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    Gorvallis Times.
OClcial Paper of Benton County
One of the absurdities of tha
Lewis and Clark fair is the space
alotted for the OAC exhibit. There
has been preparation at the college
for some time with a view of' mak
ing an elaborate and comprehen
sive display, illustrative of Oregon
products, Oregon education and
Oregon talent. An exhibit of
more genuine interest to Eastern
ers as well as to Oregonians could
scarcely have been made. The
fair authorities however, with fine
discrimination have conceded to the
college a floor space of eight by six
teen feet. This concession is in the
form of a' little room eight feet
wide, and closed on two sides and
one end, the other end being open.'
It is a space inadequate to accomo
date the display of even a single
department. It is anabsurdity,
and a very good " indication ' ' that
some of the men on the earthworks
in the Fair management have per
haps more salary than calibre. The
fact that the State University has
been given with a space equally
inadequate makes the conclusion
doubly obvious.
Preparations for Celebrating Next Sun
day Features at one of the
' A feature of next Sunday's
Easter services will be a cantata at
the Presbyterian church in the ev
ening at y.30. It is entitled The
Easter King, and its prominent
parts are as follows:
: i. Chojus The King's Entry.
2. Contralto solo and quartet The'
King in the Temple.
3. Tenor solo and quartet The
. King in Darkness. ,
4. Choral Hymn The King Crown
ed with Thorns!
6. Sopranosolo The King'sSacra-.-,
rice. , .
7. Tenor solo" and : chorus The
- King's Victory.
8. Quartet The King's Command.
9. Tenor solo and double chorus
, The King's Ascension.
10. Bass solo, female trio and chor
, us The King's Final Glory.
Other features of- the day's exer
cises at the church will be: The
'school will have a special Easter
program, Worship, i iva. m., sub
ject, "Christ, Sovereign., the , Res
urrection."; Union meeting of the
' Young People's societies at 6 p. m.
, . . Supervisors Claims.
Following is the list of various
supervisor's salary for the first
quarter, 1905:
A. R. Locke SuprDist No. 1 $j 50
H. M. Fleming " " 2 6 25
E. M. Dodele ; " ' 6 5 do
John Price " " 7 2 50
W. M. Clark " . '.' 8 5 00
A. Cadwalader . " 9 1000
W. P. McGee " "10 12 50
J. R. Fehler " , " 11 11 25
E. A. Buchanan " "12 5 00
J. E. Banton , " " 13 37 50
Doke Gray : " "17 000
Squire R. Strow " " 18 3 T2
H. Hector " V 19 3 75
A.M.Gray " "22 625
The above claims will be audited
by the county court at the May,
1905 term. Objection to allowance
of same should be filed on or be'
fore May 6th, 1905. Published by
order of county court. -
, Victor P. Moses, .
K ' County Clerk.
Dated April 13th, 1905. .
Referee's Notice ofSale of Real
. Property.
Notice is hereby eiven that unflpr and hvvir.
rue of a decree and order of the Circuit Court
, -of the State of Oregon, for the County of Benton
maae me win aay or March, lsitto, m a suit
wherein George T. Vernon was plaintiff, and N.
P. Slate ct al, were defendants, appointing the
nderslgned referee, to sell the hereinafter des
cribed real property, and directing the sale ol
said property. Now therefore in pursuance
to the said order and decree, I will on the 3th
day of May , 1905, at the hour df two o'clock p.
m. at the Court House door, in the City of Oor
. Tallis, Benton County, Oregon, sell af public
auction to the highest bidder, for cash In hand,
the following described real estate towlt: Lots
one and two of Section 2 Tp. 14 S. E. 8 West Wil
. lamette Meridan, In Benton County, Oregon,
containing 13.61 acres of land more or less, to
gether with the appurtenances thereunto be-
longing- Said sale will be made In the man
ner required by law for the sale of real proper
ty on execution.
M. P. Burnett, Referee.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1005.
For Sale.
