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    Gorvailis Times.
Official Paper ol Benton County.
' It fs amazing that human hand
should administer poison in a dead
ly dose to Mrs. Stanford. If noth
ing else should have saved, her four
; scoreand more of years ought tohave
'given her immunity from the pois
oner s purpose. At best, she had
hut a few brief years to live. Time
is swift and ' fate relentless with
: those who" have attained four score.
- What she could have done in those
few future years to make a human
1 beine begrudge them- to her . can-
not be conceived, y The world loves
"" to see the aged live in peace and
" plenty. In this case an : unknown
-, hand not only denied : the ; remain
. der of her natural life to Mrs. Stan
ford, but insisted upon herf remov
al by the wickedest means-" .'known
tr, mon Tn make the case - more
-. TipinniiR nnrf more damnable, the.
- victim at the moment was-in ; vol
untary exile from her own - fiomg,
- a refugee to escape j the very dose
that Overtook her, and for the ad
v ministration of which, a former at-
tpmnt m1 heen -made ; . In all. the
- - crimes of the . century, none will
nrnvf more wicked and ' uncalled
for than this foul murder of a worn
. an whose philanthropy ' is known
wherever the.English; language :, is
spoken. J - ' ''. - - '
It is hot unlikely that signatures
enough will be' available to secure
- a referendum votejon the appropria-
- tion bill. Nine-tenths of the people
nf Oresron wanted some v of the
. o. -
Normal schools abolished. By rea
: son of the practice- of ."stand-in,"
'.""'Hie legislature voted down Miller's
. bill to abolish all. but one, and vot-
Ved down all other . bilfSv providing
' for even partial relief. The legis
'- lature refused to let the Normal ap-
propriations stand on their: merits,
well knowing that - the governor
-would surely have. : interposed his
'' eto. As a rebuke more perhaps,
to the attitude of , the- legislative
vmsrjority than actual , objections to
tfie Normal appropriations, it will
not be surprising if the referendum
. be invoked and the whole appro
priation bill be vetoed by the people.
Lots of big Track Teams Seattle
-'" Eugene, and Perhaps Pullman
and Berkeley.
The prospects are bright for a
great season . ior the 1 OAC track
team. . Meets are to . take place at
Corvallis . with the University of
. "Washington and the University of
Oregon teams, , and -negotiations
are pending for a meet on the same
grounds with the Pullman team.
The Forest Grove team which won
the Oregon championship last year
is due to come to Corvallis this sea
son,: which if the Pullman meet
: goeSn provides for four big meets at
. Corvallis.:" The meet with the Un
. iversity of Washington team occurs
' Saturday May 20th. It will be of
extreme interest because of the
high reputation of the Washing
."'" tonians. The U. of O. meet takes
place at Corvallis, Saturday, May
' 27th, and is certain to be a good
; pne. The manager of the Univer-
s;ty of California team has written
,r Manager 'Stimson that if the Cal
dfornians come to the Lewis and
.- Clark Fair,, a dual meet will be giv
en OACat Corvallis, if desired.
For all these meets, OAC will have
the strongest team she has ever, put
out. Physical Director Trine has
been building" men lor field and
track events for three years now,
'' and all the athletes on the Coast
know that the OAC bunch will be
, a mighty hard one to put down
this time.
A large amount of no. 2 rough lumber
all lengths. -. : r
At Corvallis saw mill for J6.50 per M
For Sale.
Seed -wheat and Early Rose and Bur-
hank potatoes, v .
,f25-tf . . :, RoyRickard. '
, - Wood Sawing'.
I am prepared to saw ! wood on
short notice with.' gasoline ood
saw. ,,- ' . ' V. 1$. Boddy.
.-' lad. phone 351. - m4-tf :
And the Attention They Attracted.
Corvallis Incident.
Two "dead soldiers" attracted
wide attention on Main street for
a time yesterday. They were two
immense whiskey barrels with
nothing left inside but the smell of
what had been there. They rested
on the pavement in front of Wues
tefelt's late place, while in process
of removal to the railroad station
for shipment to Portland. Their
immense size was a part of the sec
ret of the great attention paid them.
