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The Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public In.terest
For a ten days' visit io Portland,
Mrs. John Allen left Monday.
SIic Ai:iugba,'-ii of Oalsey, was n
y-inict 10 uorraius Saturday. A.
Mrs. Homer Lilly returned Mon
day from an outing at A'ewpoit..
Judge E O. Potter ot Eugene,
was a Corvallis visitor Friday.
Frank Thrasher was a Sulphur
Sptlngs visitor Sunday.
8. L. Kline has just a few mere
worsted remnants on the bargain
Mrs. Hammel and Miss Ed
Jicobj tpertSuoday at Newport.
. Walter Sheaagreen arrived from
Koeeburg Sunday for a vaca'lon vie-
u borne.
' 3JUs Paujl'oe Kllce expects to
Jfrave today foa visit with Portlacd
Iriende. f
Charles Sheffield and Burt
Xates were Newport passengers Mon
Mlsa Edith Bertbold left Satur
day for a two months' visit to points
In Washington and in Portland.
I Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Gruggett and
Miss Ada Winn spent Sunday at New
port, ST. F. Gillespie left yesterday for
a vU It with relatives in Clackamas
Atter a pleasant
Coast, Mrs. James
outing at the
Bier teturned
xrifd Sunday
friends' in In-
from a brief visit
uVpvc dance. - .
ffialeb Davis was over
from bis
Big Elk ranch, Monday,
Misses Ida and Hat tie VanHooe
en left for Portland Saturday, fir a
ven dajs' r.!:rt Mentis.
Hfss Ttna fiflrretr. if Pbilrrath,
was a business visitor in Corvullls
Charles Peroot aad mother left
JVIonday to occupy their Newport
Visitors at the home of their son
Harley. from Filday until Sunday,
were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hall of Polk
Miss Et a Carter, a former stud
ent oi OAC student, was a vUitor to
town Saturday. She resides at Hal
ley. Mlsee3 Ella Perkins and Augus
ta and Julia Schroeder of Tillamook,
arrived Sunday, and after a visit
with frlendd Ufc Monday t)i New
port. v
Greatly benefitted by the change
of climate and refreshed by her vaca
tion rest, Miss Eva Starr returned
home Monday from the seaside.
Norton Adams and J. H. Albright
are engaged this week io building a
modern fruit house at the Samuel
Wyatt home, a coupla of miles west
9t town.
J. H. Harris and family leave to
day tor a tbres weeks' camp at Cas
radla. The will be accompanied by
Miss Cloy Buchanan and Mrs. F. At
Eber D. Moasio, who was com
pelled on account of 111 health to leave
college In tbe middle of last year, is
now at Pendleton, and is to re-enter
OAC In September. .
Agnes Sweek who was In college
ene year ago, Is a compositor In the
Times-Herald office ot Burns. Miss
Ames expeots to return to OAO In
September, accompanied by several
ot ber couipuuijus.
Dr. W. C. Brown, a Benton coun
ty boy, recently located in Burns for
the practice of his profession, and. Is
meeting with success. He is tbe son
ot the late Andrew Brown, who was
ene cf the first school superintendents
at Benton county.
W. Scott Gonrian, who graduated
- from OAC in '93, is superln tendent of
one of the ptincipal transfer com pan
ies ofLaGracde. Scott speaks gladly
oi tbe college days of Tore, and never
aaitaes an opportunity to eprak
good word tcr OAC. ., w
An Easteiatr who anived last
May from Nebraska and who pur
chaeed tbe five acre traot of land
formerly known as the French prop
eity, h James Andrews. With bis
wife, Mr. Andrews left Monday tor
PoitUud to reside, The departure
iareur t:el by many newly made
friends in this city.
The switchboard for the new In
dependent telephone system has not
yet arrived, and the work' of placing
tne instruments is consequently re
tarded. The main part of the switch
board was bhtpped from Katie a9 City
on tbe 23rd of June, and la etill on
the road. A smaller part ot the same
. uwip vrr.f to crrive.laBt evening.
