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    QorvalSis Times.
Official Paper of Benton Count?.
CORVALLIS, OR., MAY 6, 1905.
A hung jury with most of the
jurors for acquittal is the result of
the third trial of Nan Patterson.
In many an instance there will be
regret that the result had not been
an acquittal. Caesar Young, the
man for whose alleged murder she
has been so vigorously prosecuted,
though a married man, plotted a
gainst andbrokeup Nan Patterson's
home, inducing her to leave her
husband on promise that she should
be made Young's wife. Young's
own acts in the premises, his treach
ery to his own home, made him a
justfiiable target for Nan Pattersons
weapon, if. indeed, it was her
hand that sent him Over There
His character made his death
tragic as it was, a matter of too
small consequence to justify the
triple trials, the furore of prosecn
tion and the immense cost that it
has been to the people of New
York. , Besides, since the contrary
after so many attempts and such
vehement effort has not been prov
en, the presumption of innocence
rests with Nan Patterson, and
most of the public will be pleased
with the latest turn in the wheel of
fate, that promises her freedom
and immunity from further perse
cution by a bloodthirsty prosecutor.
The sensational trials, in the ex
tieme interest they have awakened
have done far more harm to society
than her conviction and execution
in case of guilt would have done
good,, in that they have made of
her a sort of demi-heroine to be
imitated and applauded now and
hereafter by the morbidly senti
mental, and others.
It has been demonstrated over
and over again that the reclamation
of large bodies of land lies in better
drainage. Waste. land thus re
claimed, is in most ' instances, the
best in the world. A plan is afoot
in which farmers along Muddy pn
pose to clear out the- channel of
that stream so that waste .water
can be drawn from their lands.
The undertaking would undoubted'
ly involve a considerable outlay of
time and labor, but when once ac
complished it would be for time and
eternity. The outlay of today
would come back with interest
doubtless tomorrow, . and thereafter
yield a never ceasing 'profit. - Per
haps the richest lands on earth are
the low valleys of th$ Netherlands
reclaimed by the labor of human
- hands, in dikes built to restrain the
encroaching sea.
By Farmers Along Muddy Their Ef
fort for Better Drainage.
The farmers along Muddy creek
are talking of cleaning out 5 aid
stream'so as to thoroughly " drain
the adjacent lands.
An attempt wa3 made a few
years ago to clean out Muddyr by
pulling out the brush and cutting
off what could not be pulled out,
but on account of the density of
- the young growth and the crooked
ness of the stream the project was
a failure. -
It is now proposed to do the
work in a business like manner,
by straightening the stream and
cutting a new channel where nec
essary. This is a much needed improve
ment as' Muddy drains much of the
southern part of the county; and
as it is now, it does not begin to
to carry off the surplus water.
Therefore many acres of land ad
jacent to the stream are swampy
and fit only for summer pasture,
To thoroughly drain this land
' will restore it to new life and will
increase its value many fold and
much of the now waste land can
then be cultivated.
, A meeting of those interested is
called to be held at ' the . Grange
Hall May 12. A good attendance requested,
Jas. M. Hebron.
" . Bruce, Or.
i Cows for Sale.
Three good young cows in fall milk,
Alfred Bicknell.
Five miles north of Corvallis.
List of Claims Ordered Paid at
Term of Court. ,
The following bill were allowed
by the county court at . its regular
May 1905 term.
