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The Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
Wheat 75. Oats 32.
James Martin and daughter of
.Bruce, were business visitors la town,
Charles Blraggs, tbe 8ummlt
blacksmith, wets a CuivaUia visitor
Miss Carrie Ditmeman is expect
ed home from Clem, next week, to
ttend commencement.
Mrs. Aora Hlncey aDd baby are
TlBitiDg relatives In Portland. They
left Monday.
Miss Margaret Snell. ent rtained
the girls of the senior cla?s Thursday
Mrs. John Smith entertained a
number of ladies at tea Wednesday
afternoon at five o'clock.
Among the young ladles graduat
ing f torn St, Mary's College at Port
land in a few weeks is Miss Mary
Nolan or this city.
J. E. Marcio was adjudgfd lnfaoe
Thursday morning and in the after
noon was taken to Falem in charge
of J. D. Wtlla and Miofred Seits.
Workmen era employed In erect
ing a cew house and bara for Johnny
Martin, on his place near Monroe.
Teams aie hauling the lumber from
Corvallis fortha purpose.
After a dty spent in this city,
Mrs. Bauetllfe of Pittsbursr. PaihihIv-
vania, left Thursday to continue a
tour of the Ceast. She was accom
panied as Ui as Portland bv Mrs
Henry Gerber.
Married Wednesday, at the home
oi tne orida's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Wittschen, at Turner, O'egoo',
Wis Virzene Wtt''e?r and Ernest
Redd. Numerous friends In this city
extend congratulations.
For the many kindnesses render
ed by frleDds and neighbors during
the leceot illness and death of their
Infant daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Wells wish to exteid to all their
heattfelt tbaakp.
The seniors of OAO were excused
Wednesday from further studio. Tbe
reason for the action was that the
teachers felt that the members of the
elaes ceed a rest before the excite
ment of commencement sets in.
Walter Locke was in town on
crutches Thursday. While engaced
in breabiog a colt, on the farm north Wednesday, the nnlinnl llc.
played unuwully "activity with his
neeie. lfce D0ue in Mr. Locke's
ankle 13 thought to be craehed.
Tbe restaurant on South Main
street bss a new partner in the busi
ness. Miss Louise Oleman has dis
posed of her half interest to Mr. Beck
Irom PcrtUod. The deal was made
Dy W hire & Stone. The other part
ter is Jim Sing.
The caps and gowns to be usei
by the senior girls at commencement
have arrived and are being inspected
by the prospective wearers. Tbe
gentlemen of the class of '04, are not
to weur the gowns and caps this
Eugene K. SUipworth, a former
resident of this city, died Sunday at
Eugene of consumption at the age of
47. He practiced law in Independ
ence, Orvallls aad Euerene. He ran
for brute senator In 1802, against Dr
Driver, being defeated. He was a
member cf the A. O. U. W.
MUs Ediih Aldersoo, who was a
teacher two years ago in the Ca-vallis
public school, and who was re-elected
to the position U year but resigned
to accept a position as Baker City,
has just been re-elected to fill the
same position in the school at that
place. Slo Alia the second grade, and
is a very popular teacher.
Miss I hel Wright and Mies
Georgia Her'-:rt returned a few diys
ago from C i rots, California, where
t bey were : e-1 3? delegate3 from OA
O to the raeifin Coiet conference of
tbeYourj Womens Christian As
sociation. They report the meetings
as having been very successful as well
as CDjoyable.
Mrs. Fred Hall, who left Cor
vallis last Sunday night for Stockton,
California, arrived at hei destination
safely and she Is much pleased with
the country. In a letter to her par
ents in this city, ehe states that the
weather at Stockton la very similar to
that of Corvallis and vicinity when
she left here, the days reither too
warm nor tco ccM. with co. i, pleas
ant evenings.
Jay Turley, aa CAC freshman of
1S95, has the honor of submitting the
most feasible plans yet suggested for
Irrigation and reclamation of a larae
portion of Arizona: The Santa Fe
New Mexican recently published a
paper prepared by Mr. Turley for the
New Mexico Irrigation commission,
which report occupies a large part of
three pages. Recent 'developments
have divulge the fact that of all the
reports submitted by civil engineers
from all parts of the United Sta'es,
Mr. Turley's Is moot likely to be
Miss Daisy Brown is clerking
In Mdner & Wellsher's this week.
