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.0 Oifep utTBis'iEDi
( Jtoertfeeneiis in thtm-colonu - Mar
wpous ini raa par una. -
Wheat 73. ' -
Miss Eunice Garfield., i -again
1 rolled:" ' ' ' f ' '
in college
Zophar Tharp lelt yesterday
for his home near McMinnville. Hi
--Republican county convention
tomorrow; democratic, Saturday. '
i I
Buy your fishing tackle at
the Bicycle Hospital. - Large as
sortment just received.
Earl Patton of Halsey, a for-
mar OAC student is visiting friends
in Corvallis.
. i Miss Jessie Finley of Carlton,
arrived Sunday. . She is the guest
of Mrs. G. A. Covelt. . ,
Vaud Moore is leaving withjhis
family to occupy a farm recently
purchased in the Big Elk country.
Born in Kings Valley Satur
day, to Mr. and Mrs G. V. Johnson,
a daughter.
The service of Father Smith,
a Faulist missionaay, has been se
cured to. hold a mission in the
Catholic church in this citv in the
near future,
Albany Herald Miss Effie
Michael of Corvallis returned
home on yesterday's noon train af
ter a brief stay with friends in ' the
The room next door south of
Zierolf's has been leased by Dallas
parties who expect to open and con
duct a candy store. The plan is to
open the place sometime between
the 1st and 15th.
Revival meetings at the Church
of Christ continue indefinitely. The
interest continues to erow. There
have been a numper of conversious.
Subject Wednesday evening.' "The
Healing of a Leper."
He dia-TkrrtlCortanis RfesiflenMsiln
One Night No Clues. !
Thieves were abroad last Satur
day night, i and ' three; : Corvallis
residences were-vwiteailhe hose
of Seymour Simpson 'was entered
and many articles were taken.
There was a similar experience at
the home of Mrsi Espey. though
1 he main building was not entered.
The burglar entered the house of
WV E. Yates, but his presence was
discovered early in the game,-- and
the thiet fled without ; i securing
anything. The police have been
busy on the case, but are- working
without clues, and are much at sea,
with small prospect that the cap
ture will be effected.
' At the Simpson house, admission
was gained through the Iront door,
which appears to have been un
locked. Thence the thief passed
into other rooms,, carryiug off la.
bed spread, lace curtains, ; pillow
shams and other articles of the sort
found in a drawer. An overcoat
was taken, a pipe and tobacco, and
a 'number of knives and forks. From
one of the rooms a key was secured
to the fruit house, outside. Pass
ing through the kitchen door, the
iruit nouse was visited, and six
jars of fruit abstracted. The key
was subsequently found on the
walk between the fruit house and
the main building. The family
was not disturbed by the move
ments of the intruder, although the
house was thoroughly ransacked
At the Yates house, the thief
was less successful.. Entrance was
obtained through an unlocked door
and admission gained to the dining
room. W. E. Yates occupied an
adjoining room, the door to which
was open. He heard footsteps in
the other room, and turned on the
electric light at the head of his
bed. Bedlam at once broke loose
in the adjoining room, ; when the
thief made a dash to get away,
and collided with the stove. He
-James Flett is to leave Friday attempted another quick movement
for his home in the Five Rivers ??d th? b tmf the Mn
i f ,.t n ! j I Yates hurried out to save his house
UUllll J , 1U1 LUC SUUiillCIJ. . x uc uauu 1 r . , . . -
nam iorm disappear inrouga tne
' onen door. The incident harmen-
I A '.. . C J -1 1 O 1
family when school closes. raI!mS- ,
' The Espey house was visited
A subscriber hands in the fol- without awakening any of the
lowing for publication:. "The bpys family. There, however' the
who own hounds in the vicinity of j niaiu building wis ..not entered. A
Mountain V lew had better be more; small fruit bouse in the rear was I
careful about permitting them to visited, and the remains of a ham j
run doer. William Kiiolts beat the abstracted. Iu the woodshed the
do;;s off of one in the road by the1 overcoat, taken from the' Simpson
school house yeuterday, but the! hovse was left, it was found the
deer died in the evening. . j following day by Mrs. Espey, and
-Vocal solos by Miss Ethel Pierce I stored. the owner. It is sup
ami Sliss n.lna 'Alkn. and a drill ' P to have been left' there by the
that wielded the
to peel chittim.
