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The Comings and Goings o People
Social Gossip, Personal . Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
Miaa Grace Oatch visited Albany
f deeds durtog the week.
Banker Leese Irft Wednesday (or
a few days stay lu Portland. '
Mrs. Wads Malone of Aiwa, pass
ed through this city Monday eorJiite
to Portland.
August Fischer Is having an ad
dition built onto bis teiltlenoe In
. South Corf a'lls. :
Dr. Atnslle returned to Portland
Wedaeeriay, after a few dys' visit
- Bmlib.
Today the ladies ot the Coffee
. viiuv Triti cuj'jjr men anuuai iiiuurc lu
111 t . v. 1 1 -. I I - i n
Avery,s grave. The event is la Honor
of the 21st bUtbday ot the. club.
George W. CUxton, traveling re
preventative of The Oregon Dally
Journal, was In this city from Thurs
day until yesterday, looking after
business connected with bis paper.
Saturday, Mrs. A. L. Kotseley
. entertained 20 friends la bonor of
her sletf rs, the Misses ' Brtggs, who
are vtslttog bere. Their home is in
Battle Cie k, Michigan.
Two hundred of the college
catalogues were hastily placed la
bindings Wednesday, tor tbe visiting
grangers. The rest of tbe edition
will be ready for distribution today.
A party consisting of Prof, and
Mrs McKelllps, Prof. Globs and moth
er. Mis Helen Holgate and Dr. Lester
are to leave today for Elk City on a
Ashing trip. Tbey will return Mon
day. Two dray loads of cereal foods
to be used by the campers la tbe Ad-
venHst crnnp meetings arr'ved Wed
nesday and were taken to tbe grounds
lo Job addition.
Another new gravel walk is be.
ing laid across tbe court house block
from tbe rear of tbe court house out
to tbe i til. and thence to the south
east comer ot the block, to a con
nectlon with the raala concrete walk
Salem bad a May festival which
tbe public did not patrociz) and now
the people who workel hard fir
months to give Salem a floe enter
tainment will have to dig into tbeir
own pockets to make up tbe deficit
of $300. Telegram.
A team belonging to Duncan
Plttman took a spin down Main
street Wednesday. The animals were
hitch td to a wagoo, and another wag
en was fastened beblod. The team
took fright near Dunn's store and
made things bum as tbey sped down
bila strtet, but no damage was done,
Albany Democrat: Rev. W,
Sherman Wallace, who recently grad
uated from tbe .Rochester. N. Y. tne
ologlcal oollege, has ieturaed from
his Iorm6r home at Lebanon. He has
accepted the pastorate of a Baptist
churoh in Tacoma, and will move to
tbat city to reside,
Albany Herald: Mrs. Alfred U.
Schmidt yesterday entertained tbe
Jays Bees club and a few invited
guests at her home in honor of Miss
Grace Gatcb of Corvallls. Tbe hours
were spent delightfully by the bappy
company, the principal recreation
betug tbe New American, a game very
much eDjoyed by all. Miss Gateh is
very popular in Albany social circles
and bcr stay here is being made very
The work of repairing and im
proving the electric light plant at the
college, which will begin soon after
the close of school, will be quite ex
tensive, and will probably consume
the greater part ot two months. Be
sides tbe new switch board, tbat will
cost 8850. there Ja to be a large alter
nator dynamo Installed tor produc
ing lights, and the two dynamoes now
in use, will be plaoed Bide by side and
used for extra power. . Tbe large wire
that Is now lo service will all hare to
be taken down and spooled, after
wblch it will be dleposed of, and small
wire placed la position. This Is made
necessary on accauot of tha fact that
tbe new dynamo will carry voltage
' than does the present dynamo. The
work will be both difficult and scleo.
tlfla in nature, and will be under the
supervision of E. O. Hay ward, the
elceuil expert at the ocllege.
Mlea Bertha Thraeber will return
to her bonaoia Corvallis best week
from San Kraneieco, If she is able to
untertake tbe trip. Keoently an ab
scess formed on tbe limb tbat has
caused Miss Tfcrisber so much
trouble,atd It was thought that an
other surgical operation would be
necessary last Sunday. Tbe abscess
broke, howevnr, but San Francisco
suri'eons now state th'it nn more can
. bs d t cIUc a cure, as the ' bona
in tbe limb bas become to diseased
tor medical skill to be ot further
avail. The news has been most de
pressing to the many Camilla friends
Of M s young lidv, and much sym
paihy ia folc f.r her iu her trouble.
