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    Gorvallis Times.
Offldal Paper of Benton Cowtr.
In the beginning there seemed
little hope of democratic success in
: the approaching presidential elec
tion. If, however, the big repub
lican journals of the East , become
much more strenuous, the country
will soon be persuaded that Mr.
Parker is likely to be elected. Here
for instance, is the New York Tri
bune, solemnly declaring that ! Mr.
Bryan is deceitful in his announced
support of Mr. Parker, and that in
secret the Nebraskan wi 1 knife the
jurist candidate. ' ' -;
If there is one thing in the world
for which Mr. Bryan is preemin
ently noted, it is that he is candid
frank, open, and without political
secret. His chief political failures
have been due to his :" aggressive,
open, fearless adherence to that
beloved principle of candor, and
his unswerving hatred of guile and
deceit. Een his worst political
enemy admits that -whatever Mr.
Bryan promises, that he performs
to the strictest letter. , All fbis:is
what makes the big papers absurd
of statement, and arouse general
suspicion that they are scared, so
scared that they grasp at ,i every
straw to hedge against defeat. They
behave so hysterically,; wail so vo
ciferously, and beat the " bashes so
strenuously that it looks ' like vMr i
Parker -.might geV tier?. V.-
Where City Governs. State Caanet
' ' ", "A Queer Predicament. -1
A legal proposition raised in
Portland sends shivers up the backs
of Corvallis city authorities. It is
held there by some lawyers :' that
where authority is granted v under
charter from the legislature to reg
ulate, govern, and penalize certain
offences, ' the state law covering
such offenses does not apply.
That is to say, belief is expressed
that wherever city laws apply, state
laws do not. '" Judicial , decisions
are . quoted from several : states
which give the contention' color- of
sounddoctnne. The Oregon supreme
court has never , passed on the
point. '; . ''
Should euch a theory stick, cur
ious consequences would appear in
Corvallis. If one man should at
tack another with a dangerous
weapon in the city Jimits, the only
penalty that could be mete J out to
him would be a fine of $io to $ioo.
The case ' might ' "be aggravated
enough to send him under the state
law to the pententiary, , but", that
could not be done. ' '' Or, in Port
land, for instance, and the same
would be true under,' similar con
ditions in Corvallis, the ' state ' su
preme court has intervened 'under
state law to V prohibit gambling.
The city authorities are' willing to1
permit gambling. ' But if the ; con
tentipn suggested, be sound, "; the
city authorities will prevail, and
the law of the' state cannot prevent
- the city authorities from permitting
gambling in Portland.
There always seems to be a hole
through which lawyers can squeeze
thiough any man made law.
A Place of Interest.
It is interesting these days lo note
the activity that is oo amoDg the
business houses of Cor vallis. . Ev
ery one is on the jump, and clerks
are busy frm dawn .. to . dark.
Among the places where, there is
no ,timt for rest . among;. . the ' em
ployes is': the ' O. : J. , Blackledge
furniture . ' store yon' .souths Main
street. Thursday, a large- ship-'
mont of fine bamboo goods arrived'
aad has been placed n oa display.
Along with this comes a new . line
of Morris chairs, fine rockers, good
mattings, a complete line of pastel
and other first grade pictures, auob
as has never been seen In Corvallis
before, and, many 'other new goods.
To any one who has. not paid . a
late visit to this housa, and priced
the handsome stock that is ever
there, it would be wise to say, go
and see Blackledge.! The visit will
pay you and you will . find what
you. want. ; -;. v.,;,
Free Lessons.
Prof. L. Karlen givea a trial les
son free in the Business .college. Ypn
Tuesday and Friday evenings of
thU weak, from 7 tta, J
Instead of Battalion Cadets to
Have Mounted Men OAC's . '
Big things are doing in the mili
tary department at the college as a
result of the increase in attendance.
When arrangements are. all perfect-:
ed and the cadets at some time ap
pear in full array It" wiH be seen
that the little army out on College
Hill is on a war footing. Instead
of a battalion, the organization has
become a : regiment, with 380 men
instead of about 250. There are
four full companies of infantry,
each numbering 64 men, or two
more men than in a full company
in the United States service. There
'is a detachment of cavalry, consist
ing of a captain, , first, and second
lieutenant and 24 men., including
non-commissioned officers, all to be
mounted. For the latter purpose
horses have been secured.1 There
is a detachment of artillery, with
two field pieces, with captain and
first and secend lieutenant . and 16
men, a signal corps, with a captain.
and lieutenants and a number .of
men, and the. regimental band of
23 pieces,, commanded by , the .ad
jutant of the regiment. The ; or
ganization is provided for under
general orders issued by Lieutenant
Quinlan, Wednesday. The; whole
is under command of Lieut. Colonel
H- C. Darby, and his-staff, will be:
Captain J, Wi Carlson; Adjutant
Captain O, -A. Webber, . O. , M.:
Non-commissioned , Staff. Sergeant
Major H Jt. tAuldjQ, M, and. Com-,
missary Sergeant L.hoel JDium,
Major G. J. Dodson; Major T. ,A.
