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Vol. XVlI.-No. 37.
B. V. IBTIHI Kdlteat
.. and Proprietor .
Keep our Store
in your, mind
It will be an interesting place
for the next four wees
Besides a big display of
all the latest novelties in
toys of every kind and the
endless variety of o t h e r
things such as Celluloid nov
e ties, Jewelry, Handker
chiefs all kinds of slippers,
watch our show windows.
eft v- . '
Free Bus. Fine Light Sample Rooms,
i , .1
I '. A;.'v.-.- Hotel
Leading Hotel in Oorvallis. Recently opened. New;
brick building. Newly furnished, with modern con-;
veniences. Furnace Heat, Electric Lights, Fire Es-j
capes. Hot and cold water on every floor. Fine single j
rooms. Elegant suites. Leading house inthQWillam-:
ette Valley. .
Rates: $1.00, $1.25 and
: South Main St.,
S CarboD, Platinum and Platino Portraiture
i :
3 Art Calendars, Sofa Pillow Covers,
And other Photographic Novelties, t.
Modes' Pioneer Gun Store
Hunters Supplies, Tisbing Cackle,
Sporting ' 6o0d$. .
Stock of 6 Rodes at Big Bargain
J. C Hammel, Prop.
$2.00 per day." " ' !
Corvallis, Ore . k
hcampment For OAC Cadets at Port-
, ' land Exposition - "- - ,
Plans are forming to haye.the
O ACL cadet regiment camp for :. ten
days at Portland during the Expo
sition next ".year. Thcpermission
of the- War Department has been
secured for the purpose, and guan
antee of tenting, cots and other
equipment has been arranged for.
Though no assurance- ox the Kind
has been received, it" is anticipated
that the Exposition authorities wlLI
provide suitable grounds for the
encampment. The cadets of the
Washington Agricultural College
fif Pullinan are to spend teq davs
in encampment at the Exposition
it is saiu mat grouuus nave ueeu
proraised them! by the Exposition
managers. . xhey numoer .300 men
and consist of four Infantry com-'
panies and band of 30 pieces. .The
OAC regiment, outnumbers the
Washinetonians by 100, , and com
prises six Infantry Companies, and
detachments each of artillery 'sig
nal corps, engineers corps, hospital
corps and band of 24 pieces. The
middle - of. June, or immediately
after Commencement has vbeen
suggested as a favorable date for
the cadets to go into camp. It is
not expected that the cadets of the
two states could camp at the .same
time on account of the lack of tent
ing and parade grounds. It the
proposition be carried out as plan
ned, -it will be an attractive feature
for the Fair, a novel and excellent
advertisement of the college, and
not unattractive to the boys of the
regiment. .
And Divorce Came Former Corvallis
BoyHe is Rich Now?:
The Portland Journal relates the
following concerni n g .... Orville ' Jen
nings, who was a vschcsl!iboyY','and
for a- nntabest-of- years-awRisidesi'ofe
Corvallis. His father is remember-
ed by oldtimers as one of the early
engineers on the Westside railroad.
The paper says:
. .."Mrs. Helen C. Jennings is a pa-'
tient at Mount Tabor sanitarium.
This is the climax of the sensation
al divorce case of a few weeks ago,
the strain of which was too great
liT her mentality. - ' . i
"Mrs. Jennings was sued for
divorce by Orville Jennings, on the
grounds of infidelity, and he secur
ed the separation, He r likewise
was1 awarded $5000 damages against
John S. Seed for alienating his
wife's affections.
Jennings was an :? engineer on
the Southern Pacific and his frugal
ity has resulted in a , fortune of
$20,000. He was given the custody
of their child:
i Nutice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given to all Dersons concern
ed lhattthe underiilgDfid has been duly appoint-
w auioiuiatrMor 01 me estaie 01 flioilhsa K.
Gleanou. deceased by the county court of -Ben
ton county, state of Oregon. AU persons hav-'
ing ciaime against tne estate 01 tne salu juenssa
. Gleason. ueceased. are hereby rea aired to
present the same, wllh the proper vouchers, du
ly -venneu as oy law requirta wunm six montns
from the date hereof to the undersigned at -his
residence in Benton county, Oregour or at the
office of . B. Bryson in Oorvallis, Oregon. :
uatea tne lucnaay 01 ecemoer, im. - --
U. S. Gl.EAsON,
Administrator of the estate ot Melissa E.