Their excellent workmanship was
also a part of the attraction. But
more than all were they objects of
interest because these wet relics
rested on a main thoroughfare of
this dry town. All forenoon a
crowd stood round them and joked
about the situation. Henderson
remarked that it was worth a nickel
to smell the bung hole, and some
body else claimed that a passing old
soaker actually shed tears at the
sight of them both ' empty. All
guessed at how rriticb each barrel
would hold, and Jake Blumberg al
lowed either would hold 145 or I50
gallons. Jake was about tefll enough
fqrTus mouth to reach the bung
holeiC6fiie"56dy said that was
how Jacob was able to figure out so
closely the capacity of the barrels,
which - subsequently turnedoui to
be 1 53 gallons, The statement was
that each barrel was ' worth 19" or
Back His. Mother's Farm, Which Law-
: yers got as Their Fee for Getting ;
Her a Divorce.
-A decision just handed down by
Judge Hamilton awards to a-son
a Benton" county farm that two Sa
lem lawyers, cot as alee for a di
vorce they secured for the boy's
mother, from his father. The case
was tried at the November term of
the circuit court, and by reason of
the outcome, as well as the unusual
character of the facts, is extremely
interesting-. .
.The. plaintiff - in the case was
James Hamilton, of Salem, aged
21 years. - The farm which he won
back by the lawsuit, is a part of the
Belcher donation claim near the
Jesse Foster" place, and occupied by
.himer Dinsresr The vouna: man s
mother was Anna,. Hamilton, who
died m.March-,.-1901, and his father
was John Hamilton. The complaint
alleged that in December,. ; 1 901,
the mother secured the services of
Wi II, tHihnes , and : Webster
Holmes as attorneys to take charge
of her suit for divorce against herhus
band John Hamilton. The divorce
suit provided for a proper business
settlement between Mr. and . Mrs.
Hamilton, and in January, 1901, a
decree : of, divorce was granted.
The; Beaton county farm which
comprises 419 acres and is valued
in the complaint at $2,600, was the
wife's portion of. the - comtminity
property as provided for in the.di
vorce decree. .The farm, -on the
day the divorce was - granted, An
na "Hamilton conveyed by .deed to
Webster Holmes, as trustee,?: the
consideration being $500. At that
't'me James Hamilton, was .but 18
years of age.. . Three months later,
the .mother died at Denver, ; Colo
rado. . ; r : " , '
In the present suit, James Ham
ilton alleged -in his complaint that,
since attaining his majority, he has
made demand on W, H. Holmes
and Webster Holmes for return of
the farm to him: but this they re
fused to do, claiming that the farm
was fee they received for conduct
ing the divorce case for Anna Ham
ilton. Hamilton , alleged that $250
would have been a reasonable .fee
for legal service in.;the divorce case
and that he was willing that Wj
H.Holmes and Webster Holmes
should be allowed that amount.
He asked the court to give him
proper deed to the Benton farm,
free of the mortgage of $700 which
had been put on the place since it
was deeded to Webster Holmes. A
copy of the deed by which the moth
er conveyed the property to Web
ster Holmes appeared in the com
plaint.. ; - , ;'",' .
Tbe decision bf Judge Hamilton
finds on every point for the boy. It
orders the farm restored to him,
and gives Webster Holmes 30 days
in which fo free the place,- from the
mortgage of; $700, It - provides
that the sum of $250 shall be paid
the Holmes for their services, in se
curing the mother's divorce, and
orders them to pay ; the costs and
bisbursements of the present law
suit. . . ', :-? ;;..J ;-- "
. Remember this is the last week
for Nolan & Callahan's remnant
and rummage sale. - - - -
Setting hens. Ca!l on or address
- Bowen lister, Corvallis .
He Type Writes His Letters Now
That is, When (he Public Doesn't
Police Judge Greffoz has bought
a new typewriter and is learning to
use it. The public takes an inters
est in his progress, and keeps him
much confused. He was in the
midst of writing a beautiful sen
tence the other day when a friend
knocked it all out by remarking
that writing at such a speed might
set the machine afire. I,ater, he
got his thoughts collected and was
in a fair way to finish the eloquent
sentence when a lady stopped to
say that a bicycle rider had knock
ed her son off the sidewalk, and
that the man ought to be arrested,
though she didn't know his name.
By this time he was so flustered
that his fingers persisted in'hitting
two keys of the machine at a time
and - that angered him so 1 his
thoughts wouldn't operate. Thenr
two small boys dropped in, watched
operations a minute, and looked at
one another and grinned. The
larger one pointed his forefinger
at his own forehead and then chuck
ed his thumb in the direction oi the
judge, just as the latter looked up.
