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Pot advertisements in this column the fate
- . of J5 cents per line will be charged. -
The Coffee Club held its regu
lar meeting Monday afternoon.
The Whist club will be enter
tained this afternoon by Mrs.1 F. A.
Helm. ; .."--;;,'. . 7
Just received. A large invoice
of oak rockers. 26 .different styles
to select from at Hollenbeg &Cady.
The new 500 pound bell for the
Catholic church arrived last Satur
day. Work will be started on the
tower as soon as the weather settles
Mrs. George Collins and Miss
Carrie Ainslie, of Portland, have
, been euests since Saturday at the
home of. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.
Taken; by mistake of course.
from Congregational church, Sun
day evening, the 26th inst, two um
brellas. Please return to Jesse
Taylor, OAC, and avoid trouble.
J. K. Berry moved Monday
into the residence formerly occupied
by T. B. Irvine, near the lumber
yard. W. Tom, who recently
purchased the Berry property, now
occupies the premises.
. ... . The Afternoon Reading club
was entertainnd yesterday ; after
noon at the home of Mrs. F Berch-
told. It was Shakespeare day, and
an interesting programme had been
prepared. 1 ; r
Mrs, E. H. Taylor arrived yes
terday from the bedside of her sis
. ter who recently underwent a ser
; ious surgical operation in a Port
land hospital. Mrs. Taylor re
ports her sister improving.
j . Information received in Cor-
vallis this week is to the effect that
M. Brunk, once proprietor of -the
Occidental hotel in Corvallis, but
later a hotel man of Fossil, has dis
posed of his business in the latter
place,' and that he contemplates lo
cating m Condon.
Mrs. Sarah Elgin , .who has
spent the past winter in Baker City
is expected in Corvallis the last; of
this week, where the family will
hereafter reside. They will occupy
the cottage next door north of-the
Metygar home, recently vacated by
Clarence Ireland.
- Circuit court has been, in .ses
sion since - Saturday - morning at
nine, with Judge Hams presiding
The docket included but 23 cases
Deing without a criminal case,
District Attorney . Brown was not
even in attendance. It J was ex
pected at the Times press hour-that
the term would end last night.
The funeral of Tames Irwin
occurred from the late home Satur
day. It was largely attended,
numbers of friends going out from
Corvallis.- The funeral sermon
. -was by Rev. M M. Waltz. The
pall bearers were W. H. Newman,
John Whitaker, Will Rickard, E.
E. Wilson, August Hodes and one
' other. " . :-
Onas Brown, a former Benton
boy, was taken to the insane" asy
lum Friday. The Albany Demo
crat says the trouble was occasion
ed by revival meetings Ohas at
tended at Brownsville. The' state-
ment is that the meetings closed
earlier than was intended on. ac
count of the case. It is not thought
that the young man will be long at
At the home of Miss Mary
Sutherland Saturday evening, a
German study club was organized,
with the following charter mem
bers: Miss Juanita "Rosendorf,
Miss Mary Sutherland, Miss Lena
Rusk, Miss Sadie Dixon and Bush
. Wilson. The cmb will meet Tues
day and Friday evenings, and will
take up the study of Faust and
William Tell. Great interest - is
A I . m .. . . '
lasen Dy ine members, ana it is
expected that much good will re
sult from the study thus encourag-
ed. 0 --. . -.- .
ine secona aeDate in the ser
ies for the Gatch eup takes place
, in College chapel Friday : night.
1 he question is, "Resolved that
the president of the United States
should not have the power of veto!
lhe Zetegatheans have the affirm-
. ative and their speakers are Mr
Clark, Mr. Thayer and Mr. Forrest
lhe Sorosis girls have the other
side and the team is, Ieona Web-
ber, Pauline Davis and Edna Ir-
. vine. The first debate of the 'ser
les was to take place in College
cnapei last nignt alter the Times
press hour. -. lv;
, At the Christian church each
bunday evening for the next few
Weeks commencing April 2nd,
special revival services will be held
J. M. Morris of Seattle-, Corres
ponding bee. of . Washington, wil
. be with us to preach Sunday even
ing, April 9th. - The public is cor
dially invited to : attend all these
services: "Come let us reason to
. getner. jfrans 14. Jones, pastor
Claud Strahan, son of the late
udge R. S. Strahan, is a candi
date for police judge at Portland.
