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(AdTertlaementilnthl column charged Car
M therateofii cents per line.
' New invoice of street bats just
received at Mrs. J. Mason's.
President Campbell arid? Prof:
essor Straub of Eugene, were
guests of A B. Cordley Saturday.
M. W. Bartmess. of the 1904
' class, of OAC, who is now instruct
or in mechanical drawing in Hill's
Miliary Academy of Portland, has
been the ; enest thi3 week of old
friends' in Corvallis. He came
Saturday to witness the big football
game on OAC field.'
Horace Brodie, who was editor
last year of the College Barometer, '
has been the guest since Saturday ,
of friends in Corvallis. He is
now studying law in his father's
offico'in Portland. Monday morn- j
ing, Mr. Brodie gave a talk in the
college chapel, by request ot Presi-;
dent Gatch.
I. H. and R. D. Woodward
were very much pleased to receive
a pair of China Pheasants from
Gene M. Simpson of Corvallis Ore;
this week. The birds came in the
best of condition. They are quick
as a flash and as handsome a bird
as one could wish to see. The fe
male is somewhat like the prairie
chicken only prettier. The male,
however, is perhaps equal to a bird
of paradise. His shiny neck, beau
tifully spotted back, and extremely
long dressy tail make him a rare
specimen of a bird. The Onlooker,
Haviland, Kansas.
Anvent that proved of more
than passing interest occurred at
the First Methodist church Friday
evening," It was an informal recep
tion tendered Rev. and Mrs. Feese
by: members i of the congregation.
The church parlor was filled with
guests, who vied with each other
in making. the occasion one of plea
sure for all. Features of special
interest were a vocal solo by .Dr.
Cathey. two piano numbers by
Frank A. White, who graduated
from the OAC musical department
last June, a solo by R. N. White,
and a violin number by Winnifred
Gates, Sandwiches, cake and cof
fee concluded the evening's enter
tainment. ' '.-'';.
The team of Robert Gellatly
took a lively spin down Main street
Saturday afternoon. - The driver
left the horses, attached to a top
buggy, standing in front of the
; Austin blacksmith shop while he
; went inside. The animals struck
out for home, and in front of the
brick stable a wheel came off. - The
delivery wagon of John " Lenger
stood by the pavement , in front of
the Zierolf grocery, and with this
the runaway collided, tearing off
another wheel and otherwise de-
- mousning tne buggy wntcn was
left by the wayside. The horses
continued their , flight and were
caught near the Bodine warehouse.
.Mr. ' Gellatly rode home with a
neignbor, leading tne runaway
C M. Ca'dy of Koseburg.
made .a brief visit .with: relatives in
Corvallis Saturday. ', - '(
Many - Corvallis . families , are
planning to eat Thanksgiving din
ner at Hotel Corvallis. It is also
understood that several dinner par
ties are forming for the : occasion.
An elaborate turkey dinner is to be
served and the reputation 4of the
establishment in the line is sure to
attract many to the place tomorrow:
Dinner will be served from 12 to 2.
' The city council held an " ad
journed meeting Friday , night, to
dispose of - accumulated - business,
and to receive the report of the
special water committee, relative to
the offer of the present water com
pany to install a .mountain" ; water
system. The report of the com
mittee was not ready, and after dis
posing of other business, the meet
ing was adjourned to next Monday
night. J - ' . '- -
A party was given at the home
of Grace Starr near Inavale Thurs
day evening in honor of her
nieces, Misses Lura and Mae Peter
son of Washington "county. A very
pleasant evening was spent by all
present. A delicious luncheon was
served at midnight. The guests
we e, Me.srs Chappel. .Day. Starr,
Totten, Rickard. : Chester : Starr,
Arrants and Charlie Starr; Misses
Lura and Mae Peterson, Marion
Chappell, Elsie Jones, Grace
Starr, Bessie Peterson, -Vena Rick
ard and Gail Starr. - '
The National Grange visited
OAC.yesterday. .' The party in
cluded 243 delegates, and came by
special trainj arriving at 11 o'clock.
They visited tbe various depart
ments, of the college, and at noon
were entertained at luncheon in
Agricultural Hall An address of
welcome was delivered by President
Weatherford of the board of regents
and Prof Berchtold spoke- In behalf
ol the faculty. , Aaron Jones of In
diana," master of:: the? National
Grange, delivered"a fe'icitious res
ponse. Dr. Witbycombe was toast
master. - The excursionists left for
a trip over the Eastside at 2 o'clock.