Garrow,. , Com.-: Battalion,! Infantry;
1 st Lieutenant C. Swann, Adju
tant; 2nd Lieutenant B. Pilkingtoa,
Qr If, and , Coralssary; Jtfon com
missionedt .Staff 5 Sergeant -Majo$
C, SBeqsQa.jj 1 1 hltHs tr
' Bandr-v 'At 1 :-,
Drum Major, G. J. Dodson.
Prio, Musician,-. E. Wetmore.
; Sergeant,. .W. Proebstal.!
Corporal,, E.Adams.i S i t, c
Company A :" ' "' 1 '
Captain, P L Adams,
1st Lieut., J. S. Tannock.
2nd Lieut., F A Williams.,
'1 Company B ' ' " ' !'"" r '
Captain, R. L. Stout.
: " ' ist Lieut.; D C. Little. ,
2nd Lieut , M; B. Moores.
Company C ' '. u; "
Captain, E Eddy.
ist. Lieut., J R McGormickt
I 2nd Lieut M B Belden.
t Company D : - , ' . .
. , , : Captain, F B Davis.
, ist Lieut., F M Roth. :,
2nd Lieut ., B T Jordan,
Cavalry Detachment
Captain, 6 S Moore
ist Lieut, E V Hawley.
2nd Lieut., R C Shppard.
' Artillery Detachment-r- '
Captain, F.Q Stimson.
; .; ist Lieut.,, M;. Hinrichs.; -I
2nd Lieut, j G H Root. , ; ,;
' Signal Corps - ' ''' ' " '
-' ; Captain, L R -Harlan. .
-!: ist Lieub; H C Get?.. :, , v,
i ; 2nd Lieut W Abraham. ,
; . ,. -, FROGS AND FROLICS. ,
Butterflies and Bees aad ; Flowers
' ; Little Children Himlc Them A :
I ; v Coming' gyent.'"-' ,? ;
' An event of wide interest in town
is to be the performance, under the
auspices of ,the. OAC Athletic Union
at the ..Opera House next Friday
evening. . . , Fairy . land will have
full sway, and over too little tots
and larger youngsters , '. , with a
sprinkling bfLypung . women will
appear in-what will prove to be the
most charming, cantata and fairy
spectacle ever produced in this city
by amateurs. ; The play has been
given .over 800 times in various
cities- .of the country, . and has al
ways , proven most popular. Last
winter it was., produced -under
the same management in Albany,
and it was for months thereafter
the -subject of favorable comment
by press and people. - The costumes
foe .the performance are a unique
feature, and consist of. the richest
silks, velvets and satins. ; s - -The
scenfery and stage .settingfwill be
in accordance with the other lavish
preparations, and . those ia charge
are determined to - have . the most
thorough presentation that it is
possible to obtain. .RJLCollins is
director and he- has been busy all
week in drilling his numerous fair
ies, midgets, gnomes and guards,
and has embodied in the production
the : prettiest and . most unique of
recently - invented drilL . The drill
of the bees and flowers by little tots
in appropriate costrune,vanother by
the butterfivleuards. to the music
of Bohemia, a clown: drill .by.: four
ooys, and other features so.nnmec
OUs that .they enunieraN:
ed here, ,1 will be: involved' in .the
playi'?i k
Sweet Cider Sweet Result of a Collese
. Experiment Fruit Juice Three s.
. Years Old.