Miss Alice Wicklund defeated
all opponents in a prohibition ora
torical contest at the college Friday
night. ' . ' " '"' . ,
Hereafter Prof.- Richardson of
the Corvallis Business College wll
be in -charge of the night school
personally. .. ;
Mrs. G. L. Paul arrived "Fri
day from Portland, for a two weeks
visit with Corvallis relatives, r
The W. O. W. are to - have
social at their hall Friday evening.
All members of the tjrder, and of
the Circle, are cordially invited., i
C. T. Whittesley, professor of
Latin and Greek at Dallas college
has been secured to take President
Lee's classes in Albany College for
the remainder of the year.
Baptist Church, Sunday-Bi-
ble school at 10 oclock, and young
peoples meeting at 6:30. No preach
ing, Pastor Noble being in Port
land attending the great revival
meetings. All usual services on
April 9th. ' ' .
Treasurer Buchanan has made
second remittance on state taxes.
The amount was $4, 500,. which
raises the total remitted to $11,000,
which isa little more-than half the
state taxes Benton has to pay. The
balance will not be paid until early
in October, as by law permitted.
The funeral occurs today -of
the seven "months old babe of Mr.
and , Mrs. - W. H. Currin of Mc
Minnville. The funeral party will
arrive on the Westside train, s The
interment wiilr be in Crystal Lake
cemetery. The child died Monday
night. - : V ;
Mrs. Horace . Locke, V now at
the head of the Eastern Millinery
company of Albany, 109 West 1st
street, is to have a grand opening J
on the 29th and 30th of this month.
There will be music by an orches
tra from 7 to 9 p. m. on the 2Qtti.
Mrs! Locke has a fine line of patr
tern and if immed hats; also the
Gage hats. Everyone is invited to
call and inspect stock.
: Physical Director Trine at the
college is confronted with the possi
bility of a surgical operation. He
has suffered all winter with neural
gia of the face and jaw. All remi
dies failed, and it is now the state
ment of a surgeon that the trouble
is deep seated in the bone--of the
chin and that a small portion must
be removed. A few days is requir
ed to determine whether a final re
sort to medicines will save the ne
cessity of an operation. ;
At the Opera house Friday
night there will be a dancing party
at which will be seen dancing as
the folks used to do it years ago.
There will be quadrilles, Virginia
reelsand the figures that Pa and
Ma once cut so graceiuuy, , in ad
dition there will be the new fangled
dances which - the latter day light
f antastics are accustomed to trip.
The Maccabee Ladies ; are giving
the party which though public in
character, will be under genteel
auspices with every ; appointment
proper enough for even angels to
step in and tread a" measure. Spec
tators will have a chance to see the
old dances again, and there is no
doubt but the sight will be. worth
many times the fifteen cents admis
sion that it will cost .
Of Benton, What tie Enumeration
..... t f
Involves Much Work for the '
Assessor. ' - "
Along with the assessment, As
sessor Davis; is taking the 'census
of the county. - The state law' re
quires assessors to take the censns
every 16 years. The work involves
more labor than does the making of
the assessment. The assessor is
required to get the name, , resid
ence, color, age,, of each person and
to list , those subject to military
duty, which includes all able bodied
males between 18 and - 45. Every
inhabitant is labeled as to whether
married or. unmarried, and whether
or not a legal voter. For all males
there must be a statement of those
under 10 years, of those' between
10 and 21, and all ,over 21. Res
pecting females there is a similar
listing, save that it involves those
under 10, those between 10 and 18.
and all over 18. There must be
given the' ' occupation trade . or
profession of each person 10 years
of age and over, and the place of
birth of each citizen must appear.
