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    Gorvallis Times.
Official Paper of Bnta County.
The church, as a society, is not
to be blamed for the individual
acts of its members. Ministers of
the gospel sometimes go astray,
but that is not the fault of the
church. Even John Calvin tolera
ted the burning of a so-called here
tic, bnt that is in no sense an ar
raignment of Presbyterianism or
Presbyterians. Members of the
congregation fall out and fight,
but they are not taught to do s by
the spirit of Jesus Christ.
It is mortal to err, and even the
uplifting influence of the church
cannot make strong every human
weakness. Though they may
sometimes harm the fair repute of
the church, the frailties of human
kind cannot change or damage the
eternal principles or lessen the
magnificent influence for good, the
church exerts on human society.
The wickedest man, does not, can
not desire to blot Christianity from
the world. A hundred thousand
ha man he ids, severed from bleed
ing bodies and piled up before the
gates of a city, this was an a
chievement of mankind before the
church spread a bettering.influence
over earth and men. The church
is the civilizer, the restrainer of
passion, the jnoulder. of higher and
better thought, and no shortcom
ings of a frail membership, here
and there, can be laid at the door
of christian teachings. These re
' marks apply, in particular, to an
article by Mr. Ingle, in another
column, and probably are not in
conflict with his ideas.
One Nearly Struck the Other Boys
and Target Rifles.
Corvallis boys are over-reckless
with target guns. A-Jullet from a
22 rifle struck a bo&djust above
the head of an Easterner at Sam
Moore's place in the Western part
of town Thursday evening. He
had been looking at a piece of pro
perty shown by a real estate man.
The bullet buried itself deeply in
the board, showing enough force
to have killed the stranger had it
struck him in the head It was not
a good introduction for a man who
was looking for a new home. The
next shot from the same gun may
kill somebody. Residents of the
neighborhood say the use of these
guns in the vicinity has made many
cases bordering on a bad accident.
The ping of a bullet as it strikes
somebody's barn or house is not an
infrequent noise in the neighbor
hood. A better news item than
this will be the outcome of the
practice, if it is not stopped.
The home of Mr. and Mrs.
George N. Fawcett, 761 First
street, Portland, ws the scene of a
pretty but quietjwedding Sunday
afternoon, September 25th, when
their eldest daughter, Sarah Flor
ence, was united in marriage to
Mr. Harris Virgil Landingham, a
prominent young business man of
Bellfountain, Rev. J. R. T. Lsth
rop, pastor of Grace Methodist
Episcopal church officiating.
The house was tastefully decor
ated with autumn leaves, roses and
astors. The bride was neatly and
becomingly gowned in a traveling
After visiting relatives in Salem
and Corvallis, Mr. and Mrs. Land
ingham will return to Bellfountain
where they will be at home to their
friends after October 10th.
Order Now
Freeh Yaquina bay oysters to
arrive today at Zierolf'a,
Notice to Taxpayers
Notice is hereby given to all con
cerned that taxes will become de
linquent on the first Monday in
October and that all property on
which such taxes are cot paid at
that date will be liable to be ad
vertised and sold. Also a pen
alty of 10 per cent and i2 per cent
interest for six months will be
charged against all taxes not paid
on or before that date. The ad
dition of penalty and interest is re
quired by law, and I shall have no
other alternative than to collect it
in case of delinquencies.
M. P. Burnett,
Sheriff of Benton county.
Corvallis, Ore, Sept 19, 19O4.
Of Cadets in the OAC Battalion
Never but Four Before Over
Five Hundred.
A few years ago, there were but
two companies of cadets at . the col
lege, and there . were scarcely
enough students to keep , the ranks
properly filled. This year there
will be six companies in the, battalion-
There has never" been but
four before. The largest number J
of cadets in the battalion' in the
past was about 290. That was at
the end of November last year,
when the maximum was reached.
Now there are already. 360 and a
prospect of -enough to swell, the
total long before the end of Nov
ember to over 409. The instance
shows something of the lncreaee
in the number of students at the
Another instanc is the chapel
exercise, shortly before nine
o'clock each morning. Once, a
few years ago, there were -only
enough students to about half fill
the seats in the chapel. That was
seven years ago, when the total
enrollment for the year was 217.