Cbarles SI well cf - Junction was
transacting buslcess in CorvallU
After a weeks' outing at Newport
George Belt returcei Sunday to re
sume bis position in Kline's.
Mr. Joeepb Taylrr of Pbilomstb.
left Sunday for Portland, to be wlrh
ber daughter, Mrs. B. J. Kelly, ard
attend the funeral of Mr. Kelly. .
Cbarle9-liernotand- mother left
Monday to occifpjCthelr cot'age -at
Miss A goes Webber returned
Monday from Aifny wbete ehe' visit
ed friecda for a weefiy ., -
Mrs. Sarah Moore and MissGlad
dys Moore arrived Saturday from a
six wttka' visit toPrlnevllle.
-Tire-lsrlleBte ed-WBne3lde'
tSrfsherbpgins the eVason today aj
Walter sfrrttfe's place.eeven miles sou- h
C'f tuWU. ,y
The Cooper Bros, threshing out
fit began operations Monday, north of
town. Their first wor was far Gus.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Kline left New
York on the 29th for San Francisco.
Their son Walter left Corvallls last
night to join them io the California
Signs of immense size and bright
coloring now ornament tbe sides of
the EB Horning acd G rat am & Wells
store buildings. The work has beeo
done the past week. - Holleoberg &
Cady have recently ba i their build
ing ornamented with a eimlhr design.
Cotvallia has a good delegation
in attendance at the Oregon Develop
ment League In Portland. Among the
delegates who went are J. R. Smi b,
August Fischer. M. S. Woodcock, Dr.
Faira, J. M. Cameron, and E. Allen.
Most of the delegates are accompani
ed by their families.
9.B. Addlton, of Portland, has
beena Corvallls visitor for a day or
two. Io the old dys he was forsev-
ral years a popular salesman . in the
mercantile establishment of Jacobs &
Neugass. He is now engaged in the
real estate business in Portland, and
by tbe boom prices in that town is
doing extremely well. He returned
home yesterday.
People watched with much inter
est the stringing of the big cables of
the Independent telephone company
Monday and yesterday. The cable
line is on Jeffeis'on street, where the
big poles were put in position. Dur
ing the process of stringing it, line
men were at the top of every Alternate
pole for moie than half the length ot
the street. Tbe cable was unwound
from i eel, whence It passed over tbe
top ot the pole, and then ran through
pulley devices near the top of each
pole. At the far end, a horse was
bitched, supplying the necessary pow
er to move the long and heavy cable.
The latter contains over 100 insulated
wires, all encased in an outer coating
of lead. The cable is one of the large
items of expense in the construction
of a telephone system, tbe one now
being installed, costing $2.50 per
How fire, under favorable condi
tions can be controlled with absolute
ease and certainty was exemplified cn
Main street, the other evening. A
traveling agent of a chemical com
pound for extinguishing names gave
the exhibition. A big box, four feet
quare and eight feet high containing
lDflammabiee, was get on fire. Coal oil
was thrown on la quantities and tne
whole Ignited. Within a tew moments
tall column of names as high as the
First National bank shot upward. The
eoene was in the street at the Occi
dental corner, and tbe huge column of
flame was awesome to some ot the
week-nerved among the scores ot oc -
o lere. When" tne name was at its ,
height; tbe agent attacked it with his
compound, and in less time that tbe
fact can be told here completely Diot
ted out the big - fire. The spectacle
was a matter of much wonder to bystanders.-
Tbe eompound is a powder
tbe Ingredients ot which le a secret.
A email tubular appliance Is used Tor
throwing It, and it is sold at $3. The
oompound is undoubtedly valuable to
have handy tor subduing fires in their
early stages in homes or business pla -
Sunday on the streets of Corvallis, a
child's crocheted bonnet with red rib
bon ties. Finder please leave at this
For Sale
First class cedar posts for sale.
B. F. Ireland & Bro.
Corvallis K F D No 4.
Rolled barley, shorts bran, cracked,
corn, and wneat at Dunn 2 unatcners.
Stray Hog.