Lewis Gray mil J. P. court $ 2 50
Barney Seits constable fees 3 00
Corvallis Ind Tel Co tel May 4 50
Corvsllis Times printing 34 75
Bushong Co blanks ' 6 50
Cervallis Gazette printing . 18 00
J. D. Wells janitor o 25
R. H. Huston mil lock 2 25
P. M. Zierolf gro Mrs Sears 6 00
Wellsher& Gray groZumwalti2 09
Geo. E. Lilly house rent Mrs
Sargent 5 5
Mrs. Huggins care co poor 102 85
E. Bennett county physician 9 00
J. E. Michael ferryman - 51 75
B. A. Cathey ex insane 500
Earl W. Kigec road grader
road fund 42500
C. L. Blakeslee ferry work 4 00
Vidito Bros team hire rd fund 4 00 1
J. H. Simpson rd sup " 37 40
H. E. Hodes powder roads
road fund 51 24
R. M. Wade & Co road sup
plies rd fund .3 75
A. Wilhelm & Sons, road sup
plies, etc. road fund 5 95
R. M. Gilbert rd wk rd fund 63 60
A Bunker " " 5250
R. W. Jones " " 29 50
Geo Berry " ' 2900
Sam King , " " -. 5 00
City Transfer Co team: hire 12 00
W. E. Starr rd work rd fund 2 50
Ellsworth Postindigentsoldieriooo
C. A. Gerhard stationary 19 24
A. Coombs expensepauper 6 00
Nat. Drill & Mafg Co road ma-:
chine road fund 290 70
V. E, Watters ex road grader 1 55
Peter Speedie wit pros atty 2 90
A.Newton " 290
Dick Zahn " " 570
Ray Lamberson " ' 150
H. C. Leonard, "v " 1 50
Al Haggarty " . " 2 90
Cal Kramer " ' 450
Chas. Nixon " 1 50
c Jvreterson . 300
Roy Hathaway " " 1 50
John Martin " " , 520
Aibert Brown " 52b
C. A. Hyland " " 1 50
Richard Turner" " 1 60
A. J. Shirley " " : 150
Pat Stewart " V " 1 50
Chester Taylor " "150
Oil Felger ' " " 300
A. M. Austin road work 8 25
A. K. Locke sal. supervisor ,7 50
II. M. Fleming "- 6 25
a. M. Dodele " 5 00
John Price " 2 50
W. M. Clark. - ' 5 00
A. Cadwalader " 10 00
W. P. McGee " 12 50
J. R. Fehler. " n 25
h,. A. .Buchanan , 500
J. E. Banton : " '' 37 50
S. R. Strow " 3 12
H. Hector " 3 75
A.M.Gray " 625
Wren Mayrette wit pros atty 1 50
Geo. Belt " " 1 50
Frank Allen . " . " 3 50
Ray Lamberson " " 1 50
John Scott " " 1 50
Fruit & Waggener team hire 3 00
W. A. Jolly county com 1040
Peter Rickard " 1620
Robert Kyle road work special
dist 15 , 120 75
H. M. Fleming road work
county and city ferry 5 00
. Victor P. Moses.
County Clerk, Benton Co.
Notice of City Election. '.
Notice is hereby given that the annual
election of the City of Corvallij will be
held on Monday the 15th day of May,
I905, for the purpose of electing the fol
lowing officers: -
Mayor. v
Chief of Police.
Police Judge.
One Councilman for First Ward.
.. Two Counuilnien for Second Ward
One Councilman lor Third Ward.
The following has been designated as
the polling place, Council Chambers, in
City Hall, on the southeast corner of
Fourth & Madison streets, the polling
place will open at 9 o'clock a. m. and re
main open continuously nntil 6 o'clock
p. m. .
The following persons have been ap
pointed to conduct said election : Judges
Caleb Davis. Joseph Yates, J. W. Craw
ford; clerks, C. A. Gould. Grant Elgin,
Given under my band and seal of the
City of Corvallis, this 3rd day of May,
E. P, Greffoz. -Police
Judge of the city of Corvallis. .
For Police Judge.
' I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of nolice indsre snbiect
to the decision of the voters at the elec
tion to be held on Monday the i5th day
of May. Yours respectfully,
m. v. ureaoz.
House to rent. J. J. Cady.
For Sale.
Cigar clippings of onr own mannfact
nre, : Rose & Son. - m2S tf
Hay For Sale. . -
Vetch and alfalfa, best cow hay in the
world, laa Tel 155. h. li. -Brooks. -
And will be Shipped Monday Fixtures
for Benton Exhibit at the Fair.
