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( A&rertlsemeota in this column charged
at the rate ofl) oenu par line.
Who the men are Fast STiine Hade
They Leave Friday Afternoon.-
Wheat 73.
Miss Ida Locke returned Sat
urday from a ten weeks' visit in
, -Yesterday the first shipment of
mohair from this part of Oregon
was made to Massachusetts by S.
L. Kline who is recognized as one
of the largest dealers in this prod
uct in Oregon.
A feature of the Wiedemann
, performances is an excellent or
f chestra. Though the instru
mentation is not extensive, the
performers are all artists, and the
music rendered very delightiuL
Ivan Daniels, formerly a Corvallis
stationer, is pianist in the organ
ization. William and Alfred Locke are
home from Portland, where they
were for several days at the bedside
of their sister, Mrs. Boreland who
has been stricken with paralysis.
Mrs. Boreland is at the Good Sam
aritan hospital and is slowly im
proving. A telegram Saturday announced
the critical illness at Baker City of
Mrs. M. P. Burnett. The dispatch
was signed by her son Leo, and sta
ted that Sheriff Burnett would
probably have to go to the bedside.
Telegrams on Sunday related that
Mrs. Burnett was better, and on
Monday she was still further im
proved. A course of lectures will be de
livered at the Catholic church at
Monroe by Rev. M. D. Smith, a
Paulist missionary of San Fran
cisco. He will beein at 7-30 in
the evening of April 20th, and con
clude April 22nd. Everybody is
welcome, and all who care to hear a
good speaker should not miss this
The attention of the police and
others was diverted Sunday even
ing by five pistol shots, fired in
rapid succession in the heart of
town. Search for the offending
party failed of results and the
snooting remains a mystery, with
the supposition that it was done
by some one in that serene state of
hilarity, when something bold and
bad must be done.
'' There is a lull in registration
now. The figures for Saturday
night of last week were 1,274,
against 1,191 two years ago. The
increase during the past lew weeks
has been comparatively small. But
little more of time remains in which
to register, the last day being May
1 5th. The rate must increase from
now on or many will fail to get
their names on the registration
A suspect of whom it was sus
pected that he was Cremeld was
discovered on Oak Creek by Bar
ber Plaster Sunday afternoon. The
suspect was bathing his feet in the
cool waters of the stream and Mr.
Plaster was fishing, when they hove
in sight of each other. The form
er's appearance tallied up pretty
well with descriptions of the miss
ing apostle, and the fisherman
hiked out for town post haste and
phoned for Sheriff Burnett. The
suspect, lying on his back under
the shade of a tree was found
by the sheriff, but he turned out to
be somebody else - than Cremeld'
He was a stranger in these parts,
Benton still does business on a
strictly cash basis. It is probably
the onlv county in the state that
enjoys that enviable distinction.
Some of them have county indeb
tedness running into the hundreds
of thousands. As warrants are pre
sented at the court house. Treasur
er Buchanan at once hands over
the cash, preventing any interest
- charge. It is a healthful condi
tion when an individual has no
interest charge to pay. It is equal
ly good for a county. Benton will
continue to pay cash for several
weeks to come, in spite of the fact
that her levy for county purposes
was on y five mills on this year's
valuation, or 8.6 mills on last year's
A much smaller audience than
the performance deserved greeted,
"Down in Egypt" by the Wiede
mann Company at the Opera House
Monday night The performance
was pleasing; and far better than
the repertoire companies that usual
ly come-to Corvallis. A splendid
orchestra enlivens the scene, and
the costuming is new and good. All
the work is up-to-date and the ap
pointments that of the legitimate
stage. There are specialties, clean
and attractive between each act,
some of them alone worth the price
of admission. Because of the small
audience on the opening nighr, the
management has determined to cut
the Lorvallis engagement, origin
ally scheduled for all week to three
nights. The prices are only 15, 25
and 35 cents, or less than half
what Corvallisites continually pay
ror snows lar less deserving.
