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    Gorvallis Times.
Official Payer of Beaton Coiiatr.
The annual report of the treas
urer, presented at Wednesday's
board meeting, shows that the sum
of f83.899.13 was paid out at the
college last year. The money went
as salaries to instructors and for
supplies, - and was largely spent
among the business and other en
terprises in Corvallis.' The total
enrollment at the college last year
was about 540, and a low estimate
makes it certain that these students
spent another $100,000 in the town
making a total of. nearly $200,000
distributed through the agency of
the college among Corvallis people
during the year. The sum is not
far short of the aggregate received
from the sale of all the " surplus
wheat of Benton county, marketed
in Corvallis for the same period.
It is one of the greatest, if not the
greatest asset of the town; and at
the present rate of growth is des
tined to be by far the biggest re
source of the place. A few . years
ago the attendance was 217. : Now
it approaches 600. ; What , is not
possible for it to be' in a few years
more? Then what will be. the sum
that will be annually distributed by
the institution ? . How important it
is for all Corvallis to foster, encour
age, aid; and by every - word and
act, to help safeguard the Oregon
Agricultural College. ;
Wedding Scene at Home of Bride, and
, Numerous Guests Present. -With
roses, carnations and honey
suckles sending their y fragrance
through the rooms, and the mellow
light of even-tide lingering still,
Miss Nelle Glassford and Heber V.
Swann stood hand and hand - at
eight o'clock,' Wednesday evening,
while Rev. T. T. Vincent pronoun
ced the words that united for bet
ter or worse, their destinies. Forty-five
guests witnessed the cere
mony and extended well-wishes af
ter the event took place.' White
silk organdie was the bride's gown,
and white lilies were the flowers
that she carried. Miss Grace
Glassford was bridesmaid, and Bert
Yates, groomsman.
The groom is a lineman for the
Independent Telephone Company.
He came to Oregon from the East
about two years ago, and during
his residence here, he has made
many friends. Miss- Glassford is
the daughter of a respected family
of Corvallis, and a young woman
of amiable disposition. A large
crowd gave the newly married
couple a charivari party, Wednes
day evening.
For the present the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Swann will be in
Oregon Devtlopment Xeague.
The Portland Commercial Club has is
sued a call for a convention of the Ore
gon Development League, to be held at
the Marquam Grand Theater in Portland
August 2nd and 3rd. All commercial,
agricultural, mining, stock-raising and
irrigation interests will be represented ;
every editor in the state will be invited
to attend as a delegate ; County Commis'
sioners and Mayors of all towns and citi
es will also be called upon to name dele
gates. The Portland Women's Club will
look after the comfort of ladies accom
panying delegates, and, among other en
tertainments, have arranged for a trolley
ride on August 2nd, taking in the most
interesting and beautiful environs of
Portland, and on August 3rd ten street
cars will be provided for a trip over the
entire city.
The Southern Pacific Go. will sell tick
ets at the very low rate of one fare for
the round, trip, from all points on Oregon
Lines to Portland and return, for this
occasion, and it is hoped that every sec
tion of the state will be well represented
at the convention, to work in harmony
for the development of Oregon.
For Sale Cheap.
Two pianos, in perfect tune and good
condition, at,
Portland and Return.
Only $3.00. The Southern Pacific is
now selling round trip tickets to fort
land from Corvallis fcr $3, good goin
Ssturrlsy p. 111, or any train on SuuUay
reioinire Sundav and Monday givin
ell day Sunday in Fcitland. The sam
anargtiiitnt ej plies ircm icmur.cgiv
i 1 citianu people a chance to visi
Big Horse was Is Worth $ 2,200 Was
Sick and too Weak to Walk.
A sight on Main street the other
evening, was a huge horse, weigh
ing 1,800 pounds, mounted on an
ordinary truck and being hauled
through town.: In this way the ani
mal was conveyed a distance of 14
miles, to the home : of his owner
near Halsey. The trip began at
seven o'clock in the ' evening, and
the destination was . reached about
midnight. The trip was made by
night in order to avoid the oppres
sive heat of the daytime, all on ac
count, not of the driver and his
team, or the owner, but to save the
horse himself. The hauling was
done by Lee Henkle.
The horse was ill. He is a tho
roughbred stallion," purchased last
April by James . Sheridan oi the
vicinity of Halsey, of a firm of fine
horse importers at Spokane. - The
animal cost-$2,2oo in cash. He is
a thoroughbred English shire, three
years old, and is a very fine horse.