One black and white sow came to
place July 27. Owner please call
same. Walter K. Taylor.
Is a violent inflammation of the mncons
membrane of the wind pipe, which some
times extend to tne larynx ana nroncniai
tabes; and is one of the most dangerous
diseases of children. It almost always
comes on in the night. Give fieqnent
small doses of Ballard's Horehound Syr
up and apply iSallard's Snow Liniment
externally to the throat. 25c, 50c, $1.
Sold by (jraham & Wortham.
For Sale Cheap.
Two pianos, in perfect tune and good
condition, at,
Expecting Aid from General Kuro
patkin's Army Public Build-.
ings Are Being Used for
Hospitals Other
' . News. '" - ;-
Chefoo, July 30. Refugees who
ave just arrived from Port Arthur
or, firm previous reports that a gen
eral assault has been begun by tbe
Japanese on that fortress, and they
declare. that tbe Russians are ean
guine that tbe Japanese could not
succeed in capturing tbe place, even
thought they tad twice as many
Tbe Russians, according to the
refugees' storiee, are still hoping
for sucoar from General Kuropat
kin. They are unwilling tobelieve
the reports of his defeat at Ta Tche
Kiao. The refugees . further con
firm the reports that the Russian
fleet is io 8 state of repair, bat say
that the fleet is unwilling to attack
that of Admiral Togo, on account
of the mines which the Japanese
place nightly at the entrance to the
harbor. -
It was believed at Port Arthur
that if the ' Vladivostok squadron
or reinforcements from General Ku
ropatkin should arrive, the Russian
fleet would take the risk of going
out. ' ; '
Ammtuition is said to be grow
ing scarce, and large fort guns are
not oft-n discharged. Attempts to
manufacture ammunition in Port
Arthur are repotted to have been
All of the public buildings are
being used for hospitals. The sick
and wounded are being well cared
for by volunteer nurses. Toe
wounds made by the Japanese are
dangerous only when vital spots
are reached. Hundreds of badly
wounded have quickly recovered
from their wounds. - .
An American named Holt reports
that Lieutenant Newton A. Mc-
Cully, the American rJaval attache,
now at Port Arthur, is well.
Chicago, July 29. Declaring the
Lord had commanded him to end
the packing house strike by killing
all the strikers, John A. Leed, a
negroj caused much excitement at
the stockyards today. He was ar
rested alter a struggle and fouud to
be carrying a loaded revolver. The
police are in doubt whether he is in
sane or only shamming.
Eighty negroes beii g transport
ed from the stockyards in two cars
on the Lake Shore road, were
thr twn into a panic by a furious at-
ttt. k by a mob ot zuu, throwing
s'- hp, wbich demolished nearly 'ev
er v window in both cars. Explo-si-n-s
of two torpedoes warned the en
ei -er to etop.
I istantly a mob rushed out from
places of concealment, and the rock-tl.r-iwlng
began. Three policemen
ft-"dine upon the platforms beat
k the rioters, while tbe frighten
ed negroes hid under the car seats,
and the train pulled away from the
Chicago, July 29. If the Freight
Handlers Union should attempt to
enforce an order forbidding all mem
bers from handling consignments
to and from the stockyards, the ac
tion will be fought by the Ameri
can Anti-Boycott Association, and
! the Federal authorities will be ask
led to intervene. So asserted Dan
iel Davenport, executive agent 01
the association, who arrived in Chi
caeo from Bridgeport, Conn., to
day. The freigbthandlers' order
was adop'.ed by its 'council, and
then suspended pending a call from
President Donnelly. Mr. Daven
nort said the threat is similar to
one in the case of Debs in the A. R,
U. etrikeof!894.
"We will order freigbthandlers
trot to touch consignments from the
trust packers juBt the moment that
President -Donnelly asks it," de
claredi - Presideat Carran, of the
freigbthandlers, today. He added:
"That request may come at any
Newport Pleasure Steamer.
