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,The Coming3 and Goings of People,
S'xual Gossip Personal Men-,
- 'tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
J E. .T. Oarr:iw left Wfd-jesrfav for
f hla place of basines near GazeH,
I- Calif. .
Vra. Bar. Glibert of Salem, '"- ar
rived Thursday apd Is tbe guest of
I MIos Ed' a Irvine.
i MU9 Helen Btelwer rf Jeffiraon,
J days wltti Corva'li9 friends.
J Waia Malone, the A lata mer?h--;
ant, paoaed -through ' to7n Wdnee
day enroute to - Portlacd, to make
epring puribasee. -
' 5Iina Lot-tit), wbo has b(en
i f -r suae time at the badaida of ler
1 brother E-lwin, left Wedoesc'av for
j hfr bome'lu Portlacd.
Jns. Garriw arrived this week
for a few 1 itt'd visit wi'b his
j -Joe ) located wit1) hi father at the
' Mofilr. Creek, Calif jruia ew:nills. '
,j MrJ Mitura Kkjef has bfen el-
cted by the- Corva lis Lidy Macci-
'J bees to attend the f-tite convent ion,
of tbe frdi r which meets in Portlacd,
7 Apttl 22ad.
The- Fmacratio centra! commit-
' tee is cfillsit to uioet iu tbn coutuy
j- couit room a' 11-15 tor'av. Its bust
:. ness will be t fix the I'aes f i rrlm-
aries a'd convention, aof to' provlrre .
3 for the precinct rerraseoiEtiiR.
, Th' re la a erootj eI of tearing
up about tbo ui!dl"g owner! by Mr. I
. Small anil r'nemlv occupied an a
shooting cad. rv. Ther n'e url ubt
edly noo'e lmprDvprnanta to bs tiiide.
but the r extent ha-i n' t been given
Ao alarm cil'ol out tbe oVpatt
trjeit Thursitap. 'f h:i oecvt-o irai a
en a'l Maze between the cilins and
fO'.f of the kltchea ot J.'W. rd's
houfe t t'blr l street. . A pjriiou of
' the ctillng va torn a tray and tbe
fire ex'iagulu- d V its inoipieocy wkb
a ea'den hpae. Tbe damage was
' nomii al.
Fred Cameron, who h".s ao ex
tensive relationship in this s'ate,
di'd in In ramie, Wye, March 4, from
tbe elT-crs of a'l rperrtiiuD f -r nppf"n-dlelti-'.
, H-) wtU 35 yec'ri i f aze. D?
teaieci wai m phew of J". M. Caiufr
on arJ A. Cairn ron of this rity, and
the Lira'ule Eewhliean sp--aks in
bluh prnls-6 nf the youni? mauV- qal-
ities of manhood ard ci ' zetiehlp. .
An utikaowa ci lza was the ob
j jct of an attnck with etUe egjjs Tue
day nighr. Tbe ftffair happened on
the street in the viciol'y of Widlwm
Moore's hime, and tbe f illowlna;
moruinc tYe remains of the epgs scat
tend aloo tne waik were runte evld
nca i f whr. had hHpnned. Neither
,the purpof of tbe attaetj nor the
ideality ('f tiio assailauts ls'known.