Fifteen days before he was taken
home from Corvallis as described
above, he was seized With violent
illness. Water founder is set out
as his ailment, and from the effects
of it, he suffered much. . All the
horse experts within a radius of
many miles were summoned to at
tend him, and.every remedy known
to the profession was applied. . For
several days it was expected that he
would die at any , time - within, an
hour. , He grew .slightly . better,
however, and his owner desired to
get mm nome. me animal was
too weak to walk, and it was deter
mined to cart him the 14 miles
necessary to traverse in order to
reach his own. . comfortable stable..
This was. done,' the horse occupy,
ing a standing position . throughout
the journey , .. . .. ; . , . K ;.
From S.. P. and C. & E. Points to
the Seaside and Mountain Re
sorts for the Summer.
On and after June 1st, 19O4, the South
ern. Pacific . in connection with the Cor
vallis & Eestern railroad, will have on
sale ronnd trip tickets from points on
their lines to Newport, Yaquina and De
troit at very low rates, good for return
until October 10th, 1904, , ,
Three day tickets to Newport and Ya
quina, good goim; Saturdays and return
ing Mondays, are also on sale from all
East side points, Portland to Eugene in
clusive, and from all Westside points erf
abling people to visit their families and
spend Sunday at the seaside. ; i
Season tickets from all Eastside points
Portland to Eugene inclusive, and from
all Westside points, are also on sale to
Detroit at very low rates, with stop-over-privileges
at Mill City or any point east
enabling tourists to visit the Santiam and
Breitenbusch hot springs in the Cascade
moantains, which can be readied in one
(lav. ' '.-
Season tickets will be eooil for return
from all points nntil October xr. Three
day tickets will be good going or Sat
urdays and returning' Mondays only.
Tickets from Eugene and vicinity ' will
be good going vfa the Lebanon-Spring
field branch if desired. ' Baggage on
Newport tickets checked ' through' ' to
Newport; on Yaquina tickets to Yaquina
only. . ,' '" '. " ' '
Southern Pacific trains connect with
the C. & E. at Albany and Corvallis for
Yaquina and Newport.'; Trains on the
C, & E. for Detroit will leave ' Albany
at 7 a m enabling tourists to ' the hot
springs to reach there the eame day.
For information as to rates, with beau
tifully illustrated booklet of Yaquina and
vicinity can be obtained on application
to Edwin Stone, manager C &E; Albany
W E Coman, G. P. A. S. P .Company,
Rate from Corvallis to Newport, $3 75.
" ' 1 " Yaquina, 3.25
' " ." " Detroit, $3.25
Three-day rate from Corvallis to New
port. $2.50.
XtrasooD Clothes
For boys, little fellows and
young men see Nolan & Cal:
lahan. .
Blcikleigs kiapi all kialsof tiMe
For Sale
Sixteen bead of high-grade Cotswold
ewes for sale at $2.50, and 8 head of
March lambs at $ 2, The sheep are worth
3-50 pel head. Also 15 head stock hogs
for sale. Write or see me at farm 4
miles south-west of Philomath.
E. A. Miller.
Baseball Players and Foot Racers.
Louis J. Krnger, ex-champion long dis
tance tootracer of Germany and Holland
writes, October 27, 1001: "During my
training of eight weeks' foot races at Salt
Lake City, in April laBt, I used Ballard's
Snow Liniment to my greatest satisfac
tion. Therefore, I highly recommend
Snow Liniment to all who are troubled
with sprsins. bruises or rheumatism."
j 25c, 50c, Ji.oo Sold by Graham & Wor-
And Told Him to Right-About-Face and
" March Young Garrow in Hard :
- Luck.
The Portland 'Journal of Tues
day evening contains an account
of the hold-up of Theodore Gar
row, a Corvallis boy who left here
a few days ago to enter a business
college. ' It says: ; 1 " jv v -;
v- "T. A Garrow, who arrived - in
Portland from Gazelle, . California,
Sunday afternoon, for the purpose
of attending business college, was
held up by ...two - men . on ;. Tenth
street between Main and Madison,
and robbed "of $26. The highway
men were frightened away , by .a
pedestrian and left $1 in their vict
im's pockets. r They also . left his
gold watch and, ring and walked
rapidly away. The case was re
ported to the police and Detectives
Kerrigan and Snow were detailed
on the matter. ' , - , ,
?I was returning to my home, 343
Tenth from a visit to my cousin's
residence. Fifteenth . and Marshall
streets when I was held up,' said
Mr. Garrow. : 'I .had reached a
place on Tenth street between Mad
ison and Main where it is quite
dark. - Two men suddenly walked
out from the shadows and, point
ing guns to, my . face, commanded
me to throw up my hands. I obey
ed, of course. .; v.. . .
