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The Comings atfd Goings of People
Social Gossip," Personal Men
tion an.i Other Items of
I'ublic Interest.
' Fred Ftacuer arrived , Monday
frora Portla-irt, where be bas been at
tending a business college.
Dr. ard Mr. Selkirk' and MIbb
LH'Un Hcu!d ar:lvd Motdy ao1
are guests of Mr i. Hi rnady.
Mra. Bitum of Portland, arrived
Mocdy, for a visit, with fcer old-time
frleods, the Jacot a family.
Mr'. Lnintn of Dayton, returned
yesterday ti her borne af er a visit
with btr SjQ at Cauthoro Hall.
M e. C.'F. Ee ist n has e uroed to
ber borne at li'w-ebuig, a?ter a visit
with ber sod, Clifford, who lsaetudeot
at OAC.
Mr. and Mis. EJwarJa of May
vi le, artiv.J Mondav, and era guests
of their eoo, Frank Edwards on Col
lege Hill.
Fruck Alririch has purotaed the
Matt Ge rge houoe la tbe westera
part of towo, and I to take possess
ion this week.
W. . Comao, seoeral passenger
agent of the S. P., Manager Stone of
the C.& E., a 'id other railway officials
came out fr m the bay Monday where
' they had been on a short visit.
Tuesday morning Frank Dinger
shipped to Portland, a carlral of
sheep aDd boga. Among those who
; delivered bogs fori he shipment were
, Caspar Zltrolf and J. N. McFaldn.
Miss Roberta Smith, a foimer pop
ular student of O. A. C, is to return
. o ber borne near CorVBllls next Wed-
ot school at Halsey.
lira. Frei Hall lfc Sunday night
io Stockton, California, to loin ber
huebacd. She whs accompanied
far as Oault. California, by Miss Nor
ma Grtffoz, whn will proceed to Free
no for a lsit i liber aunt, Mrs. Lulu
Mre. Denman, mother of Super
intendent Deotnao, and Miss Anna
' JJeamao. are to leave la about a
week for Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,
wbere they will epeud a e. Ed
route they will visit the St. Louis
Next Sunduy an excursion train
will run from Yaquiaa to Albany to
connect with, the trains ot. ine col-
uuctora excursion trjui iarilatid to
Eugene. The conductors excursion
ie an annual effilr and immense
crowas ate attracted oy trie very low
rates ot f ire.
Mr. and Mre. Walter Bartges are
visiting friends in Uorvallis. The
former was tor a number ot yeirs a
conductor on die C. & E. railroad,
. and bas an exteneive acquaintance in
this part of the state. . With his
family he uow resides at Ashland,
. and has a run on the 8. P. train from
Ashland to Dunsraulr.
The Village Improvement so
ciety will give a literacy acd musical
entertainment on Friday evening
June 3, at College cbapel for tbe ben
efit of tbe society. A small admis
sion fee will be asked. Tbe next and
last regular meeting of the society for
the season will be held this coming
rlaay evening at tbe county court
room. All i ci teres ttd iu the work are
cordially Invited,
James Horning, who with bis
lamlly went onto a chlttlm claim sev
eral weeks ago, has returcei to Cor
valllf. He has purchased three acres
ot ground In Avery's addition, and
will go. into tbe thoroughbred poultry
business on a large scale. Tbe tract
that be has bought acd on which be
will erect a dwelling, lies just north
and etst of the Charles Johnson
place west of town.
Mrs. John Kicker. 1 who resides
with ber husband on their farm near
. Bruce was Injured last week by being
thrown from a wagon 1q a rucaway.
Dr. Bennett ot Bellfountaln was has
tily summoned, but the extent of
Mi-3. Klckard's injuries could not be
ascertained from farmers who came to
town Monday from the locality. Mrs.
Iiicksrd Is an aged lady, and the im
pression is that her injuries are ser
ious. A. L. McFaddca was In town ov
er Sunday, and left Monday for Port
laud. It was the first visit cf Mr.
McFadden to Corvallis since tbe hear
ing of tbe case brought against him
by J. B. Tillotson in a Portland court
acd be was tbe recipient cf many con
gratulations. It Is probably one ot
tbe first cases on record In which the
teotimeat cf a community was en
tirely with one side, a fact due largely
In this Instance to the well known
Integrity of Mr. McFadden. which
made It Impossible for a people to be
made believe that charge put forth
by Tillotson. The jury, It will be re
membered, was oat but five minutes.