At chapel yesterday the benches on
the floor were crowded and jammed
with students, There were chairs
in every possible niche and nook,
and each accommodated a student.
There were students standing in
the rear, and an overflow of stud
ents standing in the corridors. On
the platform besides the faculty,
the senior class was seated. Be
hind them and clear around the
room there was a row of chairs,
and a student on each. The fac
ulty chairs were so . crowded " for
ward, that the limbs of some of the
occupants almost hung ever the
edge of the platform. And with
all this crowding there were scores
of students notable to enter the
chapel at an.
l be number or students now is
507. It passed the 500 mark last
Tuesday afternoon. ' It is more
than a hundred mote young people
than were in attendance at the
same time last year. It - will be
650 or more before the swallows
come again. The count does not
include pupils in vocal music, in
strumental music and other side
issues, but is confined exclusively
to bona fide students in the regular
college courses. The - number is
more than double that in 'the col
lege courses of any other education
al institntion in Oregon, More
than sixty students applied ; for
quarters at Cauthorn Hall and had
to be turned away for lack of room.
Real Estate Transfers.
New deeds filed for record dur
ing the past few days are: J. W.
Foster and wife to W A Wells,
block 3, Averv & Wells addition,
$5- .
Mattie A Worthington and hus
band to Millard Long, - lot ' 55,
block 38, Brawns addition to Phi
lomath, $257.
Ella McKlroy and husband to
H J Blaesing, black 37, Brown's
addition to Philomath, If.ioo.
FM Abraham et al to Morse
Burnap, 2 lots, block 17, County
add. $2,6co.
F M Sutford and wife to J
Andrews and wife, 1 1-2 lots,
block 4, County add, $900.
State of Oregon to Squire StroW,
40 acres in Alsea, $50.
David Perrin and wife to Charles
H Perrin, 18 acres near Bellfoun
tain, $300.
Millinery Opening.
At Mrs. J. Mason's Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, Oct, 6, 7. &
Show your colors, call on S. I,.
Kline for campaign buttons. Fiee
for the asking.
If you enter the Night school
this week, f 10 will pay for bock
keeping and penmanship, or short
hand and typewriting, for 10 weeks
Dant miss this chance.
Attend the Night school.
Eclectic shorthand is the best.
Taught in the Corvallis Business
Enter the Night school now and
get the special rate.
Trespass Notice.
Hunters or others found tres
passing on my premises, will be
prosecuted to the full extent of the
Wm. Knotts.
Blue vitrol, lime and cement for
sale at Klines.
New Morning and Evening Train
Service 00 the C ft E to Albany. -
A new morning . and evening
train between Corvallis and Albany
giving facilities for a , Corvallisite
to make the round trip to Portland
and return in a single day, is to go
into 'effect on the - Corvallis and
Eastern next Tuesday. The new
train will leave Corvallis at 6 o'clock
a. m., connecting at Albany with
the 7 o'clock local which arrives in
Portland at 10 a. m. The arrival
arCprvallis in the evening will be
at about 7:45. making close con
nections at Albany with the even
ing Southern Pacific train which
leaves Portland at 4 o'clock. The
arrangement will give Corvallisites
opportunity to start at Corvallis at
6 in the morning and reach Port
land at 10, to stay there six hours
for' business purposes v and then
make Corvallis again before eight
o'clock in the evening. Or, the
round trip can be made to Salem,
with a return either at 1:30 in the
afternoon or 7:45 in the evening.
It changes the old worn-out ar
rangement by which, in Order to do
an hour's business in Portland, a
Corvallisite had to waste the better
part of three days, and gives an up-
to-date facility which places Cor
vallis in a long deserved touch with
the outside world. ' ;
It is the Cascade train that is to
be utilized for the new service. A
growth of transfer business from
the Westside over the C & E to the
Eastside. has much to do with the
new arrangement. This' business
is so increased tht 60 to 80 cars a
week are regularly transferred.
