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i AdreTtlaenients In this eolamri charged for
M (be rats of It oeau per line.
Wheat 73.
W. B. Kiger was over from
Lebanon on a business trip Thurs
day, Miss Mae Gerhard returns to
day from a six weeks visit with Al
bany friends.
Mrs. M. P. Burnett and her
son Leo, arrived yesterday from aa
extended visit with relatives at
Baker City.
There are large offerings of
mohair in the local market now.
The prevailing quotations are 31
to 32 cents, according to quality.
Roy R. Renshaw instructor at
the U. of O. has accepted a fellow-
shin in Columbia University. The
fellowship carries with it $650 an
nually for two years.
-r-A new brass horn, purchased
from a New York dealer m musical
instruments, has just been received
at the college for the cadet band. !
The new horn will be presided over
by Joseph Henkle. .
A new iron warehouse has just
been completed in the rear of the
Blackledge store. It is 18 x 30
feet in dimensions, and extends
from the rear of the building to the
Among those who attended
the Degree of Honor convention
at Albany Thursday afternoon and
evenine were, Mrs. Nellie Beck-
with. Mrs. Taylor Porter, Mrs,
Jesse Spencer, Miss Kate Gerhard,
and Charles Beck with.
Several hundred fleeces of this
vear's clip ot wool were offered in
the local market Wednesday, but
were not sold. The grower is Bay
Rickard. The lot is held tor a
better figure than was offered.
The athletes of the freshman
and iunior classes . at the college
have a track meet on College field
next Saturday afternoon. 'Each
class is rich in strong and swift
men, and there is much interest in
colleee circles as well as down
town in the result.
Late letters give hope of a fav
orable outcome for the operation
performed on Miss Bertha Thrash
er last Sunday in San Francisco.
The generally expressed belief is
that the patient will be able to leave
the hospital in two or three weeks.
Walter Brown who has resided
for some time on a farm that he
owns near Lebanon, is shortly to
move back to Benton, to occupy
the Brinn place which he recently
purchased north of town. He was
in Corvallis Thursday.
Trainer Hayward has arrived
at Eugene to take charge of theUni
versity track team. 1 he manager
of the team has arranged the follow
ine schedule, according to the
Guard: Pacific University at Forest
Grove, Mav 14th: University of
Washington at Seattle, May 21st;
Oregon Agricultural College at
Eugene, June 4th.
An entertainment for the bene
fit of Corvallis poor, mentioned in
Wednesdays Times, occurs at the
Methodist church next Friday night
It will consist of a musical and
literary programme, and is to be
given under the auspices of the
orchestra of the church. The en
tire proceeds will be devoted to the
benefit of poor families.
Small boys are subject to a fine
now for mounting and dismounting
from moving trams within the lim
its ot Corvallis, and trainmen are
liable to severe penalties for permit
ting them to do so. Parents should
tell their boys about the new law.
1 he authorities are determined to
stop the dangerous practice. An
officer is frequently on the watch to
see it the law is being violated.
Next Monday evening the sixth
debate 111 the series for the Gatch
cup, takes place in College chapel.
The question is, "Resolved that
bunerage bhould be extended the
women of Oregon." The debate
will be between teams from the
Amicitiau and Jeffersonian societies
The former team is Horace Brodie,
leader, A. t. ells and David
Hirstel, and of the Jeff ersouians
Ray Selleck, Guy Moore and A. S
Hall, leader. The Amicitians have
the affirmative. The debate is
expected to be one of the strongest
of the series.
Benton man Boys Three Hundred Tons
Standing Bark on Colombia at Half
a Cent.
1 G. H. Wamsley of Blodgett, has
made a chittim deal that his friends
think will yield him a pile of mon
ey. The chittim on 4,000 acres of
timber land on the Columbia river
has been acquired, and the price
one half cent a pound on the
bark. The land lies in the vicin
ity of Knappa. and the purchase
was made of logging companies
operating in the neighborhood.