accompanied by
Flett is ta be I
son Thomas,
For new-Telephone- System ia Corvallis
Something' Mor Abtiat the Plan':
Practically all the stock was subr '
scribed after an -hour's v canvass by
the committee Monday, or the new
company that it is proposed , lo orr
gamze tor the-, construction oj -an
independent telephone, .system , in
Corvallis.;. Committeemen Z. H.
Davis and A- J Johnson made the
canvass, and in but a . short- time
booked subscriptions, for 45 , shares
out of the required fifty, ; ihe plan
tor the tormation ot the company
is on the basis of the offer made by
Mr De Varney .of the Kansas City
company, it ulty tjorvauis citi
zens will take one share. . each of
the stock at $25 per share, aggre
gating $1,250 of the proposed . cap
ital. Mr, De Varney's comoany will
put in the rest of the money. , If at
any time daring 10 years the stock
holders so desire, they: can buy the
system at the cost: price, .plui six
per cent interest. Or, if , local
stockholders so desire, they can,, by
putting up the necessary capital,
own a majority of the stock at the
outset. The success in selling
stock is accounted by the 1 commit'
tee as very encouraging,- and belief
is strong that the outcome of the
movement will be a flourishing in
dependent system. '""..' ,
It is proposed by Mr. DeVarney
to install the express system of
phones, in which the taking down
of the receiver rings np the central
office. Only two phones are tojbe
on a party line. The mechanical
arrangement of the phones is such
that only the instrument of the
person wanted rings, The other
phone on the line does not ring,
and in consequence the person call
ed always knows that when his
phone rings he is the person want
ed. . The rates are to be the same
as those now in" vogue in the' pres
ent local system. . The , rates lor
switching for rural phones built
and maintained by farmers are to
be $1 to $2 per mouth per line, the
amount, to, be divided pro rata
among the phones on such line,
the switching to include switches
with the complete Corvallis system
or any other independent line. .
Among the stockholders who
have subscribed there is a strong
Ate Iris Breakfast-Rode iaJlis Seat-.
. ; A Traveler's, 8xperj36ce. JT
' President French of the Normal
school at Weston, was a Corvallis
visitor Sunday:' Heis making a tour
of educational - .institutions in-ithe
Willamette valley,: studying . the"
question of boarding halls for students.-
The enrollment at the Wes
ton normal is 125."
The following curious incident
happened last year while President
French traveled in Eastern-Oregon.
He was i enroute from- Heppner to
John Day,. .., When he registered, at
the Heppner hotel, the clerk at once
showed him great consideration tak
ing him to the best room in the
house. Next morning. muchto the
surprise of the guest, the same unu-
sal attention' was manifest. Ah early
Lbreakfast especially prepared was
all ready for him in order that he
might catch the stage. ..JThe travel
ler was immensely pleased at the
treatment and was delighted again
when the stage drove lip at
the door and he was informed that
he was to have choice of the seats.
He selected a seat by the drive and
much flattered by all this considera
tion, the trip for the John Day
began. :
. A few miles out of town a buggy
driven at a furious rate overtook and
passed the stage. A man in the
vehicle glared at French as the bug
gy passed. : This man stood on the
platform of the stage station . when
the coach pulled in. "Say, is your
name French," he said, as .French
alighted for a moment while the
horses were being changed.1 "Yes;
that's my name, thank you" was
the response. Well, French, is my
name also, and I wired the Heppner
hotel people to reserve me a room
and provide other conveniences. You
occupied my room last night, you
ate my breakfast this morning, you
are riding in my seat now, and I am
hurrying on to Portland to reach
my wife, before you do.