All the Westside traffic in carloads,
destined for Southern and Eastern
points, instead of crossing the steel
bridge at Portland, comes this way,
as does a large portion of through
Portland business, destined for the
same points. The occasion for use
of this route is that the transfer
over the C & E at Corvallis is less
expensive than is the toll for load
ed cars across the Portland steel
bridge. .The switching of the cars
in this traffic and its transfer has
largely fallen upon the regular Ya
quina passenger. On many occa
sions however, special C & E trains
have been called into requisition to
help handle the business, until at
last it has been determined by the
C & E management, in orer to
meet these freight requirements,
and also to give the Corvallis travel
ing public a better service, to put
on the iiew train. It is expected
that it will be permanent.!
A service of the kind was once
in vogue on the C & E, but the
passenger business failed to pay
expenses, and it was taken off.
After that, Corvallis people petition
ed the S. P. to put on a morning
and evening train over the West
side. This train service came near
Materializing at one time, but a
change in the high officials of the
company when the plan was on the
point of being adopted, caused a
change in the programme.
Fair Postponed.
The committee in' charge of the
fair to have been held at Willam
ette grange hall on October 8tb,
have postponed the event nntil
October 22. - 5
Is the most versatile fabric of
modern looming
A BETTER silk for greater uses
at a lesser price.
It's soft and lustrous enough for
an evening waist or strong enough
for a petticoat material all in one.
The fabric itself best substantiates
theseclaims. Radium.Silk is cbout
half the price you'd expect to pay
for so wearful a silk.
,The latest from New York
serge blue and black hats low
crowned and wide brims, to be pul
led down in Iront. Jix elusive agen
cy at, ,
S ,I,.KUces. '
List of Those Added to Iadepend
s j eat System.
158 . Alexander, A. B., res. -
291 Avery, P., res.
286 Allen, J. .F-, res. .
197 BentonConnty Flour Mill.
281 Berry, J K, res. ,
215 ; Bauer & Wilkins, tailors. y
186 Bryson, E R, res. - "
180 Callahan, Thos, res. .
78 Cauthorn Hall.
188 Coyell, G A, res."
239 " Chipman, C, res.
282 Crawford, T H, res.
295 Elgin. G, res,
284 First Natl Bank.
193 Fischer, H F, res.
176 Fischer, A W, res.
195 Francisco, F, res.
275 Gatch, TM; office. . '
285 Gatch, T M, res. '
279 Green, E F, Rev, res.
296 Heckarr, C I,, res..
293 Hurt, O V, res.
247 Hawley, A W, res.
191 Henkle, A, res.
179 . Hayward, E C, res.
283 Horner, J B, res
280 McKellips, CM, res. ...
182 Phillips, C res.
183 Price. J II, res.
294 OAC Cleaning Co.
254 Simpson, E, res.
287 Skelton, G V, res.
185 Taillandier, Prof, res. "
288 Underwood, J L, res.
292 Wilson, E E, res. '
222 Willamette Valley Bank.
Aad a Big Perce of Men Sawmill and
" its Saw Logs.
A midnight blast of the well
known whistle of the Corvallis saw
mill has been a source of wonder to
many who have heard it, of late.
The mill is running- day and night
now, and the, midnight whistle is
the call et the mill bands from la
borto refreshment. Save an hour
in the morning, another at noon
and another hour . in the evening,
.the machinery of the establish
ment is now in operation through'
out the 24 hours. The increased
activity is to saw the hardwood
logs in the boom, so that logs may
be reached for making f r lumber,
for which there is now a stiff local
demand. It is also a precaution a'
gainst the damage floods of the
coming winter may do in carrying
away some ot the many logs Mr.
Strong has now in the stream
The names of 52 men are now on
the mills pay roll.
Found. , .'
A plate of false teeth. Owner
can recover the property by calling
at the Times office and paying for
this notice.
Hantere Attention!
You are hereby warned not to
hunt on the J W Writsman farm.
Dont aBk permission.
E. A. Blake.
Millinery Opening.
