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Tha Coolings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men-
tloa and Other Items of
j Public In.terest .
There was an enrollment ai 'Wil
lamette University, Wednesday, cf 100
students. . '.i iSGiCl
Hon. J. W. Hobbs, deputy Intern
al revenue collector, paid Crvalllsa
boelaees visit Saturday. '
Ike Heath aDd family, of Aleea,
left Thursday to take up their resi
dence la Washington, near C jlfax.
On account of the high pi ice . of
waod, they ate beginuiog , t usefeoal
ior fuel a'. Eugene.
B. E. Glbaon anivfd from Port
land yesterday, to take a baud io the
. pheasant shooting which begins today.
Go out acd see the old champion
football team on O. A. O. field this af
ternoon, nrd attetd tbe; reception" to
them In the armory this evening. s
Aftfr a two weeks' visit in Colum
bia county, Mrs. O. W. Adams and
4wo daughters returned to tbo'r home
In Corvallis, Thursday. '
A. D. Ska;g9 and family moved
;hls week from Blodgett to a place
sear the Bonton County. Mills, lu jhe
liclnity cf Fnilomath.
Adam Assell is conducting a luDch
couoter in the Wueetefeltealouu, where
salads,' pigs feet. sandwiches and oth
er lunch i3 served. V. t
The crop of late Crawford peach
es Is no w ilpe in the Eiger orchard.
The fruit will be delivered to those
leaving orders with Mre,iE.,G, Kfeer.
Mr. acd Mrs. Frank Bowersox of
Salem, arrived Thursday on a visit
' to reUiives and for a s'ason o hunt
ing Mongolian pheasants.
Hubei t Scogglns, Horacn McBrlde
and Fred EJwurds, of the '97 football
team, anived Thursday- and have'
been busily engaged greeting old
irieuds. J ; ;'l '! 1 7 O
The sixth bl-erjnial Fruit Fa'r oc-
surs at Hood River on October . 1 3, 14'
aad 15. The display of .fruit In which
ibat tec i n excels will bo worth seer
log.. i r 5 v -
The firemen give a smoker In thtdr
tall Monday evening. A feature will
lists brought for . the occaioa from
Porilncd. i -J ',,
senator Hoar, the veteran sena-
. Jor from Massachusetts, who bai bete
figure on the floor of the United
States eeuate since war .times, died,
Thursday, utter a lingering iljness, , .
Copies of tha "Times" containing
the original list of subscribers to the
Sidepeudent t-yetem are to be had by
application at thlaofQce. Added names,
appear la this Issue, and tha two
make a cjaiidtftelldtof aliphoae cow
in uee. v
For a two week' visit; with rela
Hres in Oorvallis, Mra. Maty Lewis of
Iddlar.apolK Indiana, and John H.
Smith, of Fresno, California, arrived
" In Corvaills Thursday. Tbey aa a
sister and brother cf Georce Smith
aci of Mrs. W. G. Lane, ot otvallis.!
Mrs. Mulkey and little, daughter
Jert yesterday for Portland where they
will la future reside with their son and
, brother, Moriaunt Goodnaugb. . After
prayer service at the Methodist church
. Thursday, evening, a farewell jcepep
...!ion was tendered Mts.JSluiky
Albany Democrtat: Alton Coates
will leave tomorrow, morning .for Port
and, where he will rshesrsa with" the
llultnoroahs preparatory i to " going
with them to California Io two or three
weeks to pHy Berkeley and Stanford,
occupying the position of half back,
afier which be will return to Albany
to play with the Albanles. 1 ' :'?
The lineup of the . Albany fcot-
iSall team, aa reported by the Herald
Je: Fullback, Eogemard; " quarter
Coa'e; right ead. Underwood; left
end, Francis; right tackle, Dolan;
left tackle, captain Griffith; right
guard, Dupul?; cen'or, Mack. The
Herald says, "the positions of. right
and left half and left guard are yet to
ill." - ;
The district missionary conven
tion which tvas hell at tte Chtistlan
church Slouitay and Tuesday of this
watk was a success, both In point of
atteai'ance aud lu work acoomplished.