1 here is a railroad station and a
boat landing at the spot, and the
greatest distance that bark will
have to be hauled is' two and a half
miles. The estimate is that 300
tons of chittim bark are involved
in the deal. Mr. Wamsley himself
says, he never saw as- much chit
tim in all his life as stands within
the limit of the territory he has ac
quired. An outfit was purchased
in Corvallis this week, and Mr.
Wamsley and his son are to begin
peeling operations at once.
Mr. Stoner, another Benton
coumv man has acquired a large
tract of chittim on the opposite
side of the Columbia from Knappa,
and left this week to begin peeling
lie paid but one-fourth of a cent a
pound for the bark he is to peel. j
Another deal in bark is that made
by William Spencer and Cass
Harrison. They purchased
standing bark to the amount of
what is estimated to be over 100
tons fat a point 30 miles east of Che
halis, Washington. They are to
pay from one-fourth to one cent a
pound to the seller when the bark
is delivered. They are 30 miles
from a shipping point, but have a
fine plank road all the way. They
are to leave about May 6th to begin
operations, and will take a force of
10 peelers with them.
In his Inside Funny Orders for Medi
cine Sent a Drnggist
How a Snipper got his Fruit Trees from
: a Railroad Company. ,
It took the county sheriff and a
lawsuit to get a shipment of fnnt
trees out of the hands of the South
ern Pacific railroad company at the
Corvallis station the other day. The
fruit trees came from Idaho, and
were consigned to Johnson Porter,
who is setting out - a new peach
orchard. On the way bill of the
railroad company appeared the sig
nificant words, "Hold for Inspec
tion." The order to hold was in
consonance with the state law which
requires that all fruit trees
shipped into the state shall be in
spected by an officer of the horti
cultural commission. The law is
supposed to be precautionary for
prevention of the introduction of
pests and other fruit tree diseases of
infectionary character.
It so happened that the holding
of the trees for inspection in this in
stance seemed to mean certain de
struction of the trees. The trees
were in bundles, and the roots
packed in corn shucks to keep them
moist. They had been shipped
from Nampa, Idaho, on the 1st of
April and the arrival at Corvallis
was not until the 15th. In the
meantime the roots were beginning
to heat. It was not known how
soon a horticultural inspector could
be brought to the scene, and Mr.
Porter could not afford to take
chances. He had already paid for
the trees before shipment, and their
destruction meant his loss. He
asked for the trees to be delivered
to him, but the station agent obey
ing the orders of the billing, was
obliged to refuse. Mr. Porter then
demanded, but railroad men have
no other alternative than to obey
superiors, and a continued retusai
was the result. Determined at all
hazards to save his trees from des
truction, Mr. Porter resorted to the
courts and at once began suit for
his property. Proper legal papers
were issued, and armed with Jthese,
Sheriff Burnett bore down on the
railroad station, and the trees were
properly delivered.
As to Hotel Rates and Aceommodtions
for State Grange Meeting.
Already delegates to the state
grange to be held in Corvallis . in
May are making inquiry relative
to rates and accommodations. The
hotels of Corvallis will grant special
rates to the visiting farmers and
citizens in general as well as the
grangers of Bentpn will be glad to
participate in any demonstration
of respect and welcome to our
guests. -
The plan is to hold a four day
session beginning May 24th. thus
giving one day more that custom
ary for the extra business that is to
be considered here prior -to the
meeting of the national grange to
be held in Portland in November.
The biennial election of officers,
will take place at this meeting, and
good roads, rural mails, country
high schools, and how to increase
and improve the products of the
farm, better prices for grain, prunes,
and hops, how to beautify the
farmer s home, and how to make
the farm selfpaying are some of the
problems that will be discussed.
It is probable that the business
sessions will be held in one of the
college buildings, and it is probable
that its closing session, will occur
in one of the town halls for in all
probability the fifth and sixth de
degrees will be conferred on eighty
to 100 candidates at the last
evening which will close with ban
quet provided by local grangers.
As is generally known the meet
ings will be open to all grangers
in good standing. It is expected
that a very large attendance will
be had from the first session.
An exchange says: Druggist
Green is preparing a unique scrap
book. It contains the written orders
of some customers of foreign birth.
Here are some that are copied from
the originals:
"I have a cute pain m my child s
diagram. Please give my son
something to release it.