Th? mittili season is on in. full
b'at, and ther Ht-etns to be cot suffi
cieut dayllaht for tbe boys to aii?fy
thelr linieinas f jr the game. In this
stress of i-iruum-tance the arc lights
recently installed prvel a great re
lief and added spyf ril hours per day
to the time whlefi may ba daof)d ca
the pattlaip. Tae sloppy, condition
oftbestre:8 is. the onlyjhlndranoe,
but any evening af er -a f iw h an
sunshine, an exoi'e 1 throng of players
mayTbij aeeu In the g:arj of the ate
lights. " "
AmoDs other who Attended the
fioseodorf ftinernl was Ed Hir3chter,
who was f r ev r 1 years eaiployd
.tn the Bt " e t f th- 1 ite Jacab Senders
;ln the Fi-ibei-building. That wai iu
ithe days of Auli La'g Syn,' and bis
j visit r-ra'led several incidents to old
Jtimer. "K I had te (lfr, rte'e
would I ae teen a fide" which Tit le
Ed oti'd wbei be ht-aid that a tda:
teitfzen ami ids employer bad t e -n in a
mild fraeai. is an incident tbHt ' ba-J
be"n manv times told ard retold as a
(result of Mr. Hirsehbe.-RVt visit. The
' Jattc- is n w eugajfd in busiuess nt
Iudcpei deuce. " t :
J A resolution adopted by the eUy
j council Monrtay ciabt, fixes S85a the
limit to be a'lowed f.r aireJt light
ning. The renoludja recites tba"- the
: financial oocditiju of tbe city, rendwa
Mt unwite for the council to 'allow' -a
- grtater expenditure than tt,e figur
named. The distributer! t f tte lichts
is in tre hands c f tte street commir-
tee, and in the rt-adjustm?ut of the
system tbe number of applicants for
' lights is Wicii ths limit
. plactd at SS5 the ci.mmi'.tee is te
, str!c;ed In Its epera'.iona aad cannot
t wiili the means at bamt. tatU'fy ev
ery iipplicant. )' ' " '
"No." said Heurv D-ma to the
miQ who was souudiog him on the
rural telephone question. ! tkit.k I
don't wantanv tel-phore eonnecli c.s ar
mv farm. Wheal rhlit t- a nai I
like to see bow be bats M ef-.- 1
know from the way te d es' tht
whether he Is telltug the truth or cot.
And If, in 'the conver-"!ioo, I should
call him a liar I sbouid v-Uh to all r-l
bim the only aaiiefiction a Wetet?rn
aan cares for. But my greatest ob
jection tp. rural phones is that tley
out out a gocd many of a fellow's ex
cuse! for going to town. Rural mall
delivery operates the same ?;ay, f
anything mere so. No, I would rath
er have a good.road, and It I wanted
anything iu town I could go af er H.
That's what I would fcave to di ft)
the lor-g ruD, anyway."
Miss Emma 8rx has been elect' d
to the chair ot music in Albany .-College.
' ' ' ' . ."
Brnce Burnett left yesterday for
his borne at Fall i City after a brief
business tdp to OorvallK ".
Topics at ths ContrregatlcnBl
chtcb Sunday morning : "The Goepel
acoonilne tu Matthew;' evening,
"China and Manouurla." .
Roy Matley came home Sunday,
aud has been quite ill since his arrival.
He has been employed at ths Union
experiment station for a considerable
time. - - -.; ,
' Mrs. T. WelUhrr is recovering as
rspirtly as possible from, tbe effects ef
a fall in which sbe sustained a fractur
ed limb. She is now able to go about
on crutches and perform a share of
her household duties.
Tbe well-known ' cirma, "Down
in -Maine," was given by local talent
ia Aitisaos Hal) at Wells, Monday ev
ening. The Granger orchestta of five
pieces assisted in the entertainment,
and a big crowd was present.. The af
fair was highly successful.
Papers have been i-sued from the
probate court to F. P. and Oregon
Clark for the legal ediptlon of Don
ald Willey, aged three years. Tbe child
In to bear tbe name of Donald ClarH.
The father is a resident of Portland,
aud his consent is among tbe papers.
Ia the estate of Jamee Watklnp,
'ilatlnda E. .Watkins has ' filed her
bond as administrattix. Ths amount
is S3.500 and tbe sureties are Marinda
E. Watkins; Nathan and Albert Wat
kins, A. J. L. Cator aoft J. P. G. Hen
derson. The appraisers are E. Skip-
too, William Eunaon and Enos Conger.
Tbe revival services at tbe church
of Christ continue 'to grow in interest.
Subject tonight, "Christ, In Prophecy."