Leslie Lilly lert Thursday for bis
home at Hot eburg, after a three
weeks' visit at tbe borne of his father
in Corvallis,
Miss Linnie Small of Silver Lake,
a former popular OAC girl, arrived
Wednesday for a commencement vis
it with Porvallla fi lends.
C'arence Jorv of Biodgett has
sold his farm to Meriitt Pratt. The
consideration was $1610, and Mr.
Pratt took possession Taetday.
Mrs. January and two children
arrived Wednesday to attend the
funeral of Mrs, January's grandmoth
er, Mrs. Elizabeth Martin.
W. J, Howell of the Farmers Ho
tel, Mt yesterday for bi9 homestead
ou the Ydcbats. He will be absent a
week or ten dys.
The teacher3 of the public schools
held an iDfartnal dinner party at
Hotel Corvallis . Weinesday evening.
The occasion was enjjyed by half a
dczen teachers
W. E, Yates and family leave In
a few days f jr Brownsville, where
they will spend a week In attendance
at tbe Pioneer's picnic - .
The Church of Christ wlil observe
Children's Day next 8uuday. There
will be special services at tbe Sunday
school and a program by the children
at 8:00 p. 111. .
Ambler & Watters have sold the
Clarence Jory ranch of 120 acres near
Blodgett to W. V. Ptatt late of Color
ado. Some stock goes lu with it and
the pi ice paid was $1,600.
The first session of the annual
couventfon of the Benton County San
day school was held at tbe coDgrega
tlouel church at 2:30 Thursday after
noon. A number of delegates are in
attendance from the various Sunday
schools of the county. The sessions
close at noon today.
The roof has been r. moved from
the remaining half of tbe carriage
factory, and the two upper stories
have likewise been taken off. There
will now be a building two stoiies
high, with the tower still in position,
and the structure has been leased as a
warehouse. A roof is being placed
on the north half of the building,
wfcioh has recently bad Jihe. upper
two stories torn away.
At the college chapel last evening
there was an entertainment given for
the benefit of the Village Improve
ment society of this city. The fea
tures included etereoptican views of
famous musicians, with brief sketches
of their careers, and illustrations were
given by local musicians, with both
vocal and instrumental selections. An
edmtsslon fea of ten cents was charged.
the funds to go to the improvement
society. The affair was in charge of
Miss Snell, who deserves credit tor the
success of the evening.
Real estate deals recently nego
tiated by Ambler & Watters, include
the following : A house and lot in
Philomath, to William Castle, son of
Bishop Castle of the TJ. B. church, for
S700, the property Unknown as the
McCullough house. Possession is to
be given July 1st. Also, the L. Van
Blaricom 40 acres three miles south
of Philomath, to F. G. Miller, late of
UKiauorna, tor 900, possession given
immediately. A son of Mr Miller pur
chased a 320 ac e ranch of Mc Ambler
about six months ago, which is proof
mat tne jKiiitri are well pleased with
Mcs J. N. Dolpb, wife of the ex-
senator, Is the guest of Mrs Chester
Dolph and children, in this city. The
tormer bap recently returned from
New York, where she spent the winter
with her daughter. In her honor, a
reception was given by Mm Chester
Dolph at the home of General and
Mrs T. J. Thorp, in Jobs Addition,
Wednesday afternoon from three to
six The Effrtir was a very pleasant
one for those present. Dainty refresh
ments were served by Miss Thorp and
Miss Daphne Dolph. Many eld time
friends cf the honored guest were
presect at Wednesday's funtion, which
recdeted the occasion one of special
pleasure to all.
Methodist Conference. LosAngeles
Account above rrmferenre lif StnuiVi
ern Pacific fin. will mat-a TfAnnaA -af&
on the certificate plan from main line
points in Oregon south of Portland, and
passenger will purchase tickets to Los
Angeles, for which agent will collect tie
highest one way rate, giving a special
reCeint. On nnCAtitatiAn rf
duly executed, by original purchaser,
Southern Pacific agent at Los Angeles
will sell return tickets at one-third fare.
toaie dates Irom Oregon points will be
Anril 10th to Mav -7th ind
. j , , aw
JVIaV Q. 12- TrV Tft 91 Oh anrl m . TUo.
last day ou which certificates wiil be
1 a f . . .
uunorcu ior return at reduced rate from
Los Angeles will be June 5th, 1994.
