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    County ClerVe &4
Vol. XVII No. -8.
Editor and Proprietor.
6' if
Raoe Vou Seen
Our New Arrivals
Clothing, Hats,
Neckwear, Shoes,
Shirts, Underwear.
Call and See
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plete. Visit our Store we do the
6 B Doming
CunvALUs Oregon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Buys County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
OBILAXD f Loudon San Fran-
EATTLK f j-isj,, nauk United.
EW TORK Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Co.
BICAGO- National Bank of The Kepub-
ONDOX, ENG. London & San Francisco
Bank Limited.
AXAD.V I n ion Bank of Canada.
E. R. Bryson,
m la Zierolf Building, CDrviUis. Or
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Wells' drug store. Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh. Tele
phone at residence, 104.
All calls attended promptly.
E. Holgate
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Ore
Office cor 3rd and Monroe eta. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison sts.
Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to i and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M,
hone residence 315.
Physician and Surgeon,
Office, Room 14, First National Bank
Bnilding, CorvalliSj Or. Office Hours,
10 to 12 a, m., 2 to 4 p, m.
Discards Prcctically All Clothing
and Lives Oat of Doors Hie
Bed Is & Hole in the
- Ground Four Feet by
Seven and Two
Feet Deep.
Portland, April 12. The Journ
al cays: A son of a Portland phy
sician has created a sensation in the
scientific world by the startling and
novel method of liviDg which he
has adopted, and which he advises
all to adopt who desire perfect
health and a rugged constitution.
He advocates a return io the primi
tive way of living by. discarding
Ernest W. Darling, a son of Dr.
J. W. Darling of this city, is the
man who advocates the return to
the ways primeval. Until a year
ago he lived in Portland, bat was
compelled to seek a sunnier clime
on account of his health. For the
past year he has lived on the sum
mit of a hill on the outskirts of Los
Angeles, Ca'. He dees not occupy
a house, nor even a tent. The sole
habitation of which he can boast,
is a bed that consists of a hole in
the ground of about four by seven
feet and two feet in depth. In that
peculiar place, wrapped in blank
ets, he seeks rest. He is an ardent
lover and studies the works of nature
and believes that by his meth
od 01 living he is able to commune
more closely with its invisible forms
and at the same time build up bis
constitution, which was shattered
by disease.
- "Good health is the first requisite
for religion, or anything else," he
says, when questioned concerning
his novel ideas. "I firmly believe
that if we take perfect care of our
health, avoiding all accident or die
ease, we shall live eternally in these
bodies of ours. Every person 6houId
learn gradually to live out - doors
and to live on natural food that
is, lood just as it comes from the
hand of nalurp. Personally, I pre
fer the fruit of the tropic3 bana
nas, persimmons, hge, dates which
have been proved to give as great
strength and endurance as does any
mixtd diet.
"The objects in living on ..natural
food are:
"First To make us more natur
al in thought and in action.
"Second From an economical
standpoint, it is far cheaper where
these fruits grow. It is well known
by travelers in the tropics that we
can live on one dollar a motitb, or
'Third There is a very decided
humanitarian issue in this diet. No
animal has to suffer imprisonment
and final slaughter io order to feed
the fruitarian. The fruitarian will
take his meal from the tree and eat
the meal that was cookel by God
Mr. Darling has evidently found
these results in his mode of life, for
he has built himself up wonderful
ly. When he left Portland a year
age he wsighed 90 pounds, while
now he weighs in the neighborhood
of 175 pounds. It was done w th
out a drop of medicine. It was
while a student at Leland Stanford,
Jr., university that the desire to
get "nearer to nature's heart"
came upon him, and he secluded
le rises at daylight, takes a
quick, cold shower bath, then runs
half a mile or so, throwing off su
perfluous clothing. Then he goes
through a series of calesthetic exer
cises before eating breakfast, of fruit.
He declares that be eats regularly
three times each day and always
has a good appetite.
Air. Darling left bis home near
Los Angeles last week. He sailed
for Honolulu where he will reside for
a time before making a trip to the
Samoan Inlands. Before being com
pelled to leave Portland he was con
fined in a hospital for a time. It
id said that he is rapidly regaining
his hsalth. : "
Niu Chwacg, April 11. A mis
understands g of the customs house
flash-light signals caused great ex
citement here last midnight.
Officers in command of forts
thought the Japanese were making
an attack and opened fire on a fleet
of pilot boats to merchantmen out
ward bound.
Two Chinese seamen were struck
by a i shell and killed. Several
shots-were fired before the artillery
men discovered their rristake.
Thi incident shows the mental
strain under which the Russians
are laboring.