" Glas6h, deceased. -
Notice to Creditors. ; '.
Notice Is hereby g(yen to all persons . con
cerned that the undersigned has been duly ap
pointed administrator of the estate of 1- E.
Gleason, deceased, by the county conrt of 'Ben--ton
county, Stat oi Oregon. All nersona havinff
claims against the estate ot the said 1. E Glea
son, aeceased, are hereby required to present
the same, with the proper vouchers, duly veri
fied as by law required, withiu six months from
the date hereor, to to the undersigned at -: his
residence In Benton county, Oregon, or at- the
omce oi is. K. Bryson, in Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated the 10th day of December. 19UA
Administrator of the estate of Ll. . Gleason,
deceased. .
, Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice lo hereby given 'hat the undersigned
executrix tf the estate oi William Groves de
ceased has filed in the county court of Benton
county, state of Oregon, her final account for
settlement1 as such executrix, of said estate,
and that Saturday the 7th day January 1905, at
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. has been fixed by
said court as the time for hearing all and any
objections to the said report and the settlement
Executrix of the estate ot William , Groves,
Dated tuis lOthjday Dec 1901.
lust from Cnicago, a large ship
ment of iron beds from $2.75 up
also 28 rolls of matting. All
new patterns,. Christmas goods.
Don't fail to see them at- 1 '
d 10-17 Hollenterg & Cady's
B-fore selecting Xmas preeents
see the Iibby cct glass at Zierolf's.
Sea Moses Bro3 before you sell
your egga. '.
Thereto Ht Live Decoy
and Other Things. ' . . .' ;
W.. D. DeVarney, the telephone
mac, is a.; wide-awake, .-stirring
chap, and" to borrow an -expression
ficom the side-linersT" lie is in every
play.'Snch. air1 individual 3 is at
tractive to the newsppers,W
The gentleman's latest; exploits
are as a hunter. . His fellow-sportsmen-contend
that he is the most
enthusiastic duck-hunter known to
the fraternitx"; It is said that De
Varne. permits no obstacle ' to def
ter hitn in the pursuit of a wound
ed bird.- - He greatly enjoys -wading
after his game.- -To go out I into
the turbulent waters- until the cold
waveo auigc uuuci u suui uiuu,
is his delight, and to swim in pur
suit of his game is glory beyond
acclaim. i. ; ; it. ;- EeT:5 U- f
The first of the week while hunt
ing in company with other members
of the Ione Pine Club, he shot a
teal duck which Jell on the-. Oppos
ite bank of a Willamette branch
flowing partly around Smith island.
Devarney's friends essayed to : de
ter iiim from the act, but their ad
monitions . were brushed aside,
and after removing the ' weightier
articles of " his apparel, he plunged
j boldly into the current. The feat
was watched with breathless an
xietyi accompanied by "cold chills"
but it is claimed that not a . tremor
moved the dauntless sportsman
through the performance of suc-
cessf ullx securing and ; returning
with Jbis bird. ;.
It was on the same day that,' as
the result of a long shot, . DeVarn
ey brought down a fine mallard. It
seemed; not to be seriously wound
ed, and the hunter sought to use
the live bird as a. decoy. It could
not flyijotberwise it would have
continued its course when shot.