The biggest, feature ot the census,
however, is the enumeration of the
products. This involves a state
ment of firms engaged, in any in
dustry, the number ot acres of land
under cultivation, number of bush
els of wheat grown the preceding
year, number of bushels of oats,
barley, corn, potatoes, apples, tons
of hay, pounds of tobacco, wool,
cheese and butter. -
The livestock enumeration in
volves the number of horses, num
ber of mules, cattle, ;; sheep, hogs.
The mineral census includes, the
number of ounces of gold dust A
miscellaneous enumeration involves
the yield of fish and oysters, bar
rels of salmon, and feet of lumber
cut. ,V:? .--y; V
In taking the census, a house to
house canvass has to be made. In
no other way can a true and correct
enumeration be had. Assessor
LDavis is following this plan, and is
operating m town; The enumera
tion of the southern part of town
as far north as Jefferson street has
been practically - - completed .In
taking the census-iri Lane county,
the assessor was authorized by "the
county court to put 16 deputies in
the field, which has been done.
'Perfect Waist"
Is what the name implies,
and can not be put in the same
class with other Waists shown.
They have a distinction which
will appeal at once to every lady
'4396 f M
who sees them The materials
are LAWN and LINEN; the
workmanship is the very acme of
perfection; the prices are redicul-
ously low for such exquisite
In Qrctiit Court.
Spring Opening.
At Miss Johnson's Friday and
Saturday, Mar. 31st and Apr. 1st.
Will have on display a fine line of
pattern hats and a nice, selection of
Gage hats. -.. - 1
I have re-opened my shoe shop' in the
Marshal Miller building' ... on Monroe
street west of Bertnan's" grocery, where
all orders will be promptly attended to.
Yonr patronage is solicited and thanking
yon for the same in advance. -
. I am, yery truly,
m25-im - J. E. Fowells.
Blocks for chimneys at Whitney 'sT
Ladies skirts all kinds and prices
at Moses'. Bros. Call and see them.
Swell line of shirt waists, just in
at Moses Bros. l -
1 To the Public.
The undersigned have nurchas
eu mo interest 01 lyevi .tien&le in
the City Dray Company. ; The
terms of the transaction include
the good will of the business, Mr.
iienlcle baving retired from the
farm. Thanking the public for
paet patronage and soliciting a con
tmnance 01 the business of all ' the
1 . i.- -3 f . .
uiu atruuo auu oi Bucn new ones
as may see fit to favor1 us. - We are
Very respectfully.
Robinson & Fallen
neaaquarters ot the farm are at
Wellsher & Gray's Etore. Ind
1. - m.
puuue izo. r . 13-im
J. L. Lewis, plff. vs. p. J. Ruit
er, deft. Dismissed on motion, of
plaintigs. - . -,-:..
William Milton Howell plff, vs.
Adam Wilhelm & Sons, defts. De
murrer overruled.
W. H. Maloneplff.- vs. A. L.
Clark" and Madge Clark, defts.
Dismissed onmotion of plaintiff J
Pacific States Telephone and Tel
egraph , Company a corporation,
plff. vs. Richard Kiger, deft. Dis
missed on motion of plaintiff.
Roscoe E. Edwards. Alice ' Ed
wards, Augusta Strake, John Strake,
M. P.-Totten, and. Leah J. Totten,
defts; i Decree of foreclosure grant
ed. " - C- . :
TW. B7 Smith and Nancy - J.
Smith, plffs. ; vs. John ' McBee,
Maud v Grubbs, . and Thaddeus
GrubbSj defts. Sale of real property
connrmed. ' .
C. E. Ireland, plff, vs. S. N.
Lilly, deft. Jury filed verdict fav
or plaintiff for $459.38.