"Get out of here" shouted the
judge, and the "kids" got. In
twenty minutes, it was estimated by
those who stood by and watched
the judge, '.hat he managed to add
seven or . eight words to his
letter, and they figured that , the
epistle might be completedat the
same rate in about a : week. His
new machine is a Remington, and
the. climax came when a man came
in and, after watching operations
for a minute," remarked that a Rem
ington machine was not worth a
whoop anyway. -'Why didn't he
buy some other machine. Then
His Honor lost patience. Barring
the fact that he is a (Godly man, he
would have sworn in .great wrath;
for. he kicked savagely at his fav
orite dog as it passed and stared
wickedly at the new by-stander as
the machine was covered and laid
aside with a bang.
Mrs. Peters, a Pioneer of Lobster
Valley.Passed Away Last Tues
day at Alsea.
. Mrs. Peters who had been : a
resident of Lobster ' valley "many
years, died Tuesday last, February
28th, at the home of Uriah Wren,
her son-in-law, of Alsei. A month
ago while on a visit to the Wren
home she became seriously ill from
heart affection and was not there
after able to return to her : own
home. The burial occurred at the
IObster cemetery which is on the
Peters homestead. .. ; i
: Deceased was the wife of J. R.
Peters, who with lis family, settled
in Lobster many years ago. They
were among the first who took up
homesteads in that locality, and
were among those who from the
time of settlement have . fought a
railroad claim to their land, having
secured title within the recent past.
Mrs. Peter's age was . 68 years.
Missouri is her native state. She
leaves a large family of grown-up
sons and. daughters, her husband
having passed away some - years
ago. . '
For Sile.
A 3-inch Bain wagon, nearly as good
as new and some, other farming tools.
, J. I. Taylor,
At 0. & E. Crossing, Corvallis,
Highest prices paid 'for chickens
and eggs at Moees Bros.' .
- Eastern Oregon Farm Property
For sale. Wehave ovef 30,000 acres
in improved wheat farma for sale in Gil
liam, Sherman and Morrow counties,
Oregon. Price f these lands, 15 to I20
per acre. Small cash payment and easy
terms on balance. We also have first
class implement business for sale in a
live Eastern Oregon town on R. R.
Address, Moore Bros, '
621 Wash st, Portland, Or.
mi-t -. Phone Red 951. .
, Mill Feed Prices. ".
Feed can be had at .the following
prices at either the Corvallis or Benton,
flouring mills: Cracked corn per bush
..,': , 80 cents or 1.40 'per 100 potmds; roll
ed barleyi 1.10 per per sack; chop bar
" ey i.05 per sack ; bran etd tloits stth
snal prices. ;'- " ' .
; The Corvallis Flouring Mills.
Eggs for Hatching.
Entered 7 birds at Corvallis show and
won 3 firsts, 1 second and 3 third prizes.
White Bock eggs $1 for 15. '
S. C. Ehode Island Reds:- ..
Eggs bom 1st pen f 2.50 1 per 16
" and ' $1.50 " 15.
These are prices packed in special boxes
for shipping. . y,
1 . , W, A. Bates,
' " Corvallis, Or.
Spring of 1905
Plain and Fancy Silks for shirt waist snits
New Wool Dress goods
New "Wash Dress goods
New "Waist and Dress Trimmings
New Laces and Embroideries
New Muslin Underwear
New Table Linens and Napkins
New Percales and Ginghams
New Waistings
New Separate Skirts '
New Neckwear,
Hawes $3 Hats, Spring Styles
New Goods Arriving weekly
Chickens etnd
Special Sale of Qdthing!
We wish to close out our entire line of Mens and Boys suits
i r '-"l arid overcoats at a very low figure.
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
S ' ' " - .. . ' - - - .
' . '"-:." " v . 1 '! " '
We have just received a new supply of the celebrated "Star
Brand'' shoes which took first prize at St Louis Ex
i position, " Star Brand Shoes are Better" '
Notionst Groceries
"We have a fine line of notions, ladies, gents and child rens
hose, laces, embroidery, rubbers underwear, groceries,
uL-iii lard i meat and tobacco at the lowest living prices
'--. -,. Call and bo convinced
Wellsher & Gray
Our ad., but pur goods change hands
every day. Tour money exchanged
for Value and Quality is the idea.
i Line Fresh Gpoceries
" v' . Domestic and Imported.
Plato and Fc
,; ; A large and varied line.s ' " .'