Two or three minutes after retiring, a
ur3t of applause in tee jury room
was beard In the court chamber,
which told signficantly that there was
an Immediate agreement, and that the
jurors were enthusiastic in a desire
for the acquittal ot the defendant. All
the testimony except that of Tillotson
himself, was adverse to the claims of
tbe prosecution, leaving no doubt in
tbe minds ot all present that Mr. Mc
Faddrfn was entirely Innocent of the
cktuge against bun.
Chauneey Blebop ot Salem, spent
Sunday in Corvllw. ,;.
Ma. A.O. Dea tag of Portland
spent t?anrdy w th br husband in
this city.
Mrs. M. L. Bledsoe, of Cbico, Cal
ifornia, is vMdog C irvallis and other
Benton county rdaii vet. . ,
. J. Wuestfeld oa M nday, accom
panied Dick Z b j to ttie latiet'a Alsea
homt for a wetk'e outing.
Miss E'ta Smith, an O. A. C. grad
uate, M aseistiog betiiuii tbe Couuter
in the Milner & Weiishtr otore, this
week. :
Mrs. H.ln Ewlog acd Charles
Mavstf Poitlnd. ar.ived Moidy
and ari gueets of Miss ' Anna Ewiug
aud 1'rei Eing at OAC.
Mr. aLd Mr-.. A," J. Hall r.turced
to their home iu Bueaa Vista Sundiy
after a few d-iys' visit with their son
west of town.-
Mr. and Mrs. L. Leach of Hariie-
burg, returned Sunday to tbelr borne,
afti-rafew dtys visit to CorvaliU
A. F. Peterson is iuat roving tbe ap
pearance cf his residence iu the north
western part t f towo, by the applica
tion cf a fresh coat of paint.
Mrs. A. K. Milner continues very
III at her home ou Washington street.
It is now thought that ber ailment Is
typhoid fever. -
Cavort Brothers, ot Arkansas,
are guests at the hom i i f Bev. and
Mrs. P. A. Moses. The gentlemen
were fallow students rf Bev. Moses,
and are friends ot ioog etauaiag.
The Mrs. H. C. Miller residence
oa Kluth stteet is rapidly neatiog
completion. The shingle are all on,
and the enlace baa already received
the priming coat of paint. Adims
Bros, are in charge ot the job.
Alva Newton, residing about three
miles west of this city, stiff red a sun-
stroae Friday afternoon. For a time
his condition was serious, and a pay
siclao was summoned, but Monday the
patient was apparently as well as
Mrs. M. J. Ingram was In - town
Monday. While hi re she leased tbe
Herebner property on Fourth street,
and will take up her residence in this
city the coming Autumn. Mrs. In
gram istbemoihercf MisTH Wellaher
The Coffee Club picnic scheduled
for next Saturday afternoon is to oc
cur io Avery's G-iove near Mary's riv
er bridge. Ia case the weather is un-
faveiable for an outdoor picnic tbe
members will meet at tbe City Hall.
Ia honor ot the 75th birthday of
Dr. L. Flint, there was a pleasant time
on the lawn at the Barrett Lyceum
Sunday. Instead of the regular ser
mon there was a kind of picnic, with
many invited guests and a sumptuous
dinner under tbe trees.
The unveiling of the Mrs. Wil
liam Buchanan monument in Crystal
Like cemetery Js to occur June 5cb.
Ladles of the Clrole lodge are now
practicing 'for the beautiful and im
pressive ceremony that will take
place. The affair will be public.
Mr. and Mra, Dick Eiger and Mr,
and Mrs. Grant Elgin composed a se
lect picnic party tbat epent Sunday In
a jolly manner. Armed with fishing
poles and lunch baskets they enjoyed
tbe shade and angled for sueKere in a
stream west of town, until the shades
began to lengthen la tbe evening.
Daring the week past Jesse Wl! -y
shipped to parties in various parts ot
tbe state ten bead of horses, consist
ing ot draft, drawing and saddle an
imals. A well-bred hoise known as
Jim Click, went to a member ot the
Hunt Club, in Portland. His owner
will cettainly make a swell appearance
for any handicap in tbat man's make
up will easily be compensated In tbe
build and style of the horse.
Tbere was election of officers and
a general good time at the Rebekah
iodge latt night. The reports of the
delegates who attended the grand as
sembly ot tbe order at Astoria, were
ead. and several visitors were pres
ent from other towns. The new offi
ceis are : Noble grand, Ella Munday ;
vice giand, Clara Dixon; secretary,
Lillian Ranney; treasurer, Mrs. Emory
The Senior excursion Saturday
was a financial success, while the joy
ot the occasion was unalloyed. The
day proved ideal, except that the
breeze on the beacb was rather stiff.