A district evangelist io the person of
2tev. A. A. Burg' of Monmouth, was
employed to labor among the church
es. Among these who were present
from abroad were Rav. Clark Bower
and family, W. B. Herderson and
daughter, from Albany; A. A. Beery
of Monmouth; Rev. Daxls Erratt, pas
tor of the Christian church at Salem,
and Rev. J. J. Evans, state secretary
of the Oregon Christian Missionary
t-A committee of the. city council
has agreed to recommendations to be
made with reference to the franchise
lor the electric railroad for permla
ioa to pass through jCorvallls streets.
The route recommended Is Third
street, and tha company Is required
to newly gravel the track on . each
aide to a distance et 12 feet from the
end of the tie?. The only other re-
sjuuemt-jo vi importance is mat toe
company must begin work within six
months after acceptance, and 9U djs
ciTn tnr the acceptance.
G. J. Roberts left Thursday to
reside la Akea, with bis mather,
Mrs. O. A. Banneman left Tues
day for a several weeks' stay atClem-
Born, Monday, to Mr. and "Mrs.
Ira Bodlne, of Corvalus, a daughter.
Miss Florence Wicks leaves Mon
day to enter the Gaod Samaritan hos
pital. 'Father Springer returned yes
terday from a brief business : trip to
Per land. ..;- ;
Mrs. Bidders and son "Joseph,
of Wella, were Corvaills visitors this
; After a visit with Corvaills friecda J
Mr. Bert Apgar returced Tuesday
to her home In Eugene. ,. ' ' '
Mr, and Mrs, T F.. Porter.
have airivedfjr a short vloit with
ihei parents. " ; ..;- .
-A.'iu8ine';yfelt6r? .in ' Corvaills
Wednesday was W. H. Burkhart ol
r 'i Among :thot e on the sick jltet In
Cor vallia this we'rk bra Mrev Schick
and Mrs. Haaeetl. '
Thurariay Je:se Lewln' " arrived
from Cottage Grove, tor a visit with
bis sister, Mrs. M4 T. S :arr. 1 1 i.. -
A guest this week of Mrs. E. W.
S.Pratt is Mrs. -Ewiog of Blodgett,
form's rly a Oorvallia tesident.
,: A marriage license' was Issued
Tueeday to Walter Newton and Emma
Paiker both, ePhilomath.
Visitors" with "tforvallir relatives
Wedn'erday and Thursday were Mr.
acd Mrs. C. B. Starr of Mjnroe;
!-.For this ,weekr. Mr8, Hl-
ram Gould of Newberg was the guest
of her so n and family In' Oorvallis.
For a visit, with relatives la this
City, Ben Elgin came up.from Oar
ton Wedaesdayite He will return ?J;he
flrsti.f next wgek Jl. iWj. Vi
Mr. and Mts. S. H. - Baldwin of
IcdeDendence were Riieats Tuesday
aBdiWednesaay fOlj 6fl" Mrs.v
The Albany wagon brl?ge, which
was closed for several days for re
pairs, was re-c pened to traffic Thurs
day morning.
-, -r-A, barn - belonging. rto George
Seott bt Philomath burned' Monday
Eight. ..The Iocs was about S5Q0, with,
nq lusurance.3 1 f igj fj
Mrs. Sanger ha9 arrived, from
Pdr.tland to join her (Tu.6band here.":
Mr. Sanger bas for some time oper
ated a shoe shop on Maia street. . .
i v . ..- i i c,. j i t 8 ; ! ;
Mrs. William Edward, formerly
Miss Carrie Baldwin of Oorvallis,
Is on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Maur
ice Sender at Albany. Her home la
tjow'at IodianapolK SY . 1
"' On bU5lness''pertalQing ;to' -the
proposed new train service between
ClralHs ad Albanyi'Ji, K. Veather-'
ford was a Corvaills "visitor ' Wednee
"lay. . r , ' . ..
l - Mrs. D. S. Cameron 5 who with
her husband formerly resided in Cor
valMs, where abe la remembered by
many friends, is ing at the point of
death at her home in Poniard. Her
.ailment is consumption. . , . ,
' j'am'es Herron'of Trieh' Bend wa3
in' Corvaills Wedneeday, and dlspoejed
of his hop crop at 25 bent per pound.
A supply cf-bandaome new furniture
was taken out when Mr. Herron re
turcei home.
f The.?alem Journal lias figured
out that jrad clover paysi S24 an acre
in' Oregon, Logan berries,-$350, straw
berries, $156, grapes. 8300 to $400,
alfalfa, $50, a thlrtyeigbt cow dairy.