Saturday, ''Sowing and ReRplng;"Suo
duj raorulofr, "The Lord's Day -acd
IieHSOO fr Obiirving It;" Sunday ev
ening, --'Can I be a Christian Outside
the Churcl ?" The meetiiiga will eoc-
tlnue indefinitely'. ' t
Thursday evening at Odd Fellows
hall tbe Rdh f Corps, agisted by' the
G A. R., eotertaiutd in bgraor of Mrs:
J. E. CronK, who recently retuinetd
from tbe East, aud Mrs. E.E Wilkios,
who is preparing to make her home
elsewhere. There was a lsrge assem
bly and many were the expressions in
dicating the high esteem iu which
these ladifs are held by tbe coips
meaibersiiip. . '
. The frllowing deeds have been
fil-.'d for feeord since Monday : Mar-
garet'a Hodcs to Clemens Hodes, one
lot In Dixon's sd iitlon, 5700; John W.
Brumfi Id to W. H. Smith, a lot in
block 27, Philomath, .8500; Charles
Tuoinpsou and wife to Almina 3. Rob
inson, 80 acres, 81300; Mary E.- and
Ida Elliott to Ada Elliott, an interest
in Elliott estate, $300; Frank Dlnges
and wifa to E. E. Wilson, 220. actes
near Monroe, 8100. "" ,v :: ;
George J. Pearce, president of the
R. M. Wade Hardware Company was
in Corvallis Wednesday and arraoged
wlib Hi race Lilly to aFSUOie themnn-
aaement of tbe company's business in
i his city. Mr. Lilly ba been connect
ed with the Cot vallia . branch about
three years and a haif, aud bis capa
bilities in a general way and extensive
acquaintance in tis fitdd, are clrcuni-K
stances whiehi render the selection
wise one. . ' '
. Portland, March 16. The Ore
go; in sayp; A plan is now under
consideration by the Southern Pa
cific officiaia to improve the train
service over the West Side liner
The details of the plan have not
been completed, but it is uudmtood
that th y contemplate the addition
of another train that will operate
from the terminus to, Portland in
the evening and back in the morn
ing, thus givicg an e?xtra jt'aio each
way every day, H I ,
: Rumors Michf an Jmprove
naent was being contemplnttd have
been current forsoie time, but all
reports have bsen denied by the of
ficial. However. it"has been learn
ed' f'om ; an' : authoritative source
that the rumor, which lias been
more persistent than ever of late, is
COJtfcOt. , , 'f ,.
Ju;t' when the 'extra train will
he pat into service has not yet been
decided, but it is thought that it
will be running before the succBier
is oyer. p , ,
Vaacouver, B. C, March, 15.
Ten thousand horses for the Japan
ese army will be purchased within
the next ten mootbs in Eastern Or
egon and Washington.- The con
tract for the supply of these -remounts
have been awarded to Dr.
Armstrong, of Nelson, B. C,
through the consulate in this city.
The ajreeoaent specifies that 1000
acimals per months be delivered,
and ibis will make ten months be
fore its expiration. The price is not
oientiooed, but it is needless to state
the quality of ihe horses will ba of
the best ; in fact; the announcement
has been made here that none other
will be accepted. Some of the horses
will be procured from the ranches
n ar Kamloops, B. C, and ether
poiuts in the interior of the prov
ince, but by far the greater majori
ty wilt be purchased from the breed
ers in Eastern Oregon and Wash
ington, where the e train ia better,
ami where good borst shave been
bred ' gre at care for many years
Philomath has -Many T&iew Tele -
phones Discussing Local Op
tion There News From -Monroe.
, Philomatri. Ore. March 17. Last
week, Mr. Merrill of .. Albany "rand
Mr. Albin were busy putting in the
locil telephones. The 'following
now have phones. .The hotel,, the
depot, Moses Bros, store, Clark's
rtore-Pugh's harware, Amhlerand
WatterB Ke,al Estate off ce, Dr Log
gaa residence and Dr. Newth's
residence and office. More ' telepho
ces will be established soon.
- Mr. Vanblaricorn lias contracted
to run a-delivery wagon every after
noon to deliver goods for the follow
ing merchants: Pugh, Hill &.Son
Scott & Pcgsley-nd J. E. Henkle.
' Rev. Snyder, lectured at the col
lege chapel Monday eventcg on the
subjsct of local option an4 prohi-.
bition. .