Eat ice cream and cake with the Rus
sians every evening.
Blackledge keeps large assortment of
Great Reduction Sale.
We will sell
of May 500 parrs of shoes, broken sizes,
men's womens, misses and children's
at greatly reduced
room for a new stock of goods, which
will arrive about June ist Come early
and get yonr choice from 25 cents op.
aie taste tU rough May only.
J. E. Henkle.
Many Good Speakers Present, and
Many Interesting - Addresses '
Given The Affair Iligh
; ly Successful.
People are daily arriving at the
Seventh- Day Adventist ' camp
ground in Job's addition. Fully
three hundred people are now en
camped in the little Cotton city,
and the time each day from 5:30
o'clock a. m. ' to -nine nVlnnfa- at.
night is taken up in praise and de
votional meetings, sessions of .the
Conference. Dreachins and raviiml
' - -o - -
services. The preaching services
nave Deen mil 01 interest, as promi
nent ministers set forth the rliatino.
tive points of doctrine which have
made the Seventh Day Advents
church a separate body from other
religions sects.
On Monday nia-ht W. A.
of Washington, D. C, in a stirring
address. Dicta red the refill
great Armageddon. Showing the
interest 01 many public men in the
pending crisis. The thema nn
Tuesday evening in the sermon by
vy. u. wnite, President of the Pa
cific Union Conference, was the
"Eastern Question," the speaker
clearly showing by his exegesis of
the eleventh end twelfth chapters
oi tbe Book of Daniel that when tha
great world Powers withdraw sup
port irom the Turkish .Empire, and
the "sick man of the east" is forced
to retire from European soil to the
SuLati's possessions in Asia, tbe
last great event hat nne hnfnrn
earth's history closes will be pasl;
ana me next thing to look lor is
tbe clash of arms in the bst'le nf
The "oigns .of the Times" -was
dwelt upon in a forceful manner by
VV. J. Burd en on Wednesday even
ing. Tb ese themes of thrilling interest
will be discoursed upon each even
ing during- the campmeeting; A
subject of special interest "Last-day
Tokens." is announced for Kat.nrriair
evening. Elder J. N.Loughborough,
tne nrst minister ever ordained , to
the Seventh Day Advents ministry,
will deliver this discourse. The
charts used in connection with this
subject will make the sermon of
more than ordinary interest.
The interest has increased from
the beginning of the campmeeting,
both among tbe campers and with
the people attending from tbe town.
Resulting from the revival efforts
each day many persqns old and
young, have been converted and
songs of praise and victory are
he - rd. -
'I he business sessions of the Con
feie ice have been characterized by
nt animity of sentiment among the
debates, and not a word of dis
co l has been heard in the discus
8ici) of the many items of business
wm. h have come before the body.
The officers elected for the West
ern Oregon Conference are as follow-:
President, F. M. Burg, Port
laud, Oregon; Secretary and Treas-ure-,
V. C. Raley, Portland, Ore
gon; Missionary and Fi-ld Edu
cational Secretary, G. W. Pettit,
Montavilla, "Oregon; Corresponding
Secretary, Miss Edith Staibuck,
Mt. Tabor. Ortp-on: TCxernrivn f!nm-
mittee, F. M. Burg, V. R. Sim
mons, D. W.. Emmron, J. E.
Graham, G. W. Peltit end H.' J.
Gorvallis & Eastern
Time Card Number 22.
a ForYaquina:
Train leaves Albany 125 p. mi
' " Corvallis. 2:00 p. m
" arrives Yaquina 6:2o p. m
1 Returning:
Leaves Yaquina.... T...... 6:45 a. m
Leaves Corvallis ...11:30 a. m
Arrives Albany t. ia:is p. m
3 For Detroit:
Leaves Albany y:oo a. m
Arrives Detroit 12:20 p. m
4 from Detroit: .