Ladies are hereby invited to call
and see the display of fall and
winter pattern hats Wednesday
and Thursday Sept 28 and 2gth,
Mrs. C. A. Gould. -
W. L. Douglas 3 and $3.50 fine mens
shoes-best in the world. Nolan & Cai
lahan. Say, Do You Like .
To read good boots? We have
just received 500 volumes of. choice
reading from Chicago which we will sell
at prices that are right.
Graham & Wells,
Druggists & Booksellers.
50 boys suits at 25 and 50 oents
on the dollar at Kline's,
$10.00 Reward.
Lost, strayed or stolen, black and
white Llewellyn setter dog, about
three vearB old: left Corvallis about'
1st of Jane, goes by the name of
Mack, has scar on hind leg, made
by barbed wire; I will pay $10.00
reward for information leading to
the recovery of the dog.
M. P. Burnett.
' Yaquina Oysters. .
Will arrive for the first time this
season at Zierolf'a today, and will
be received each week on baturdaj
thereafter. Phone your orders.
- TTi a?TJJ J nil.
most attractive stock of high.
and Winter we ever had the
4. ' mt.' ' J
Lfa.1j1.u11a. - j.iixa viiuiu CAUiitib wimiii iih h. i r ei 1 1 1 ui m i.itw
r mi j jt vi j.
yy t;cLi ju aumuci iui lticu. - 11
lines of House Furnishing dry
Rugs, Lace Curtains and Portiers.
TT7 Tl "T j.
vi o mo iwtu uiai.riuui.ura
uiiHN' 1 1 r 1 1 . 1 1 .m 1 1 iimHH iTiHinu
Broadcloth, Utz & Dunns Ladies and Misses Fine Shoes, Gil-
1 A T T 17 OA
TjIao Dotinwnn TTnnrAn AO AA TT4
Jtaaium bilk. uerDv Jkia liioves. Awywu suits and
Overcoats for boys and young men, Buttonless Suspenders,
Hamilton Browns Heavy Boots and Shoes for Men women
and Children, Dutchess Trousers, 10 cents a button $1.00 a
rip: Bull Breeches Strongest
(Jo s .Best on maxm bmts to measurement, f orest Mills Knit
I InrlATwfinr tnr l.nmfis nnn
Dress Goods and Trimmings.
ly Cravenette Rain Garments.
, A critical inspection of
Stick respectfully solicited: Bring in your favorite catalogue
from abroad and we will duplicate any price in it.
j Elk Brand Maple
Syrup with
Olympic Pancake
Flour .
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
. Ranches, write for our special list, or come and
. see us. We shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish also showing
you over the country.
- Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
. CoryaHis and Philomath, Or.
The fall-blooded Clydesdale . stallion
reg. No. 11013 can be fonnd at Vidito
Bros, stables Corvallis Oreson, on each
day of the week. Terms $V2 tb insure
ive colt.
For Sale.
Vetch, clover, oats, wheat and timothy
hay; 100 cords of grab oak wood sawed
in 16 inch lengths, order early before the
after harvest advance prices. One fresh
Jersey cow. Can order from Corvallis o
telephone. - j -
A. T i 1 1
Grade Herdhandise for
nle&snrAnf snhmitxinor to rvnr
1 1 1 1 I
an 1 r t 1 1
uiuu i v .111111 rri ijfimmt
Goods, including Art Squares
c AT i.lli 1 r 1 .1
lur uie iouuwid? ceierirRLHCi
nnvH vw nrnosror nFoara i 11 1
l j 1 3 1 H.T
- n m T Ti1- 4o AA
work Pants made. Lamm &
I .nilnrpn. ftlficrfinT. RT.Oftlr m
Cloaks Jackets and priest
our bright new Fall and Winter
An 8th ai my corp pin. Finder
please leave at Times office.
Freeh and fat Yaquina Bay oys
ters for the first time at Zierolf'a
next Saturday, Order now.
Schpol bcoks and school supplies
of all kinds at Graham & Wells.
For boys school suits, Kline tas
tbebig stock at little prices.