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The Coming? and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
' Boro, Wedoes'lav, to Mr. and
3Ira. E. P. Grcff.z, a bod.
Mlssee Louise and Juliet Cooper
weDt to Porilaed Wednesday to vieit
frier, d-i.
Prf achiog service at Dixon school
' Iioubb next Sunday at 2:30 p. m. by
H. A. Deck.
United E vangellcal ch urch : Ser
vices tomorrow, morning aDd evenlDg,
by Eev. H. A. Deck.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lacy leave
Mocday f r a two weeks' vacation la
Eastern Oiegoo.
Arthur Belknxp is now engaged
as clerk In the J. H. Harris dry goods
Harold Wllklne left Thursday for
Portland, where he la to wc rk during
the summer.
Regular services will be held io
the M. E. church, South, tomorrow
morning. Public Is cordially invited.
Miss Maud Morrison of Albany,
hag ai rived and will spend the sum
mer with her sister, Mrs. W. A.
Miss Cloy Buchanan arrived yes
terday from Nashville, Tennessee, for
a visit at the home of her uncle, J. H.
Miss Effle Mlcba'l left Wednes
day for Portland to accept a position
as stenographer,
Mies Mabel Oockrell . passed
through O.rvallls Tuesday euroute
to Newport for a ten day's outlDg.
Will, Lewis, acd Vivian Bane
were Oorvallla visitors from Belt
fountain, this week.
Miss Emma Sox leturned to her
home In Albany last night after a
visit with Miss Mary Nolan.
Mies Kate Lee and Miss Vera
Parker, of AlbaDy, were guests the
first of this week of Mrs. W. f. iianar
Mrs. Espey and family journey
ed to Sodaville Wednesday, where
tbey will go into camp for a number
of weeks' vacation reet.
David Pen In and family have re
turned to their home at Bellfouutaln
after a few day's vieit with Corvallls
Mrs. E. C. Cummlugs expects to
leave tomorrow to join her husband
at McMlonvllle, where he has decided
to locate in the barber buslnese.
After a few days spent la this
etty looking after his property, Eev.
J. L. Hersbcer left Thursday for his
home at Roseburg.
After a visit with Corvallls
relatives, Mrs. C. M. Oadv Is to leave
today to loin her husband who Is em
ployed In the train dispatchers office
at Roeeburg.
' Miss Margaret Soell left the last
of this week for Ashland, where she
will be engaged during the summer
In teaohlng a summer school at that
Mr. and Mrs, J. B. Goodman
Mr. aDd Mrs. F. L. Moore, Mr. and
Mrs. John Wocds acd Mrs. A. Biggs
lelt Thursday for Oanby, to attend the
fampmeetlog now in progress in that
O. J. Blackledge and family are
to leave In a few days tor a camping
trip or several weeks at Fish Lake.
Mr, Blachledge Is noted for his nerve
as a deer hunter, and Corvallleltes
may expect to bear - thrilling tales of
Bib exploits la the wilds ol the Gas
cades, during the next few weeks.
Albany Democrat: A small-pox
suspect who came Into the city last
night from Benton county after spend
Ing the nlgbt in the city jail returned
t Benton county. The man said he
had been working In a logging camp
and had got overheated.
Frank Groves left Thursday for
Bremerton, Washington to resume
bin position in the navy yards. He
expects to resign sometime in the
near future, and return to Corvallls
where he will assume charge cf his
moiner s Dueiness affair?.
The DrOBDectUS of the Rnnt.hnrn
Oregon Chautauqua to be held at
Ashland, July 13th to 22cd, has the
. lectures In cooking school will be un
. der the direction of Miss Ma
Snell, the very able head of House
hold Economy and Hygiene In the
great uregon Agricultural College.
Those who want to provide them
selves with horseflesh out of which to
make a fancy driving auimal have op
portunity now to do so. W. O. Trine
wao has a long string of fancy bred
celts,, has determined to put them on
the market. He was formerly engag
ed extensively lu horee-ralsing, and Is
thoroughly posted on all pertaining
, thereto. But since his acceptance of
a position at the college, he has no
time to clve the business Drooer at
tention, and has decided to pat all
his holdings on the market, during
the next SO days, la edditlon to his
colts, he will offer for sale his well
known stallions Bropd Heart acd Guy
c!sca. ' -
Mrs. S. A, Klsor left Thursday for
SUetz, where she will spend the sum
mer.'" -
M las Dora Llodgren was the guest
the first of this week of relatives at
Mrs. J. Mason leaves tomorrow
for Portland on a bilef- business trip.
She returns Wednesday.
Alois Paitech is the name of . the
new baker at the Hcdeo' bakery. . He
bails from Rostburg.