From Albany there was perhaps eight
or ten passengers, at the Corvallis de
pot 274 tickets were sold, not includ
ing the O. A. C. band, which number
ed 15 pieces, and at Philomath 46 pas
sengers boarded the train. There
were three coaches, and tbe excursion
left Corvallis promptly at 6 a. m., re
turning at ten p. m. The seniors are
to be congratulated on the perfect car
rying out ot all their plans, and the en
tire success of tbe affair from start to
A Corvallis young lady took ad
vantage of Sunday's excursion boat to
visit her cbapple at Independence, ex
pecting to come home with the return
ing excursionists. The long summer
day, It seems, did not afford the young
people sufficient time to exchange all
tbe compliments in store tor each, and
aitnougn they stood upon the Inde
pendence wharf during the vessel's
stay there on its return, they were two
deeply engrossed in dreamy conver
sation to note the time of its depar
ture, and when they awoke to a real
izing sense ot the situation the steamer
was weU out In the stream. But after
all, It is suspected that they planned
to be left, since, in a faw minutes, the
young man had a railroad tricvcla in
readioess to propel the young lady to I
At! Bellfonntain. .
Mr. and Mrs. Clem of South Bel-
fountain are visitirjg in Alsea this
sek.' - . . -
Miss Mollis Larkin of Eugene is
visiting her parents at this place.
Tbe Roosevelt club met Friday
evening, several names were added
to the roll- -:
Bellfountain circle met Friday
afternoon in a business session.
There are a few. cases of whoop
ing rough in the neighborhood.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack have returned
to this vhinity after an absence of
several months.
There is a shortage io the prune
and pear crop in the . Green Peak
orchard. Apples are more plenti
ful. "
H imer and Herman Ed wardB are
visiting their brother at Plainview
Linn county.
Starr's cream hack makes' two
trips per week now, Mondays and
Tuesdays. . ' -
At Summit. v .
Mrs. Fred Duncan is visiting in
Albany. ' . ,
William Clark is soon to begin
the erection of a new dwelling. The
lumber is already on the ground.
B. D. Petit is very ill. Alley
Bryant, his dauehter, is at the
bsdside. .
H. Underbill transacted business
in Corvallis Tuesday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vanes leave
Monday for Habenaville. Kansas,
to reside. Their departure is regret
ted by many friends.
Mr. Pratt, a former resident of
Summit, has returned irom Cor
vallis and expects to again locate
here. . . . -
The Shot pouch echool closed Fri
day, a three months term has just
been -c mpleted m tbat district by
Miss Bertba Hoffman, of Elk City.
Many persons of this place at
tended the Norris and Rowe circus
ia Corvallis, Friday.
At Monroe.
Born to the wife of Prof. Mathews
a daughter. ')
Monroe is to have a picnic or
Woodman Rally June nth. A
number of contests have now been
arranged for the program and a
general good time is expected.
Everybody is invited to come. .
Born to the wife of T. D jwling, a
A number of Monroeites were at
tbe picnic at Junction Saturday.
The dance given Friday May 20
by Monroe Camp W. O. W. was
an et joyable affiir.
Go to Dunn & Thatchers for itrg bon
and shell and all other kinds of poultry
and stock remedies.
- ladies nne snoes ana oxtords a
o. 3.00, and 3.50 are the strongest
e have ever shown.
Nolan & Callahan.
Bl 'ckledge keeps large assortment of
matti.ig. - -
For Bale.
Y ) ng Btallion, weight 1425 two years
old J un 1 1 t feed barn.
"Carnival of Nations."
The ladies of the Presbyterian Aid So
ciety will hold a Carnival of Nations and
a Rose Fair. All ladies are invited to
bring roses and compete for the three
prizes, best collection of roses, ' best flor
al piece and best siagle specimen Car
nival is to be held May 25'. 26, 27.
For Sale.
A first class sewing machine in good
condition.Also a fine walnut diningtable
Inquire at Times office.
Great Reduction Sale.
We will sell for cash daring the month
of May 500 pairs of shoes, broken sizes,
men's womens, misses and children's
at greatly reduced prices, in order to give
room for a new stock of goods, which
will arrive about June ist. Come early
acd get your choice from 25 cents up.
Sale lasts through May only.
J. E. Henkle.
. Personal.
Young lady with best of . references
desiree to correspond with a single gen
tleman or widower who is in business or
is in comfortable financial circumstances
Strictly confidential. Address
P.O. box 580,
Portland, Ore.
