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    Vol: XVII.-N6. 37.
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Four Masked Men Make Their Es
cape Posse Starts in Pursuit
Watches", and Draft for
$750 Included in Booty
Robbers Board Spo
kane Flyer.
Portland. . Jan. 22. While the
"Spokane Flyer" was rushing
through the darkness between East jeer answered with , &
plead. The robber opened' the wal
let and found that it contained, be
sides some bills, a draft for $750
This" he took and then returned the
wallet to its owner.
. While this was going on, the oth
er two bandits met Pullman Con
ductor John Hayes in the car.
Hayes had jast finished making his
collections and carried a large sum
of money on bis person. They
went through Hayes' pockets and
relieved him of $75 in. cash 'and a
watch. ; The bandits then forced
Hayes with their ' revolvers to go
back to the smoker. They pushed
him in and then the four withdrew
to the door, . keeping their victims
covered meanwhile. As they gain
ed the aisle one of, them reached up
ana poHed the air cord. The engin-
whietje, and
Portland station and Thirty-fourth
street, ehortly before 7 o'clock last
night, masked bandits entered the
rear door of the Walla Walla sleep
er, the last car of the train, and at
the point of a pistol compelled the
occupants to deliver their valua
bles. The robbers then stopped
the train by pulling' the air .cord,
sprang off into the night and dis
appeared. -They fired several shots
as the train slowed down and thns
frightened away pursuit.
John Hayes, the well-known Pull
man conductor, was one of the vtcUickerexchaDger, offered
tims aod togeiner witn me passen
gers the robbers obtained from them
$750, several watches
Pioneer Guii t6re
Hunters' Supplies, Fishing Tackle, ,
Sporting Goods, Sewing JVlach-. Extras,
of airr; a "p; rvi
H. E H Ci r pro ,. - rnofM i ie rr-
. bw, WI VtLllv?, JWm V
v t. r
a arait lor
and about $15o in cash
As ebon as the '. robbery became
known at police headquarters- offi
cers were notified to 'be on the
alert, and a posse of policemen, de
tectives and railway officers Jeit on !
engine for the Bcene of the robbery.
Officers guarded the bridges and
the Vancouver ferry. The posse
spent the, night looking for evidence
at the scene of the robbery and in
searching throughout the neighbor
ing country.
The tram left the Union station
on time, at 0:15 o'clock. The train
crossed the bridge and pulled into
the iiiast rortland station. I1 our
men were near the station- at . the
time, but made no effort to board
the train. , It is thought that these
four men were the'robbers and that
they boarded the train as it started
to pullaway tbrongh Sullivan's
As the train gained headway the
rear door of theWalla Walla sleep
er, the last . car, opened suddenly
and two maeked men entered the
car. They both had revolvers in
their hands. They walked to the
little door leading into the smok
ing room, in the rear end of the
sleeper, covered Biz men, Sinot,
Norden, Duffy, Coman, .Nicholson
and Atherton with their revolvers.
Both men appeared to be about 5
feet 10 inches high and weighed
160 pounds. - w
"Hands up!" commanded one of
tbe two.
: Those in the smoker, realizing
that a robbery was in progress, lost
no time in complying with the re
quest. As they did so, they noticed
two other maeked and armed men
pass the door of the smoker and go
into the eleeper proper.; ' y
In the meantime those bandits
in the smoker prepared for business.;-
They went about if coolly,
as though they were old' hands.
While one covered the victims the
other advanced and startt d to go
through the men's pockets. Sic not
was relieved of all the money be
had on his person, something l;k
$25. The robber then advar " '
to' Nordon and took from his pcx --
small -purse containing seviv..i
dollars. He noticed a diamond
stud in Nordon's shirt, and started
to remove it
"For God's sake, don't take that,"
exclaimed Nordon. "It belongs to
my mother and I wouldn't lose it
for the world!" ' i
The bandit who stood at the door
then spoke up:
Let him have the diamond; take
his watch." ; .-.'- .' ,
Nordon's watch was removed, to
gether with the chain, and placed
in one of the banditejpockets. Then
tne ronoer turned to Duffy. From
Duffy he obtained, some" gold and
silver coins. Just how much could
not be ascertained last night,, as
Dnffy went on with the train and
did not return to Portland, From
Dan Coman the: bandit also took
money and a watch. He next rifled
Nicholson's pockets, getting $100
in gold, but missine a wallet Nich
olson carried in his inner vest pock
et, whieh contained a larger ' sum.
During , the searching Atherton
had appeared extremely nervous,
and when the bandit took from his
pocket a long wallet he began ; to
the train began immediatelv to
slow down.
The bandits then made a rush
for the rear platform, sprang from
the train into- the darkness and
made their escape. Several shots
were fired at this : time, - evidently
with an intention of frightening the
The train came to a stop and the
members of the crew ran back to
learg the cause of the disturbance.
