the
Russian fleet is composed of the less
rappid of the Russian vessels and
that it is a ruse of Rojestvensky,
who hopes to mislead Togo by
making him believe that the entire
Sussian fleet 00s returned to Indo
Ohineev waters, and thus permit
Rrjestvensky, with his faster ships,
to slip at full speed to Vladivostok
Officials the paper concludes, do
not fear complications because of
the return of the Russians as the
ships are outside the territorial wa-
-4n 4he County Court : : t'
At - an ?. adjourned "Bessi'on of the
county court Saturday, Dr. Pernot
was appointed secretary of the Conn- '
ty Board of Health , to succeed Dr.
Bennett, of Monroe. :'Hereafter the
secretary must reside at the county
seat and the records be placed in
the office of the county clerk. ;
A proposition of L. B. , GeeC to ,
doEte'"tjAi'ray 6 fcetrji 'widj
through his farm, and to fence and
clear the same was accepted by the,"
Dr. Pernot and P. A. Kline each
donated . fifty dollars to
ward graveling the Oak Creek road,
and the county is to furnish the re
maining necessary gravel.
Roy Raber was appointed as as
sistant to Mr. French in caring for
the Benton exhibit at the Lewis and
Clark. .
Hathaway Bros, were awarded
the contract for finishing the iron
foi the new Monroe bridge. The
contract price was $65.
See the
.1 iriw
i fell ' mm
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J. H. Harris