"Dear Doctor, pies gif bearer five
sense worse-Auntie Toxyn forgarle
baby's throat and obleage."
"My little baby has eat up his
father's parish plaster. Send an
anecdote quick as possible by the
inclosed girl."
"This child is my little girl, I
send yotj five cent to buy two sit
less powders for a grown up adult
who is sike."
"You will please give the little
boi five cent' worth of epecac for to
throw up in a five months old babe.
N. B. The babe has a sore stum-mick-"
"I haf a hot time in my insides
and wich I would like to be ex
tinguished. What is good for to
extinguish it? The enclosed money
is the price of the extinguisher.
Hurry pleas.
A Remarkable Family.
At a reunion of the Ambercrom
bie family a few miles across the
Willamette the other day, a little
one present gazed into the faces of
five grandmothers. It was' this
way; There was present a grand
mother of the child, a great grand
mother and a great great grand
mother on the father's side of the
house, and the grandmother and
the great grandmother on the
mother's side, making five in all.
The oldest member of the party is
the great great grandmother at 87.
Her daughter, Mrs. Ambercrombie.
who recently arrived from the East
and who is the great grandmother,
is 60. The child is the son of Mr.
Hartley, who arrived from the East
last May, and who resides in the
southwestern part of town.
Methodist Cmference. LosAngelea
Account above conference, the South
era Pacific Co. will make reduced rates
on the certificate plan from main lines
points in Oregon south of Portland, and
passenger will purchase tickets to Los
Angeles, for which agent will collect the
highest one way rate, giving a special
receipt. On presentation of this receipt
duly executed, by original purchaser,
Southern Pacific agent at Los Angeles
will sell return tickets at one-third fare.
Sale dates from Oregon poin ts will be
April 19th to May 7th inclusive, also
May 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, and 30. The
last day on which certificates will be
honored for return at reduced rate from
Los Angeles will be June 5th, 1934.
Ice cream and cfcke at the Carnival
Visit the art booth May 25th.
City Treasurer.
I announce myself a candidate for the
office of treasurer of the City of Corval
lis, subject to the decision of voters at
the next annual city election.
Wm, McLagan.
Blcakledge keeps all kinds of tables.
Ten or 20 acre tracts near Corvallis.
Ambler & Wattere.
Go to Zierolf'8 for fresh
Yaquina Bay
A. STO H X A. .
In tha T I!n Kind ton Haw Akars fw&
Disease and Sickness Bring Old
Herbme, taken every morning before
-.uui, win Keep yonin rooust health,
fit you to ward off disease. It cures con
stipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, fever,
tKin. iiver ana kidney complaints. It
purifies the blood and clears the complex
loon. Mrs. D. W. Smith, Whitney, Tex
as writes April 3, i9o2: "I have used
Herbine, and find it the best medicine
for constipation and liver troubles. It
does all you claim for it. I can highly
recommend it." socts. a bottle. Sold
oy uranam oj wortham. , -
Supervisors Claims.
The following is a true list ot the
claims filed by the road supervisors
of Benton county, Oregon for the
quarter ending March 31st, 1904.
H. M. Fleming Supr dist No 2 5 00
12 50
22 50
28 75
7 50
7 50
5 00
25 62
L,ewis wentz " 5
E M Dodele ?' 6
A Cadwalader " 9
JR Fehler " n
DB Farley " 15
J M Herron " 16
C E Banton " 18
B W Harris " 20
H Hector " 19 2062
And notice is hereby given that
same will be allowed by the county
court at the regular May term 1904
unless objections thereto be made
and filed with the clerk on or be
fore said term of court.
Published by orderof county court.
April 16. 1904.
Victor P. Moses.
County Clerk.
Wall paper at Blackledge's store.
For Sale.
Fine shepherd puppies. Call or address
J. H. Edwards,
Look for the name Crouse & Brande-
ger on your spring suit.
On Third street, a bunch of keys.
Owner can secure them at the
Times office by paying for this notice.
Iron beds at Blackledge's new furni
ture store.
ttJe Eate Tor Sale
Defiance seed wheat, and choice
baled cheat hay at Corvallis
Flouring Mills.