Ladies! If you once use Com
pressed Yeast, you will have no
other. Ask for it, at Homing's. .
.estimates cneertuuy g.ven, on any
kind of concrete -work' at Whitney's .
Village Improvement Society.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Village .Improvement Society
will be held nefct Friday ; evening
at 7:30 at tne county court room
Members urged to attend. Citizens
in general are cordially invited.
For Sale.
Burbank pota-
Boy Bickard. .
New Trays.
All parties having tray checks,
can and get your tray as this is the
last I will have on hand. At Hodes.
Notice that elegant new delivery wag-
Moses Bros' ran it.
mi 1-2 1
Wood Choppers -
Wanted at once. 200 cftrds of fir
wood to cut.-
v ; Branard &Astrmsrong wash silk
at Moses Bros. . x ,
j ." -v For Sale. . -'
; Mul feed, flour, wheat,' oats, vetch
chicken feed, potatoes, wood and : gravel
Delivered to all parts of city. -
Phone 34-" Opposite Steam Laundry
, John Beach .
FROM 50C TO $5
Corvallis, Oregon
The White Hous
Real Estate,
You are much" pleased with Willamette
Valley, .
Yon like its breezes; its gentle rains,
Bnt if yon cannot boy to suit
Yon will take your family back again.
Now before you leave for Eastern lands
Let us advise you, for we can!
If you wish, to purchase a home,
Why don't yon have a ' talk
He has property to rent and sell,"
And about its quality he can tell. -
He don't take pro exclusively.
If a deal is not made his time is free.
Of holding political office he don't boast
But forty three yeais has lived on the
Coast, -
And sure knows well the quality of land
So place your business in his hands.
' H. M. Stone.
e. I
The S. P. is selling round trip
tickets between Corvallis and Port
land for $3 good : going Saturdays
or Sundays and returning Sunday
or Monday following, either- on
East or West side, but good only
on afternoon train from Albany to
Portland on Satutdays if East side
is taken. Passengers to pay local
fare between Corvallis and Albany.
The Corvallis street
to City Transfer Co.
For Sale. .
1 905 Spring Arrivals 1 905
Mohairs Springy, Dust resisting and dur
able. A combination of characteristics which
account for their popularity 50c to $t 25 yd
New Silk Neat styles for Shirtwaist suits
Ginghams A. F. C. Toile du Nord, apron ehecks
Louisiane Percale-The kind that wears-only 10c
NewWaistings Lioerty Peufree, Silk Tissue, Silk dot
crepe in gi qc&gzb "
C. H. Newth,
Physician and Surgeon
Philomath) Oregon.
At Dunn & Thatcher's. -
Cracked com 1.60 per cwt. .
Granulated shell 1.60 ' --' ,
. Granulated bone 1.7$
Crystal Grit 1.60 "
And we handle the very - best poultry
and stock foods. - - -
Physician & Surgreon,
Spring Dress Skirts and Shirt Waists
Lace Curtains ecru and whits
New Sheetings, Muslins, Table Linens, Towels
English Walnut Trees.
1 We are special growers. Have the best of soft shell and
hardy variety that come into bearing at an early agi pro
duce annually and abundantly . Big money is made in wal-,
nut orchard. They are a poor-mans chance, and are cheap
ly harvested. Orchards in good bearing give returns of sev- .
eral hundred dollars per acre," We give this special study.
Write for free descriptive catalogue which treats on walnut ;
Gnlture. Contains valuable information.
. ATTORAhl-AT-LAW ' -TTirsr;
Nat'l "Rank Rnildinp-.
nee L - I - 7 "
- V1111.C up Biairs m .Burnett iincJC lies- 1 -idence-
on the cornerof Madison and Only Set bstractS ia County
Seventh Bt. Phone at hoase and Qffice v",'. " ;v
Physician & Surgeon
' Office over postoffice. - Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hoars 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may ba
eft at Graham & V"tham'g drug store.