J Orders Filled Promptly and Com- $
plete. Visit our Store we do the $
In tlie circuit court o tlie state of Ore
gon for Benton county.
George A. Houck, plaintiff, vs. H. M.
Donat and Mary DonaL his wifn. nnd lthnrt
W. EJack, defendants.
To H. 5a.. Donat and Marv Dnnnt hia wif
and Robert W, black, defendants abov
named :
In the name of the statu nf Oree-on rnn
and each of you are hereby summoned ani
required to appear and answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled
suit, now on file with" the clerk of the ahnv
entitled court, on or before the last day o
the time prescrioed in the order for publi
cation of this, summons, made by the county
judge of Benton county, state of Oregon
i"s me county wnere tne above entitled
suit is pending in the circuit court of said
ccfunty and state), which said order is here
inafter referred to, to-wit : on or before six
weeks from the day of first publication.
uccui, auu you are nereDy notined that if
you fail so to aonear and answer thn noid
complaint as herein required, for want there
of the plaintiff will apply to the above en
titled court for the relief demanded in said
tuuiyiaiut, nameiy, ior a decree of said cir
cuit court declaring and decreeing that there
is due from the defendants, H. M. Donat,
Mary Donat and Robert W. Black, to plain
tiff, upon said promissory notes and said
mortgage in said complaint described, the
sum of $3,200 in gold coin of the United
States, together with interest thoiwm fW
Irate of 6 per centum per annum from Octo-
fh ImHl nnl . 1 .
. , ........ jioiu, auu iui Liit: i decree
ing that $300 is a reasonable sum to be al
lowed, and allowing the same, to plaintiff
as attorney's fee for instituting this suit;
also decreeing that the plaintiff have a first
lien on the following described real prop
erty, to-wit: . ;
The southwest quarter and the west half
of the southeast quarter of section 5, town
ship 15 south, range 5 west; also beginning
at the Southwest comer (if KAotinn K t.mi-
shlpl5 south, range 5 west, and run' thence.
!uuiu to me county nn between Benton and
Lane counties in the state of Oregon, thence
east along said county line to a point due
south of the southeast corner of the west
half of the southeast quarter of said section .
5, thence north to the said southeast corner
of the said west half of the southeast quar-'
ter of said section 6, and run thence wyst
along the south line of said section 6 to the
place of beginning ; also beginning at the
southwest corner of the donation land r'aira
of Robert Boyd, being claim No. 44, in town- v
ship 15 south, range 5 west, and run thence
north along the west line of said Boyd claim
to the center ol the county road as now
traveled, thence north 82 degrees 30 min
utes west 4.10 chains along center of road,
thence west along center of said road 10
chains, thence south 43 degrees lg minutes
west along center of said road 16.30 chains
to a point in west line of said section 5,
township 15 south, range 5 west, thence -south
to southwest corner of the northwest
quarter of said section 5, thence east " to
place of beginning, excepting from last de
scribed tract a certain tract of land contain
ing about 10 acres deeded by George A.
Houck and wife to Charles Clem by deed
dated April 8, 1898, and recorded In Book
"W" at page 491 therein, records of deeds
for Benton county, Oregon, all In Benton
county, Oregon, together with all and sin
gular the tenements, hereditaments and ap
purtenances thereunto belonging or in any
wise appertaining, for the full amount of
said $3,200 and interest as above, with $300
attorney's fees, and the costs, disbursements
and expenses of this suit, and the sale of
said real property; that the above described
real property be sold in the manner provided
by law for the foreclosure of real estate
mortgages, for gold coin of the United States
of America, by the sheriff of Benton county,
Oregon, and that the proceeds derived front
such sale be applied, by the party making
such sale,' as follows, to-wit : First, to the
payment of the costs and expenses of said
sale ; second, to the costs and disbursements
of this suit" ; third, to the payment to plain
tiff of the sum of $300 as a reasonable at
torney's fee herein ; fourth, to the amount
found due in said decree unon said notes and
said mortgage that is, the sum of $3,200, ji
together with interest thereon at the rate of '
b per centum per annum from October 2,
1903 ; and, lastly, if any remainder there be,
to the defendants, on demand, as their in
terests may appear; that all of the defend
ants be forever barred and foreclosed of all
right, title and interest of, in and to said
real property, and of all equity of redemp
tion therein, except only the statutory right .
of redemption ; and for such other, further r
and different, rule, order or relief as to the
court may teem proper and equitable in the ;
premises. J -
This sunjmbns is published in the Corval
lis Times dj-ice a week foi' six SuceesWfe 81,4 '
consecutive? .weeks, beginning with the issue
of February 11, 1905, and ending with the
issue of March 25, 1905, under and in pur
suance of the directions contained in an
order made by the Hon. Virgil E. Watters, . (i
coutity judge of Benton county, Oregon, dated "i )
-eoruary , xo, iau5.: Date of the first publi
cation hereof is February 11, 1905. -
v . . B. E. WILSON,
'Attorney for Plaintiif.