Seventh Day Adventists.
, Will hold regular service at S, U. A,
Hall EaBt Main street between Wash
ington and Adams streets each Sabbath
or Satnrday, as follows: Sabbath school
at 2 p. m., Bible study 3 p. m.
Preaching as announced from time to
Rev. P. j. Cole,
For Chief of Police.
I respectfully announce myself a can
didate for the office of chief of police of
Corvallis to be voted for at .the annual
May election.
W, G. iane.
A Dandy for Burns.
Dr. Bergin, Pana, 111.' writes: "I have
used Ballard's Snow Liniment; always
recommended it to my friends, as 1 am
confident there is no better made. 'It is
a dandy for burns.' Those who live on
farms are especially liable to many acci
dental cuts, burns, bruises, which heal
rapidly when Ballard's Snow Liniment is
applied. It should always be kept in
tne nouse lor cases ot emergency." 25c,
50c, bottle, bold by Graham &
For Sale.
Light driving team. Call on or
address, Miss Potts, Corvallis.
See Blackledge's fine couches.
Portland and Return.
unly ine Southern facific is
now selling round trip tickets to Port
land from Corvallis for 3, good going
Saturday p. m, or any train on Sunday,
returning fcunday and Monday giving
all day Sunday in Portland. The same
arrangement applies from Fortland giv-
all Fortland people a chance to visit
valley points at greatly reduced rates.
Blackledge keeps large assortment
For Sale.
veicn, spenz, umotny and rye grass
seed. Poland China hogs, Shropshire
sheep. One fresh milk cow, a pair of
large geese, a pair of turkeys or trio,
two-horse feed power in 1 unning order.
Timothy and vetch straw bright from
L. L. Brcoks.
Our showing on this sea"
sons Boots and Oxfords -for
women includes more rep
resentative lines than, ever
before including such makes
as the
Pingree, Gloria, Queen Quality & Vemo
Womens Boots.
In all the popular leath
ers, heavy and light soles-
welts and turns, new heels
and toes, $3.50.
Womens Boots.
In patent, corona, black
vici kid, welts and turns,
Cuban military heels at
$2,50 & 3.00.
Womens Oxfords.
Patent, corona, patent
kid, Cuban and Military
heel, button & Blucher at
$3.00 & 3.5o.
Womens Oxfords.
In black, vici kid, welt
and turns, Cuban and Mili
tary heels at $1.50, 2.00
and 2.50.
Our shoe stock is complete in every respect incluU
ing Misses and Childrens Shoes, Oxfords and Sand:K
Regulator of Low Prices.
Oovv Opera
Cbipman's Commercial
GO to Blackledge's for window shades
Just received the finest line of cloth
ing. We bought this from the best
manufacturers and every suit is guar
anteed. Call and see us for clothing.
See our men's suit at $10, it is a marvel.
Henkle & Davis.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given to all persons that the
underblgned has been drily appointed admin
Is t ratOT of the estate oi Emily A. A right, de
ceased, Dy the County Court of the State of Ore
gon, for Benton County. All persons having
claims against said estate of Emily A. Wright,
deceased, are hereby requited to present the
rame wim ine proper voucners amy vermea as
bv law reaTired within six months nf the date
hereof, to the undersigned at his home on
Beaver Creec, or to C. w. Darts at hta office.
In Philomath, Benton county, Oregoa.
Sated March 23, 1901.
Administrator f the estate of SmllyA.
New Room,
New Furnishings',
Everything Complete.
South Main St., Corvallis, Ore.
Carbon, Platinum and Flatino Portraiture
Art Calendars, Sofa Pillow Covers,
And other Photographic Novelties.
Jop IouQd )o8 for Tei7e
New Spring Style
Unexcelled in style, mater
ial and workmanship. Absolute
ly guaranteed in every particular.
Special in Men's Spring Suits.
Every and in fact ever) thing in this
Stitch suit is perfect.
and it certainly does to try on one of them means
good-bye tailor, and money saved. Come
and be convinced now!
Corvallis, Oregon.