' A team to defend OAC in the Co
lumbia University meet at Portland
next Saturday, was selected in a
tryout on OAC field Saturday after
noon. Though the events were
few, being confined to doubtful
places, there was a good turnout of
spectators, and much interest was
manifest. . Features of the day were
the appearance of two men who
made records that surprised both
themselves and their friends. These
were Greenhall in the quarter,!!
and Currin who defeated Steiwer
by half a second in the half. The
time of each was excellent for so
early in the season, and both gave
promise of further important devel
opment hereafter. . -The
team is to leave Friday for
the contest at the Columbia Univer
sity meet; to be held in Portland
Saturday. The men will return to
Corvallis on Sunday. The events
and the men entered for them areas
Fifty yard dash, Williams, Smith
son, Coates and Moores.
220 Coates, Smithson, Williams
Greenhall, and Sewall.
440 Coates, Smithson, Williams,
Greenhall and Sewall.
Half Currin, Swann, Greenhall,
Rumbaugh and Cooper.
Mile -Currin, Horton and Rum
baugh. Relay Williams, Smithson,
Coates, Greenhall, Cooper, Sewall
and Rumbaugh.
Fifty yard high hurdles Coates,
Smithson, Swann Cate and Moores.
Low hurdles Coates, Smithson,
Swann, Cate and Moores.
Pole vault Swann, Coates
Moores and Cate.
Broad jump, Root, Coates, Cate,
and Moores.
High jump Coates, Moores,
Swann and Smithson.
Shot Jackson, Root, Williams
and Coates.
Tames Wilkinson -He died Suddenly
at Los Angeles Last Saturday- '
: James Wilkinson, for thirty years
or more a resident of Benton, is
dead. He passed away at Los An
geles, California, "at six o'clock
Saturday morning. But little is
known of the details, but it is sup
posed that he succumbed to an at
tack of paralysis. A- letter written
by Mrs. Wilkinson Friday evening
and received by the family here on
Monday indicated that he was at
that time as well as usual. It rela
ted that the G. A. R. Veterans of
Nevada and California had been
parading the streets during the day
but the weather was too hot for Mr
Wilkinson to be out, indicatmgjthat
his condition was not precarious.
His sudden death a few hours later,
announced by a telegram received
here Saturday forenoon,, suggests
that paralysis or some other violent
development must have appeared.
Mrs. Wilkinson left Los Angeles
with the remains at six o'clock
Monday evening, and is expected
here this Wednesday evening or
tomorrow morning. The funeral is
likely to occur tomorrow1 afternoon,
though no arrangements along this
line will be made until Mrs. Wil
kinson has been heard from.
The deceased was aged about 64
years. He was born in Illinois, and
served through the Civil War in
the 3rd Missouri Cavalry, partici
pating in the Red River campaigns,
and other services west of the Mis
sissippi. He came to Oregon early in
the Seventies, and for several years
operated a farm owned south of
Corvallis by John Rickard. Later
he purchased the well known
Wilkinson farm in the southern part
of the county, which he occupied
until failing health, two or three
years ago, caused his removal to
Corvallis. Mr Wilkinson was a kind
neighbor, a good citizen, and his
death is regretted by a wide circle
of friends.
And the Fathers were Deeply Moved
Going to Keep City Hall Cleaa bow.
The City Hall building, which in
most times past has been famed
throughout town as an untidy estab-
lishment, is hereatter to be kept
clean from bastile to belfry. The
fire department took up the matter
at a recent meeting and sent the
chief engineer before the council to
ask that body for assistance in the
way of tidying up the building. Mr
Renme made a pathetic speech to
the Fathers, pointing out wherein
there could be improvement and, in
dulcet tones, told how cheaply and
easily the cobwebs in the corners,
the dust on the windows and the
tobacco stains on the floors could be
removed. The fathers were deep
ly touched, and each, figuratively
speaking, smote his breast and con
sented to a change. The fire chief
was given authority to employ a
janitor and to have the building
cleaned throughout whenever con
ditions shall require it, and here
after, when the city's handsome
public building shall be unclean the
blame will be entirely on Fire Chief
And Mohair for Benton Exhihit at the
Lewis and Clark Something About
it. ....