Five surgical operations - have bean
peformed on tbe lltnb, end for a time
it ma r oped a oaiplere cara hsd
been eff-'ctfd.
Picnic at Willamette Grange hall
next Friday.
. . - . - '
Mrs. Mile J Starr bas returned
from a month's visit in Portland?
Tb Evangelical parsonage bas
just been brightened by a fresh coat
of paint.. : T
A new roof is being placed on tbe
Tuoclcliffe house this week. Tbe
residence is owned by Alfred John
son. .
Eugene boasts of a rose tbat
measures seven inches aerose and 21
inches In circumference.
Ma't Georae. bas purchased a
Ave acre tract of land across the riv
er from tbe terry for $600. The tract
formerly belonged, to Dr. Rowley.
Many Corvalltsltes are planning
to attend the grange picnic at Wil
lamette Grange hail next Friday the
3rd lost.
Tbe tailor shop of C. Graven has
been ramoved to tbe building the first
door south ot the Zierolt grocery
A subscription paper was in cir
culation among the students Wednes
day tor tbe purpose ot raising tunde
to seoure tbe result of -eich event at
tbe Forest Grove meet Monday.
Among tbe improvements being
made about town tbts week, is a new
coat ot paint on tbe Schoel house, in
the western part ot town, and repairs
to the creamery roof, which was re
cently damaged bv fir?.
Miss Joyce Herahnf r, who recent
ly suff-red quite a severe Id jury to an
eye by being struck with a pebble
thrown by a pupil ot her school, dur
ing a picnic of the classes, is nearly
recovered and no serious results from
the accident are now expected.
Mrs. Mary Ebner, who figured in
a trolley car accident in Portland
about Christmas time, and who has
since been an Invalid with paralysis
of the nerves, caused by tbe shock,
has greatly Improved, and returned
to Corvallls from Portland Wednes
day. Hopes are entertained tor her
entire recovery.
There Is to be a big picnic under
the auspices of the grange at Willam
ette Grange Hall next . Friday, the
3rd Inst. A good speaker who will
discuss . matters pertaining to tbe
welfare of the agricultural classes,
will be in attendance, aud there will
be other Interesting features. All tbe
candidates on all the tickets are in
vited to be present and are expected
to attend. The people of tbe vicinity
are noted tor their hospitality, and
everybody who goes is sure to be cor
dially welcomed.
Thursday afternoon at the First
Methodist church, there was a meet
lug of the G. A. B..W. R. O., chU
dren of tbe public schools, and teach
ers and friends. Tbe affair was plann
ed by the Relief Corps ladles, and was
a most Interesting meeting. Speech
es ot a patriotic nature were made by
Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Crosk, Mrs. Horner,
and Mrs. J. nor p,-and an address was
delivered by General T. J. Thorp. The
school children eaog three selections,
and the meeting closed with "Amer
ica sung by the audience with much
The nrst ot tbe Adventlst camp-
meetings was held Thursday night at
7-3o. Out in Job's addition, where
the meetings era in progress, there
are about eighty small tents, besides
the large tabernacle tent and a small
er one for overflow meetings. There
is a dining tent, a kitchen tent and a
toilet tent, and everything Is neat and
attractive about the whole grounds.
Tne tents are all new. and tbey are
laid off in streets, the same as a city
is arranged, and the effect is mo:t
pleasing; Thers will be many force
ful and prominent speakers present
during tbe meetings, and the attend
ance eo far has been very satisfactory
The program tor Memorial day
this year will be unusually attractive.
The line of march will form at the G,
A. R. ball at two p. m., in tbe follow
ing order; the G. A. B.t the ladles ot
tbe W. R. C, the college cadets, the
college band, anckchildren ot the pub
!lo schools. At Mary's river bridge
the procession will halt, and flowers
will be east upon the water in honor
of the sailor dead. The march will
then be resumed, and at Crystal Lake
cemetery services will be held in hon
or of the unknown dead. Decoration
of tbe graves will then follow. In the
evening at the First M. E. church
memorial program will be rendered as
follows, selection, quartette; reading.