. 'One of the men. still holding his
gun at my head, walked off about
ten feet, and stood guard; while his:
companion ;,; rifled . my pockets
Footsteps were heard approaching,
a half a block distant, and the rob-'
bers gave up their task and walked
away, .1 followed but they turned
and commanded me to right: about
and gq the other way.',' . ,
. ' Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids for the construction of a
sewer through .block I4 County Addition
to Corvailis, will be received till : 12
o'clock, noon, July 30, -1904, at the office
of police, judge, said city, in accordance
with ordinance No 168 and the plans
and specifications therefore on file with
said police judge. , . ,. . . 3 , . .
; , -; i ,. : Alex Rennie,
: , - ' ' Avery, ' ' '
. 5 J. M. Cameron, "
. " Sewer Committee-
' '" For H&ie. . " '
One lot and a seven room cottage with
bath in center of city. Sewer connec
tion if desired! Apply to , :
. Mrs. Mary Avery,
Sixth St., between Jefferson and Adams
Painting and Paper Hanging.
All orders promptly filled. Phone
05. . Samuel Kerr.
Remember Nnlan fo Tallalian'a
Great Redaction Sale of summer
fooas is now running in full blast,
argains all along the line during
July. - : , .
. - . Watted. ''
To trade 40 acres six miles from Cor'
vallis for horses and cattle.. Inquire at
this office. '
: For Sale.
Six good young cows. One registered
Jersey Bull, five head of young stock,
one good fanning mill, one good covered
light wagon, one 2 horse power cross cut
saw," one good broad-cast seeder will sow
40 acres per dayj and numerous other ar
ticles. -All will be sold cheap. Time gi
ven to all; Call and see me; 4. mile East
of ferry. -
( '. ' C.H.Everett. '
For Sale. '
Two ard a half acres fine garden or
fiuit land in Corvallis; nice, large house,
good barn, warehouse and outbuildings,
two good wells, pleasant and healthy
location Will sell at a bargain if taken
soon. Inquire ef or address
, ' J. H. Mattley,
; Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that under and by vir
tue of an executton and - order
of sale of attached property issued ' out of
of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton County, under the seal of said Court,
and bearing date of June 30th, 1904, upon a
judgment duly rendered by said Court in an
action in which George W. Henkle was Plain
tiff, and Cynthia A. Mitchell was Defendant, on
the 13th day of November. 1894, in favor of said
plaintiff and atrainst said defendant, for the
sum of Thiee Hundred and no 100 dollars In TJ.
S. Gold Coin, with Interest thereon, in like gold
coin, at the rate of 8 per cent per annum, and
for the further sum of Fifty four and 65-100 dol
lars, costs and disbursements; and for the sale
of the real property hereinafter described ; and
which said judgment was duly docketed in tke
judgment docket ox said Court on the 13th day
of November, ISM, and thereafter duly assign
ed on said judgment, docket to Peter Blckard;
which execution issued thereon la tome direct
ed and delivered and commands me to satisfy
said above sums of money-due thereon by the
sale of said real property described as follows
towitt Lots Nos. 161 and 162 in Block Ko 41.
In Brown's Addition to the City of Philomath,
In Benton County, Oregon. -
Now therefore In pursuance of said execution
and order of sale, I will on the 13th day of Aug
ust, 1904, at the hour of one o'clock p. m.of said
day last aforesaid, at the Court House door,
in the Cily of Corvallis, in Benton County, Ore
gon, sell the above premises and all the right,
title and interest of the said defendant In said
suit therein at public auction to the highest
bidder, for C. S. Gold Coin, cash lu hand, to
satisfy the amount due on said execution and
order of sale, costs and accruing costs.
. July 16th, laoi.
1 - M. P. BCRXETT,
Sheriff of Benton Couuty, Oregon.
Supervisors' Claims.
- The following claims have been filed
by the road Supervisors aa salary for
quarter ending July 1st igOl, to-wit:
AT Wilson Supervisor Dist No. 1 67.50
H M Fleming - " :ja 61.25
Dick Kiger . - v. 3 13.75
H L Hall 4 44.25
Lewis Went 5 38.75
E M Dodele , " 6 37.50
John Price (Sal 6 mos ) " 7 6a.s0
U a Bcaggs .-.. 52.50
ACadwalader " , 9 142,50
0 R Ballard t " "10 68.75
J R Fehler , " 11 125.00
J H Hanton . " 13 50.00
EN Starr " 14 73.75
D B.Farley', . " 15 V6.00
Jas.M Herron " 16 12.50
DokeGray -, - " , r7. 62.50
C E Bantoa s " 18 23.75
Henry Hector - " 19 28.70
BW Harris . " " 20 71.25
- And unless objections thereto are filed
on or before the August term of the Co.