T. L. Reader was In Corvallls
Thursday, en route from Portland to
Dusty for a visit with .relatives.'
Mrs. Dolph and children are to
occupy the Miss Snail residence dur
ing the latter's absence In Ashland.
Mrs. Carrlck Is the guest for a
week cf Mrs. J. B. Horner, at the lat
ter's cottage at the bay. .
Miss Grace Hayes rf turned to her
home In Dallas Thursday, altera visit
with ber cousin, Miss Maud Hayes, In
this city.
Expressman Gltbeos and family'
dow occupy the cottage on Fourth
street formerly occupied by J. B.
John Johnson of the Corvallls
steam laundry has moved Into the
Gene M. Simpson bouae, on Fifth
Mrs. J. B. Horner and daughter
left this week to occupy the family
cottage at Newport. They will be ab
sent until September. ' -r-3l:
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Howell, of the
Farmeis' hotel., left Wednesday : for a
two months outlog on their chittlm
ranch on the T achats. -
Charles Ltllard has disposed 1 of
bis property in Job's addition to Au
gust Young. The deal was closed a
day or two ago. .
The McFarland chapel will hold
an "All Day" missionary meeting to
morrow, J uly lUtb. Dinner on the
ground. AH cordially Invited. -
Mrs. George Keady and daughter,
Miss Mabel, leave in a few days to
spend the summer with Arthur Keady
and wife, at Ulympla, Washington.
Mrs. T. E. Dolling returned to
her home at Monroe. Wednesday, at
ter a visit of several days at the home
of her sister, Mrs. O. J. Blackledge,
Mrs. W. M. Hammersley was a
Corvallls visitor Thursday. With her
husband she is engaged in peeling
cbittlm on a ranch near Box, Benton
Frank Thompson, of Salado, was
a Corvallis business visitor Thursday.
Mr. Thompson is a partner of Charles
Overlaoder, on a ranch in that vicini
' The Abrahams and Stevenson
families, who reside In the Hershner
bouse on Seventh street, left Wednes
day for a two months' camplDg trip
io the Five Rivers country.
New crosswalks are being placed
in position this week between the res
idence of Mrs. John Burnett and the
courthouse, and across between Laf-
ferty's store and the Occidental hotel.
Walter TiOflkp. utter fmnnrllncr
last six weeks as a cripple, caused by
a horse kicking him on the leg and
cracking the bone, is agaiu abla to go
wunout nis crutcues.
Berry & Carl have removed from
their former location In the Dave Ir
vin building to the Pauline Kline room,
one door north of the old stand. The
change was made In order to secure
more commodious quarters, .
A. S. Hall of Portland, visited at
the Kyle home Id this city the first of
the week. He left Wednesday to ac
company the Albany members of the
O. N. G. to Seattlelor the annual en
campment. ' .
Chester Proebstel, who graduated
from O. A. C. with the '01 class. Is
holding down a good position as lead
er of a surveying party between Gre
eham and Portland. His salary Is said
to be $90 per month. Thus it Is that
O. A. C. men get to the front.
A small real estate deal was ne
gotiated by Captain Robinson, Wed
nesday. It was the transfer of a small
piece of land north of the electric
light plant, the former owner being
Mrs. Reynolds, and the purchaser,
Mr. Ash. The figure was 8150.
s PaeseDger trafflo to Bayward
points Is steadily Increasing as the
sun's rays become hotter and hotter
la the valley. On Tuesday's train 70
passengers were aboard the west
bound train as it pulled out of the lo
cal depot; Wedaeeday the number was
increased to 75, and Thursday there
were 64.
Among the graduates of this
ycat's class at O. A. C. who attended
the celebration io Corvallls, was John
P. Witty, one of the best known mem
bers. Mr. Witty had been In a Port
land drugstore since his graduation,
but went from Corvallls to Cottage
Grove, Wednesday, where he has de
cided to locate.
Meigs Bartmese, of this- year's
graduating class of O. A. C, was in
Corvallls over the Fourth, and left
Thursday for AlbaDy. to accompany
the O. N. G. of that city to Seattle
this week. Mr. Bartmess has been of
fered a position as Instructor in the
Hill Military Academy for the coming
By an oversight, the plug-uglies
received no mention in the celebration
write-up. Now, the tact is, the funny
men were first class, and their band
one of the features of the parade, and
it Is this fact that leads to this special
notice of their presence in the big parade.
There is a large portion of the
bay crop now in the shock.
G.B.Hall started the binder in
his falloita last Wednesday.
"' Mr. and Mrs.:Will Morris are
at their ranch looking after their
hay crop". . .
On last Sabbath W.C Rees and
family started . to church with a
pair of colts hitched to a wasou.