, All awnings now
street and others to be:
on Main
: fAncfranrAr1
. are Subject to the '-supervision of
, street committee and the fire , chief,
. All awnings to be constructed must
be supported by iron brackets and
must be at least eight feet from
'the' pavement. The materials to
; be used and the plans involved in
the construction must be approved
, by the street committee ana fire
chief. Any awning- condemned by
these authorities must be removed
I or the removal will be made by the
city and the expense be taxed
: against the property. ... The above.
regulations are imposed in an . or
dinance that passed the city coun
cil Friday night. A fine of 5 to
. $20 is provided for .violation,
Cotton on the stem is a thing
which was exhibited in Corvallis
this week. It came all the way
from Arkansas , having been sent
to Victor Moses by friends in that
state, knowing that it would be
viewed with interest by many per
sons here who had never seen the
article in any stage of growth. In
the package of cotton there were
samples just opening the pod, oth
, ers in full bloom, and also samples
showing its condition after the
process of ginning, or cleaning.
The cotton buds begin to open
when they are the size of a walnut,
and the fluffy white cotton gradual
ly rolls jout until it reaches a mass
which, when slightly compressed,
would equal a small apple.
What has originally been the cot
ton pod becomes petals. These, in
the samples shown here are attach
ed to a stem one-eighth of an inch
in diameter, and the stem is attach
ed to a stalk one-quarter of an inch
in diameter. Cotton seeds tbe size
of small white beans grow pro
miscously within the fiber.
Accompanying the cotton sent
to Mr. Moses there was a quantity
of hickory nuts in various stages of
development. These also are new
to many Oregonians.
Burglar and his. Bullet Officers
Sure They Know him.
. As yet nothing has developed
in the burglarv case. ihe man
who got the bullet frpm Officer
Osburn's revolver in , his body has
managed by some means to ... keep
his hiding place a secret. , ihe sus
picion the officers had as to the
identity of the man has developed
into almost - j practical ."certainty.
They have a photo, which several
persons have recognized as a man
who was in the saloon during the
day and evening "-' preceeding the
robbery. : Diligent search was made
for .him all over town the following
morning, but. he was nowhere to be
found. -fHis only meansof leaving
at an early hour was by train, . and
these the officers visited V! He ' dis
appeared so suddenly that -J; little
doubt remains that he went; ;?ya
flight and that -it was he 'jrto
crouched behind the bar. at WeuSt
felt's when. Officer f'Oiburh -fired
through: the window.' ' " 1 l"
Added to the ' circumstances is
the fact that the suspect is an all
roundcrook. His line 6f work is
larceny and burglaryTHe has been
in jail, several times ' ! on t these
counts, and is wanted now in Port
land. He was once m the Benton
county jail as a "Lincoln county
prisoner, and at that time he gained
notoriety by holding up Sheriff
Rickard and permitted Ed Scott to
escape with a spectacular dash, for
liberty and a day of all round sen
sation in town', which ended before
aight fall with the capture and re
turn of Scott to jail. The suspect's
name is Jf red mcMurray.
Union Service.
. The Young Peoples societies of
the various churches ' will hold a
union service next Sunday evening
at the Baptist church at 6 o clock
The first part of the meeting ' will
be ;., devoted to Thanksgiving
thoughts while the latter part will
be 6n the subject "How Intemper
ance Hinders Missions." Let all
come and make this meeting
enthusiastic one.
" r
Get acquainted with Moses
Brothers, the new merchants. Call
and see their. big line of new goods
Toys for the big boys and girl?,
toys for the little tots Santa Clans
has headquarters at Moses Bros.
- Wanted.
1590 lba vetch seed. ' Address
phone L. L, Brooks. '
Cracked corn .for chicken feed
any quantity from one eack to car
load lots. Cheaper that wheat
We carry a full line of . -poultry
supplies. F. L. Miller. - '
i r . UNIVERSITY WON - .' ' I
Annual Football . Game The Score is
' " Six to Five. ,:-, . . -
; . The annual game of football he
tween the state university and OAC
elevens is history, ' and the record
reads. TJ of O, six; OAC five. The
game turned pn the picking of a
goal, and by the token, victory res
ted with - the university! "With a
deft and accurate swing of his right
leg, Joe Templeton, captain of ihe
university eleven, sent the oval
spinning between the goal posts
and set the score of his team in a
notch that the Oregon Aggies near
ly., but not quite': matched. . It was
a beautiful kick, " made . from a dif
ficult spot, and, though, nobody
knew it at thetime it won the
Northwest College Championship
for the U of O eleven". It came aft
ter the game .hadbeen 'in progress
but : eight minutes, but it was the
last point that : the University... men
were able to score in tne game.