When Benton county people go
to the Lewis and - Clark fair : and
gaze on the JBenton exhibit there,
they will have every reason for just
pride. The fixtures for the exhib
it are about - complete, and will be
shipped to Portland by rail Mon
day next. The general plan' for
the construction of the fixtures was
drawn by H. T. French, who will
have charge of the exhibit."'' The
securing and selection ' of various
woods and the arrangement of the
same, as well as the construction
of the work was all by F. P. Sheas
green, of the Central Planing Mills
& Box Factory, where the work is
now to be seen. The furniture is
pronounced by those who have ex
amined it to be beautiful in design,
artistic in arrangement and most
excellent in finish. Some of the e
panels illustrate strange freaks of
nature in the growth of the wood,
Some resemble waves and ripples
on the surface or the water, others,
formations of perpendicular rocks
of various forms, while in others
the grain of the wood resembles
growing vines and flowers. One
curious specimen resembles a lion
at lest. -
The various woods used in the
manufacture of the fixtures, will
show what Benton county produces
in the way of timber suitable . for
the manufacture of high class fur
niture, as well as for other 'pur
poses. In the latter respect, Mr,
Sheasgreen aimed to show only
such woods as are produced in suf
ficient quantities to be of value for
manufacturing purposes and of best
commercial value. . The space used
for the purpose would not permit
a completd exhibit for all the woods
in the county, and only selections
of the most valuable could be used,
Far more time for seasoning " the
lumber and for .other purposes
would have been required for a
complete showing of all the com
mercial woods of the county. The
collection however, is of rare beauty
that will be a surprise and delight
to Easterners who behold them.
The space secured by Benton coun
ty at the Fair, is small being 20 x
2& feet, but the county is most for
tunate in securing one of the very
best locations. The spot is near
one of the main entrances, and has
aisles on three sides. It will bkr
closed by panel work in the woods
described above. The enclosure
will contain an octagonal pyramid,
eight feet in diameter, standing
10 feet high, to be used " for the
same purpose. A photograph
rack with 2,500 square feet of avail
able surface, will show views of
Benton county scenery and archi
tecture. These stands will be sur
mounted by stuffed birds and flow
ers." .
There will also be four glass cas
es, three feet square and nine feet
high, displaying a general variety of
miscellaneous products and articles.
The glass cases will stand on either
side of the entrance and will - be
surmounted by a large arch decor
ated with Benton grains and grass
es, with an elegant pair of deer
horns tor a center piece. Over all
on three sides, the name "Benton
County" will appear in large gold
letters. .
Mr. Sheasgreen and Mr- French
will go to Portland early next week
to attend to installing the , fixtures
and exhibits. .
For Chief of Police.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the office of chief of po
lice. W. G. Lane.
Notice to Contractors. -
. Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received by the Sewer Committee
nntil the 8th day of May at 12 o'clock
noon for the construction of a sewer
through blocks 31 and 32 Avery's Third
addition to the city of Corvallis accord,
ing te the plans and specifications now
on file in the office of police judge. - A
certified check on a responsible bank
must accompany each bid. . r -P.
Avery, Alex Rennie, Ed Buxton,
oewer Committee. "
Ladies skirts all kinds and prices
at Moses' Bros. Call and see them.
For shoe repairing see . Powells sec
ond door west of Berman grocery. : .
" Some one to haul 160 cords of wood.
Anyone wanting the job call on c
. - - G. R. Farra.
April 20th, 1905. ,
For Corvallifl Water Co. . '-v. 1
Blackledge sells refrigerators.
Broke into His House. '
S. LeQulnn of Cavendish, Vt., wa
robbed of his customary health by inva
Bion of chronic constipation. When Dr
King's New Life Pills broke into bis
honse, his trouble was arrested and now
he's entirely cured. They're guaranteed
to cure. 25c at Allen & Woodward' drug
To Yaquina Bay Which to People Wish
ing to Enjoy' Natare's Beauties "
Proye so Popular.