The steamer L. Boscoe of Florence,
one of the best and most comfortably
furnished of the ocean-going tugs on the
Pacific Coast, has arrived at Yaqnina
Bay for the season and will do all kinds
of work on the Bay, such as transport
ing passengers, towing ships, etc. The
L. Boscoe vUl make regular trips over
the Yaqnina bar during the outing sea
son on Snndays and visitors to Newport
especially those going on the regular
Sunday excursion can enjoy the delights
of a trip over the bar into the waves of
the broad Pacific.
For Webfoot yMercary Spared High
Hottest Day of Season.
The hottest day of the present
summer was last Sunday. Ther
mometers soared during the day as
they have not soared before in a
long time, and fat people perspired
and mopped their brows as they
don'f want to do again. The high
point in the' temperature for the
day was about three o'clock in the
afternoon. Thermometers on Main
street at that time were lingering
around the ioo mark The one at
Greffoz's registered ioi, at Rose's,
ioo, and at other places 98 and 99.
The big maximum thermometer in
the weather office at the college
shows that the highest point touch
ed was 98, which is high enough.
At three, - however, a welcome
change in conditions came, such a
change as is only usual in favored
Corvallis and contiguous territory,
a sea breeze, fresh from the ocean
set in, and before the evening was
passed, it was cool enough for an
overcoat or wrap.
Bellfotratain - News.
The junk man has canvassed the
neighborhood yery thoroughly.""
Charles Hixon is spending a few
days with his sister, Mrs. Clyde
The showers of Wednesday have
refreshed the air after the very
warm weather.
Grain will be in the shock by the
last of the week.
Preaching service last Sunday ths
31st, by the Christian minister . of
Carl Humphrey has been quite
sick the last week but is improving
H. T. Bristow met with a very
painful accident,, recently. Some
thing had pone wrong with his
binder and while looking under the
machine ran a etick in his ear.
Luckily for him, tbe drum of the
ear was not injured.
Teacher's Examimatioii.
Notice is hereby given that a public
examination will be held for all appli
cants for teachers certificates in ' the
court house in Corvallis, Oregon, begin
ning at 9 o'clock a. m. Wednesday, Aug
ust 10, 1904, and continuing until Sat
urday August 13, 1904, at 4 p. m. The
following program will be followed.
For State Papers.
Commencing Wednesday, August 10,
at 9 o'clock a. m. and continuing nnti
Saturday, August 13 at four o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, bookkeeping,
physics, civil government. ,
Friday Physiology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physical
Saturday Botany, plane geometry,
general history, English literature, psy
Mor County Papers.,
Commencing Wednesday, August 10,
at nine a. m. and continuing until Friday
August 12 at four p. m,
First, Second and Third Grade Certifi
Wednesday Penmanship. history,
orthography, reading.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, physiology.
Friday Geography, mental arithmetic
school law, civil government.
Primary Certificates.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthogra
phy, reading, arithmetic.
Thursday Art of questioning, theory
of teaching, methods, physiology
Dated this 23rd day of July, 1904.
Geo. W. Denman,
County School Supt.
In the County Court ot the State of Oregon.
For the County ol Benton.
In the Matter of the Estate of)
wm.-F. Byer, deceased. '
ToW.F. Bverand RlUa A. Abrams, heirs
and devisees of Wm. F. Byer, deceased.
Greptinz: In the name of the State of Ore-
eon tou and each of ?ou are hereby cited and
rpanlred to aDoear ill -the Oountv Court of the
State of Oregon for the County of Benton, at the
Court Jtoom inereot, at uorvains, ureou, uu
Rutnrrtfiv. the" 10th dav of Seotember. 1904. at 11
o'clock in the forenoon of that day,, then and!
there to show cause if any you nave, wny an
i-n-rier of Bale should not be made as prayed to
in t.h nntiHon nf W. N. AlforO. adminlstrato:
of said estate ot Wm. F. Byer, deceased, of thd
foiinwtno riasp.rihari real TrorertY towit: Lots
number 7. s. ana v m oiock uumwiw i.
