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( Advertisements in this column charged r 'or
at the raw out oeou per line.
Wool 15 to 1 6 cents
Wheat 75.
Mrs. G. R. Farra is a Portland
Born, at Oregon City Wednes
day to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davis
son, a son.
E E. Raber left yesterday for
a six weeks' visit with his brother
at Canton, Ohio.
Died at the Family Home Thursday
Evening Funeral Tomorrow
Basket social this evening given
by Modern Woodmen of America
is free to all. Come and bring your
A telegram to his son in this city
announced that Mr. and Mrs. a. JL,.
Kline left New York City Thurs
day, for Corvallis. It is supposed
that their daughter accompanies
Mrs. F. P. Morgan had in
stalled in her home. Tuesday, a
new piano, a present from her huS'
band who is looking after the dis
posal of some land interests there
Mr. and Mrs. L, N. Price, now
of Irving, Lane county, but form
erly of Southern Benton, have been
guests of Corvallis relatives and
friends. They left for home yes
terday. 1 More than four feet of rainfall
fell in Corvallis from September 1st
to. May 1st. The figures are 51 54
inches and are the greatest for the
period during the history of the
weather bureau at the college. The
next highest was in 1896-7 when
the rainfall was 45.47 inches. The
figures for the same period last
year were 38.25. The total rain
fall for the month of April was
1.82 inches. The highest temper
ature was 86 degrees on the nth,
and the lowest, 30, on the 23rd.
The ereatest rainfall in 24 hours
was 26 inches on the 24th. The
number of rainy davs was 14, clear
. 11, part cloudy, 13, cloudy, 6.
There was frost on the first, 6th, 7th
and 23rd.
Housebuilding is very much in
evidence now. Charles Heckert has
a cottage already enclosed for Geo.
W. Fuller, is at work on one for
Elva Minor and is shortly to begin
another for Elvin Witham. The
Fuller cottage contains five rooms,
and is to cost about $700. The
Minor house is a seven-room cottage
and is located on the W. A. Wells
block in the northern part of Job's
addition. It is to cost about $800.
The Witham house is to be built on
the Witham farm and will contain
eight rooms, and will be one of the
best dwellings in that vicinity. Its
cost will be about $1,200. The
lower prices of lumber, : and the
certainty that the figure will be
higher in the future has given con
siderable impetus to building operations.
After a long and useful life ol
more than four score years, M.
Jacobs, ex mayor of Corvallis, and
during his active years, a prominent
merchant and influential citizen,
died at the family home in this
city Thursday evening. His ill
ness began tour weeks ago, after a
day of unusual exertion He was
taken ill with bladder trouble in
the evening, and was no better for
several days. After that, he was
better for a day or two, and on one
occasion was up and about the
house- His illness, however be
came more violent, and for the past
two or three weeks, he has linger
ed along until the end. which came
suddenly and quite unexpectedly,
at seven o'clock Thursday evening.
The funeral is to occur from the
family residence at 11:30 o'clock
tomorrow. The service will be
conducted by Dr. David Lavine of
Portland, and will be under the
auspices of Barnum lodge, I. O. O.
F. .After tae luneral service, the
remains will be taken via the West
side train to Portland, where the
interment will be made in the Jew
ish cemetery Monday morning.
The members of Barnum and Al
pha Rebekah lodges are requested
to meet in Odd bellows hall at 8
o'clock this, Saturday evening to
make arrangements for the funeral.
'Th; deceased was 82 vears of
age. He was a native of Russia,
but came to the United States at an
early age. He settled in Corvallis
in 1858, and engaged at once in the
mercantile business, being senior
member of the well known firm of
Jacobs & Neugass, which for a
long time was one of the most
prominent mercantile firms : in the
Willamette Valley, doing a wide
and profitable trade. At the same
time. Mr. Jacobs, with a mental
horzon wider Jtb an that of most men,
took a high place in the esteem
and confidence of the people and
was a citizen of much influence.
About the year 1890. Mr. Jacobs
retired from active business, and
with the advance of years, , led
quiet ute. He served a term as
mayor of Coryallis, and was pres
ident of the college building" as
sociation which secured the means
aud built the administration build
ing at the Agricultural college, the
the latter of which was a condition
upon which the college was perma
nently located at Corvallis.