Experiments by Prof. Perriot at
the college have evolved a method
by which cider and kindred bever
ages may bs kept sweet for J a per
iod of years. Prune-, juice in a
sweet state, put up thTee years ago
was opened the other day and was
found, to be in as perfect a state
of preservation as the day ii : went
into the bottle;' Cider, kept for a
less period, but long enough to de
termine that it can be preserved for
a man's life time if '7 desired, . and
was . likewise ; found to ,:-' be
sweet and as . pleasant to " the
taste : as the . day it; "Was - put
up. Jlne metnod . prevents any
ferment whatever, and leaves - the
apple juice or prune juice in ex
actly the same state 'as when it
came out of the fruit. For, carry
ing out .the preservative.' process;'
bottles or glass vessels capable of
being hermetically sealed, are re-quired,-and
beyond this : there is no
expense exceptthe labor, and ac
cordingly the , process " is - within
reach ot all. who desire. With
cider apples rotting under the trees
or selling at 10 cents per , bushel;
the process Opens a way for con
verting that whiph is now a waste
into a means of much profit. An
industry for the manufacture" and
preservation of sweet ddeT for the
market by the plan, , would. v ' un
Qoubtedly develop into a business
of large proportions. . Califdrnia
has been enriched from the sale of
the juice of her grapes,' and Oregon
by sale of the juice of her apple as
sweet cider could ' put by a hand
some profit annually. -;
i I Prof.' Pernot's method of pri
servalion of cider is as'followsr "
.-1 "As cider come8 from the,' press,
i( is' filtered tbroogh sbestb3, oT
any other material which- will '.re-'
move all the pomace that'is held ia
suspension,' so that after ; bottling
there will be so sediment. '-';
) "After filtering, the cider is inv
mediately placed in clean bottles,
and. corks placed loosely " on top,'
the bottles are then put in a steam
chest and steam turned on until the
contents of the bottles register a
temperature of 160 degrees. This
heat is maintained for 1 fifteen ; min
utes, the steam is then ' turned off
and the chest allowed to cool down
without openiug 'the door. Twen
ty four hours '. afterwards 1 they are
again steamed, and twenty loar
hours after that the operation is
repeated for the last time; while the
bottles are still hot, .they are . tight
ly corked, and after cooling in the
steam chest the corks are - clipped
in hot canning wax which I finishes
the sealing. ' '' " " f .
Cider and other fruit juices
may be preserved in the same way
and used to an ' advantage' in ; the
preparations - of many : delicacies for
the table as. ' : well . as being .used
as a beverage." - s :;i
. Show your colors, call on L.
Kline for campaign but'one Fi9
fof the asking. ' i i ' iv
Rev. B. C. Hortoh; Salphur'Springi,
Texas, writes, July. . 19, ! 1899. , .'U;have:
used ia my family BaUard'a Spow LinU
ment and.Horefcound Syrup, &m& they
have proved certainly satisfactory. ' The
liniment is the best we have - ever iised
for headache and pains: The cough syr
up has been our doctor (or the last eight
years." 25c, 50c, t.oo. Sold by Gra-,
ham & Wortham. . , , - "
Cares Winter Congh.
: J. E. Gover, 101N. Main St., Ottawa
Kan., writes: "Every fall , it has been
my wife's trouble to catch, a severe cold,
and therefore to cough all winter long.
Last fall I got for her.a bottle ot. Hore
honad Syrup. She need it and has beea
able-to sleep; soundly all .night long.
.Whenever th cough troubles her, two or
three doses stops the cough, and she' is
able to be up abd well." 35c, 56, Jr.oo.
Sold by Graham & Wortham.' :
J. W. Davenport, Wingo. Ky.i writes,
June 14, 1902: 'I want to tell you I be
lieve Ballard's Snow Liniment saved .my
life. , I was under the treatment of two
doctors, and they iold, me one 'of 'my
lungs was entirely gone, and '' the other
badly affected. I also had a lump In my
side. ; I don't think I could have, lived
over two months longer. I was induced
by a friend to try, ' Ballard's ' Snow Lini
ment' The first application crave me
great relief; two fifty cent bottles cured
me soand and well. , It ia a -wonderful
medicine and X recommend it to suffering;
umjMBiij. . 35c, 50c, . l.QO, OOiO, . Oy
Graham 4 "Wortham " . " " v
; - A Question of Tacks. -
, Any reader of this paper sending
25 cents in silver, by postal note or
in stamps, will be seat- - The Daily
Journal one month! ithe .v Sunday
Journal i wo months; or ; the Semi
Weekly Journal 1 three; . months .or
the Weekly Journal 1 oar months.
and in addition a match sale filled.
with.tacks;i postage .-.prepaid. AtU
iress, ne journal, Portland. Ore;
Woes One Hade for the Other Are
.Benton Jack Rabbits Belgian ' .'
, ' " Hares gone Wild? J i
Will Jack rabbits continue to
multiply in Benton?. .. . Are they
real," old fashioned Jack rabbits, -or
are they of the Belgian hare tribe?
A' farmer t whose boy r recently
slaughtered two of them believes
they are an offshot of the now.'de-
funct industry; m iBelgiatt - hares,
and not Jack rabbits at ali." Judge
Greffoz, who is not an authority
on any .:. subject outside of: game
chickens, city law, bull terriers and
watch machinery,1 thinks' they are
as likely- to be - hares as ' rabbits.
The Judge sat on a stand out back
of the Jackson -farm the other
morning, and watched for a deer
to pass, r The flies were bad that
morning- and - the Judge- fought
them-to a standstill while he sat m
the shade and listened to the bay
ing of a hound that he t was mor
tal certain was" after' a deer. He
wasn't violating any law, either in
fighting flies or holding down the
stand, for it was ..not his hound
that was baying.
