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    Gorvallis Times.
OffleUI Paper of Ben tan Out.
Democratic County Ticket.
Fr Senator
, Fvndarsoa Avery.
For Sheriff
It. P. Burnett.
Far ClerK
Victor P. Hose.
Far Recorder
Horace LocKe.
For Commissioner
Peter RicKard.
For School Superintendent
S. L Pratt.
For Treasurer
W. A. Buchanan.
For Assessor
Thomas Davis.
For Surveyor
T. A. Jones
For Coroner
0. J. BlacKledge.
The election of a V state senator
in Benton is for the remaining two
- vears of th unexpired term . of
Senator John Daly, resigned. The
senator elected, will not have . an
opportunity to participate in the
"election of a United States senator.
It is a most ; opportune time for
Benton republicans, by aiding in
the election ot a democrat, to serve
protest to the legislature against
" the enormous state taxes that the
county has to pay. , Twenty four
thousand, seven hundred and forty
five) dollars is the state tax Benton
had to pay this year, and it is a sum
out of all reason. It is nearly
tooo more than is collected for
county purposes this year, figur
ing out the rebate. The election
of a democratic senator, especially
one that everybody knows would
set his influence and his vote
a business proposition that must
certainly appeal' with great force
to every tax-paying citizen of the
county, regardless of political
preferences. .Are taxes easy to
pay? Is it noJNf fact that many
a man has to oerrow money to pay
them? If the thing continues to go
on as it is, if the legislature con
tinues to be filled . with lawyers
rather than taxpaying business
men and farmers, how long will it
oe until utue Benton county win
have to pay $40,000 a year in state
taxes? Thesum this year is$24i7 45
A few years ago was about
Does anybody who knows him,
offer a reason why Peter Rickard
should not be elected? Did he not
serve lour vears in xne ouiuc 01
mmmicGinniBr fnr which he is now
. nominee, and is it not a fact that
he so conducted him :elf while in the
office that lie was called by the
people of his county to a higher
mliAM no at amioKIa TfUPC?
level-headed farmer, whom once to
know is to forever esteem? Has
he not been successful in every ca
pacity in which circumstances have
placed him successful as a, com
missioner, succsseful as sheriff, and
successful in the , management of
his own aflairs? If Peter Rickard,
tried and true, cannot be relied
upon to do his whole duty at all
times, who can? Then, why vote
against him? -
Ever since he was elected county
treasurer. W. ' A." Buchanan has
kept the treasurer's office in the
court house. When the court bouse
was built, there was set a part, for
the use of the county4 treasurer, a
suitable room, provided with a fire
proof vault for the safekeeping of
books and valuable papers. It is
proper that this room should be oc
cupied, because it is convenient and
easy for men who draw warrants in
the clerk s office to step across
the hall and have them cashed or
pnriorsed. Mr. Buchanan has rec
ognized this from the first, and it is
certain that if he be elected, that
the office will be kept where it be
longs. '
Send your curtains to the Corvallis
Steam Laundry. We will call for your
work every day in the week.
"If 'squandered' isn't the proper
word to describe the iise that has
been made of the money paid in by
taxpayers to be applied on road work
what particular term will answer
that purpose? The money is gone;
so are the roads." Headless four
columns. '. ' ,'; " :
This is hard medicine for the
road supervisors of the county. It
is a statement, plain and tinequivi
cal that the road money that has
passed through their hands has been
squandered. Among them are,
Dick Fehler, Ed Blake, John Mil
ler, Tom Cooper, G. I,. Stoneback,
Louis Wentz, Amos Cadwalder,
W. L.Reed, John Crow and Albert
Zierolf, all republicans. All the
money from the road fund and all
spent on the dollar for dollar plan,
has been spent under the direction
of them and their democratic collea
gues among the supervisors. There is
no doubt in the world, but every
cent of it has been judiciously,
economically and wisely spent, but
the statement by the "four , col
umns" is, that it has been "squan
dered." It says, "The money is
gone; so are tie roads."
Apparently the mighty "thing"
over the way, in venting its per
sonal spite against the county
court, is politically butchering not
only Mr. Jolly, but Dick Fehler,
Tom Cooper, Ed Blake, Albert
Zierolf, and the other gentlemen
among the supervisors. It - kicks
and cuffs them, slaps them and
raps them, and then calls upon
tnem to "stand in." -
Fortunately, however, for the
supervisors and Mr. Jolly, nobody
is likely to believe the scurrilous
statements published about them
because when a four column politic
al publication has turned loose
without responsibility, without
past and without future, it was ex
pected and designed to utter false
statements and promote, fraud.
Has not Thomas Jones filled the
office of surveyor capably and faith
fully? Is he not a self-made, hard
working young man, who, left an
orphan at a tender age, has push
ed his way into the respect "and
confidence of the people of Benton
county? Did he not get his edu
cation in surveying in that ex
acting school the railroad service?