They were quickly told by the ban
dit's victims. J. A. Rockwood, the
to return
to Portland, and Sinnot agreed : to
accompany him and tell the etory
to the police. The men got .off the
train. at Thirty-fourth street 'and
made the return trip to the city,
while the "Flyer" continued on her
journey, in charge of . Conductor
William Dunn and Engineer Chas.
Whipple, the regular members ' of
the crew.
. Sinnot and Rockwood immedi
ately made their way to police bead-
quarters, after notifying the railway
officials. When they arrived at the
station, Railway Detective Fitzger
aid was awaiting them. Briefly
they, told their story. Captain
Moore ordered all detectives out,
and the posse,- under charge of D
teotive Fitzgerald, west at the rail
road yaJds, where an engine was
waiting to take them to the scene
of;the robbery. Captain Moore
sefiVapecial officers -to guard the
bridges, and detailed Detectives
Vaughn and Hillyer to go to the
Vancouver ferry. ; , Other, officers
scoured resorts in the North End
and other parts of the , city.
The posse very carefully search
en the vicinity where the ;men left
the train. . . It was impossible to
learn whether the bandits had hors
es picketed near the place or Dot.!
Every man who crossed the
bridges leading from the East side
was subjected to a rigid examina
tion. .
St. Peteisburg, Jan. 21. Itis ru
mored that M. Smirnoff, manager
of the Putiloff Iron works, where
the great strike began, was murder
ed in the night.
At Summit.
J R Graham came down from
Eastern Oregon last Monday to
take charge of his farm.
Frank Yantis, who has been in
Mr.,; Graham's employ for 18
months, is soon to leave for Fossil,
Or., i . " ' -,.
: Mr. and Mrs. King of Wren,' vis
ited ibis week at Summit. ."
Miss Bernice Grant was a Corvij
ii pasenger? ..Wednesday 'do her
-ay to pastern, Oregon to remain
for some tlrile"; ;
, Laura Kelley returned from Cot-
I taca Grove Tuesdav. from ft visit to
her mother. -
Marga'ret Savage and Mr. Keefer
were lately married.
Lizzie Crain of Winlock, is visit
ing her relatives in this placd.
Florence Rigdon, late of Alliance,
Neb., has returned to her home at
Nashville. ' '
Mrs. Caves has returned to Sum
mit after an illness of three months
at her mother's home. .
Appeal to the Czar Workmen de
termined to Tell Their Griev
. . ances If Czar Refuses,
Blood Will Flow.
. Berlin; Jan. 21. The Tageblatt's
St. Petersburg correspondent says
he learns . from the strikers' com
mittee that 14o,ooo men will march
to the Winter Palace today and de
mand to hand a petition to the em
peror alOne. . utnerwise, ne says
they will storm. the palace and fire
the city. 7 Four regiments are de
clared to be in readiness, but they
will not fire on the strikers.
Despite official assurances at
midnight that - the situation was
well in hand, and that ample steps
had been taken to protect the vast
industrial section of St. Petersburg
and insure the. safety of the city,
the greatest uneasiness pervades
the entire population. v
Picked troops are stationed at va
rious points; in the city, and each
house contains a miniature garri
son' with gendarmes in the ' court
yards and machine guns ready for
the first' emergency. The Winter
Palace is strongly picketed, with
Grank Duke Vladimir in command.
Final Instructions were issued to
night. . " ri
The plan of the government is to
prevent the workmen from coming
to the'eenter of the city today by
guarding gates and bridges. A col
lision is therefore believed to be
more imminent, and the workmen
themselves are thoroughly convinc
ed that such is the case. But the
authorities maintain that the loyal
tv of the troops is beyond question,
pointing out that the only time
Russian regiments showed treach
ery was in the .revolution of 1821,
when the guard regiments partici
pated. but they say that the troops
then were practically soldiers of
fortune returning to Russia after
the Napoleonic wars, imbued with
the revolutionary ideas of France
It is more fully realized, however,
that, if the troops mu tiny or actu
ally j ol 0 the workmen,: tbe. govern
ment will be faced, not "with riot,
but with revolution. -
Father Gopon, at the request of
Minister of Justice Muravieff, went
to the ministry of justice Saturday
and had a long mt-rview with M.
Muravieff, at which the minister
tried to pursua ie him from his pio
gramme for Sunday. Father Gop
on, however, could not be budged
and at the end of the interview he
left, sayin : ,
"We must each do our duty ac
cording to the light given us."