Still, to prevent : the duck ; from
swimming away. DeVarney. fasten
ed it, in a suitable place, :: with -
sE " iaade from strips of his pock
fcbhcealed himself," wiWriervotis art-
ticipation. and as he searched the
murky heavens for the approach
of game, from an unexpected quart
er he heard a flutter and a deep re
sounding -"quack. ' ' - That was a
thrilling moment; but when his
vision fell on the game, he saw at
once that it was his decoy duck in
full flight attached to which was a
long white string. ; DeVarney sent
after the fleeing bird the entire con
tents pf his pump gun, ' but it soon
passed safely around a bend in the
river, the streamer fluttering a fond
and a lasting farewell. :.;
Grange Members Should Read and act
Annual Meeting. '
To the patrons of Bellf ountain
Grange, No. 277. . ,r
You are hereby notified that the
annual meeting of this Grange will
be held on the third Saturday of
December, 1904, at, which time
ofiELcers-will be elected for the en
suing yeari ; . ': -V - -
: Brother and sisters, this plan of
notifying you, and if possible, se
cure your attendance, at the' said
annual meeting was . agreed yupon
at our November . meeting. You
land each of you are aware . of the
progressive weakening of our order
at this place, and if something is
not done and that speedily, our
charter- will have to be surrender
ed. It is" hoped that you will con
sider the consequences of losing
our grand opportunity of co-operat
ing with those of our fraternity who
are so actively engaged in the up
lifting of our class and with them
the laborers and producers of the
whole commonweath. An effort ' is
being made by our worthy secre
tary to secure one or more good
speakers from a distance -to - assist
us on the above mentioned occas
ion. So come' out brothers and
sisters and let us renew our pledges
and devotion to this noble order,
Yours in F. H. C. and with
- -Fidelity,.. s
- , - G. R. Hall,
- For Sale. "
Fine corner, good nine room house
good woodshed, excellent well of water,
eome frait, three blocks from . postoffiee;
big bargain at 900. Call on or address
- C. H. Everett, Corvallis.
Produce taksn in exchange for
goods at Moses Bros new' store. -
SHERIFF'S ,SAt.E. -Notice
Is hereby given that by vfrtue- of
a warrant issued out of the county court ot
the Btateqf Oregon, tor the county of Ban-
ton, to the sheriff 01 sara, county, uirecieu
and delivered, and dated. October 17th, 1904,
commanding the said sheriff to collect the
taxes as shown to oe aeiinqnent aa iu ut
roll for the year 1903, charged to said -delinquents
thereon, and if necessary to sell
thA mmrftl articles of nersonat. or -parcels
of real property -upon-which, such taxes are
levied, as- set- iortn in saia ujt tisu -r
. Said rfeUnauent taxnayers. the amount of
taxes and the penalties an the several par
cels of real property are described aa fol
lows, to-witt " ' ' .
. . . - , . . Ainuuiiv ui
v . -. . Tax and
- Penalties.
Beuersdorff, ' -AnnieEast half - jot -.-
southeast quarter of section Si,
township 10, range 6, 80 acres... $ 7.76
Jennings, I. -A. Beginning at the
southwest corner oi section ; run -thence
norths 40 chains; thence -east
6 chains; thence south 40 .
chains ; - thence west & chains to .
beginning, 20 acres, in section 25,
township 10, range 6. .-. .96
Richardson, S.East half of section -
35, township 10. range 6, 82Q acres - l&.so
Strieker, Cornelia - J. Southeast -
quarter of soutneast- quarter, - ana
1 acre commencing ' at southeast .
corner of ' southwest quarter df -
southeast quarter, running north 16 - .
rods r- thence west iu roas ; tnence - v
south 16 rods; thence east 10 rods - . ;.
to beginning, section 22, township
10. range 7. 12 acres. .. . . 4.62
Gains, - Richard Northwest quarter
of section 18, township 10, range 7,
160 acres ...... T.76
Hathaway, D. Beginning at ; south-
west corner oi soutneast quarter ot
southwest quartet of . section 6,
township 11, range 7: run, thence
north 301-2 rods; thence east 154 .
rods to river ; meander down river
to section line dividing sections
and 8; thence west to beginning,
section 5. townshin : 11. ransre 7. -
13.32 acres . . . . .. .... .96
Post, John Northeast quarter of
southeast quarter,-except 1 acre to
o. B.-iiam&r. section 6. townshin
11. range 7.- 39 acres. .. . ...... 7.00
Doke, B.- M. West halt of southeast
auarter. exceot nart sola, section
16, township 12, range 7, 20 acres. . : .96
McWhinney,': Margaret Southwest
quarter oi nortnwest quarter . ot
section -16' tnwnshin .12. ranKa 7.
40 acres-.. . . ' 1.90
fllAncv.. Peter: West half of section
6, township 11, range 5, 320 acres. 18.60
Haskins, A. M. Northeast quarter of
.northwest quarter of southeast
quarter; -- southeast quarter oft
' northwest ; quarter - of southeast
auarter of section 22. townshin 10.