Fighting again-t the odds "of this
early; score crippled with three of
their veteran team, mates put of the
game without their, captain, and
with but six men playing in their
regular positions, the resolute
Aggies held their -unhandicapped
antagonists to this original score
throughout ) the remaining forty
wo minutes of ; plav. Better still,
with the spirit of last ditch fighters,
after , being worsted in the first, half,
they rallied, and in the second half,
carried the ball more and made
more yardage than did their un
scathed opponents, made a bigger
percentage of . gains, : and nn addi
tion, notched out a figure for their
own score, that will always tell the
story that T after all, it was ..only
a - goal .3 kick that, won the, game
It was a gallant stand by a gallant
band and it is no wonder that the
men they strove against went home
without a note-of triumph or ban
ner flying, and with many an ua-der-breath
expression of thankful
ness that the old leader and his
veteran mates were , not in the team
; It is Dow Walker, . the redoubt- -able
center in the OAC line to
whom the Aggies owe their touch
down and the prestige that achieve
ment gives them. . Others 61 the
old guard did their duty that day
and none more than Williams and
Abraham, and Bower,' Dunlap, and
Rhinehart, and so did Ray Walker
and Steiwer and Emily and Cooper
as long as he lasted, ' of the new
men; but it was Dow Walkerwho.
with a totr weight of men on "top" of
fcim in" a pile up, ' .crawled out of
the heap with the : coveted oval in
his arms, crept away unobserved to
a safe distance, and then leaping "to '
his feet sprinted away like a-;quart--
tfr horse for a 90, yard run and a
touchdown.' ' ' ' -;
It was a run that chilled " the
marrow and froze the blood of the'
Eugene rooters, but it, made the
grand' stand roar and ' screech and
scream as it never . did ; such things
before. . Walker had been playing
like a demon from the moment the
game opened. His ankle was in a
plaster of Paris cast, and it pained
him every step, but he had torn up
the Eugene line and tackled all ov
er the field. He was handicapped
to be chief man in the sprint, under
the circumstances, but when he
found himself loose with the ball,
he lit out to do his best. Arnspig
er and Reid of the University tried
to catch him, but the big fellow
looked back and saw them coming.
Before that, they , had gamed a
little on him, but they didn't- any
more. Over the slippery ' field in
lull flight the "big fellow went, over
it, in hot pursuit . went the lemon
men while the Aggie rooters yelled
and screamed with delight. But
it was no use. - Over the goal line
plunged the. big runner and there
he"planted the precious ball" safe
and "sound for a touchdown . for the
orange and turned with a grin to
see how the rest of the fellows were'
making it. Up the field ' with the
others, came Joe Templeton, tears
coursing down his cheeks. It was
he who had Jumbled the half, and
his mortification ' was complete.
Comfort came to hini only when it
came time for somebody oh " the
Aggie team to try . for . the goal.
Cooper was to have ' done the kick-- j.
ing, but he had lelt the game in
the first half. Not a man " among
them had ever tried a goal kick in
a match game, and Rinehart begged
for a volunteer. To succeed was to
tie the game, and it was then as
never before that Captain ' Pilking
ton was-missed. -The lot fell to
Rinehart, and the plucky - little
quarterback tried, and missed.
The ball was wet, K slippery and
heavy. Never an Aggie blamed
the lad, but the tears welled up in
his eyes, and peace reigned '.once
more in Joe Templeton' s heart.
The story of the game is one' .of
strong offense on both sides,,; ' of
somewhat superior defense for the
University and of marked superior
ity for the' Aggies in handling the
, ball s Claims are m !c that 1. ' the
visiting elevea was lar stronger,
c,' continued on pag four,- j
"a 3 -
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. Summons, r. - - .
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XUa Tyler, PI. lut.IT, v- -
BowaroTyler, Defendant. ,
1 ' N
To Heward Tyler, above named defendant,
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This summons Is publUhed by order of th
Hon.Vb-gil E. Watters, County judge of Bentox -
ijonniy.uregonj auiv maae on tseptemoer u
1904, in and by which order it is prescribeJ
that this summons be puDllshed in the Oorral
lli Times, for six oouseuutlve and snooesslv
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The champion of . the world
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