Court the same will be allowed as filed.
: By order of Court. : .
.' Victor P Moses,
July 9th Io04.
Bridge Bids Wtnted.
.Bids will be received by the county
court nntil 10 o'clock a m Saturday July
23. 1904, for the construction of a bridge
across Muddy, at Grange Hall, nine mi
les south of Corvallis. Plans and speci
fications are on file at the office of the
county clerk. All bids mnst be accom
panied qy usual deposit. .The: court re
serves the right to reject any or all bids.
!;. Thos. Jones,
Co. Surveyor;
Corvallis, Oregon July 15, 1904. v-v
See Blackledge's fine conches.
For Rent.
House of seven rooms, barn and twelve
lots; known as the McCaustland Block.
; "... '". ' ' H.S.Moore. '
Sunday Excursions to Newport.
The C & E R.E. Co. will run regular
excursion trains to Newport and Yaquina,
leaving Corvallis at 7.3O sharp. Boat
leaves Newiiort ar. K.n. train v.
quina Fare for ronnd trip from
Corvallis or Philomath, 1.50. -
, Blackledge keeps large assortment of
matting. - ,- ? .
Best That's Grown
Is None Too Good.
; : When you are drinking
Coffee it .is our good ;'
fortune to hold the Sole
" Agency for the famous
We have all the 'grades from 2oo
per - pound to " the highest priced.
Coffe sold by this celebrated firm.
r'i Give Us a Trial Order
for one of their - Coffees and you
will use it exclusively. v
Groceries, Grockery & Stoneware
flt. for Libby Gut Glass
It does not pay to adver
tise continuously, a poor ar
ticle, are ; advertised J persistently
because they are uniformly
"Dutchess Quality" absolute
ly the best that money can
produce in material, finish
and workmanship.
We ' sell . them under the
well-known Dutchess guaran
tee: '. . . ' .
lo cents a button; $1 a rip.
Sold only by
Chase & Sanborn
High Grade
Remarit Sale!
This is the season for closing out all short leng
ths to rid ourselves of Summer goods and to make
room for new Fall stocks which are now arriving;
so to make a clean sweep and to do it quickly , we
have marked all remnants and broken lines regard
less of cost. There are" remnant of Dress good,
Silks, Wash Goods, Table Linens, White Goods,
Towlings, Outing Flannels, Giughams, Flannelettes
Prints, Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries, Silkoleens,
Muslins, Cretonsi Curtain Nets Etc.
Special: All our 25, 30 and 35 cent Wash goods
at 19 cents. Some pretty shades for evening wear.
Our new Dress Goods and Cloaks will arrive a
bout Aug. 1st." Hence the rush to clean up Sum
mer Goods.
We want your order for grocer
;C ies, provisions, etc.
We furnish a nice box and do
the packing for you.
Don't forget the place...
Have You Seen
; ' Our large new stock of Furniture, Carpets and wall
paper. We are receiving new goods every week and
can make you prices that will 1 defy competition. If
you have a house to furnish .- -
Let Us Figure on Your Bill
Perhaps you are needing some new shades? well,
we have a nice line of them, or you may want some
new carpet or matting to replace that old one. If so,
we will guarantee to suit you or refund your money
we are here for business and will take pleasure in
. showing you through our store whether you buy or not
'Corvallis, Orecon.
, Go to Blackledge's New Furniture
Store for your camp outfit.
1 Order Your Ice Cream
From The Celebrated Sunset
Creamery Company. Highest
price paid for Butter fat, Eggs etc.
281 lit Street Portland, Oregon.
Phone Main 52.
Bargains in . Ejittio iun itru ti H
enberg & Cady's.
For Sale
A largo variety of household goods.
Must be disposed of at once, Call at
residence on 4th st. or inquire of the un
dersigned. , Dr. L. G. Altaian.
Go to Blactledge's for window shade s
: v
Go to Dunn & Thatchers for girt bone
and shell and all other kinds of poultry
and stock remedies. -.
With its companions, heart burn, flatu
lence, torpidity of the liver, constipation,
palpitation of the heart, poor blood, head
ache and other nervons symptoms, sal
low skin, foul tongue, offensive breath
and a legion oi other ailments, is at once
the most widesoread and destructive mal
ady among the American people. The
herbine treatment will cure all these
troubles. 50c bottle. Sold by Graham
& Wortham. '
Get your camping outfits euch as tents,
cots and stools at 'Hollenberg & Cady's
. Bamboo furniture at Elackltdce's new
stere. :