In the circuit court of the state of Ore
gon for Benton county.
Richard Graham, plaintiff, vs. Jane Hogue,
Clarinda Norcross, Amelia Hill, Frank Dry- '
den, Ella Johnson, Minnie Hill, Clara Woods,
Priscilla DoranMary A. Wortman, Edward
W. Hogue, Emma Becker, C. C. Hogue, Ida
F. Irving, Charles P. Hogue, Mary Poweia,
Clara D. Monteith, Sarah L. Hogue, Chester
Hogue, Harry WLHogue, Maud McConB,
Flora RentZi-J-f's D. Monteith, Margaret
Monteith, Jpr I and Mary A. Story, de
fendants'"" To JaaefogueTclarinda Norcross, Amelift
Hill, Fank Dryden, glla Johnson, Minnie
Hill, Clara Woods, Psiscilla Doran, Mary A.
Wortman, Edwardi VAiToaEmma Becker,
C. C. Hogue, Ida 2 jHTVT Charles P. !
Hogue, Mary PorfT, A t . Monteith,
Sarah L. Hogue, Cheater . iMae, Harry W. .
Hogue, Maud McConij, FlorM fteutz, Charles
D. Monteith, . Margar '-t Monith, Ina Story
and Mary A. Story, the above named de
fendants: . . V i. . -
In the name of th.s statedf Oregon, you
and each of you are hereby 'Summoned and -required
to appear and answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled '
suit in the above entitled court, now on file :
In the office of the clerk of said court, on or
before the 25tH day of March, 1905, said day
being the last day of the time prescribed in
the order of DUblication of this summons.
made by the county judge of Benton county,
uregon wmcn saia oraer is nereinatter re
ferred to) , to-wit : on or before six weeks
from the day of first DUblication hereof: and
you are hereby notified that if you fail so
to appear and answer the said complaint as
herein required, for want thereof the plain
tiff will apply to the above entitled court
for the relief demanded in his said com
nlaint. namelv. for a docron riAtermlninv nil
conflicting and "adverse claims, interests and
estates m and to all the following described
lands, to-wit: '
Beginning at the southeast corner of do
nation land claim No. 77 of Thomas G.
Hogue, in township 13 south, range 5 west,
Willamette meridian, in Benton county, Ore
gon, and running thence north along the
east line of said claim 34.83 chains to the
south line of a tract of land sold by James
P. Hogue to William H. and Charles F. Alex
ander on the 15th day of March, 1869, by
deed recorded in Book "H" at page 312,
Benton county. Oreeon. deed records IHomia
creek being the said south line), thence
westerly following the meanderings o. ?aid
Hogue creek Ut the southwest corner of said
tract of land, said point being the Intersee-
uun oi nogue crees witn tne north line ot
the L of the said donation land claim, thence
west to the west boundary line of said claim
No. 77, thence south to the southwest cor
ner of said claim, thence east 40 chains to
the place ot beginning, containing 145.25
acres of land, more or less, in Benton coun
ty, state of Oregon; that defendants have no
claim, interest or estate therein; that plain
tiff's title thereto is good and valid; and
that the defendants be forever barred and
enjoined from asserting any claim whatever
in and to said premises adverse to plaintiff ;
and for general relief and costs and dis
bursements of said suit.
This summons is published In the Cor
vallis Times once a week for six successive
and consecutive weeks, beginning with the
issue of February 11, 1905, and ending with
the issue of March 25, 1905, in pursuance .
of an order made by the Hon. Virgil E.
Walters, county Judge of Benton county,
Oregon (being the county where the above
entitled suit is pending in the above entitled
court), dated February 11 1905. Date of .
first publication is February 11, 1905.
. Attorney for Plaintiff.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK BIdg. Hoarsi
IO to 12 and S to -i. 1 '
' Phone, office 83. . Residence 351. '
Corvallis, : : - Oregon.