The committed appointed to col
lect Beaton county's exhibit 'for
the Lewis and Clark fair wish to
get as many and as fine samples as
passible of wool and mohair. Those
gathered this spring will be better
prepared and arranged than those
secured next season. Locks the
size of one's thumb or larger are
most suitable to show length. For
fine wool or lamb's wool, growers
must use their judgment.
The name of the grower should
be tied to each sample and will ap
pear in the exhibit. We shall . be
glad of the loan of whole fleeces
or goat hides with fleece washed or
dyed if such are extra fine.
Samples may be left with fc
L. Kline or probably any buyer in
H. L. French,
Chairman of Com
Law Passed to Prevent Them From
- Boarding Moving Trains.
How small boys climb on and
off of swiftly moving trains at the
railroad stations, always at immin
ent peril to themselves, was recent
ly described in these columns.
Sometimes," with a train moving at
considerable speed, halt a dozen of
them are seen climbing about on
the locomotive, chasing each other
on the top of rushing box cars, and
in other ways inviting a violent
death by accident, - a . melancholy
funeral and a deeply bereaved home
The matter has been taken up by
the railroad company and the city
council, and a law has been passed,
providing for the arrest and pun
ishment of boys who do such things
and for the arrest -and punish
ment of, trainmen who permit
the dangerous practice. The ; . or
dinance was prepared at the ' . re
quest of (he railroad company, and
went through the city council by
unanimous vote at a meeting Mon
day night. The penalties prescrib
ed for both the boys and the. train
men are heavy, and there is a strong
determination on the part of the
authorities to see that they are en
forced. The ordinance, which is
now in effect, is as - follows:
Section one It shall be unlaw
ful for any boy or other person to
climb upon, ride, or hold on to any
car while in motion of any railroad
company within the limits of the
city of Corvallis without having
first prepaid fare for such ride.
Section two Any person who
shall violate the provisions of sec
tion one of this ordinance or any
trainman, conductor, brakeman or
other employe of any railroad com
pany whose cars run through the
city of Corvallis, who shall allow
any boy or other person to climb
upon, ride or hold to the said cars
while in motion, within the corpor
ate limits of the city of Corvallis,
shall be fined not more than fifty
dollars nor less than two dollars
upon conviction in the police court
of Corvallis, Oregon.
Philomath Shoot.
Twenty Benton county sports
men participated yesterday in the
shoot at Philomath, among them a
number of Corvallis boys. During
the forenoon the shoot for the
highest average took place and re
sulted as follows; M. P. Burnett
and E P. Newton tied for first
place, 55 out of 65; W. H. Newton,
54; Berry and Henkle,, 53; Emery,
52; Allen, 51, and Kiger, 50.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup.
Immediately relieves hoaree, "croupy
cough, oppressed, rattling, rasping and
difficult breathing. Henry C. Sterna,
Druggists, ShuUsonrg, Wis., writes. May
30. 1901: "I have been selling Ballard's
Horehound Syrup for two years, and
have never had a preparation that has
given better satisfaction. I notice that
when I sell a bottle they come back for
more. -I can honestly recommend it
35c, 50c, Jl.oo. Sold by Graham &
Our ladies fine shoes and oxfords at
$a, 3.50. 3.00, and 3.50 are the stiougest
lines we have ever shown.
Nolan & Callahan.
Chief of Police.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of chief of " police at
he coming city elcttaa; to Jbe held May
16,1904 and if elected will endeavor to
see that the laws are-enforced to the
best of my ability.
Lee Henkle.
Go to Zierolfs for fresh
Yaquina Bay
To Owners of Bulls.
Von are hereby notified not to permit
your bulls to come on my place.
A. M. Gray.
For Bale.
Fine shepherd puppies. Call or address
J. H. Edwards,
Look for the name Cronse 3c Brande-
ger on your spring suit.
Ole Rave Tor Sale
i New Spring Shirtwaists!
Every- garment shown is
strictly new and represents
the latest styles. Also the
best of materials and work
manship. Many different
styles in white and colored at
prices which can not fail to
please every one.
At 50c, 75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50
$2, $2.25 and 2.50.
We have just recieved one of the prettiest lines of
summer parasols ever brought to Corvallis. In white
Champaigne and fancy colors. At $1.50, $2.00, $2.50
$3, $3.50 and $4.