The team became frightened and
commenced to run. Unable to stop
them, Mr. Kees kept them in the
road and after running half a mile
the tags came unhitched and the
wagon tongue came down;" When
they stopped no damage was done.
Charles Perin started for Dig
ger Cieek on the 7th to peelchitim.
lie expects to be gone two months.
r Born on July 1st to the wife
of A.P Starr an eight pound daugh
ter. As they are advancing in
years and expect ' the wee' one will
be a great comfort to them in their
old age they have named her "Joy",
. Mr. and Mrs. Rees celebrated
en Corvallis the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th,
and would have remained if the. fes
tivities bad lasted the entire week.
Mr. and Mrs. David Perin
came home the fourth from Tamer
where they have been visiting friends
and relatives.
Portland, July 7. Oregoniao:
Crazed with jealousy because her
hatband was courting the affections
of a woman reputed to be of the
lower world, Cora White, wife of
James White, of sailor-boarding
house fame, at 8:35 o'clock last
night shot her husband in the back
with a 32-calibre Iver-Johnson re
volver, inflicting a wound from
which the attending physicians fear
the wounded man will not recover.
The murder ' was attempted in
front of the residence of - Mrs.
White's sister, Mrs, Eii Davis, at
328 pine ttrcet, and was witnessed
bv F. S. Dunning aud C. R. Collier
and, it is thought, by White's moth
er and Mrs. Eli Davis, although the
latter two deny any knowledge of
the an dir. ; .
After White was shot the woman
for the pleasure of whose company
he will probably give bis life enter
ed several saloons in the north end,
where she laughed and joked about
his shooting, and was apparently
little concerned in regard to his
welfare. She displayed a bruised
spot on her face, where, she said,
she bad been struck by Mrs. White
earlier in the evening, when, in the
company of White, she had acci
dentally met the wounded man's
wife on the street.
"It was me to the wco3e," she is
quoted as having remarked.
It was fully an hour , after the
shooting before White was convey
ed from the home of Eli Davis,
where be had been carried after the
shoe ting, to St. Vincent's hospital,
wbi rs the attending physicians de
cide J that nothing could be done
for the wounded man until ionam
mat on arrises at the feat of the
but "t and discloses its whereabouts.
W ite, who had been drinking,
was in no condition to make any
stat ment. At first, , he stated that
the woman had fired twice at him.
Lat -, he changed this statement,
sayi ig that a man had shot him,
and still later he alleged to have
fired the shot himself. He refused
to tell the name of the woman or of
the man implicated in his state
ments. .
When the shot was fired, Officer
Olesner was less than a block dis
tant, and hurried to the scene of the
attempted murder.
"I reached White's side at the
same time as Mrs. Davis," said the
officer last night. "He was about
50 teet north of the gateway to the
Davis home when I r ached him.
The first thing I asked him was if
he had shot himself, and he an
swered, "yes, accidentally.' We car
ried him into Davis houee where
he said: A .- '. .
"I want to see Cora. I guess its
all off with me. It was all my
fault, anyhow. I caused all the
"I asked Mrs. White who shot her
husband," said officer Robeon, "and
she replied, 'I'm. the woman.' As
she was bending over the prostrate
form of her husband as he lay
stretched on a lounge, I heard her
say to him, 'I only wish it had been
me instead of you.' On the way to
the police station, in the petrol
wagon, Mrs. White would say noth
ing. She appeared to be struggling
hard from fainting and' seemed
powerless to speak. White said he
did not want his wife arrested, and
repeated the statement that he had
shot himself. '
- Mrs. White spent last night in
the police station.
The position of the wound and
other circumstances go to show it
would have - been impossible for
White to have inflicted the wound
upon himself. The ballet hole is
in such a part of the back as to
render it impossible for a man to
discharge a revolver and inflict such
a Wound to himself. A powder
burned coat proves that the ballet
was fired at short range and the
clean hole in the coat, as well as in
White's back, show that the shot
was fired squarely from behind. -
When seen last night Mrs. White
refused to speak. When question
ed she gazed into space as though
dated. MrB. White and her sister,
Mrs.. Davis, were raised in Clark
county, Washington, .where they
were well known, being the daugh
ters of a prominent farmer named
Allen. . :-. ;
According to acquaintances of
White, who frequent North End
resorts, Whits aud the woman who
caused the trouble between he and
his wife have been : spending their
time in riotous living for the past
two months. Hack parties at night
and sprees of several days duration
made the nights memorable, and
many of White's friends have en
joyed bis generosity while be has
has been entertaining the woman
who has ruined his home. -
: .For Sale. .