The low rates in effect from points xn
the S. P. to Yaquina Bay during the
winter which proved so popnlarwith the
people wishing to view nature at that
magnificent seaside reEOrt have been
extended during April and tickets will
sold on Wednesdays and Saturdays until
the last of April good for return at any
time up to May 31st, 1905. -
The month of April should be a favors
ite one for v.siting the seaside where the
health-giving breezes of the Pacific will
banish "spring fever and other ills to
which flesh is heir.
Tickets from all eastside points to all
westside points, and vice veraa, via the
C & E are also on sale; and on April 1st
tickets to all -westside points will be on
sale by the C'& Eat Albany; and to all
eastside points on the S P by the C cl E
at Corvallis on which baggage can be
checked through to destination.
Pull information in regard to rates etc
can be obtained from anyS P or C & E
agent or from W. E. Coman G P A S P
Co. Portland, or T H Curtis Acting man
ager C&EEE Company Albany, Or.
All new wall paper aBlatkledge's.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & t"--tham'B drug store.
; 1 ATTORNh l-AT-LA W.
First Nat'l Bank Building,
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
Physician Surgeon,
Office up stairs in Burnett Brick
idence on the corner of Madison
Seventh st. Phone at ho sse ando ffi
150 cords oak wood, stove length ready
for delivery on short notice,
5 " L. L. Brooks
It you take the right road to Hollenberg & Cady's furniture store
They everything for Honse Furnishing. If you need a stove or range
don't forget us. The Charter Oak and Toledo Ranges are fully warran
teed. We are having great success with these ranges. They have all
the latest improvements and we sell them with or without resivoirs.
We have reduced the price on all our new cook stoves and can sell
you a good stove at a nominal price. Old stoves taken m exchange.
Remember we set up these stoves and guarantee satisfaction.
C. H. Newth,
Physician and Surgeon ..
Philomath, Oregon.
.Ice Cream Social.
' The Indies Guild ot the Episco
pal church will give an ice cream
social at the Rectory, Saturday,
May 6th from 4 to 10 p. m. Besides
ice cream and cake , the
ladles will have home made candies
and other articles on sale. All are
Ladies! - Mf yon once OS9 Com
pressed Yeast, you will have no
other. Ask for it, at Homing's.
. You will find fuU line of flooring Rus
tic and finishing lumber st the ' Benton
County lumber yards opposite 8, P. de
pet. Our No, 3 grade of the above can
not be b eat 5r. put - v;. ;' f
and see. , - . - v ." jinis-tf
"E seldom refer to
as we do not place our store on record as being
a "bargain counter." To us the term "bargain"1.
has a meaning. It has been described as being
"a disease common among women, caught from the Sun
day papers and developed in the department stores on
overcoats, such as you see herewith faithfully illustrated
from their Spring models, cannot be termed "bargains."
They are not mistakes which are being forced upon the
public, but they are the product of a thoroughly studied,
economically sifted ' ' -
tailoring system of
the twentieth century
class. Our garments are
essentially low in price ;
that you will agree when
you become aware that
these carefully-thought-out,
high-class top coats
and Spring coats are
exact reproductions and
counterparts of the Met
ropolitan tailors' art.
From this point of view
our Spring overcoats are
indeed a thing much
greater in importance to
you than "bargains." If
you enjoy seeing hand
some merchandise, let us
show you these coats;
prices, $15 to $35.
Can't Go
N. B. We Sell Refrigerators,
For Bicycles, Ammun
ition, Fishing Tackle,
Sporting Goods, Etc.
J K Berry, Salesman
The Right Prices. All Fresh Goods.
Two : Doors South of the Post Office.
our merchandise as "bargains,"
1 icy YBfe'- 1 4; m. J . . . I