Leaves Detroit i:0o p. m
Arrives Albany.. 5:55 p. m
Train No. 1 arrives in Albanv in time
to connect with S P south bound train.
as well as giving two or three hours in
AiDany netore departure of S P north
bound train.
Train Uo 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser-
i w iicwwiiiuiu aujaveuc ueacnes.
Train 3 for Detroit. Breitenbush anri.
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time'to reach the Ssrinea th
same day.
For further information apply to
; Edwin Stonb,
H. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrell. Agent Albany.
Painting and Paper Hanging.
All orders promptly filled. Phone
05. , Samuel Kerr.
Dirksen. , - '
At the session of the Conference
held at nine o'clock, Tbnisday, the
following resolution wis adopted:
Resolved that we extend a -vote
of thanks to the S. P. R. R., the C.
& E. R. R. and the O. R. & N. T.
Co. for favors extended to our Con
ference. in the reduction of fare to
the campmeeting, and also a like
expression to Mr. Wilkins for the
free use of the grounds upon which
our camp is located; and to the city
and citizens of Corvallis fof courte
sies extended to us while among
them. . '
The campmee'ing will continus
till Sunday evening, Juoe 5th, ;
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O. Addrejs, Box 11.
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ularly go to your druggist and
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Black-Drausrht and take a dose !
tonight. This great family
medicine frees the constipated -bowels,
stirs up the torpid liver
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Thedford's Black -Draught
will cleanse the bowels of im
purities and strengthen the kid
neys. A torpid liver invites
colds, biliousness, chills and
fever and all manner of sick
ness and contagion. Weak kid
neys result in Bright 's disease
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Dranght should always be kept
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plaints and found nothing to excel
blehead, 111.
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Notice Creditors.
Notice is hereby given to all persona that the
undersigned naa been duly appointed execu
tor of the last will and testament of Guilford
Barnard deceased, by the County Co rt of
Benton county, for the state of Oregon.
All persons having claims against said es
tate are' hereby requited to present the same
to me, properly verified as by law required
within six months of the date hereof, to the
undersigned at his residence near Monroe,
Oregon, or at the ofhee of Yates & Yates, In
Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated this 7th day of May, 1904.
Bobert Kyle.
Executor of the last will and testament of
Guilford Barnard, deceased.
Notice for Publication.
Timber Land, Act June 1878,
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon,
March 23rd. 1904.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States of California Oregon
Nevada and Washington Territory" asextended
toall the Public Land State by act of August 4,
1892, Howard L. Bush of Hoskins, county oi
Benton, state of Oregon, has this day filed In
this office bis sworn statement xo. 6386, for the
purchase of the 8. w. of S. W. , of Section
Ho. 20 In Township No. 10 South, Eange No
West W. M and will offer proof to shsw that
the land sought is more valuable for its timoer
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish hlB claim to said land before Victor
P. Moses, County Clerk, Corvallli, Benton Coun
ty, Oregon, on Saturday, the 11th day ot June.
He names as witnesses:
Edd O. Frantz, of Hoskins, Oregon.
Abe II. West, " ..j
Lincoln Allen of Kings Valley, Oregon.
David H. Simpson of Pee Dee Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said 11th
day of June, 1904.
. Algernon S. Dresser,
- ' Kegister.
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Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
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JNotice of Publication.
Timber Land Act June 3, 187S.
United States Land Office,
Oregon Cftv, Oregon.
Corvallis. Oregon, March 3rd, 1901
i iiereoy given mac la compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878, entitled, "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada, and Washington Territory" as extend
ed to all the Public'Land states by act of Aug
ust4, 1892, Benjamin F. Totten of Corvallis,
county of Benton, state of Oregon, has this day
filed in this office his . sworn statement No.
6377, for the purchase of the 8. &. it Section -No.
30, in Township No. 13 S. Range No. 6 West,
and will offer proof lo show that the " land
sought is more valuable for Its timber or stone '
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim to said land before Victor P.
Moses, County Clerk, Benton connty, state of
Oregon, on Friday, the third day of June, 1904.
He names as witnesses:
John LBexford, of Corvallis, Oregon.
Martin Butler of "
Abraham Coon, of ' "
Thomas Coon of lnavale, "
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said 3rd
day of June, 1904.
Algernon S. Dresser.
' Register.