Real estate, farm and city property .or
sa!e. exchange or rent. No sales means
no commission to be paid. . Your pat
r nage kindly solicited. Help furnish
ed and positions secured.
lH M. Stone,
South Main street, Corvallis. ' J'-
Allcomers at the Big Colombia Meet
' How "Willie" ran the Quarter
An immense building 200 feet
long, 100 feet wide, 40 feet 'high,
and shaped like a barrel, split in
the middle lengthwise, ; rows of
seats all around inside, rising tier
on tier, crowds of people on the
seats with the mayor of Portland
and the governor of Oregon among
them, scores oi trained athletes
struggling for supremacy, while
the great audience cheered and
applauded such was the annual
indoor track meet at Columbia
University at Portland last Satur
day, and through it . all, OAC men
came out winners 41 points against
19 for Multnomah, 13 for Pacific
University, 11 for Columbia Uni
versity, 5 for Fort Stevens Soldiers,
five for University of Oregon,
and 5 for the Portland Y. M. C. A.
team. The victory in the matter of
per centage, is a greater one than
that achieved by the OAC men in
same contest last year, for in this
latest struggle they went against
many more men and far better men.
They scored points in every event
save one,' the mile run, in which
Beach ran a great race, only failing
because a severe, cold suddenly cut
his wind in the very last lap when
victory was almost within " his
grasp." They took, more ' medals
than did all their' opponents com
bined and brought "home the hand
some silken banner which was the
trophy of the meet as well as the
magnificent silver cup yielded up
to them as winners of the relay
In all respects, the meet was
splendidly successful and the after
noon one of pleasurable incidents,
not only for the winning athletes
and their friends, but' for all the
spectators. Of OAC s men. Finn
took third in the shot put, Moores
thirds in the broad and high jump,
bwann, second in the pole vault
and third in the hurdles, Williams
third in the 220 and second in the
quarter, Cathey, seconds ' in the
fifty and the hurdles, Greenhaw,
second in the half aud first in the
quarter, and Smithson seconds in
the 220 and-high jump and first in
the fifty. In winning the fifty
Smithson broke the world's record
by a tenth of a second, ...
The score of Williams in no
sense reflects the true merit of his
achievements. ; His race - in the
quarter was a magnificent' display
of grit and sgeed. Twelve men
were in the event, and butv four
could run abreast. They were
posted in three ranks " for the start,
like a small army. . Williams was
in the worst position in the last
row. His team mate was Green-
haw, in a fairly good position in
the second rank. When the gun
went off Williams fell to the hinder
most place. Greenhaw quickly
took second place which he main
tained until he ' passed to .; first.
Meantime, all the runners for the
first lap were bunched, ' with Wil
liams behind , vainly endeavoring
to get leeway for ---passing them.
They were so grouped that he could
not pass without leaving the track. .
In the beginning of the second lap
he cut off a few stragglers only to
be forced to drop in behind1 the
main bunch. After rounding an
other turn, he cut off a few more
and was again compelled to wait
for the main body to string; out a
little more. Thus running around
in the stretches and dropping in on
the turns, he finally 1 passed them
all pulling up to Greenhaw, where
the latter generously slowed , up
for lFloyd to take . first place. The
two by this time were in thelhome
stretch and far in the ' lead. In
stead of passing to the lead when
his team mate offered it, .Williams
too, slackened and so the pair , fin
ished after a fine exhibition of
manly spirit. The time of the race
was a little more than which
.Mr. Trine, says, makes of Williams
work a great feat, better in fact
than 53 seconds, all with the run
ner in poor condition, and on an
indoor track with narrow leeway
and its many turns.
One of the prettiest events of the
day was the 220. There were four
entries, Williams, Smithson and
Kelly were among them. That
meant and all the audience knew
it, that it was to be a strenuous,
as well as a mighty swift sprint.
Kelly drew fourth, place, and Wil
liams and Smithson second and
third. At the crack of - the gun,
all were off in a bunch, each run
ning at the best speed - he could
muster. Perfect silence preceded
the start, but as the quartette
sped away for the first turn the par
tisans of each broke out into cheers
of encouragement. It took a 1 lap
ana a halt to make the 220 yams
in the race. Kelly had a slight
lead trom the start, with Smithson,
a little behind, the latter closely
pressed by Williams. As the last
stretch but one was entered, Smith
son began steadily to close in : on
Kelly. -; Everyone of his . partisans
believed he was sure to pass Kelly,
and so it looked. The two were
side by side when they rounded the
turn on the homestretch and there
Smithson :V slipped. It lost the
ground he had gained, but as they
went into the homestretch he set
about to make it ; up. Inch by
inch he neared the flying Kelly,
but there wasn't time enough left
to catch the Columbian. Still in
the lead, he crossed the finish,
though with only a foot to spare,
ft is a race, that will be repeated
out on OAC field, two weeks from
next Saturday with a change in
relative positions. , perhaps.