$1,000 per year, onions. $1,000 to $1,-
500-iQilcfttlog tbat...thfra la money .In
other things than wheat. t
'"-irTwo-nlce rooms ta the Flrs-Na;
tlbnal Bank ballding"have been flted
up for the Corvaills Business College.
The college is now , in session. The
Night School' meersfoa1' Tuesday and
Friday evenings 'cf eacfr week. f;Tn
atrcKtlon is .given 1 la shorthand,
bookkeeping, penmanship, type writ
log, latter writing acd rapid calcula
tions.. Prof. L. W. KaJlen, a- grad
uate of the famous Zmerian College,
of Columbus, Ohio, has charge Cf the
penmanehip. - ' -
50 little and big i oys suits at 25
and 50 cents on the dollar. A $10
suit for $5. These are last sea
sons goods but the styles ar&- al
most the same as this year's e,tyl s.
At Kline's. -
Every part ot the mucous membrane,
the nose, throat, ears, head and lungs.
etc., are subjected to disease and blight
from neglected colds. Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup is a pleasant and effective
remedy. 25c, 50c and $ 1. w. Atendnck,
Valley Mills, Texas, writes: "I have used
Ballard's Horehound Syrup for coughs
and throat troubles; it is a pleasant and
most effective remedy. Sold by Graham
& Wortharn. -
Wanted-An Idea
Who flui tMafc
of Borne simple
thing to p&tent?
Protect toot Me&st tber may bring yon wealth.
ney. Washington, D. for their (1.800 prlso offer
L iiss 01 two auaarea uratagw wuwa.
- . rn '
Dr. Damn, the truly eminent
physictn and epecialist, whose of
fices are 1 xated in the new Hotel
Corvallie, in this city, for about a
month, is now ready io attend to
tatients tfff.cted or euffeiir g ; from
any special disease. The number
less testimonials which he bsars
from all . parts of Oregon : aside
ftom the great nambfr r.wiiiah he
has- published in the"Times"! dnf-
ing tte pa?t year is wholly suffi-
cjent to
convince this community
or any other, that his ability In his
profession ranks very high. The,
cures inwhicb.Je has been success
ful by his treatment with electrici
ty and medicine, nave been exceed
ingly astonishing. .1
The fdlTowlng testimonial is from
one whose truth and veracity his
never been questioned in this city
for the 14 years he has been among
yoo, and i8 therfore an unimpeacha
ble testimonial. We refer toJamts E.
Durham, of the "Times" office. He
T "For-a Jong time prior- o . going
ondr Dr.-'DarriiV-JtreatHHBnt, one
year ego, I had been sorely afflict-,
ed with rheumatism and kidney
i troubl8,TIt, wag , almost impossible
fo walj.J?nrfrg tr. Darriq's latt
visit, I took bis electrical and me 1
ical Jreatment and after a few
weeks my rheumatism and kidney
complaint was -thing of-the past.
v urmermore, x win tiate mat; Jt
was freqaently sorely attacked;with
cramps ur njyfeet arnkles and the
calveB o,mfi h g;itbi8nub. )rce,
that 1 was oblieed to lunarj oat of
ted many; timtt, and so bard iwefe
the attacks that they would jeaye
the effected emits Quite eore for
urbbeihio C4a. Jiy ve not experi
enced even one such amictionioce
I placed myeelf under Dr. Darrin's
electrical treatment. He wjio is
afflicted with the same ailments
will raies it if he fails to place him-
eelt upder? the doctors treatment
'durii g his" Staj here in Corvallis.
I, recommend . the doctor' with' full
eonfidBrjceitd all iffiicted. H's offi
ces are at Hotel Corvallis. . I am
ton nected with the Corvallis Times
and cap. be. found there acy 1iooe
by" any .one, who' would like to hear
a verification of this testimony by
word of month of by letter.
' v James E. Durham, .
- : ' CorvaJh,Or.
The No1le Bed Man Today.
- "Yes,'f aafd'i'the portj and -consequential
gentleman In the observation
car, "these plains were once roamed
, over by savage red "men. The Indian
In thbse days was a famous hunter.
When he was not on the trail of the
bear or the buffalo he was on th,e
scent of the white man.'
