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erHEfmente in this column charged foi
attberateof S cents per line. "
Salem Journal: Miss Maude
Mc Bee returned to her home at Cor
vallis this morning, after a visit
with her sister, Mrs. O. P. Hopt.
Gents will make no mistake in
buying a pair of our $3.00 shoes,
nobby and every pair guaranteed.
At J. H. Harris'.
S. Bryson is a candidate for
city recorder at Eugene. His op
ponent is B. F. Dorris, the present
George Davidson and Marion
Brown, two young men from the
country to the westward, are under
arrest and awaiting trial in Justice
Holgate's court. The claim is that
they found a valise and converted
to their own use -jewelry and other
articles. They deny the allegation
and if present arrangements are
carried out. will have opportunity
in court Monday to make .their de
nials good. Later information is to
the efiect that Brown idmits charge
Petitions are before the county
court, asking for a, new road from
Corvallis to Sulphur Springs via
the Crees, Knotts. Gragg and other
well known farm homes. The route
is said to be more direct and con
siderably shorter. The board of
county road viewers have been in
structed to inspect "the proposed
road on the 24th. The board con
sists of William Barclay. John Har
ris and County Surveyor Jones.
- . Fancy Corvallis eggs aie being
shipped in considerable quantities
to Washington for- hatching pur
poses, Recent mention was made
in these columns of the shipments
of Dr. Lester. F. L. Miller is send
ing costly eggs northward in no
less numbers. Up to Thursday,
he had shipped 630 eggs, nearly all
ol them on mail orders from
Washington. Mr. Miller's poultry
displays at Seattle have made his
birds famous in that country. His
eggs go at $3 per setting.
Shall we all clean - up? Shall
we put,, Corvallis in the neatest,
tidiest possible shape to be viewed
by the army of invaders from the
East wiio are coming , to the Lewis
and Clark fair ? ' The natural site
of the tovfn is the best in the. valley
Nature has bestowed with bornte
ous hand". Home owners, by gen-
,ieral jejo$cati give, .the place an ap-
nparan trint. Mm II . rielierht ; and
. doubtless ftnterest the marching
thousands vbt are to journey from
the" East ens, d?z&m ; ,to , see
the Lewis sd Clark Ijair, Vand the
towns of Oregon.
lnis, baturaay atternoon, is
expected to see aJfjig speed contest
out at the couegiv . T The occasion
is a cross country run, in ;' wnich
teams from eacaf of the four classes
- will compete. . The course covers
a distance of riour miles and ex
tends from the athletid grounds out
... to the Catholic cemejtery, thence.
Rnnfh nrid heme via" t'-Vn Wnndonolr
creamery. Not less tftan four men
each jfclass in order
"comnletition for the
Rp$arded the1 win-
n',. it is said,
racjtice for the event
-oa,jor some time.
fry 10th turned oat; to
tor refund to buyers of
the moneypaid in on cash ' pur
chases at Klines during the month
of February, j Wednesday, a com
mittee of. those present at the store,
A. W. Fischer, Peter Rickard, Cal
Thrasher and S. P. Hunt selected
Senator P. Avery to draw the day.
The committee placed in a box
numbers to correspond to " all the
business days of the month of Feb
ruary, and the box was sealed."
Then Mr. Avery drew forth one
ticktt, and that ticket was the 10th
the lucky day. In order that everybody-
: holding d uplicate cash
checks may have time to look them
up and receive their money back,
all duplicate cash checks bearing
date of the lucky day - will be re
deemed on Mar. 7th to 10th inclu
sive. . , ',;
Dirt is arriving for the park
that is to adorn the station grounds
of the C. & E. at Corvallis. Eight
carloads of fine- rich soil arrived
weanesaay evening ana . tnree or
four times as many more are to
come. The railroad company supr
plies the soil, and the. Village Im
provement Society builds and maintains-the
parkv A plat of ground,
north and east of the station build
ing is devoted to the purpose. Its
area is perhaps nearly as much as
two ordinary lots. It is surround
ed by a graveled, .avenue wide
enough for. three teams . abreast.
Flowers and shrubbery, a fountain
ornamental shade trees and lawn
grass, ere long, will serve to make
the place attractive.- The site has
already been : tile drained as a result
oi the efforts of the Village Improv
ement Society. . . . .
("nerl iresflfift
:i M- ill
? the, V
I hasfbV.
ds tne ai
Mr. Henpex Maria, marriage
is a lottery. Mrs. Henpex Yes,
I know it, and you are going, to
draw one of the prizes just as soon
as I get this screaming baby strap
ped into the go-cart. , v
The First Spiritual Union of
Corvallis will hold services in Bar
rett Lyceum on Sunday at 3, P. M.
A cordial invitation is extended to
everyone. -
A citizen of Hood River has
been having his beer shipped in
boxes labeled "crackers." The
drayman dropped a box the other
day and the truth leaked out. So
did the beer.