Miss Hansell ; whistling solo. Miss
Daisy Rose; address, Mr. Davis of
Portland; address, R9V. Green; song
America, audience.
Judge James Hamilton, who
always a weloome visitor in Corvallls,
was in town Wednesday. Daring the
six years he has served as judge ot
tbe district, the jurors and witnesses
at the various terms of court, have
had opportunity to observe how
Judge Hamilton has shortened v court
terms and saved thousands ot dol
lars to taxpayers. His record has
not only the approval of all men who
have coma in contact with his court
but Includes an announcement made
in the Oregonian that of all the judges
lauregon, Judge Hamilton, by
certain report of the supreme; court
was ma only judge whose decisions
nad not met with a reversal. These
things, together wLh his genial dis
position and manly qualities make
multitudes of friends tor Judge Ham-
utuu, waerever na goes, and strength
ens bis candidacy for ra-electlon to a
position that Is universally cjneaded
10 os8:riiTiy and warily non-partisan. I impression maae who ine macnine
Ta iga Hamilton laft for B weburgji were likely to rcaist the ' action of
Wednesday. light, air and strong chemical solu-
In Use in Twenty Eight Counties
in Oregon-Seven Constantly
in Operation in Multnomah .
,-... County.
T. T. Vincent, ' recorder, under
stood what he was about when he
petitioned the commissioners of
Benton County ta purchase a book
type writing machine for use in
making records in the recorder's
office, in which petition he . said,
"Type . writing machines Tiave
bsen invented fir writing on books,
and tbe records made by the sam
are far superior to written records,
as evidenced by the work done by
said type writer in the - clerk's
office." Information gathered on
the subject, proves conclusively that
Recorder Vincent was right, and
that he has behind him the order of
William R. Day, Secretary ofSlate
in President's .McKinley 'a cabnet,
and subsequently a member of the
celebrated Paris Commission. This
was an order installing book type
writers in the State Department at
Washington, for use in copying rec
ords to be laid away in the govern
ment archives. It baa tbe effect of
placing before the people of Benton
county in its true light, the certain
"four columns" in the Corvallls Ga
zette devoted to politics, which re-
ently undertook to make the pub
lic believe that the records made by
such machines are not durable be
cause the "ink wonld fade." Book
type writers are being used in the
court house for record work in 28
counties in Oregon. In Multno
mah county, such machines of the
kind are constantly in use by the
county clerk, and all the deeds,
mortages and matters of record are
recorded with book type writers.
Three hundred and eighty book
type writers are in usa in tbe coun
ties of Ohio, and it ta confidently
asserted by those in posit lton to
know that 85 per cent of the coun
ties in everv state in the Union are
using machines of the kind, for all
recording purposes.
The question of permanency of
type written records has been set
tled beyond the peradventure of a
doubt. -The legislature of Massa
chusetts appointed a commission of
expert chemists who reported to the
legislature in substantially the
same findings as the government
chemists, and on the strength of
thiB report, a law was passed legal
zing records written with book type
writers in Massachusetts. This
was necessary in that particular
sta c , because of a law on the statute
book i of ancient date, providing
for 1 :cording with pen andlfek.
-ok type writers have bcome
such 1 necessity in counties for recor
ding work that county commission
ers have been purchasing the ma-
chi - for the county officers, be
liev -sr them to make a more per-
mari ut record, and saving fully
one third in the number of. books
required, and consequently in tbe
vault storage space. Board of
county commissioners have purcha
sed for tbeir respective counties,
all the machines installed in Wash
ington, Oregon Idaho and Montana,
wuth the exception ot two counties.
In he oase of the two counties ex
cepted. tbe officers purchased the
machines at their own expense and
have provided tnem for the
free use of the county. One of
these offi sera is Victor Moses of
Benton county, and the. other, the
county recorder of Jackson county
Minions ot dollars nave been in
vested in the book type writer
business and thousands of machines
are in use. The colloseal propor
tion ot this business and use pre
cludes any question of the perma
mency of the product Not only are
they in use In the counties of the
various states, but are used in the
recording work of such cities as
New " York and Chicogo, and in
the work of the historical aocietie a
of the United States. They are
also need in government depart
ments at Washington, where they
are used in making records of pub
lic documents filed in the archives
of the State department. An edi
torial from the New, York Sun,
April 18, 1899, entitled "The Type
Writer at Washington'," has the
following: '-Perhaps the strongest
opposition to the type-writers adop
tion was shown in the-department
of State where only after numer
ous scrutinizing tests'and compari
sons had been made by authorizad
agents, was the record typa writer,
permitted to supplant the pen. One
of the testa referred to involved the
question as to whether or not the
That's ono reason why they're
'. so popular.