He was a man just in all things,
amiable with all people, and a wide
circle of friends mourn with his
family in his passing.
County will pay- Half Also Funeral
Expenses The Late James Dunn.
' In recoenition of his last service
Two More Young
v.- Asylum Mi
to- his lellow citizens, -Benton coun
ty takes the initiative for placing a
monument at the grave of the late
James Dunn, and proposes that all
expenses incident to his last sick
ness and death, be paid irom public
funds. The county court Thurs
day made an order offering to ? pay
lor one-half of a $ 100 monument
and an equal J proportion of the
funeral expenses, provided the city
of Corvallis will pay the remainder.
The cost ot medical attendance and
burial lees, includes an ; undertak
ers bill of about $83, the fee of the
surgeons for the operation and sub
sequent attendance, $100, s and
other minor bills, that aggregate,
$214.50.' The monument at a pro
posed cost of $100, raises the ex
pense to $314 50. It is considered
certain that the council will respond
with equal promptness to the de
mand of a large section of the citi
zens, woo urge it, ; ana at the
first meeting of the council make
an appropriation covering the offer
of the county. Several council-
men, who have been interviewed
on the subject, have declared them
selves favorable to the plan, and it
is expected that action will be tak-1
en to complete the plan when the
councilmen come together n a
regular meeting Monday night.
Ever since the appearance in the
Times of a portion of a sermon in
which Rev. Carrick suggested that
the community should erect a mon
ument over the grave of Mr. Dunn
the subject has been freely discuss
ed on the streets, and so far as
heard without the expression of a
single unfavorable opinion. In fact,
sentiment seems unanimous for
the proposed action as a fitting
recognition of Mr. Dunn's last
service to the community in which
he wes so long a citizen.
The action of the court was tak
en after a visit from a delegation of
citizens, headed by R. H. Huston.
Representations were made of the
well remembered facts in which Mr
Dunn lost his life, and the argu
ment made that the county owed
it as a public duty to see that the
orphan children, after the sacrifice
of "their father, be not called upon
to pay the expenses that a defense
of the peace 01 the community entailed.-
Each member of the court
promptly declared himself favorable
to the plan, and by unanimous vole
the order was made as above stated
There was a
the county jud
morning. It w
fieldism, in " wh"
women were und
to sanity. ' One
aged 22, whose p.
the Coast, and t
omen Taken to the
s Bray and Miss
eley. , . ;
elancholy scene in
's office yesterday
the fruit of Cref-
h two voune
r examination as
as Attie Bray.
rents reside on
other was . Rose
oeeiey. agea 2,f whose mother is
aeaa ana whosefiatber is in un
known parts,
ing board wa
Watters, : Dr
The ' ; examining
County fjudge
Cathey : and
Dr.. Farra. Both girls were bare
headed, and during the . examin
ation, Miss See y remained stand
ing, because of the fool notion in
the Cretheld cried that a chair and
other furniturtf ' is contaminating.
One young gill at a former , exam-'
ination remaifced seated, on the
floor for the same reason
The question by the board were
all gently and kVidly asked. Of
ten they were riol answered, though
J3 iss Seeley, whcl is now the lead
ing spirit in the ftith. talked freely.
Miss Bray . was asked .. if , she
did not want tojgo home, and she
said 'no." . Wfcen asked if she be
lieved Creffielil was good,, she said
"be is a nrnj of God," When
asked. concerning her future plans.
she remained always silent, , though
the question
peated, the
admitted that she
er hat. but declin-
hy. -
ere perfectly rational
subiects, but when
s trequently re-
Iquirer sometimes
pressing it. Sb
had destroyed
ed to explain ,
Both girls :
on all ordinal
the subject of their particular belief
was touched epon, a complete con
suming , deluMon was manifest.
ueep sympathi was observable in
the faces and Apices of the members
of the board as well as among others
present for th melancholy plight
in which the teachings of Creffield
have placed tlegirls.'Bothgiils have
had situations fes help in Corvallis
homes, but kch left . her place,
and had taken I room at the farmers
Hotel where itfis supposed they in
tended to spenIL their time idly, on
Creihelds planithat "God will pro
vide." Miss pray is a graduate
ot the Corvslis public ; schools.