Feverish activity prevails among
the military, who are doing the
best they can to prepare for any
Japanese assault. v
Dispatches received here .today
from Port Arthur state that a fev
erish excitement prevails owing to
a constant fear and persistent ru
mors that the Japanese are ready to
make' a final attack on the forts.
The information contained in the
dispatches shows that nothing is
difinitely known of Japan's inten
tions. It is also stated that 10 miles off
Port Arthur several Japanese war
vessels were seen early yesterday
morning lying inactive on a smooth
sea. The whereabouts of the re
maining vessels of this fleet are not
Vancouver, Wash., April 12.
Sheriff Blesecker and City Marshal
Bateman today arrested and took
into custody Fred Armstrong, alias
Frank Strong. On a charge of bur
glary. Armstrong is believed to be
the masked highwayman who held
up at the muzzle of a pistol the bar
tender and a number of guests of
the Hotel Columbia, in the barroom
of the hotel, about a week ago, and
who also attempted to hold up C.
C. Gridley, an abstractor, at his of
fice id this city la3t night.
The attempt to hold, up Gridley
was frustrated. by the pluck and
presence of mind of Gridley, who,
when confronted at his office door
about ten o'clock by a man wear
ing a 'mask and with a gun pointed
at bis lace, grappled with the as
sailant and threw him into the
street and then slammed the door
in t.V robber's face and telephoned
for the police. Armstrong was for
merly sergeant in the Seventeenth
Infantry, receiving his discharge
abofct a year ago. Afterward be
rrarried a daughter of a prominent
farmer of this county. Latjr Arm
strong and his wife went to Baker
City, Or., where he was implicated
with two others in a number of
highway robberies in that plaoe.
Armstrong was identified today by
two of the victims of the hotel hold
up. He was also recognized by
Baker City, Or., April 12. W.
GoSsett, of pleasant Valley, was
badly injured here this afternoon
while attempting to board an out
going freight train on the O. R. &
N. He caught the caboose, but as
he swung on his foot slipped and
be was thrown to the ground, strik
ing on his head. The scalp was
torn from the tight Bide of his bead,
the frontal bone over the right eye
fractured, his nose broken, his neck
partly dislocated and a gash cut
under the right eye three inches
long, down to the bone. The doc
tor thinks" he will recover.
Mr. Gossettis the proprietor of
the Pleasant Valley Lime Works,
and is quite prominent in business
circles in this part of the state.
Washington, April 13. Shortly
after 10 o'clock this morning, Pres
ident Roosevelt affixed his eigna
ture tj the Lewis and Clark Fair
bill and msde it a law. Senator
Mitchell went to the White House
especially to witness the signing of
the measure. As the President add
ed the last stroke of his signature
he turned and said:
"Senator, I would be glad to give
you the pen with which I have
signed this bill as a souvenir, but
Mr. Scctt, president of the associa
tion, exacted a promise of me Eome
time ago that I should give it to
him, and I then agreed to do eo.
Mr. Scott will present the pen to
the Oregon Historical society, and
it is expected it will ba on exhibi
tion during the exposition.
In behalf of the people of Oregon
Senator Mitchel extended sincere
thanks to the president: The ex
ecutive replied he was pleased tobe in
a position to do something toward
a proper commemoration of the
Lewis & Clark expedition.
Cures Coughs and Colds.
Mrs. C. Peterson, 625 Lake St., Tope
ka, Kansas, says: ' 'Of all cough reme
dies Ballarrrs Horehound Syrup is my
favorite; it has done and will do all that
is claimed for it to speedily cure all
coughs and colds and it is so sweet and
pleasant to the taste." 25c, 50c, fr.oo
bottle. Sold bv Graham & Wortham
AND 800 MEN. '
Russian Vessel Strikes a Sabmerg-
ed Mine Grand Duke Cyril,
One of the Few Who " Es
capee Ship Turn9 Tur
tle and Sinks Oth
er News.
St. Petersburg, April 13. Strik
ing a submerged mine at Port Ar
thur today, the Petropavlovsk, the
flagship of the Russian fleet
went down and carried with
her Admiral Makaroff and between
600 and 800 men. Grand Duke
Cyril escape, but is wounded.
Admiral Makaroff ordered his en
tire squadron out to engage the Jap
anese fleet of 40 vessels which ap
peared off the port early in the day
and began an attack which still con
tinues. According to the Associated Press
informant while Admiral Makaroff
was returning after going out to at
tack the Japanese fleet the Petro
pavlovsk struck a mine on her Star
board side amidship and immedi
ately began to keel. Before the
crew could flood the port compart
ments of the vessel, in order to keep
her in an even keel, she turned tur
tle and sank in a few minutes, car
rying down almost the entire crew.