Somebody. it was a stranger,
commented., on the OAC men after
fhe meet.-: -"They are a game lot,','
he said; ''and a gentlemanly lot. I
noticed that when they entered an
event, they went in without flour
ish of trumpet and stayed in, dead
game, until it ended. They played
fair,' but they played hard and long
as the score shows, and are a lot
for any college to be proud of.' '
Bert Yates and W. E, Yates have
formed a partnership under the
firm name of Yates & Yates. They
expect to do a general insurance
and abstract business. They re
present good reliable . insurance
companies, and will furnish accur
ate, neat and complete abstracts of
Benton county property at reason
able prices. Call on or write to
Yates & Yates, Corvallis, Or.
The Midnight Orgy and its Terrible
Sequel To be Told in Song. -
: "Mene, Mene, Tekel Perez?"
Such were the characters that
blazed forth upon the wall of ,: Bel
shazzar' s banquet hall, when the
king and all his court were assem
bled in a drunken . orgi, and at a
time when the sacred vessels from
the Jewish temple in Jerusalem,
which had been carried by the
former king, Nebuchadnezzar, were
ordered to be brought forth that
the haughty Belshazzar might show
his contempt for the God pf the Is
raelites. The great Nebuchadnezzar who
had completed the conquest of Je
rusalem, and carried away any
captives, priests, women and even
the sacred vessels from the temple,
had not dared to openly defjr God
to the extent of defiling tQfholy .
chalicesbntyoung BelshazzarTdmnk
en with wine, to show his power and
disregard tor the previous warning
to his people, ordered the gold and
silver goblets to be produced and
used in his licentious orgy. It
was at this time that that the blaz
ing message of warning : appeared
upon the wall of the banquet hall,
and which Daniel, one of the Jewish
captives, was able to interpret to
signify the doom of Belshazzar.
By means of electrical appliances
this same "Mene-mene, Tekel, Per
ez" which will be flashed upon the
wall, at the production of - "Bel
shazzar' s Feast' ' at the Corvallis
Opera House Wednesday . and
Thursday nights, April 26th and
27th, and the consternation of the
well trained chorus that has been
practicing for -the past ten days un
der the direction of Mr. Robinson,
will only be equaled by the actual
fright and horror of the real parti
cipants in the scene at the time ofJ
A Word to the Wise .
Oak wood is getting higher in price
and farther from town every year. Or
der now for summer delivery, .j 150 cords
now partly sawed stove lengths, season
ed oak wood.
6500 pounds "vetch seed.
3000 pounds red and white clover,
Alsike, timothy, orchard and rye
grass, speltz, rape, all fresh seeds. A
Also a line of garden eeeds. Order . now
before the spring rush.
Tread power, silo, elevator and cutter,
for sale cheap. ( . .
Poland China swine, 100 goats - or
less. ' : ;: r:
Yours for Business.
Telephone 155. L. L. Brooks.
W. O. W. Convention
At Los Aneeles. The Southern
Pacific Co. will sell on -April 12 th,
13th and 14th, round trip'.' tickets
to Los Aneeles at ereatlv reduced
rates, account convention of Wood
men ot World and Women of
Woodcraft, to be held at Los An
geles Aoril 18th. .iqoh. Call on
nearest S. P.. agent for rates and
till particulars. -
Diamond Chick Food.
Head Light oil the best for incubators.
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Dunn & Thatcher.
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otn in
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; Real Estate.
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Valley, '
Yon like its breezes; its gentle rains,
Bat if you cannot buy to suit
You will take your family back again.
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But forty three years has lived on the-
And sure knows well the quality of land
So place your business in his hands.
H. M. Stone.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth slyiA Tafforann atvaatc T4nva lHln
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p.m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & v'-ham'a drug store.
First Nat'l Bank Building,
Only SC y
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs in Burnett Brick
i deuce on the corner of Madison
Seventh at. Phone at hoa seand offi
Wood Srwing. :-
I am prepared to saw w ood oni
short notice with' gasolene wood
com W T-f "Rndrl-iT
, Ind. phone 351.
Setting liens. Call on'or address
Bowen Lester, Corvallis.
The prettiest and best wall you can
get for that new house is Whitney's
concrete blocks.