A first class sewing machine in good
condition.Also a fine walnut diningtable
Inquire at Tiroes office. ; -
Gorvallis & Eastern
Time Card Number 22.
a PorYaqulna:
' Train leaves Albany 12:45 P-
' " Corvallis...... 1:45 p. m
, - " arrives Yaqtrina 5:40 p. m
I Returning:
Leaves Yaqnina 7:15 a. m
- Leaves Corvallls........... 11:30 a. m
Arrives Albany ............ 12:15 pMn
3 For Detroit: ,
Leaves Albany. i:00 p. m
Arrives Detroit 6:00 p. m
4 from Detroit: -
Leaves Detroit..... 6:30 a. m
Arrives Albany.... ....11:15 a. m
Train No. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north
bound train.
Train No 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
Train 3 for Detroit. Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
1:00 p. m., reaching Detroit at 6:00, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same dav. .
For further information apply to .
Edwin Stone,
H. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis. :
Thos. Cockrell. Agent Albany.
..i' - For Sale-
i?wo Full Blood Bulls for sale. One,
registered two year old, and one yearling,
subject to regietety. Price reasonable.
- John E.Wyatt.
Real Estate Co.
. Are you looking for a Home
. Or a good Investment?
If so we take pleasure in showing you
over the country and are confident we
can give you the right price on some
thing will suit you.
,We have tracts from 5 to I500 acres.
We have Fruit lands, Hop lands, Farm
lands, Poultry ranches, Stock ranches
and Timber lands. Ranging in price,
from $7 to 125 per acre all owing to lo
cation and improvements.
We also have a nice list of city proper
ty. Lots from $75 to $500 each. Resi
dences from $350 to $3000 each according
to location and improvements we also
have some good business locations.
Offices first door south of reading room.
f: White & Stone, Corvallis Or.
Notice of Final Settlement.
In Uie Matter of the Estate )
of i
W. D. Armstrong, deceased.) ' '
- Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned as
executrix . of the Last Will and test
ament ot W. D. Armstrong, deceaa e d,
has filed her final account, as such
executrix with the clerk ot the " county
court of. the state of Oregon, lor Benton county
and the said conrt has fixed Saturday the 9th
day of July. 1904, at the hour of 2 o'clock in
the afternoon as the time, and the county court
room in the court house in Corvallis, Oregon,
as the place, lor hearing any and all objections
to the said account andsettlement thereof.
Dated this June 11, 1904. -
Anna U. Armstrong,
Executrix ot the last will and testament of
W. D. Armstrong, deceased.
Notice of Guardian's Settlement.'
In theMatter of the Guardianship )
of I
''Martha. Walker, Insanso. )
Notice Is hereby glyen thafjthe undersigned
asgnadianof the person and estate of
Martha J. Walker, a per son of u n
sound mind has filed final his ac
count as such guardian with the dark of the
county court of the state ot Or"in. for Benton
county, and the said conrt has fixed Satnrday
the 9th day of July, 1904, at the hour ot one
o'clock in the afternoon as the time, and the
county court room in the oc art house in Oor
vallls, Oregon as the place, for hearing any ana
11 objections to . ssid account and for
settlement thereof.
sated this June 1U 1901,
Jesse C. Walker,
Guard lan of Martha J. t alker. Insane.
; For Sale.
A number of first class farm
horses, weighing from 1,300 to i,
500. All will be disposed of at rea
sonable prices. Inquire of Jesse
Wiley, Corvallis. : .
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Wool Suit & DAVIS Suit
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twisters Supplies, Tisfjing Cackle,
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O. Address, Box II.
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Twenty years experience.
E. R. Bryson,
Attorney-A t-La w.
Reduced Round Trip Rates Ac
count World's Fair.
First class tickets on sale Jane
16, 17, 18, July 1, 2,, 3, August
8,9, 10, Sept 5, 6, 7. Oct. 3, 4, 5,
Corvallis to St. Louis and return,
good 90 days with stop over priv
ileges at rates ranging from $67,50
to $82.50 according t route chos
en. Passengers will have privilege
of starting on any data which will
enable to reach destination within
ten days from the sale date. In
quire at Agent Southern Pacific
Co. j
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Boys' and Children's Suits at
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tion is worth a pound
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Prevent any abnormal
condition of the eyes by
properly fitted glasses'
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same time years j of mis
ery and pain.!
Gun Store.
Corvallis, Ohegon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
PORTLAND I London San Fran-
SKATTXE r cisco Bant UmHed'.
NEW YORK Messrs. T. p. BTorgan Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. London St San Francisco
Bank Limited.
CANADA. ITnionBank of Canada.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hoars 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may he
eft at Graham & Wortham'a drug store..
We make special rates to families.
Corvallis Steam Laundry.'' Call op Main
274- "'