Captain Njakovloff, the Grand Duke
Cyril and two other officers were
saved because they were standing
on the super-bridge. The frightful
loss of life among the officers and
men was due to the fact that they
were all at their stations ready for
The Petropavlovsk turned turtle
in a manner similar t the British
battle ship Victoria, which was
rammed by the Camperdown in
1893, and to the incident in the
China-Japanese war, when a Chin
ese warship turned turtle, many of
the crew remained aboard for sev
eral days hammering desperately
on the upturned hull.
The following, dispatch to the
czar has been received from Viceroy
"Mukden, April 13. A telegram
has just been received from Lieu
tenant General Stoessel, command
er of the military forces at Port Ar
thur. I regret to report to your
majesty that the Pacific fleet has
suffered irreparable los3 by the
death of its brave and capable com
mander, who was lost, together with
the Petropavlovsk."
Another dispatch from Viceroy
Alexieff says:
Accordmg to reports irom tue
commandant at Port Arthur, the
battle ships and cruisers went out
to meet the enemy, but, owing to
the enemy receiving reinforcement1,
making his strength 30 vessels, our
squadron returned to the roadstead,
whereupon the Petropavlovsk touch
ed a mine, resulting in her destrue-
tion. Grand Duke Cyril,, who was
on board was saved. He was slight
ly injured. The whole squadron
then re-entered port. Ihe Japan
ese are now off Cape Liao Shan."
Rear-Admiral Girgorovitc.h has
reported to the czar that the Rus
sian squadron was under Golden
Hull when the flagship struck a
mine and turned turtle.
Even if Rear-Admiral Ouktom-
sky, who is now in charge of the
fleet at Port Arthur, is able to go
to see with four battle ships, which
it is not certain he can do, Vice Ad
miral Togo could bring against him
Baking Powcle
Is Most Economical
Because it makes better
and more healthful food
a greatly superior force. It is now
pointed out that all the Japanese
admiral need now do is to be out
side Port Arthur, and that trans
port can pass with absolute impun
ity. Every one admits tonight that
the outlook on the sea is decidedly
gloomy for Russia.
No actual news his yet reaches.
London bsyond the Russian official
telegrams, but dispatches from' Wei
Hat Wei induce the confident be
lief here that a naval engagement
occurred off Port Arthur of a se
vere character and that later tele
grams will show that the Russians
suffered a severer loss than is yet
A Rumor has reached Rome that
Vice-Admiral Makaroffs squadron
was attacked by the whole of the
Japanese fleet, concealed behind
the Miaotoa Islands, and his re
treat was cut off and he was forced
to fight against odds, with the re
sult that all his ships were damag
ed, while the Petropavlovsk was
surrounded by torpedo boats, struck
by five torpedoes and blown up.
Another rumor is to the effect
that Rear Admiral Molas is among
those killed aboard the Petropav
lovsk. No great attention is paid
to these rumors, but the univereal
opinion here is that the official ex
planations of the disaster are un
satisfactory. It was a magnificently powerful
squadron which Admiral Togo had
in action today. It was the most
powerful individual fleet that ever
sailed the Eastern seas. Including
the torpedo fleet, there were more
than 40 vessels before Port Arthur.
Boise, Idaho, April 12. George
Levy, the condemned murderer,
whose sentence to be hanged next
Friday was last evening commuted
to lite imprisonment by the state
prison board, was called into the
warden's omce this morning, about
8:30 o'clock, and notified of the ac
tion of the board.
"I don't want my sentence com
muted,'' he exclaimed. "I refuse
to accept it."
As soon as he was called to the
warden's office, Levy knew that the
board had rendered some kind of a
decision, and his manner was quits
nervous as he entered the office.
As soon as he had beard the
words that consigned him to a pris
on cell for the remainder of his life,
he broke out in a disjointed avowal
that he wanted the warden to haDg
him. The old argument that if he
was guilty, he should be hanged,
and if innocent, should be permit
ted to go free, was used again, and
he declared he would not accept the
commutation offered him by the
board. He talked in an indirect
way of suicide, although he made no
direct threats of taking his life..
Levy was in a better frame of
mind when he left the Warden's of
fice than when he was first told of
the commutation, but as a matter
of precaution, it was deemed best
to keep him locked in his ceil for a
few days, until he should be in a a
belter mental condition.
DR. C. H. NEWTH, .
Physician & Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
For Sale.
Best Plymouth Rock or Brown Leghorn,
cockrels or eggs.
J. B. Irvine. Corvalfia.