-range 5, 20 acres. .96
Lowe, S. E. Northeast quarter of
, southwest quarter; northwest quar
- ter of - southwest nuarter of section
r 7, township 10, range 5, 79 acres. . 3.88
Rodgers, - M.- South half of section
15. townshin 10. ranee 5. 320
acres . ... -.' .18.601
Govoro, Walter Beginning at point
; east 36.23 1-2 chains distant from
.southwest corner of donation, land
claim No. 79 section 43, township
' 10 south, range 3 and 4 west ; run
thence east 6 chains; thence north
: 10 chains ; thence west 6 chains ;
-thence south 10 ehains to begm-'-
- nine, section 36. townshin 10. range
4, 6 acres . 7.76
Foster, W; H. Beginning- at a point
... which is north 82 1-2 degrees, east .
J ' 29.48 chains, and 86- degrees, east
-of claim .37Y run- thence south 86
-degrees, east 11.80 chains; north .
4.21 chains to south side of right
of way of W. V. & C. R. Co. ;
thence- southwesterly along said
. right of way to beginning, section
'1. townshin 11. range 4. '
Clark, A. L. Southeast quarter of
northeast quarter, east half of .
southeast quarter of section Zb,
townshin 13. range 8. 120 acres
Erickson, C. J. West half of south
west quarter, east half of southeast
" quarter of section 26, township 13, ,
range 7, 160 acres -
Ruble, O. J. Lots, 1 and 2, section
. 29, township 13, range 1 ; east half
of south half of donation land claim
No. 37, township 13, range 7, 120
acres -. .
Corbus, J. C. Southeast quarter of
. southwest quarter, south half . of
. southeast quarter, northeast quar
ter of southeast quarter of section
34, township 13, range 6, 160
acres ..... :
Cox, Anna Beginning at poinf south
89 degrees .48 minutes, east 21
- chains from point 19.15 chains west
25 links north of northwest corner,
of section 3, . township J.5 south,
range 6 .west; run thence 89 de
grees 48 minutes, east 20 chains to
south boundary line of claim No.
46 ; thence north 30 ehains on east
- boundary line ot said claim ; thehce
north 89 "degrees 48 minutes 20
chains : thence south 30 chains to
beginning, except 40 acres- sold to p
J. D. Ward, section 34, township'
14, range 6, zu acres. ......... ...
George, TSXzj- Northwest quarter (80
acres in Benton county) , section
10, township 15, range 6, 80 acres.
Whetstone, Asa An eighth interest
in northwest quarter of southeast
J quarter, southeast quarter of north
" -west quarter, east half of southwest
quarter of -section 24, township 14.
range 7, 20 acres
Coon, Thomas M. Southeast quarter
of southeast quarter of section 19,
township 13, range 6 ; southwest
quarter of section 20, township 13,
range 6; northwest quarter of
northwest quarter of section 29,
- 3.88
tawnKhin 13. ranefl fi. 240 acres. ..
rParker, Minnie A. Northwest quar
ter of section 8, township 13, range
6. 160 acres
Wiprut, Morris Lot 1 ; east half of
nortnwest quarter or section j.o,
townshiD 13. range 6. 131 acres. ..
Alford, 'A. Beginning at southwest
corner of lot o ; run tnence norm
40 chains ; thence east to the river ;
thence south meandering along the
river 40 rods ; thence west to be
ginning,, section 31, township 14,
range 4. 19 acres
Hamilton, John North half of .north
west quarter, except 18 acres, sec
tion 6, township 15, i range 4, 62
acres . .-.
Jackson, T: A. South half of lot 5,
section 31, township 14, range 4,
19. acres . .... A
Mulkey, James A. Northwest quar
ter or section zz. townsnm J.3.
ranee 8. 160 acres . 15.55
Uhipman, U. tu .Nortn nau oi norm-
east quarter, souiawest quarter ol
northeast quarter, southeast quar
ter of northwest quarter of section
26. township 13. range 8, 160 acres
Hyde,- C. L. Southwest quarter of
section zz, townsmp xa, range e,
160 acres .-
Long, Francis I. South half - of
nortnwest quarter, - norm nan oi
southwest quarter of - section 34,
townshin 12. range 7. 160 acres...