All over the store the new Spring things!are crowd
ing in.; swiftly : turning the perfect Winter store into a
perfect Spring and. Summer' store. - -
New Arrivals: riis ;
Finale to a Raid Made by the Corvallis
Police Force. : -
j ' 'A sensational raid made a couple
j of months ago by Corvallis police
I on the confectionery store of Small
sentimsnt in favor of acquiring a 1 & Son had its sequel in the circuit
majority of the stock at the outset. 1 court Monday, morning. The, raid
It is the purpose of the committee j is still fresh in the minds of Corval
as soon as further arrangements i lis people. A stud poker game was
are completed to can a meeting or , m progress,
by 12 .veiling ladies in "Miss'',Cratv
I real thief ia crde
to set up a
foxd-i department at the college, con-j
stituted the programme at a meet
ing of the Coffee Club Mouday'after !
noon. The clnji is to give a dancing
party Satarday'evcnh'g.
There was A searcii along Main
street Monday for a suitable room
for a shoe store. ' The searcher was
Elden Irving one of the proprietors
of a big store of the kind in Salem.
The best room that was available
.was one of the wooden ' structures! - - ,.,;'r,:,' :-v' v '
south of. Harris' store;. , There isj" : zBLi t;' a-.', .j ,.,
some talk that it mav be occupied ! v-4t U ADlet.- ..
for that purpose, ' . - : ! . ,','!, legnlar servica'at S, U.A,
; Hah Eaet Main street hetween Wash-
No guaranlee goes with this j spgton and Adams street 'each- Sabbath
tale: A man in town the other day ; or Saturday, as follows; .Sibbatb school
said: 'I know .where Creffield i?: : at 2 v. m.. TiiMn stn , m. .
Preacljing as an'noonced from Same to
Rev, P. j. Cole',
The police have bill one slender
fact on which to b?se a theory. It
H i! el Bufficieut to be called a clue.
A small foot track outside one of
the hou?es visited, might have been
made by the boot of the burglar.
It appears to be in s ze, a number
five and a half or six, and from the
stiarp. contour of .the heel ... ' would
; seem to have beeu made !jy a rub
ber boot,:- . ) . .-::'.
all the gambling devi
ces fell into the hands of the officers,
and Charles Small was arrested for
i conducting the game. At the pre
( liminary examination, nearly . all
ithe players gave direct testimony
, concernicg the character of the game,
i and Charles . Small was bound over
j to the circuit court."; 1 : .
the sequel occupied a iew mm
Officers Everywhere on th
for the Bagus Apostle. .
.'''There . is appafentiv a hunt ftU
over Oregon for J-sb. Creffield. The ut of time snortly after the open-
sheriff's oihee m this city is-. Ire- jnsr- Gf COIlrt Mondav morninsr.
Beautiful Wasb .Goods '
Exquisite Spring Silks
Taffeta 'and Fancy Ribbons
Fancy Lace Hosiery ' '
Black Dress Goods
Plain and Fancy Veilings
New AUover Laces
Ladies' Belts, Latest styles
New Sorosis Petticoats
New Spring Trimmings
New Kid Gloves.
We are showing this Spring a larger and better stock
than ever before.- At the first opportunity make a tour
of this store and you will find many beautiful things
to admire, at
'.'." ,! " Regulator of Low Prices.
Now is the time to think about
Cbat Pair of eyeglasses
You were to treat your eyes to. Goto
' to me and I will fit your eyes, g'larai tee
the fit, .and will be here from 7 to 8 to
make good my guarantee.
The Jeweler and Op 'jck'ii.
Close at 6 p. m. except Saturday?. -
V'-iJV zz t ?a yr rrrt .. v z t - ... wlt.i .
qdently phoned for ' descriptions of
ntm. csuca a message..-,
Salem yeste?day and another
Tudce Katnilton called thecasel
Tr?'i? after the iiiclict'iient had been re?-1
- -' South Main St., Corvallis,' Ore. .
but I don't dare tell. . He is in hid.
ing wfthin nine miles of Corvajlis.
A line drawn from Corvallis to the
spot where he is, would be in the
direction of Philomath. .That is
all I can tell."