By and by the voice , of the
hound was-nearer. , It grew louder
and louder and the Judge forgot
the flies as he cleared his. voice and
with; his judicial, hand, seized his
shooting iron. ; . Thenr too, .the
bushes parted, and bounding along
in full flight irom the., pursuing
hound was ra magnificent , back-
Jack rabbit of, Belgian bare, as the
case is. And now, his Honor can
net: talk' of Jack rabbits - without
having a.bad his month and
It will be a cold day, a hitter (day
for any prisoner jwho may enter his
court; and inadvertently J speat one
kind word' in behalf of.' the Jaek
rabblitribeisJ" i ; m i mam,
' Meanwhile,1 i the . Jacks are far
moreinuaarous than theyi used to4i
be, aad the guess is that by and by
they-will dodge 'ott of every fence
corneir 'and s hedge-' row at theay
proach of the passerby Even now
they- are a' source of Treixatioa to .the
hunter,' whose 1 dog is led astray!
into a fruitless and undesirable
chase. So far,: no report h&3 come
to hand of damage the rabbits-have
done to young orchards' or gardens;
and there is doubt if they-willver
become a pest.v,!--- '';:. A
r . ' For Sale. -i
Four fine Berkshire' sows with
four to six -young pi gi each.-r To
be seen at my farm a mile ! tnd a
half southwest of Corvallis.'; ,v
' ;' ' Saonuel Whiteside, ;
R F D No 2, Corallls: -
! Ladles., try the Derby Kid Glovea,
every .hair guaranteed. ; ;Por sale by
Nolan Callahan. :. SiV;' . , r ' .'; . , ,
Seed For Sale. X
i Vetch hay, Speltz, English rye
grass seed. .. 1 second-hand wagon
axle 3- -41 1-1 Kitekmad woven
wire fence machine. ;1 i gang ; plow;
15 cords oak wood. Theee are
bargains i in machinery,' ' : are
peairly .aal good as nnewv-except
wagon, nd can order from Cor
vallis by telephone. s ' . , vv
; ra-v -uvi . lU'Brooks.'-
i --' ! - Wanted. i;' -
v: ! r '
. i A five or seven room dwelling
and grounds will ! rent the right
place by the year.. Preference in
location north of college ;a street.
Report at once to ,; ;.t? . j '
' i?ni i-' v j' Ambler & Wattera.
V "-'. . 1 -. i:.'.'d J:i -:-'
Mimic War in California
Ia strikingly described in Oat
ober number Sunset . magazine.'
Articles , by General If ac Arthur
and otherB. : Beautiful colored
drawings. . Many industrial : ar.
tides,',., sketches' stories, . etc. lo
cents' from all newsdealers. : x
' Slue vitrol. lime and cement far
sale at Klines.- ; 3vmvi. -
; Js the most versatile &bck of
modern looniietg .'-:'"-'
A BETTER silk for greater
at a lesser ?pnee.- szuv.s ?aa et wtr
, It's soft and lustrous aoough for
an evening .waist or strong nogh
for a petticoat material all inona. 1
The fabric itself best -substantiatas
theseclAims.i Radium Silk it ebout
half the price you'd expect t By
fir-warM silk saae c
O0I?l6jiiaot' juu$ii
Trespass Notlce.i
' i HnnterB or others - found tres
passing on- my ' premtees, will - be
prosecuted-to -the full extent of the
law 1. 1 ,
--suioJ J :- Wr. Xaatfl. '
. ! VT V :
Sold through Agencies everywhere with
m VI UAKAN Tt L Ul UeiltT NdllblclUlIUIl limn
I tomes with Hats offered at nearly
! twice the'Drice cr1 i pw xi
j j '
El k, Brand Map! e
! tv
. 1: rts'tt"
Ood bargains in stock,
Inches,4 write for our special . lisWr come and r
see us. We Jinall lake pleasure in' gjving you' all'
the reliable information you -wish," also showing
you over tto''(untry; - '
fi- CorvaBis and Philomath, Or. i
: RtzsimmohsT"""" -
Tba full-blooded Clydesdale stallion
regl'No. 11013 can be found-'at Vidfto
Bide, stsbles CorvalltsOregon, on : each
day of the weekr Terms fi2 to ingnre
! S G. R. FARRA. :
Physician &Sttrgeon,
Office' up stain back" of- Graham &
Wells' flrng stor,KesJdenc oil the
bonier ot Madisoa and Seventh. Telo-
! !
grain, fruit and poultry ;
Real Estate, lioan, and Insurance,
Fresh and fat Yaquina Bay oys-
ters for the . first
Bxst time at '' Zieroff s I
next Saturday, Order 'now,
School books and echool supplies
of all kinds at Graham & Wells.
OiBce room 14, Bank Bldg;. Hotzs.
Pbona, eSSce S3. Bwldenoo 581. r
dfrfBir' Y-t-A.-vugs -