Wheeler, George A. Northwest quar
ter ot section 14, township is.
range 7. 160 acres 15.55
Worthington, James w. West half
. of soutnwest quarter, soutn nan oi
northwest quarter- of section 28,
township 12, range 7, 160 acres...
Watt, David Southwest quarter of
section 26, township 14s range 7,
160 acres ..
Peterson, John South half of south
half of section 8, township-.. 15.
range 7, 160 acres 15.55
iiuRuier. August Nortnwest quarter
- of section 10w township 15. ranga 7.
160 acres 15.55
Palmer; William North half of south
half of section 10. townshin 15.
range 7, 160 acres.. 15.55
Harris, W. U. Southeast quarter of
section 20, township 13. range 6.
160 acres . ... ......... .7 : 15.55
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad Co.
. Two acres of land of that certain
tract conveyed to James Hamar by ' -.
Joseph Newton and wife, by deed 'fS
bearing date June 20, ,1885, J- - iiial .
;cordedon page 5 ot Book S, and 'vJi ."
said a acres lying in a strip ot iv ,
equal width along the south side " ,
and parallel with the main tract ot - .. ... .
-the W. V. C. R. R. ; from the '";
, company road run - through said . ,
k premises in an easterly or north-- -'" '
easterly direction to the north line . "
of said James Hamar's land, it
being the north line of ; William ' '
Pearson's -donation land claim la ' .".
section 28, township 11 south, - .
range 6 west, and said 2 -acre strip " '
lying and being "alongside ot and - . ' 1 -adjoining
the 60 feet right of way "
conveyed to said W. V. & G. R. R. . V. -.
. by Joseph Newton and. wife,, by c
" deed bearing date September 24, v -
1884, Book P, page 438, being on
"" south side ot right of way, 2 acres.
- section 28, township 11, range 6..1
Beginning at point 61 teet west and 3 j'7, a
feet north of the west end ot bridge .
No. 70 on -the central line ot the 1 -.
tract of W. V, & C. .1. B, Co., said .... , .
- point being on the. west line of k T. '
right of way of said railroad; run
thence north 46 degrees, east 63
feet to a stone set in the ground, It
being 25.50 chains south and 7.17
chains west of the quarter section "
corner on the line between sections - ,, j "
- 22 and 23, township 11 south. - i
range 7 west; thence north 6 de-
grees 30 minutes, west 869 feet to , . . ,
v a stone; . thence ' following said V r '
north line easterly to beginning; 97 '
acres, township 11, range 7, 97-100. :
- acres ; iii
Beginning at point in north fork ot
- Mary's river 30 feet south of a
- point on the central line of the W.
V. ft C. R. R.. 184 feet east of west "
end of bridge No. 70, It being on 7 .
the .south line ot right of way of - '
baiu rauruaa ; uience xotiowmg said -3 -
line westerly 1,130 teet to a stone : .
set In ground; thence south 80 feet r!
to middle of north fork of Mary's ' -
river; thence following middle ot ."
said river down stream to begin- """"V
ning, 1.84 acres, except tract lying , - '
ui cuuuLjr - roau,. townsnin xju
range 7 . . "
Beginning at stone heretofore re- ,
rerrea to on south line of right ot ,
way ui Baia w. v. tt u. a. it., vtf -
teet west ot the west end ot bridge ; '
No. 70 and 30 feet south ot central -
line of said railroad; run thence "
north 79 degrees, west 1,160 feet to .
stone, on said south line ot said J
rignt or way ; then following said
south line to beginning, 1.53 acres,
townshin 11. ran en 7
Beginning at point on north boundary ' '
ao ciaim no. a. townsmp 11 .- .
south, range 4 west, said point "
being 13 chains east of southwest '"
corner of claim No. 64, said town- -T
ship and Tange, and run south 10 "2
chains, east 17 chains, north 10
chains, west 17 chains to begin
ning, 17 acres, township 11, ranga ' '
Beginning at northeast corner of
claim N.o. 46, township 11 south, '
Ithe east line of said claim 492
feet ; thence along east Una at right ' J
of way of W. V. & ,C. R. R., being
30 feet to center of mam line as 1.