50,000 pounds of wool for which I will
pay the highest cash price,
J. E. Henkle,
Philomath, Or.
For Sale.
A cow, half Durham and half Jersey;
good milker and in fine condition; be
fresh in six weeks. .
B. B. Barnes,
Granger, Benton Co.
That's one reason why they're
so popular. ,
. Of course you know the
warranty. , "
10 cents a button. $1 a Rip
Jlsk for tnem at
Call On
For Groceries and Crockery.
Finest line of China and
Cut Glass to be found in the
City. -;
, Agent for Chase & San
born high grade coffee.
Produce taken in exchange
for groceries.
Phone 71.
Death of Respected Pioneer who Came
to Oregon Fifty Tears ago.
The death of Albert Cartwrisjht
father of Charles Cartwright of
Monroe precinct, occurred last
Thursday. Particulars with ref-
ence thereto are supplied in an arti
cle written by Rev. M. M. Waltz,
which is as follows:
Albert Cartwright was born in
Michigan the 2nd day of April r834.
He came to Oregon in 1853 and set
tled ne,ar Oregon City. In Cheha
lem he was married to Mary Hessin
in 1860,
In 1863 he moved into Marion
county where he continually resided
until" he came into Benton nearly
three years ago and made his home
nortn ot Monroe. ie died May 19
leaving ot tus immediate tamiiy a
wife and one son.
; yne son ana a daughter died, in
1884. Of the four brothers who
grew up with him only one C M,
Cartwright now a resident of Port
land Orego n survives him.
Tor many years Mr Cartwright
has been a faithful servant of , the
Living God and a member of the
Christian church. To him death is
but the gathering into the Paradise
of God.
1 Findley, 0., May 22. As the re
gnlt of an explosion in the drying
rooms ot tne Lake shore Novelty
plant here today, several persons
are koown to be dead, five are so
severely hurt that rtcovery is im
Double and 12 or 15 injured slight
ly. From reports of physicians
ten of the less seriously injured may
die of blood poisoning as a result of
the potash tbat was driven into
their bodies.
The plant covered nearly ten
acres of ground in tbe. touthwett
part of the city acd employed near
ly 2 00 men. women and children
Railroad torpedoes and Fourth of
July explosives were manufactured.
Owing t the large rush of orders
the officials of the plant required
the employes to report for duty to
day. About thiity complied with
tbe request.
This morning two explosions shat
tered windows throughout tbe city
and startled the citizen". The con
cussion was felt for miles around.
To magazines in separate rooms
had let go simultaneously with ter
rible result. .
The esact cauae of the explosion
is not definitely koown. It is sur
mised that one of tha Sherwood
brothers, who were the only persons
iu the drying roome, dropped a
laige box of torpedoes, but this the
ory cannot be continued.
The explosion occurred shortly
before the employes assembled for
duty. At least 20 persons were on
their way to tbe factory when the
explosion occurred.
Human forms were strewn con
siderable distances apart on the fac
tory site. Tbe remains of the Sher
wood brothers were found in drying
room No. . 1, mangled and almost
unrecognizable. Their clothing
was blown from their bodies, save
a stocking on the right foot of Jay
The body of Edith Dillon was
picked up 2jo yards from where
tbe explosion occurred.
The immense plant was shattered
into fragments and not a single
wall remains etanding. Bricks and
timbers were, scattered for & half
mile around.
The property loss is $60,000. The
plant, it is said, will not be rebuilt.
Man's Ail HENKLE : ' Every j
Wool Suit j & DAVIS, . Suil .
$10'00 1 Corvallis J j Guarantged j
n UIUfn" r:" i
Are you going to buy a-suit or a pair of pants? , j
Let us quote you prices.' , Call and see our line j
ready made clothing. . We will save you money. -t ;
Now ia the time to think about
Cbat Pair of eyeglasses
You were to treat your eyes to.' Come
to me and I will fit your eyes, guarantee
the fit, and will be here from 7 to 6to
make good my guarantee,
The Jeweler and Optician.
Close at 6 p. m. except Saturdays.
I . ..
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for our special list, or come and
see us. We shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country.
Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance.
Corvallis and Philomath, Or.
Growing Acbes and Pains.
Mrs. Joaie Sumner, Bremond, Texas,
writes, April 2, 1902; "I have used Bal
lard's Snow Liniment in my family for
three years. I would not be without it
in the house. I have used it on my lit
tle girl for growing pains and aches in
her knees. It cured her right away. I
have also used it for frost bitten feet,
with good success. It is tbe best liniment
Ieveru8ed." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold by
Graham & Wort ham.