The Sheasgreen planing mill
has been awarded the contract for
turning out 600 shives for the three
Portland ferries. The shives, or
wheels, are to run on ' the ferry
cables and will operate under wa
ter. They are to be of oak and from
18 to 26 inches in diameter.
Efforts are making for a spec
ial train to Newberg and return
next Friday on account of the State
Oratorical contest. The proposed
fare for the round trip from Cor
vallis is $2.50. The matter was still
unsettled when the Times went to
Sjxteen of the 28 days in the
late month of February were clear.
Rain fell on 10 days, eight were
cloudy and four were part cloudy.
Only 2.95 inches of rain fell during
the month. The highest tempera
ture was 69 ' degrees on the 24th,
and the lowest was 17 on the 12th.
The greatest rainfall in 24 houis
was .79 inches on the 29th.
What was formerly the Wuest-
felt saloon is to become a general
merchandise store. " The place has
been leased by Wellsher & Gray
and is to house their present stock
and other lines of new goods to be
added. The removal will occur
about the 15th. The place is being
painted and otherwise xepaired pre
paratory to their occupancy.
Oregonian: Hereafter criminals
in Multnomah county will be track
ed by bloodhounds. Sheriff Word
received from Worcester, Ohio, one
of the finest pedigreed hounds in
tue united states, me aog is 2
years old, trained and ready for
business. Sheriff Word is the first
sheriff on the Pacific coast "to pro
vide bloodhounds for the work in
connection with the office. At the
first opportunity the new dog will
be given a try-out. ' -
, . Grass. mountain is; i bare of
snow. As seen from" r adjacent
heights, Willis Vidito says, : there
is as much grass on its summit
now as is usual in June. The
mountain is 3,700 feet above -the
sea level. The snow fields to the
northward of Mt. Jefferson, that is
usually in evidence until June or
July are not now to be seen. Signs
multiply that spring is to be early,
But all signs fail. , , Vc. . : :
The Times recently contained
an advertisement tor a lost dog.
The ad was signed by Dan Savage,
who resides at Willamina, a post
office near Sheridan, Oregon, The
advertisement found the dog, which
in a day or..two will be. restored to
the owner. The dog -was at the
home of J. M. Graves near Inde
pendence, who called the Times of
fice up by phone, stating that he
had the dog and -would communi
cate with the owner. The Times is
a good paper to advertise in. - -
" State Superintendent Acker
man spent Wednesday in an inspec
tion ot OAC and the Corvallis pub
lic schools. At the chapel exer
cises he addressed the college stud
ents, holding up before them the
ideals by which to - obtain success
in life. The college equips each
he said, for good practical work
and each student that goes out
graduated, is equipped to be alead
er in the line which he has prepar,
ed himself. Superintendent Ack,
erman is qualified to give advice,
because in his administration of the
school affairs of the state, he has
shown great capacity as an organ
izer and fine executive ability in the
reorganization and broadening of
the public school system.
Thomas Leese of this city is
one of three or four investors who
have become owners of the Dr.
Bayley mansion at Newport The
original cost of the building was
$11,000. It is palatial in all its ap
pointments, though the ravages of
time and the elements and lack of
attention have dealt roughly with
it of late. A complete ' renovation
and repair and the possible addition
of more facilities, all to be followed
by an opening of the place to guests
a3 a fancy hotel, are among rumors
afloat at Newport. How much of
fact there is in reports is uncertain
as Mr. Leese and his associates
have probably not taken the New
port public in their confidence. Tire
property was purchased of Richard
Williams, the well known Portland
attorney, at figures said to tfe about
as much as the place is worth for
investment purposes though small
compared to the original cost.
feomjahto job.
A Double Shuffle and its Seqoel-
Hobo Lad's Good Luck.
They were a negro, two white
men and a boy all hoboes.- The
boy looked to be 12, but he was in
reality, 16. Officer Osburn sight
ed them early in the evening, and
to make sure that they should - do
no mischief during the night, he
ran them in.
The light shone" dimly on the
bare walls of the jail. From, in
side a pair of feet beat a musical
tatoo on the floor. There was al
most a melody in the measured
steps. The boy was dancing while
his comrades looked on. The steps
of the dancer attracted the attention
of a passerby, and by that token
got the lad a night's lodging, a
warm supper, a new suit and .em
ployment.",, " ,
1 he passerby was W. D. De
Varney. He turned to look inside
to see the dancer. He saw the boy
a boy by the way with a good
face, a iace that seemed out of place
behind steel' bars. He saw also
the negro. Once, DeVarney lived
in the South. He carried : away
some of the Southern spirit with
him, and the sight of the negro and
white boy in jail together was gall
to him. , He hunted up Officer Osburn.
The officer was willing, and the
telephone man soon led the lad
away from the jail. Then a boy
face looked greedily over the abund
ance of food before him in a warm
restaurant. He ate, and ate, and
ate. DeVarney waited, and waited
and waited." After a long time the
supper was finished.