Does he carry affidavits to prove
that he is all right?
The "four columns" boasts that
it is saying nothing that reflects
on the character of the gentlemen
on the democratic ticket. Of course
not. Not a man in the crowd car
ries affidavits. In fact, the only
man on either ticket that does it, is
Lawyer Yates.
. i
Shall any man vote against Telt
Burnett because he is not of his
political convictions? In office has
Telt Burnett been the sheriff of any
party? Has not the republican,
the socialist and the prohibitionist
always been accorded the same
courteous treatment that was be
stowed on the democrat? Is not
the question ofjfitness, qualification,
capacity, the paramount and only
issue in the election of a sheriff?
Is there another sheriff in Oregon
that collects taxes and transacts all
other business without assistance
and without cost to the taxpayers?
In short, are not the people of Ben
ton county proud of the reputation
that Sheriff Burnett has at home
and all over Oregon ? Then why
vote against him?
Is it not humiliating to the
people of Benton county that there
is before them a candidate for office
who boasts in a public speech that
he carries affidavits with which . to
prove that he is all right? Does
Rev. Carrick, or Rev. Moore or
Rev. Noble, either or all, carry
affidavits to prove that there ' is
nothing wrong about them? Is
there, outside of this candidate. a
man in Benton county who has re-
sorteJ to affidavits to bolster up
his personal character? And is
there such a man who feels that he
ought to go and get affidavits for
fear he might be attacked? Under
the circumstances, is it not pal
pable that a mistake has been made
and that this candidate who car
ries affidavits, ought to be asked to
resign his " candidacy? Would it
not be a proper thing, in the light
of the facts, for the central com
mittee to act?
Strayed or Stolen.
John Goos, who resides four miles
south of town, has lost a span 'of horses,
either stolen, or gone estray. Any in
formation in regard to them will be well
rewarded. ;
Additional Local.
Mrs. R. C Franklin leaves in
a day or two for her home at An
acortes, Washington.
.. Bishop Morris win hold serv
ices in the Episcopal ; church Fri
day evening at 7-30. v v '
Mrs. W. H. Malone of the
Alsea store, came in from the 4 Val
ley, on Monday. .
jNeison J. nompson arrived in
Corvallis two weeks ago, looking
for a location. Yesterday his fami
ly arrived from Kansas. , and they
will make this their home.
Calvin Bledsoe arrived yester
day from Chico, f California, and
will assist in the culinary depart
ment at the Occidental during the
Grange convention.
a V n '
a. j. Kicnardson came up
from Buena Vista yesterday; on a
business trip, and returned home
on this morning's boat. The
gentleman is a brother-in-law of
Willard Linville, and is one of the
substantial citizens of Polk county,
, Two sawed timbers 12 by 14
inches by more than 50 feet in
length attracted attention Monday
afternoon as they passed down Main
street on a wagon. These timbers
and a number of similar ones are to
be used in the construction of a side
boom at the Corvallis lumber mills.
They were gotten out by the Ben
ton County mills on Greasy creek.
Charley Porter returned Mon
day from Washington whither he
had gone with a party to peel
tim in hope that the outdoor work
might benefit his health. It proved I
too laborious, however, for his
strength and a sick spell was a con
sequence. It is likely that he will
spend the summer at one of the
mountain resorts in the Cascades.
The youngest child of Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Wells died at the family
home Tuesday- morning at 3:30
after a two weeks illness from
whooping cough and pneumonia.
Its age was 1 1 months and 1 1 days.
The funeral service is tojbe at the
M. E church today at 2 o'clock,
conducted by Rev. Deck and Rev,
Carrick. The varying condition of
the little one has been watched by
many anxious friends, and much
Sympathy is expressed for the be
reaved parents. .
Fire Department Starts1 the - Movement
by Subscribing 50. ,'
At a special meeting of the Cor
vallis Fire. Department Mondav
evening initial steps were taken
fpr the celebration of July 4th, , in
Corvallis. The sum of $ 50 was
subscribed by the department to
assist the purpose. S. L. Kline,
John Zeis. F. P. Sheasgreen. C.
H. Woodcock and Charles Small
were appointed as the committee of
arrangements; J. M. Nolan, J. H,
Harris, and C. H. Woodcock, com
mittee on finance; E. E. Wilson,
B. F. Irvine, F. P. Sheasgreen, O.
A. Dearing, advertising committee;
Zeis, Sheasgreen and Small, com
mittee on music. The Coffee Club
is expected to look after" matters
pertaining to the liberty car . and
kindred matters. The various
lodges will be invited to participate
at least to the extent of providing
floats for the parade.
Don't fail to hear Mrs Norton sing.