now traveled; north 53 degrees 15
minutes, eastr000 feet to county
road leading from Corvallis to Al
bany ; south 64 degrees, east 1,260
feet; south 3 degrees, east 186
feet to southeast corner of claim '
No. 44 ; thence west 542 feet to be
ginning.' containinsr 6 acres, tnwn-
-' sni; sracge- H-j -Book S, paga
Also all that tract of land occupied -
of Corvallis, Oregon, and fully de- -.-
scribed in Book 40, page 217, deed
records, and containing in said ' '
tract 11.31 acres, section 2, town- " i
ship 12. ransre 5 :
Lots 2 and'36, in block 1, in the City
or -fhiiomath, Benton, county, Ore- -gon
; fractional river lots Nos. 1, 2, - -3,
4, 5 and 6, in fractional block 4.
original town of Corvallis, Benton
county, Oregon ; lots 1 and 2, in '
block 2, in original town of Corval
lis, Benton countv. Oreeon ...4n4nftd
Fischer, H. F. (heirs) AU that ceiv
tain tract of land 60 feet wide com
mencing at and extending from the
line of- donation land claim of J. -C.
Alexander, the whole length ot
mill race, through land of Alexan- .?
der & Avery, to the grist mill on
Willamette river .
Beginning at balm tree 12 inches in
ammeter south 17 1-2 degrees, east '
80 links from the southeast corner ;
of said mill lot, and run south
42 1-2 degrees, east 17 rods to the '
edge ot the Willamette river
thence with river 24 rods to the
place of beginning, containing 3.90
acres, section 2, township 12 south,
range 5 west ?
Beginning at corner of what is known
as mill lot on-east line of land sold
by Joseph C. Avery and wife to
Elizabeth H. Mercer; run - thence
north 6.50 chains to Mary's river;
thence down Mary's river to the
Willamette river and up along the
line of' low water mark of said
river to the above described mill
lot ; south 42 1-2 degrees, west 4.25
chains to the place of beginning,
containing .91 of an acre. ..
Beginning at Cottonwood tree at
nortneast corner ot mill lot of cor
vallis F mill, now owned by H. F.
Fischer; run thence south 78 de
grees, east 94 links; south 36 de
grees, -west 1.75 chains; south 52
degrees, west 1.20 chains ; north 42
degrees, 30 minutes, east 2.37 -chains
to place of beginning, con
taining .28 of an acre, section 2,
township .12 south, range 5 west..
Beginning at - northeast corner ot
claim io. 4b, township lz south,
range 5 west ; thence east 19.23
chaius to -Willamette river thence
south 16 degrees with left bank of
said river, up stream 5.36 links ;
thence west 17.75 chains, north
5.13 chains to place of beginning,
containing 9.7 acres, township 12,
range 5
Beginning southeast corner of
Johnson & Horning s survey on the
north boundary line of Nicholson's
survey ; thence run east 3.70
chains ; thence north with Nichol- .
son's line 27.38 chains to the left
bank of said river; thence south
27.02 chains to place of beginning,
containing 10 acres, township 12,
range 5
Beginning 10.14 chains east of south-
. east corner I the J. c. Avery land
claim in township 12 south, range
6 west; thence run east 34.86
chains to the left bank of the Wil
lamette river; thence with meander
of river down stream, north 19 de
grees, west 9.75 chains; north 49
' degrees, west 6.50 chains ; north 74
degrees, west 5 chains ; south 27.38
chains ; thence west 28.70 chains to
mouth of slough on west bank ot .
said river, down stream to a post ;
thence south 11.50 chains to place
of beginning, containing 124.28
acres, except 7.3 acres sold, 117.25
acres, township 12, range 5
Beginning in middle of old territory
. road leading south from Corvallis
to Eugene City where the south '
' line of Avery's land claim crosses
said road; thence 47.40 chains to
- the southeast corner of said land
claim; thence north 12.20 chains
to the low water mark on the west
shore of - the Willamette river;
- thence down along said low water
line of said river to a point 50 '
links north, 42 1-2 degrees east ot
- the southeast corner of said mill
lot, sold to E. W. Altro; thence
. south 42 1-2 degrees, west along
the south line of said mill tract
9.25 chains ; north 13 1-2 degrees,
west 6.61 chains ; north 87 degrees,
west 1423 chains to middle of said
- territorial road ; thence south 4 1-2
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