Flag? are turner! up
boxes on R. F. D. route
are otherwise interfered
turning up cf the flags on
V.tid mail
number 2
with., The
boxes in
Albany. The. Ji'oo. deposited wtvh : defendant and off-' V'tf 1 1
the shenU tO- tsa paid to', tae man t : -J.i- ' ? V ' ' 1 ' v
that enures , isattracuve, aud - -s WJudgJ 0' AJHLEflC'
the hiding fugitive must , b. ' ' ' l . : ' ': "
He will Ceirtaih
Cai-borj , Platinum and Platino Portraiitire
ly fall into t&e,.haodj 1 -u' oii
tl,-. ftffirer Besides sendtr . .' . ? . "7
, . , ,, . . irp aaartss .urging me. tact, .tiiat theiv
rat pictures ot iw ; m,guS appsn psentas the first .DSense, Sand3
Sheriff Burnett placed; descnptioB'S asked letlimcy be tobserved : in ;
of him in tiie hands of : officers fey- sentence. Mr. Small then
erynere. ?e Pirar "?uis i stoodup, and the court quietiy an-'
a fine of $100 and costs. -v;It is : tsti-
';ArCCaiendars:;;!S6fa ; Pillow Covers,
And other Photographic,' Koveltios.. ;
"There has been issttPd f rom the
county.'a warrant rfer the" 'arrest of
Edmund Creffseid, .who is described
as b-eicg abotit 30 years old, very
ght complcxioried, white hair, j
which there is no matter to be co1
lected, makes needless bother "
the carrier. It is believed t
persons who do the mis'-' 'e
known. A term in t' ate
tiary is the penalty, 'petiiten
is likely to get it ociicbody
the Nov 'case goes over to
affid" cfiber'term of xotirt. An
w! . , by defendant says two
ifesses are in Lincoln county
-.9ud tbat another rs believed to. be
sdreewhere in Malheur county, and
thai all are material to his defence
3y them he hopes, hesays. to prove
. tbatjj's vittito was Dorn in May
T 887, and.' that tueretore . she is
above the aee of consent. The
prosecution maintains that she was
born in Way, ibab. .
. . , News of the death of A. J. Bur
uougii, former student at OAC is
expected in Corvallis at any time.
He attended college two years and
was a student again this year up to
x the holiday vacation when he went
; to his home at EUrin. Recent news
is that he was operated upon for an
attack of appendicitis, that the op
eration was a failure, and. that the
patient was fast sinking.' He is a
brother of I,ouis Burnough the well
known athlete.
For Sile. '
etcb, spel'iSi tunothy and rye gtass
-iMid China hogs. Shropshire
One fresh milk cow, a pair of
d!. Sreese. a pair of turkevs or trio, a
cwo--horse feed power in lunning order.'
TCitaothy and vetcV straw bright fWfai
barn. ' .
'.I!.. Broofe.
Portland and ReHurn.
Onlv S-;.oo. The Southern Pacific is
now selling ronnd trip tickets to Port
land from Corvallis for f$, good ' going
Saturday p. m, or any train on Sunday,
returning Sunday and Monday giving
all dav Sunday in Portland. ' The same
arrangement applies from ' Portland giv-
all Portland oeoolo a chance to visit
valley points at greatly reduced rates.
I White wry&kers, unless smooth!
shaven, Y;hich .he is very likely to
be at'pfeseut; weight about 135,
heigfet 5 feet 6 m., wears 54 shoe;
haE good black suit, but ' ', may be
Wearing brae colored blouse "with
belt run through it: also wears
brown legeins. He is sure to have
a Bible under his arm or in his
pocket There has been deposited
with me Si 00. to bepaia to tne per
son or persons who arrests jLret-
field. M. P. Burnett, sherm ' Ben
ton county." ,
mated that the costs will - aggregate I
in. the neighborhood cf ' S140,; mak
ing the amount of th-e penalty about
i $240.