T hat night the boy slept in a
warm bed at Hotel Corvallis. Be
fore he went to bed he slipped ov
er to the jaiL "Where have you
been," Mr. DeVarney inquired, as
he returned. "Over to the jail.
"What did you go for?" "Why.
you see, I had a bag of candy and
I knew the men hadn't anything
to eat, sol took it over to- "them."
The boy's name is John Raleigh
His home is at- Seattle. He has
been for some time in San Francis
co, working at lithographing. He
got nine dollars a week and it cost
him $7 for board, lodging and
laundry. He determined to go
back home, but only had $2 to
start with. It took two months to
tramp it from San Francisco to Cor
vallis. Before he went to bed . af
ter leaving the jail, the boy wrote
a Jette-.- to his motaev . at,- Seattle,
informing ber of his whereabouts
and of the fact that he", was . well.
He drives the tool wagon f,or ;fcae
Independent telephone people now.
The negro and the two white hobos
spent the night ir jail, v and were
glad to hurry out of town the next
morning. , . ..
College View Poultry Farm. -
- Barred Plymouth Rocks.- Brown Leg
horns. Egfts, Si per 15 at yards..
My Barred Rock hens are of the best
laying stnua on Coast. I have added
cockerels from Parks world's " best egg
strain. Brown Leghorns as good as the
eesi. -.
- r S. H, Moore.
Ind. phone 555. , Corvallis,
Ore. City Trans. Co s
bteamer Pomona leaves Corvallis fo
Portland and all way points on Monday
Wednesday and Friday. For fur the
information call on
Both ohonea.
, Found.
Tuesday on state road, a man's
sack coat. Owner can secure same
by calling at Times office and pay
ing lor .this notice.
"Short" on Peruna but "Lone'
on prunes. Italian prunes, 50-pound
poxes,-$1,50. . .. t. L. Miller,
- . , Lost.: ' ' .
On Second street Tuesday.
stick pin holding one diamond and
about 24 pearls. Finder please re
turn to. Gene Simpson at Millet's
store and receive reward.
Wood Choppers
Wanted at once. 200
wood to cut,.. P. A.
cords of fi:
Kline. ,
" Branard &Astrmsrong wash silk
at Moses .Bros.
E. R. Bryson,
, - For Sale. .
Mill feed, flour, -wheat, oats, vetch
chicken feed, potatoes, wood and gravel
Delivered to all parts of city. 1 '
Phone 342-.Y Opposite Steam Laundry
' 'John Beach.-
Distribution of cash' will be made between March
7th and 10th. ' '
My Spring announcement
Corvallis, Oregon
The Next Issue
Regulator Low Prices
; ,
Read this Column, You may
Just What You Want.
Ladies! If you once US3 Com
pressed Yeast, you will have no
other. Ask for it. at Homing's.
Real Estate,
You are much pleased with Willamette
"ot like its breeaes.ita gentle-rainB, .
But if you cannot buy to suit V - -
You will take your family back again.
Now before you leave for Eastern lands
Let us advise you, for we can! v
If you wish to purchase a home
Why don't yon have a talk with
H. M. stone:
He has property to rent and sell, -
And about its quality he can tell. . .
He don't take propert exclusively.
If a deal is not made his time is free.
Of holding political office he don't boast
But forty three yeais has lived on the
And sure knows well the quality of land
So place your business in his hands.
H. M. Stone.
Suits and Overcoats
No reserve, evygarcaeift in the . house Kup
penheimerS ahd all. . See our routh window.
is described in
Sunset Magazine
lllarcb number
has finely illustrated arti
cle on the great Centennial
just the thing to send east.
Many, new articles, some good
short stories, clever -verse and
interesting miscellany. Vig
orous work by entertaning
writers. - ' .
Sold by all Hews Dealers
First Natl Bank Building,
Only SetlAbstracts in County
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. - Honrs 10 to
12 a. m.,1 to 4 P m. Orders may be
en at uranam oc w orcnam's arag store.
. G. R. FARRA,
Physician & Surgeon,
- Office up stairs in Burnett Brick Res
Idence on the corner of Madison and
Seventh et. Phone at hoase an4 office -
The ,,Flatiron".Hat " ' . '
Latest Spring Styles. Just Received .
Always $3, never less.
li t S ALES.
Rubber Goods
Millinery, .
Shoes, Etc.
Great Shoe Salet Largest Assort
ment of Shoes ever offered on special - sale in . Philo
math, comprising the entire stock of Men's, Women's
and Children's Shoes, will be on sale during the month
of February, at "
J. Henkle's Gash Store.
Each will be offered at reduced prices, This, reduc
tion is made for, cash only. There are special prices
on Rubber Goods--men's, women's; . boys'," children's
rubber boots, rubber and oil coats. " ; We also call your
attention to, our large - assortment of . Millinery - Goods
which are offered on special sale" ' . " '
J. E,; HENKLE, Phiiomath,' Or.