Both were committed to the asylum
and were taken! to Salem by Sheriff
Burnett yesterojay afternoon.
.'.The Four Georges Company
scored a hit last night in their two
sketches and their specialties. "A
Tip on the Suburban" is very
laughable and although played here
only a short time ago, was thorough
ly enjoyed by the big audience
which greeted this little company
with the big show.
Katherine is indeed a boneless
wonder. Her contortion act is the
best that has ever been seen here.
Agnes George's singing" was also a
feature of the specialty. Miss Mar
ion George the violin virtuoso, pro
ved herself to be a master Jwith the
instrument. Besides her first piece,
a classic she played two always
popular pieces, "My Old Kentucky
Home" and "The Last Rose of
Summer," which alone were worth
the price of admission.
Robert V. I,awerence is a come
dian of high order. His work in
the two sketches was very good
and his Hebrew monologue excel
lent. Mr. Iaverence also does a
singing stunt that will bring him the
The George family consisting of
five people ended up the specialty
part of the program with solos and
duets on brass instruments, ending
up with a catchy march in which
all took part. Little Ellis George
is a crackerjack with a cornet.
The last spasm as the program
called it, was, an Irishman's Pipe
: Dream, a comiedetta in one act that
would drive away any ' case of
The Four Georges Company has
- won a home here, and can have
, crowded houses whenever they
come. The Transcript, Willows,
Cal April 2.9, 1904.
Four Georges Company, Wednesday
Miss Marion George is rapidly
coming to the front of musical geni
uses. Although she can command
the highest salary of any lady violin
player on the stage, and all the big
musical centers, New York, Boston,
New Orleans, San Francisco, and in
fact everywhere she has played the
press and public have been unani
mous in declaring that her power on
this beautiful instrumentis .marvel
ous. Unly a short while ago in
Salt Lake City when the big Mor
mon convention was on, she played
in the famous tabernacle, which
held 13,000 people, and time after
time she had to respond to the tu
multous applause of the delighted
throng. She can take you back to
your childhood by' her beautiful
rendering of simple old time airs,
or she can charm the heart of mu
sical enthusiasts by her skilful play
ing of classical pieces. She is the
happy possessor of many beautiful
gowns and diamonds, but her chief
treasure is her famous violin, which
cost over 52,500. She will play at
the Opera house on May 1 1 and if
you wish to hear the violin played
by the only legitimate successor to
Madam Norma Naruda, you should
secure seats early,
Great Reduction Sale.
. ......
We will sell for cash during the month
of May 500 pairs of shoes, broken sizes,
men's womens, misses and children's
at greatly reduced prices, in order to give
room fqr a new stock of goods, which
will arrive about June ist. - Come early
and get your choice from 25 cents up.
Sale lasts through May only.
J. E. Henkle.
For Sale.
Young stallion, weight 1425 two years
old June- Abbotts feed barn.
See Blackledge's fine couches.
Ice cream season opens at Starr's May
5th. Saturday.
Notice of Election.
Notice is hereby given that the annual
election for the City of Corvallis will be
held on Monday the 16th day of May
1904, for the election of a chief of police.
j.olice judge, treasurer, one councilman
from the first ward, two councilmen from
the second ward, and two councilmen
from the third ward. Said election wil
begin at 9 o'clock a. m. and will contin
ue until 6 o'clock p. m. without closing
me polls.
ine following has been designated as
the polling place, council chamber, City
nail situated on the southeast cornel of
Fourth and Madison streets, and the
following persons have been appointed
to conduct Baid election judges, Caleb
Davis, Joseph Yates, R. H. Colbert-
clerks, Robt. Johnson and W, Dilley.
Given under my hand and seal this 28th
day of April, 1904.
Police Judge.
Ice cream and home
the Sale May 25th.
made candy a
Nolan & Callahan's new spring stock
is now complete in all departments. '
"Carnival of Nations."