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tion as sitiafactorily as would
tbe writing done with Suid ink.
At the Columbian University it
was sought . by the chemists to
ascertain which was the more per
manent the imprint made from tbe
ribbons or the writing done with
the ordinary fluid ink of tbe Stite
department, aud in each case sam
ples of penmanship and type writ
ing having been tested side by side
the later offered much stronger re
sistance to tbe acids. While
the pen writing was almost
entirely effaced, the type -writ
ing ehowed scarcely any sierjs of
im pared legibility. A striking ad
vantage claimed for the machine is
that the stroke of the ty pe forces
tbe ink below tbe surface of the
paper, and places it beyond the
reach of chemical agents, so that
acida or alkalies, which will not
destroy the paper itself, can have
uo apprtoabie effect upon the type
written characters. -
In Commending the machine to
Secretary R. Day, the chief clerk
of the State department aaid: "So
far as adaptability of tbe record
type writer is concerned, to the work
for which it ia designed, there can
be no question. It is adaptable and
and in the bands of a fairly good
operator, will prove an economier
of both time ane space.
Orator, Bntr None Clnb.
176 Warren Avenue, v
Chicago, III., Oct. 92, 1902.
For nearlv f oar rears I iuffered
from ovarian troubles. The doc
tor imiited on an operation as the
only way to get well. I, however,
strongly objected to an operation.
My husband felt disheartened as
well as I, for home with a sick
woman is a disconsolate place at
best. A friendly druggist advised
him to get a bottle of Wine of
Cardui for me to try, and he did so.
I began to improve in a few days and
my recovery was very rapid. With
in eighteen weeks I was another
Mrs. Stowe's letter shows every
woman how a home is saddened by
female weaknes and how completely
Wine of Cardui cures that sick
ness and brings health and happi
ness again. . Do not go on Buffer
ing. Go to your druggist today
and secure a 1.00 bottle of Wine
of Cardui.
50,000 pounds of wool for which I will
pay the highest cash price,
J. E. Henkle,
Philomath, Or.
For Sale.
A cow, half Durham and half Jereey;
Kood milker and in fine - condition: be
fresh in sis .weeks. "
" ( ' B. B. Barnes,
Granger, Benton Co.
Man's 4ll
Wool Suit
Are you going to buy a suit or a pair of pants?
" Let us quote you prices. Call and see our line
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Now is the time to think about ;
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. the fit, and will be here from 7 to 6 to
make good my guarantee.
The Jeweler and Optician.
Close at 6 p. m. except Saturdays. ( ,
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for our special list, or come and
see us. We shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country. .
Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
Corvallis and Philomath, Or.
Growing Acbes and Pains.
Mrs. Tosie Sumner, Bremond, Texas,
writes, April 2, 1902: "I have used Bal
lard s Know umment in my lamuy lor
three years. I would not be without it
in the house. I have used it on my lit
tle girl for growing pains and aches in
her knees. It cared her right away. I
have also used it for frost bkten feet,
with good success. It is tbe best liniment
I ever used." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold by
Graham & Wortham.
Willovercoms indigestion and dyspep
sia; regulate the bowels and cure liver
and kidney complaints. It is the best
blood enriuher and invigorator in the
world. It is purely vegetable, perfectly
harmless, and should yon be a Bufferer
from disease, you will use it if you are
R." N. Andrews, Editor and Mgr. Co
coa and Rockledge News, Cocoa, Fla.,
writes: "I have used your Herbine in
my family, and find it a most excellent
medicine. Its effects upon myself have
been a marked benefit. I recommend It
unhesitatingly." 50c. Sold by Graham
& Wortham, .
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Office In Zierolf BaUdimj, CorvilUs. O
E. R. Bryson,
Notice t Creditors.