Mrs. A. andvE. Newton have
bought out Mr. Broick who intends
to mpve to Portsaod. '
The Philomath public -school
will close March 25th with appro
priate txercises. : . . -L
Bjrn Mrch i4!hto Mr. and. Mrs
J. A. Archibald, a daughter. -r. v
The blacksmith shop baa changeri
hands, i : , :
: At Monroe.
J. H Starr and wife and Mies
Desste Linder of Junction caine
down Sunday and visited with C.
B.lstarr and family until Tuesday.
The waters of the Long Tom were
high again on Monday and Tues
day. ' .''
The Monroe mills are closed
down on account of high water.
j,..., ... , (
J. R. Dennis and wife are toon
to reside at Junction City.
'- .. - :. ' " - '
W. C. Belknap catnexdown . from
his sawmill Sunday. ;
At Philomath.
Rev. R. D. Snyder of P.rtUnd
was in town Sunday and Monday.
Mr. Snyder" was here in the interest
ofiha Local Option , law. .Sunday
afternoon he lectured . about "The
Eighth Wonder of the World," and
Monday night "Econoaiio WaBte.''
Boih meetings were well attended.
'13 E, Finley, assistant iu-tbe
bir-ness department of Philomath
C-it ege was called borne. Thursday
oti --I -count of the seri.uj illness tf
hii father. f ii ,
!he winter term of the Col'ege of
P.;-omath-olo-ed Friday March fS
A'- interestice progtam wss ren-
de'id by tne mus;ca! ar d elouution
ar department of the school. 1
j.The tetchers -ind. parents -meeting
waih. was to be , he'd March
19th has been postponed until April
9th on accouot ofpreparatious for
the closing exercises of , the public
SChOOl. t ' . ' 'j, -. I V
Ah entertiiDment w?s given . in '
tbe Brick cbapel Thursday evening
by the musical and" physical"'-cul-.
ture Vlepartments of Philomath Col
lege. The program, cohsfeted of.
vocal and ; instrumental "' , music,'
dumb bell drills, Indian " club
swinging, etc. '.
. ' IXSIONH. :
..See Nolan & Callahan's
gtins for March, : i
special Jbar-
- 'Notice.
Wanted, a man to do
general farm
work. Apply to James
Oregon.- - - J
Herron, Bruce,
TT D. Campbell has taken charge of
the Benton County Lumber yard near
the S. P. depot. Will furnish building
buy. -
SefrMr. .Campbell before you
Fine new stock of GUNS; SPORTING GOODS
Stock of 6. Bodes at Bid Bargain
"Seattle, March 16 The most se
vere earthquake Shock, ever experi
enced -in -the North wet t rocked'
buildings in Seattle - tonight and
drove frightened wo lenacd chil
dren into tne street. '- v
Patients in the hospitals leaped
from their cots in terror. , On the
upper floors of the tall business
bloeks bookcases swayed to and fro,
crashing it. to tbe walls , with a re
port that could be beard in adioia-
ing rooms. , Business men worki fg
late ruaQfcQ irom intir ounces along
floors that tose and fell with the
motion of a vessel at sea in a storm.
The disturbance was felt in other
Northern towns with practically the
same violence. At Tacoina, Everett,
Bsllingbam, Victoria, Porf-Towns-
end, Port Attgeles and tbe smaller!
towns of the Northwest, buildings
were shaken, windows ra tied, dore
bureted opan and irightened people
impelled to flee Irotn their house?.
The shipping ou the Sound felt the
disturbance and people on the boats
were disturbed. ,
There were two shocks, the first
light, but the. second of violent force.
In Seattle they seemed to pass at
8:18, p. m. from east to west, Taco
.ma and Snohomish reporting a sim
ilar movement of the earth's crust.
Further north the shocks parsed
either from northeast to north wett
or from north to-eotitb, and Ton tbe
weet fide tyro reports insist that the
movement was from west t-j east.
Reports from North Yakima and
points in ths southwestern . part of
the state show the earthquake was
not felt there.' - , ' ;
In Seattle .the shock was se
verely in the residency -districts.