The ladies of the Presbyterian Aid So
ciety will hold a Carnival of Nations and
a Rose Fair. All ladies are invited to
brine roses and compete for the three
prizes, best collection of roses, best flor
al piece and best single specimen Car
nival is to be held May 25. 26, 27.
.0 -.
' 1 .3.:
11111 11 LmUki 3
For Police Judge.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of police judge at the
city election to be held May 16, 1904.
E. P. Greflbz.
53t53 Fanion 34473.
Imported black Percheron stallion
will make the season of 1904 as follows,
Mon., Tues. -end Wed., Farmers Barn,
Corvallis; Thusr., McFadden Farm,
Bruce; Fri. and Sat., Moiiroe. Terms.
$ 15, the season, 20 to insure.
T. K. Fawcett, Owner.
Corvallis, Ore.
We make special rates to families.
Corvallis Steam Laundry. Call up Main
But the only kiud you
ought to wear-because
they're the best--is the
We sell themin this town, and
have the largest stock and greatest
variety you ever saw. Come in and
pick out one of the choice patterns
for next Sunday's wear. -
Or if you want a cheaper grade
for exer day, we have that kind
too. No other store can offer you
such bargains.
" For Sale by
Methodist Conference. LcsAngeles
Account above conference, the South '
ern Pacific Co. will make reduced rates
on the certificate plan from main lines
points in Oregon south of Portland, and
passenger will purchase tickets to Los
Angeles, for which agent will collect the
highest one way rate, giving a special
receipt. On presentation of this receipt
duly executed, by original purchaser,
Southern Pacific agent at Los Angeles
will sell return tickets at one-third fare.
Sale dates from Oregon points will be
April 19th to May 7th inclusive, also
May 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, and 30. The
last day on which certificates will be
honored for return at reduced rate from
Los Angeles will be June 5th, 1994.
Young lady with best of references
desirea to correspond with a vsingle gen
tleman or widower who is in business or
is in comfortable financial circumstances
Strictly confidential. Address .
P. O. box 580, ,
Portland, Ore.
50c Shirtwaists Silks 39c
We have never had a more attractive assortment
of shirtwaist silks, and never have you been able to
by i hem so cheap. . -
For on Tuesday May 3rd "we place on sale for one
week oblv. tbia beautiful line of Eilks at
a rxw a
Not an old piece in the lot AH bright
and new this spring.
; Including Black and White, Pink. Blue
Tan, Green and all of the popular shades
of this season. . -
Regulator of Low Price -
Cbipman's gommercta.
New Room,
New Furnishings,
Everything Complete.
4 ; '7 South Main St.; Corvallis, Ore.
i Carbon, Platinum and Platino Portraiture
Art Calendars. Sofa Pillow Covers,
And other Photographic Novelties,
Portland and Return.
Only $3.00. The Southern Pacific is
now selling round trip tickets to Port
land from Corvallis for $3, good going
Saturday p. m, or any train on Sunday,
returning Sunday and Monday giving
all day Sundav in Portland. The same
arrangement applies from Portland giv-
all Portland people a chance to visit
valley points at greatly reduced rates.
Bamboo furniture at Blackledge's new
store. '
Blcakledge keeps all kinds of table
Al Zierolfs Alfalfa, 1 Red Clover,
White Clover, Timothy, Orchard, Vetch,
Rape Dwarf Essex and all other kinds of
garden seeds.
For Sale.
Best Plymouth Rock or Brown Leghorn
coctcreis or eggs.
J. B. Irvine. Corvalfia.
Look for the name Crouse & Brande
ger on your spring suit.
Jop It;ouid Stjos for fe)
A. t
v Is New Spring Style
X& I Mi $3.50
fpgjjf Unexcelled in style, mater -
'WSi'.f H ' an workmansmP- Absolute-
tt A ty guaranteed in every particu-
Special in Men's Spring Suits.
Every , and in fact ever) thing in this
Stitch . suit is ; perfect.
and it certainly does- rto try on one of them means
good-bye tailor, and money saved. .Come r. 1 A
and be convinced now! piV-
Corvallis, Oregon.