"He is on the cent of the white man
; yet said the dapper little tourist with
green goggles.? .1.
The portly one smiled indulgently.
"IX.iv do yjn make that?" he asked..
."1 don't It was made at the .mint.'
Ar 1 the observation car grinned appre-
ch. lively. Kansas City Journal. a
'H " 3
4-; ; Proof of Woman's Amiability.
'If e thing stands as a sure proof that
wf::ian is an amiable creature; easily
p!o sed and satisfied with her lofi '. And
tb: t is that when she bnys a dress
re:..!y made she rejoices because it. Is
fflfMi better and cheaper than fussing
to nave it made;--Hd when- she has
it made herself shajKOBdera why peo
ple ever get -thinga eady. aiade. when
one can have clothes made 'Must as: one
wants them and cheaper!" Philadel-
PiBiinettB.2f 'it. in . I
: 4 ii::
y ? . 17ader Pros Examination. :
Counsel Tour age, signorina? Young
Lady (bashfully) Oh, I hardly like tc-
tell you. . Counsel Tet I must Insist on
knowing it. Pray tell me how oldy1ou
were ten years ago. Young ! Lady
(cheerfully)"- Oh, twenty-three! '- Fan-
fulla. ; . :
, ' The Proper Term, j -
Cholly Gayboy I heah yon tremark-
ed that no girl would be wise to mar
ry Gussie Vhitless or me because we
were too fastidious. Miss Sharpe-Tou
haven't got It quite right I said yon
were "two fast idiots." Philadelphia
Ledger. -" ,
With Respect to Flab Stcries.
Harry Fish diet is said to be good
for the brain.-. Harriet That may be
bo, but going to catch fish seems 14 be
awful hard on the morals. Cincinnati
Commercial Tribune. .'-..,
; Notice. : -
PersonB haviog pipe tongs or
other toola borrowed from Huston's
hardware store are requested to re
turn them at once. ." -; v
'' ' :'. To Hunters.
All persona are hereby warned
not to trespass on our lands, sit
uated 8 miles south of Corvallis,
either by hunting or otherwise.
. - T. W. B. Smith. -
" "'''- J. G, Smith.
.. For Sale. .
Two registered Oxrord Down rams
and four halthreeds.'
1 1 Peter Whitaker
We are not afraid to make a lot
'Cop y Hg K t 19 6 4 ,b y
Hart Schattner
.-. -t h Our ad., hut our goods change hands r; 1
. every day. ; Your money exchanged ; ;
for Value and Quality is the idea. : : " .
Bi g LinelFresli
lain and FaneyiCliawai
. A large and
.Ojr.clrs Filled Promptly and Com
plete. Visit our Store we do the
6 S
.Carbon, Platinum and Platino Portraiture
;. ';'0. A.: C. AT!tllL!C:!fN6;S I
X j; " Art Calendars,' Sofa Pillow Covers', ' - '
.. . ... And other Photographic Novelties. . .'
RespoRSibUlty, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
: Bnys Ccunty, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
POKTI-ANI f lon'don A San Fran-
SEATTLE . t cisco Bank Tjmited,
NEW YORK Messrs. ,T P. Morgan & Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of Xhe Repub
lic. LOTTDON', ENG. Loudon & San Francisco
Bank Limited.
CANADA .-Ii.ii i I n LCatadfoa
Blackledge keeps large assortment
Plurog cheeks, -flushed with the soft
glow of nealth and a pure complexion,
make all women beautiful. Take a small
dose of Herbine after each meal; it will
prevent constipation and help digest
what you have eaten. 50c. Mrs. William
M. Stroud, Midlothian, Texas, writes,
May 31, 1901.. "We have used Herbine
in our family for eight years, and found
it the best medicine we ever used for con
stipation, bilious fever and malaria."
Sold by Graham & Wortharn. ,
for we bape
hand tailored suits and
- overcoats. .V ": : ;
We would be delighted
to show them to you. -v;-
.Fine BlacK Bress Suits.
and Imported. "
varied line.
Best That's Grovyn
Is None Too Good.
When you are drinking ',. 1
. Coffee it is our good.
" -r fortune to hold the Sole
" Agency for the famous
We have all the grades-from 2oo
per pound j to the . highest priced.