The plan of the workmen fs to
assemble at three points, the Pouti-
loff and Oubokoff works and the
Island of Vaseili Ostrov, and march
to the palace square. Xney are
fully convinced that the emperor
will be there to receive their peti
tioD. - y
The representative of the Aeeo
elated rre&s went among many
groups of the workmen, but found
no one who expressed doubt as to
the emperor's meeting them. Al
spoke of him , most reverently and
they insisted tnat he is kept m lg
norance of tbe truth, and tnat once
he has heard of their grievances
they will receive justice. They said
that just wnat was wanted was
shorter hours and more pay, and
also more liberty, but tbe ideas
of most of tbe men on the latter
point are v rudimentary. They
declared their peaceful intentions
and said they did hot want to fight.
They seemed to entertain no fear
of being shot down. . '
'The soldiers are on out side.
said one of tbe leaders. "They
may fire on the palace, but pot on
"The galleries hissed her and ' the
people called out: J
"Take them off: they are not di
amonds, but drops of Russian
The strikers are continuing their
agitation with unabated activity.
Throughout the morning they have
been parading the main streets in
the center, of the city and closing
every industrial establishment.
The agitateon hitherto . has been
carried on with remarkable absence
of actual violence, the committee of
the union having issued such in
structions that everything be done
as quietly as possible. Father Gop-.
on, who was reported kidnapped
during the night, is at large this
morning, going about organiz-
ng and directing everything. Hia
dictam is that the meeting shall
take place in the palace square, no
matter if it result in a massacre of
the men. He says they must be
resolved to do or die.
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No one of the workmen raised a
voice against the - emperor, though
they did not spare some of the im
perial family, especially Duke Alex
is, whom, with others,, they charg
ed with being responsible for Rus
sian defeat in the Far East, saying
that they kept the emperor in ig
norance of the true situation. Some
of them . repeated currant gossip
about Grand Duke Alexis and the
Russia" fleet.
"We know what
theatre some time
mistress came on the stage covered
; with jewels," said one of the men
St. Petersburg, Jan. 21. With
riotous strikers to the , number of
hundreds of thousands paraded the
streets of the capital city, and the
continual spread of the feeling of
unresi mrougnom tne empire, the
Russian government b in a terrl-
hlA nrflriinafnani- . H.won nnraa than
the news of the disasters in the Far
EaBt is the alarm in official quar
ters felt over the domestic situation. '
Troops are guarding the palace and
all hnhliA hml tiniA Kiif 1 ia v s .
deemed wise to call upon them : to
suppress the disorder, except in ex-,
treme cases.
Last Friday evening an organiz
ed mob attacked the Marcus card-.
V-q vA fa ntnrtf a oHfimniarl 4a
throw the manager from the win
dow, and it was reported that the
strike fever had extended to the
Aiexandroveky Machine Works,
where 7000 men are employed; the
Haiti nartriArta fa rwrr nnrnorl r
the government, and Baron Streg-
htz' cloth factory the latter employ
ing 3000 people of both sexes; the
state distillery and the Kaller and
"di.- ,j:;ii : ti 1
esofthe; Russo-American Rubber
Company, the Youkoff hoop facto- -
: :
tablishment were the latest acquisi
tions to the tied-up industries. At
the latter works the police were un
able to control the mob of strikers
and the military were ordered to
their, assistance. It was learned
late Friday night that the - employ
es of the 6tate playing-card Factory,'
tbe Vagounine Paper Mills, employ
ing 1000 hands; the Atlas Machine
Works, the Wolff & Max Drin tine-
works and numerous large plants
had joined in tbe strike.
The city is almost in darknesB,
owing to the strike of electric light
employes, and it is . stated that
newspaper publication will be sus
pended. The situation grows hourly dark-v
er, and the prop pec ts for a settle
ment of the - difficulties vanished
when tbe minister of finance refus
ed to receive a delegation of work
ingmen. It has been decided by the work
ing men to hold a great representa
tive mass meeting at 2 o'clock on
Sunday afternoon in the palace
square, to present a great petition
for the redress of their wrongs. The
workmen have agreed - to go to this
meeting1 unarmed, and will not
meet violence with violence. Fath
er Gopon, the priest wbo heads the
strikers' procession, dressed in cler
ical attire and carrying a crucifix,
is much in evidence, and will lead
the procession on Sunday.
Despite the pfforts of the police
and military, tne agitation is grow
ing, and this morning an uncon
firmed report said that a large to
bacco factory at Moscow had been
fired by incendiaries and complete
ly destroyed. Notwithstanding the
peaceful tone of the stiikets' mani
festo,, there is-a deep .1.1. de current
of bitterness, and ib le-.i-t spark
will suffice to enkiiidle- ihc flame of
revo!u ion. In addition to the
army of striking workmen, there is
another serious proposition for the
imperial government to consider,
Students' riots, the activity of Zem
stvoists, famine in Bessarabia and
the Reservists uprisings all go to
show the state of political unrest in
Russia. -. : ..' .' '-
happened in a
ago, when his
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