The different departments are crowded
with new and pretty things.
.. Regulator of Low Prices.
City Treasurer.
I announce myself a candidate for the
office of treasurer of the City of Corval
lis, subject to the decision of voters at
the next annual city election.
Wm, McLagan.
' Portland and Return.
only 13.00. The Soutnern jacinc is
now selling ronnd trip tickets to Port
land from Corvallis for $3, good going
Saturday p. m, or any train on Sunday,
returning Sunday and Monday giving
all day Sunday in Portland. Tbe5 same
arrangement applies from Portland giv-
all Portland people a chance to -visit
valley points at greatly reduced rates,
Tor Every Button that Gomes
off yew
during the first two months
of wear, we'll give vou Ten
Should a seam rip, we'll
give you One Dollar!
! Dutchess Trousers are made
the cream of the market's best
trouserings in all the neat fashion
able colorings and patterns. .
For Sale ay
Defiance seed wheat, and choice
baled -cheat hay at Corvallis
Flouring Mills.
Mohair and
price .aid.
wool. Highest market
Wm. Crees, Corvallis.
to the Voters of Benton County:
Acceding to the wishes of a large
number of patrons and . friends of our
public schools, I submit my name to the
voters of Benton county or,tbe office of
county school superintendent." v
Very Respectfully, --
. & I. Pratt
Philomath, Oregon, Mar. 7, 1904.
Seventh Day Adventists.
Will bold regular service at S, D. A,
Hall East Main street between Wash
ington and Adams streets each Sabbath
or Saturday, as follows: Sabbath school
at a p. m., Bible study 3 p. m.
Preaching as announced from time to
- ftev. P. J. Cole,
" . Pastor.
For Chief of Police.
I respectfully announce myself a can
didate for the office of cbiet of police of
Corvallis to be voted for at the annual
SMay elt etion. -.
W, G. Lane.
For Sale.
vetcn, speltz, ttmotny ana rye grass
seed. Poland China hogs, , Shropshire
sheep. One fresh milk cow, a - pair of
large geese, a pair of turkeys or trio,
two-horse feed power in 1 tinning order.
Timothy and vetch straw, bright from
barn. ; v
I,. 1 Brooks.
Just received the finest line of cloth
ing. We bought this from ' the best
manufacturers and every suit is guar
anteed. Call and see us for- clothing.
See our men's suit at $10, it is a marvel.
. Henkle & Davis.
Notice to Creditors,
Kollce is hereby given to ail person th&t the
underi-ipiTerl has teen duly appointed admin
lst run r o! the estate of Emily a. VI right, de
ceased, by the County t oort of the State of Ore-
.nn liir T-ta.riin I nimr. Alt tumwa h.nn
claims asalnpt eH eetMte of Emily A. M right, j
aewHi, re ni reuy reo.uii.ea 10 present tne
tame with the proper vouchers duly verified as
hy 1hw rtqviied wnhln six souths ot the date
hereof, to the undersigned at his home on
Beaver Creek or to C. W . Davis at hts office.
i Pinlfmatu, Benton Comity, Oregon. -Dated
Mnrch jS. WO. '
JOHN SI.WRTRHT. -Administrator
of the estate ot EmllyA
Wilghtdsotased .
Ulateb Tor It!
Opening of Ghipmah's New
New Room,
New Furnishings,
Everything Complete.
Will open next door to Small's in a short lime.
Look out for further announcements,
South Main St., Corvallis, Ore. -
Carbon, Platinum and Flatino Portraiture
Art Calendars, Sofa Pillow Covers,
And other Photographic Novelties.
Jop louijd Styos por Tei7
New Spring Style
Y& ) $3.50
' V JL Unexcelled in style, mater-
f 51 I ial and workmanship. Absolute-
y 1 ly guaranteed in every particu-
I lar. ,
Special in Men's Spring Suits.
Every : and in fact every thing in this
Stitch suit is perfect.
and it certainly does r-to try on one ofM!
good-bye tailor, and money saved.
and be convinced now!
Corvallis, Oregon.