Iron beds at Blackledge's new fnrci
ure store.
Good things to eat at
the Colonial
To the Voters of Benton County:
Acceding to the wishes of a large
number of patrons and friends of our
public schools, I submit my name to the
voters of Benton county for the office of
county school superintendent.
Very Respectfully, j
S. I. Pratt
Philomath, Oregon, Mar. 7, 1904.
Everyone competing for prizes at the
Rose carnival must bring their roses early
Friday morning, bo the committee can
arrange. -
Rummage Sale at the Carnival.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen.
Disappeared from my barn on 1 ith
street last Wednesday night, a Shetland
pony, sorrel, White face. When last
seen on Mountain View road two or
three miles north of Corvailis. The re
turn of the pony or information leading
to its recovery, will be suitably reward
ed. . A. J. Johnson.
Our sample line
clothing is now in.
of : swell summer
OAC Pressing Co
Bay fans of the Japanese opposite the
Russian booth.
Stop in and see our swell line of sum
mer clothing. OAC Pressing Co. '
The Approaching Debate and- Other
News Notes From College Hill.
Mr. Leavitt, a former Y. . M. C.
A., : secretary of the northwest
who is now traveling in the interest
of the Gearhart Conference spoke to
the students in the V. M. C. A.
rooms Sunday at three o.clock. ;
The Jeff ersonian and Feronian
Societies are now busily - engaged in
preparing their debate for the Presi
dent's cup. As this is the final de
bate of the -year and it decides
which society shall hold the cup for
tne coming year, it will excite an
unusual amount of interest especial
ly Detween the participating socie
ties.. The question for discussion
is: "Resolved, that every Ameri
can boy should have a military
training. -t
H. C. Currin '06 has left school
which somewhat weakens the OAC
track team.
General Joubert and Captain
O'Donnell. battle scarred heroes of
the great Boer war, will give a lec
ture in the college chapel Saturday
May 28th. ! -
. The senior excursion was a grand
success. The tram left Corvallis at
the scheduled time and arrived at
its destination four hours later.
The principal excitement of the day
was a ride out over the bar- in a
government tag boat by a few of
the excursionists. The train arri
ved at Corvallis about ten o'clock,
nearly everyone having a large
Duncn ot rhododendrons.
The work of filling the silos at
the college barn was begun Satur
day with the result that one silo
was filled and another partly filleds
Enrollment at the College What the
Figures are and Where Students
are From.
The total enrollment at the col
lege has reached 530 for this year.
The figures are one of the high
water marks in attendance in the
history of the institution. It is al
so the first instance on" record in
which" every county in Oregon has
students on the roll. Students
come from the following counties,
states and foreign countries;
Baker, 4.
Benton, 128.
Clackamas, 24.
Clatsop, 6. ...
- Columbia," y.""'"" ' ;
Coos, 5.
Crook, 6-
Curry, 1.
Douglas, 8.
Grant, 2.
: Gilliam, 4.
Harney, 4.
Jackson, 8.
Josephine, 3,
Klamath, 1.
Lake, 3.
Lane, 5.
Lincoln, 4.
Linn, 46.
; Malheur, 5.
Marion, 36. .
Morrow, 5.
Multnomah, 48.
Polk, 22.
Sherman, 3.
Tillamook, 4.
Umatilla, 8.
Union, 8. )
Wallowa, 1.
Wheeler, 1.
Wasco. 25.
Washington, 24.
California, 4.
Colorado, 1.
England, 3.
Illinois, 5.
Iowa. 5.
Missouri, 2.
Nebraska, 7.
Utah, 2.
Washington, 18.
Total, 530. -
A Word for the Horse.
How can self respecting men and
women ride behind a horse with its
head reined back as far as it is pos
sible to draw it? There are people
in this town whd drive nice horses
with the check rein fastened at the
top of the head in such a manner as
to draw the head back until the
horses nose'extends'straight out in
the air. Natural movement is.there
fore impossible and it is not only a
damage to the horse but a disgrace
to the one who drives it. ,
Such treatment is cruel in the
extreme and no truly high minded,
fine principled person will do it or
allow it to be done to their- horses
or any they have control of. Is
there not a law to prevent or at
least remedy this practice?
The Horse's Friend.
Notice for Bids.
For building and completing a school
house in District No 3. ' contractor to
furnish all material. To be finished by
September 25, 1904. Specifications may
be seen at the Times office. The di
rectors reserve the right to reject any or
all bids. Bids will be received until
June 5th, 1904.
By W. S. Alcorn,
Kings Valley,
EoiLtHe "Non-Ultra." "
Of course, every man isn't a di&hing young fellow with leanings toward '
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ative, We do not mean by
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date. On the contrary, our
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Furniture and Carpet Store.
B. A. CATHEY, M. D.,
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