The secmel shows that gambhng
is an expensive business in Corvalr
lis. Public sentiment here is bitter
ly opposed to it, and men who : un
dertake to conduct games are sure to
get into trouble. r u : . . :
'.':' Upholstering. .
lounges, Couches, Desks, i Folding
Beds, Etc., made to order. Particular
attention given to special orders and xe
Dairin!i. fAll work' .guaranteedt.'''; One
door south pf R. My'Wade's, Main street.
. Chief of Police.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of chief of ' police at
he coming city election to 'be held May
16, 1904 and if elected will endeavor to
see that the laws are enforced ; to ; the
bestof my ability.
. . - Lee Henkle.
' For Sale.
67 acres farming land, six 'miles from
Corvallis, one mile of railroad and school
on comity road with mail route, -. well
fenced, running water, no bcildirigs,
price $ 2,000. Address owner,
Howard Bicknell,
Corvallis, Ore.
c'd J
8 .1 :. ...., -.,! ; .. , : :-.:: . . 1.1
I ; -ins r: ' T ':iJ! --T- J S I
i V ! 1 : if I - t-i J I I
I V S W . ff W rffc ir in w a w w mm v i m
" Spring Opening. ..
Fine display of trimmed hats,
latest styles in trimming and milli
nery novelties, Tuesday, March
29 and 3b. You are cordially invi
ted to call and inspect, ; . ' '
Mrs- C. A. Gould.
!' " - ' ' ! ' . Corvallis, Oregon,
' ' ' For1 Sale,' ' ' ;'
.:.!: -i V- .-. r, iK;' hf,i . ...
. . Poland. Chinaboar., , ust , months old
subject to register. ; . ; ; I i : .' 1
, .. :-,..-.' Alfred Bicknell,
5 miles north of Corvallis.. . ; .
Notice to Creditors
Matter of the Estate
- of
William Groves, dec
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed the ex-,
... r .inn; -
ecutnx 01 tne estate 01 w 1111am woyes,
deceased, by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Benton County and
has qualified. All persons having claims
against saiu estate are nereDy notinea
to nresent the same to the undersigned
at the office of W. S. McFadden. First
Nat'l Bank building in the City of Col-1 fiofcsri;. are hereby requlied to present the
:i; ii ti My Spring Display... s.-ftjv, f
' My.spiin'g display; of 'fine '"hillinery of
goods'will be ready'for' your inspection
March ottit ihsiead of March 25th, ii it
rains pitchfork points foremost..' ; .7'.'
": ;'. ' ::; Mrs. J. Mason.' -
1 Kolice "to Creditors. ' ': .
' ' ; I '-'--!
Notice is kerety given to an jxrsons that the
trnders-iEeJ has been duly appointed' admin-li-t
mtur of the esUte of Emily A. tl right, de
cepse l, ty ihe County Court of tbe Btateof Ore
eon, for i en ton Count v. - All Dersona havinpr
claims as'slnst said estate of Emily A. Wright,
vallis in said County, duly verified with
in six months from the date hereof.
Dated March lo, 1904.
Emma K. Groves, ;
Executrix of the Estate of William
Groves, deceased. ...
BRme wita the TjToner vouchers duly verified as
toy law reqvired within fix souths ot the date
hereof, to the. undersigned at his home on
Beaver Creek.or to CW. Datis at hts orSoe.
in Pnllomath, Benton County, Oregon. ;
Dated March 23, 1904.
Administrator of the estate of Emily -Wright,
To Gentlemen:
Do you wish to ctcose from an elegant line
of NeHee Shirts, in plain, colored, figured, and
open work,for Spring wear ? Come in and" see
a large assortment at :"
75c. $I.OO, $i;25, $1.50.
: "Seeing is believing." ,
, We are clpMng out, bur. All Wool Underwear
-f at cost. K !' ' . i .. . . .
$1.50,LamD's;Wboi;tfaAQuaIity;for..:.:.. $1.22
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I Bargains also in Men's
A complete new line
Hats in all styles. i
and Boys' Clothing,
of , Men's "Kingsbury'
Corvallis, Oregon.