Will overcoms indigestion and dyspep
sia; regulate the bowels and cure liver
and kidney complaints. " It is the. best
blood enricher and invigorator in "the
world. It is purely vegetable, perfectly
harmless, and should you be a Bufferer
from disease, you will use it if you are
R. N. Andrews, Editor and Mgr. Co
coa and Rockledge News, Cocoa, Fla.,
writes: "I have nsed your Herbine in
my family, and find it a most excellent
medicine. Its effects upon myself have
been a marked benefit. ' I recommend It
unhesitatingly." 50c. Sold by Graham
& Wortham.
Physician & Surgeon
' Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Honrs 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & Wortbam's drug store.
Office In Zierolf BaiMtn?, CirvilU. O
E. R. Bryson,
Notice t j Creditors.
NoUce is hereby given to all persons that tuo
undersigned nas been duly appointed execu
tor of the last will and testameut ol Guilford
Barnard deceased, by the County Co rt of
Benton county, for the stale of Oregon.
All persons having claims against said es
tate are hereby requited to present the same
to me, properly vended as by law required
withlnsix isouths of the date hereof, to the
undersigned at his residence near Monroe,
Oregon, or at the ollice of Yates & Yates, in
Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated thli 7th day of May, 1904.
Eobert Kyle.
Executor of the last will and testament ot
Guilford Barnard, deceased.
Notice for Publication.
Timber Land, Act June 1878,
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon.
Hjrch 23rd. 190.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 8, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States of California Oregon
Nevada and Washington Territory" se extended
toaU the Public Land Btatea by act of August 4,
1892, Howard L. Bush of Hoskins, county of
Benton, stats ot Oregon, has this day filed in
this office his sworn statement no. 6386, for the
purchase of tne S.W. X of S. W. Jf of SecUon
No. 20 in Township No. 10 South. Kange No. 6
WtstW.SL, and wiU offer proof to show that
the land sought is more valuable forits UmD&r
or stone than for agricultural purposes, snd to
establish his claim to said land before Victor
P. Hoses, Connty Clerk. Corval 11.?, Benton Coun
ty, Oregon, on Saturday, tbe 11th day of J une,
laot... , ... ,.
He names as witnesses:
Edd O. Franu, of Hoskins, Oregon.
Aba H. West, . . "j
Lincoln Allen of Kings Valley, Oregon.
David H. Simpson of Pee Dee Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands axe requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said 11th
day of June, 11)04.
Algernon S. Dresser,
Begls tcr.
At the City restaurant, an elderly
woman to work in the kitchen and wash
dishes. Also good waitress.
Responsibility, $100000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
. Exchange.
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents,
( London & San Fran
C Cisco Bank Limited.
NEW VORK Messrs. J. P. Morgan Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. London San Francisco
Bank Limited.
CANAD . Union Bank of Canada.
Real Estate Co.
Are you looking for a Home
Or a good Investment?
If so we take pleasure in showing you
over the country and are confident we
can give you the right price on some
thing will suit you.
We have tracts from 5 to I500 acres.
We have Fruit lands, Hop lands. Farm
lands. Poultry ranches. Stock ranches
and Timber lands. Ranging in price
from $7 to 125 per acre all owing to lo
cation and improvements.
We also have a nice list of city proper
ty. Lots from $75 to $500 each. Resi
dences from 3bo to $3000 each according
to location and impi ovemente we also
have some good business locations.
Offices first door south of reading room-.
White & Stone, Corvallis Or.
Notice of Publication.
Timber Land Act June 3, 1S78.
Onited States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon.
. Corvallis, Oregon, March 3rd, 1901
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance
with the piovlslons ot the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878, entitled, "A11 act for the sale of
timber lands la the States of Oalifornia, Oregon
Nevada, and Washington Territory" as extend
ed to all the Public Land states by act of Aug
ust 4. 1892, Benjamin F. Totten of Corvallis,
county of Benton, state of Oregon, has this day
filed in this office his sworn statement No.
8377, for the purchase of the S. &. X if Section
No. 30, in Township No. 13 8. Bange No. West,
and wlU offer proof io show that the land
sought is more valuable tor its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim to said land before Victor P.
Moses, County Clerk, Benton connty. State of
Oregon, on Friday, the thud day of June, 1904,
He names as witnesses:
John L Bexford, of Corrallls, Oregon.
Martin Butler of " "
Abraham Coon, of
Thomas Coon of lnavale, M
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said 3rd
day of June, iau4.
. Algernon S. Dresser.