Hausman's Addition to the City of NortB
uwra-neviiio. T.inti Onnntv. Orison: Lot mm
bered stn block numbered 10 in Riverside ad
rfitiM, tn Alhlna. nnw within the City of Ponj
land. Mutnomah County. Oregon: And Lot nun!
bered 23. in block numbered 5, In Hyde ParM
v.-n r further noun! that this citatior
Is served upon yon and each of yon, by pub
lipAtionthereof in the cnrvaine limes news
narwr for lourweek. under an order made bi
the Hon. Virgil E. Watters, judge of said Oouril
bearing date July 30tn. rsui.
u-iinoMi' - Th Hon. Virzil B. Watters, Judi
,v, rviintv !ourt oi the State of Oregon, for
the County of Benton, with the Seal of said
Const aifixed this SJiU day of July, 1904. .
By J. F. Irwin, Deputy.
When Nolan and Callahan say rem
nants they mean it.
See Black ledge's fine couches.
For Rent. ;
House of seven rooms, ham and twelve
lots; known as the McCaustlnnd Block,
C.-Hi Newth,
Physician- and Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
for Rheum-
O. G. Higbee, Danville, 111., writes Dec.
3, 1901. "About a years ago I was laid
up for four months with rheumatism. I
tried Ballard's Snow Liniment ; one bot
tle cured me. I can cheerfully recom
mend it to all suffering from like afflic
tion." 25c, 50, Si. Sold by Graham &
Painting and Paper Hanging.
All orders promptly filled. Phone
The Jeweler and Optician.
Runtcrs Supplies, Tisbing Cackle,
Sporting 6oods.
Stock of Gu Bodes at Bid Bargain
Office li Zierolf Baildia, C -viUi9.
Office at Huston's Hardware Store. P.
Pa8senger8 will have UUvlleyj
of starting on any date which will
enable to reach destination within
ten days from the sale dat9. In
quire at Agent Southern Pacific
Co. -
Gorvallis & Eastern
, Railroad
Time Card Number 22.
i ForYaquina:
Train leaves Albany. ......12:45 p. m
' ?- Corvallis 1:45 p. m
' ,,"rrivesTaquina......i. 5:40 p. xn
l Returning:
Leases Yaqnina... ........ 7:15 a. m
Leaves Corvallis n 130 a. m
- Arrives Albany.,... ia:iyp, m
j For Detroit:
Leaves Albany ....." i:00 p. m
Arrives Detroit 60O p. m
4 from Detroit;
Leaves Detroit.. ....... ....6:30 a. m
, Arrives Albany... 11:15 a. m.
- Train No. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with SP' south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S F north
bound train. -
Train No a connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
Train 3 for Detroit. Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
1:00 p. m., reaching Detroit at 6oo, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day.
For further information apply to
Edwin Stonb,
FT. HJCronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thoe. Cockrell. Agent Albany.
Real Estate Co.
Are you looking for a Home
Or a good Investment?
if so we take pleasure in showing yon .
ever the country and are confident we .
can give yon the right price on some
thing will suit yon..
We have tracts from 5 to I500 acres.
We have Fruit landsf. Hop lands, Farm
lands, Poultry ranches-. Stock ranches
and Timber lands. Ranging in price
from $7 to $125 per acre all owing to lo
cation and improvements.
We also have a nice list of city proper- -ty.
Lots from $75 to $500 each. Resi
dences from $350 to I3000 each according
to location and impiovemente we also
have some good business locations.
Offices first door south of reading room.
White & Stone, Corvallis Or.
"An ounce; of preven
tion is wortba pound
- of cure."
Prevent any abnormal
condition of the eyes by
properly fitted glasses
and you'll prevent at the
same time years; of mis
ery and pain.
Gun Store.
Responsibility, $100,000
: Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Buys County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
London Sc San Fran
Cisco Bank Limited .
NEW YORK Messrs. J. P. Morean A Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The. Repub
LONDON, ENG. London San Francisco
Bank Limited.
CAN AD 1. UnionBank of Canada.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffiee. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
' For Sale.
A few choice Poland China pigs, both
sexes, from registered stock, is per head
Inquire of Eobert Wylie, Lewisbnrg,