Coffee sold by this celebrated firm
Give Us a Trial Order
ior one or tneir uottees and you
will U8e it exclusively.
P. m. Zierolf
Groceries, Grockery i'stoneware
At. for' Libby Gut Glass
Office in Zierolf B lildia , O r U Us. O
Physician & Surgeon,
- Office up stairs back of Graham &
Wells' drag store. - Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh. . Tele
phone at residence, X04. ; . .
, Ail calls attended promptly. -
E. R. Bryson,
C. H. Newth,
Physician: and Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon. ; .
Physician-& Surgeon -Office,
ro6n?14, Bank Bldg. Honrs:
j , . .. 16 to ia nd 2 u 4. ' 1
Phona, office 83. Residence 35K
Corvallis, ' s j : Oregon.
Office at Huston's Hardware Store. P.
v ai. o. Address, Box'n.: :
- Pays "highest prices for all kinds of
Live Stock. , Satisfaction., guaranteed.
Twenty years experience.;; .
Notice to Creditors. , - '
' Notice 1 hereby given to all ' persons that
the UDdertlffned has been Appointed euardian
of the estate ot James W. Dunn, deoeaseii.'by
the cotinty eourt ot theState of Oregoa, for Ben
lo&couQty ana nas quaimea. au persons
haTin elaims against said estate 'are hereby
notified to present the same, to the undersign
ed at the office of W. 8. McFaddn 1st ;Natlonal
Bank building, Corvallis, Oregon, dnly reri.
fled within six months from this, . date, ' Dated
SeptH, 1904.. -.. T . ...
' ' ' :! K. DUNS.
Guardian of said Estate. . - - : J
- Summons, ,
In the Circuit Oourt of-the State, of- Oregon
for the County of -eutou.
Ella Tyler, Plaintiff, v .
vs. ;
Howard Tyler, Defendant. - "
To Howard Tyler, above named defendant,
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby required and commanded to appear
aud answer the complalut flled against you in
1110 suite euiiiiieusuu in sam court on or be
fore Monday the 28th day of November. 1904, and
if you fail so to appear and answer the plain
tiff will take a decree against vou for the relief
demanded in complaint herein, towit:
a aecree aissoiving me marriage contract
now existing between you aud the nlaintiflPand
for thecare and custody of Homer Tyler and
Frank Tyler; the issue of said marriage, by the
plaintiff and further decreeing her the costs
and disbursements of this suit against vou.
- This Bummons is published bv order 6f the
Hon.Virgil E. Watters, County 'judge of Benton
County .Oregon) duly made on September 12,
lvui, in ana Dy wnicn oruer it is prescribed
that this summons be published in the Conci
lia Times, for six consecutive .and successive
weeks; The date of the first publication of this
summons is oepl K, I'ju.
V Attorney for Plaintiff, .. .
XtraSooD ; GIptHeS
For boys, little , fellows and
yottng men - see Nolan & Cal
lahan. ' ' ; '
Gorvallis & Eastern
Time Card Number 22.
2 PorYaquina: . ...
. . Train leaves Albany. . . ,
..... Corvallis..
.-' ' " arrives Yaquiua
c ' Returning:
Leaves Yaquina ,
Leaves Corvallis ,
Arrives Albany
3 For Detroit:
Leaves Albany.
Arrives Detroit
from Detroit: -Leaves.
Detroit ......... .
Arrives Albany..,
12:45 P- n
, t:45P- m
5:40 p. m
7:15 a.m
11:30 a. m
12:15 p. m
. i:00 p.
. 6:00 p.
.6:30 a. m
...Il:l5 a. m
Train No. I arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or -three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north
bound train. . '
; Train No 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giviDg direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
' Train 3 for Detroit, Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
1:00 p. m., reaching Detroit at 6:00, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day. . -For
further information apply to
. Edwin StonK,
H. H. Crotuse, Agent Corvallis.
Trios. Cockrell. Agent Albany.
S. A. Read, Cisco, Texas, writes, March
11, 1901: "My wrist was sprained so bad
ly by a fall that it was useless; and after
using several remedies that failed to give
relief, nsed Ballard's Snow Liniment,
and was cured. I earnestly recommend
it to any one suffering from sprains."
25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold by Graham St
1 Oorrlnn data at TClinn'a. , Knar
1 styles just in. At Kline's.