Notice is herabr iriven to all Dersooa that tao
undersigned has been duly appointed execu
tor of the last will and testament of GuiUord
Barnard deceased, uy tne uouaiy ua ri 01
Benton county, for the state of Oregon.
All tieraons haTine claims against eald es
tate are hereby requited to present the same
to me, property verified as by law required
wiminsix naonuis oi tne aate nereoi, to tne
undersigned at his residence near Monroe,
Oregon, or at the oihee of Yates & Yates, in
Gorvallis, Oregon.
Dated this tin aay oi ubj, ivua.
Bobert Kyle.
Executor of the last will and testament ot
Guilford Barnard, deceased.
Notice for Publication.
Timber Land, Act June 1878,
United States Land office,-
Oregon City, Oregon,
Uju-ch 23rd. ISO.
Notice Is hereby given that In cempliance
with the provisions ot the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for tbe sale of
timber lands in the States of California Oregon
Nevada and Washington Territory" as extended
toall the Public Land States by act ot August 1,
1892, Howard L. Bush of Hoskins, county of
Benton, state of Oregon, has this day filed in
this ofnce;his sworn statement so. 6386, for the
Surchase of tne 8. W. X of S. w- H of Section
o. 20 in Township No. 10 South. Range No. 8
West W. M., and will offer proof to shaw that
the land sought Is more valuab le for its limber
or Etone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before Victor
P. Moses, County Clerk, Corval Iij, Benton Coun
ty, Oregon, on Saturday, the Uth day ot June,
law. . .
He names ss witnesses:
. Edd O. Frants, of Hoskins, Oregon.
Abe H. West, ' "i
Lincoln Allen of Kings Valley, Oregon.
David H. Simpson of Pee Dee Oregon. '
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said Uth
day ot Juae, loot. .
Algernon S. Dresser,
Regis, lcr.
: Wanted.
At the City restaurant, an elderly
woman to work in the kitchen and wash,,
dishes. Also good waitress.
Responsibility $100,000
Deals ia Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and Schoel
Principal Correspondent.
PORTLAND ( XoBdon A Sm Vn.
8KATTXE f ctaeo But Umltea.
NEW YORK Mean. J. P. Morgan ft C.
CHICAGO National Bank of The.Bepab.
LORDOII, KXC. Loiinoa ft Sam Frmnctoo
Bank IJmited.
CANADA Unioa Bank of Canada.
Real Estate Co.
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Or a good Investment?
If so we take pleasure in showing' yoa
over the country and are confident we
can give you tha " right price on some
thing will suit you.
We have tracts from 5 to I500 acres.
We have Fruit lands, Hop lands, Farm
lands, Poultry ranches. Stock ranches
and Timber lands. Ranging in price
from $7 to $12$ per acre all owing to lo
cation and improvements.
We also have a nice list of city proper
ty. Ijts from $75 to $500 each. Resi
dences from lobo to 3000 each according
to location and improvement we alse
have some good business locations.
Offices first door south of reading room.
White & Stone, Corvallis Or.
Notice of Publication. "
Timber Land Act June S, 1878.
. United States Land Office.
Oregon Citv, Oregon.
Corvallis. Oregon, March 3rd, 1901
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
with the ptovislons of the act of Congress of
June 3. 1878, entitled, "Au act for the sale of
timber lands In the States of California, Oregon
Nevada, and Washington Territory" as extend
ed to all the Public Land states by act ot Ang
nst 4, 1S92, Benjamin F. Totten of Corvallls,.
county of Benton, Btate of-Ore'gon", has tuts day
filed lu this office his sworn statement No.
6377, for the purchase of the S. . X if Section
No. 30, in Township No. 13 S. Bangs No. S West,
and will otter proof io ehoiv that the land
sought is more valuablefor its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim Ui aaid land before Victor P.
Moses, County Clerk, Benton conuty. State ot
Oregon, on Friday, the third day ol June, Mot,
He names as witnesses:
John L Bexford, ot Corvallis, Oregon.
Martin Butler ot " "
Abraham Coon, of ' '
Thomas Coou of lnavale,
Anv and ail parsons claiming adversely tbe
above described lands are requested to file
their claims In thl o;fice on or bjforo said Scd
day of June, rjvl. .
Algernon 8. Dresser, '