On tte hills people deserted their
homes when the shock began rat
tling windows and moving furniture,-
excejt 'a rare, instances the
people were easily quietsd. Ia the
large apai taienf- hou'ies and family
hotels those iivtng : o.u- Ahe upper
floor ran to tbe lower; corridors to.
escape tbe ri cking sensation above
that produced nausea, i '
At (he church of Immaculate
Conception a. woman in the gallery
became hysterical. and screamed
loudly. - Tbe' congregation-, stam
peded, but the crowd was : easily
quisled. At" other : churches the
people were not disturbed, . and
startled theatre crowds were pre
vented from leaving their seats.
The severity' of . the -shock was
char,sct?riz.-d by Csptsin 'W..H.
Fergnson, who has traveled exten
sively on the equator, -as the moet
severe he tari ever experienced. , '
Poitlaud, March 16. The Jour
nal say si ; Mrs. Frances" Hoy Grif
fin. . idd est ' dsuahter of ' United
Sta es Senstor. Jobn H. Mitchell of
Ores' n, died lapt midoiabt. iri New
York Oily from shock f llowing a
suriicil operation. Th firtt news
of , her death ran recei ved this morn
ing by Colonel David M. Daane,
collector of intrtal revenue and a
warm personal friend of the ter.a
tor and, his . family. The funeral
will' take place in - Wasluhgtoh, D;
)., Fridav. ffm the reduence of
"M'-s. Hindy, sipter-in-Jaw of .Mr?
(jrrimo." Senator Mitchell wes at
f 11 a hedside whfjf she m.sMl "anvN
He will convey the body to Wash
iugton Thursday taiiri ii.g. .'
Mrs. tjriui;i wa 41 years ot age
arid was born us Por'lic'u. She re
ceived her edtic-ition iri thchoo!s
of this city and in v t hingt jd'
She leaves a husband and, twosons,
The ' senator's wife is in - Faris,
"Fi-ance, wi'.b , her daughter, the
Duchessc de Rochefoucauld. Oth
er members of the families are Mrs
W. O. Chapman of Tacoma, Wash;
Jcbn U. Mitcneli, Jr., of a'. Pau
Mr? . J. P. Faucett of, Carton,. Ohio,
and .'First LiehteDartt Hiram E
Mitchell is attfttched to the Twenty
sixth battery, held, artillery,
tioned at Vancouver barracks, but
is in Washington 00 a sick leave
a irV Ia.p.'
' Mrs. GriHiu was first married Xo
Mr. Handy Pofl-ind..' , He .3i?d,
in tbiA 91 ty about 10 years' ago.; She
married Roiunt. Hembold. who
died - in 1S97.' About a j'par ago
she ma'iried Francis Hojt Griffia,
a'prOTQinent New Yorkf alt jrney.
Her.two childreo Mittheli, seed
lg aud Hobert, sged 18 years
were sons of hr 'rsf hutbaod.
" ;Tbe death of 'Mr5-. Griffio . is re
ceived as a severe shock by her
many frieudsTn Portland. She
tvss a close friend of Mrs Joseph N.
Teal.. . ;:--
Go to Zierolf's for fresh Yaqnina Bay
ovsters -. . ' ;
Lumber and Building Llaterial
From now on we will keep in stock a
Full Cine of Buiiaina Euntben
We have arranged with the. Curtis Lura-
. ber Co. to handle their lumber at Corra.1
' - - lis. We are now prepared to offer Spe
cial Prices on a large stock of material. '
Gentral Plaiting Mills '& Box PaGtory.
goodxbargains in stock,
Ranches, write for oar. special list, or come and m
r see-us. We shall take pleasure in giving you all e
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country.
:'" Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance, ' 5
' Corvallis and Philomath, Or. ,f
-.-.' ...
Real Estate Co.
You have come from the laud of ice and
And you dont know just where you want
'o k; .
You have not yet run short of cash .
And yon want to invest so as not to
smash. 1
Perhaps your'e a farmer want someone
. to show
Where the largest aiid best crops un
failingly grow :
And tell and assure yon exactly where
You will surely be dealt wittt jaet and
lair, : -..-'.;
Where they- will not try to cheat and
beat you, ,'.
If you arerearnestly trying to purchase a
home - '
jnst call at the officerf White & Stone.
On Main street. Corvallis, they will be
- lound . - .. v
Always ready and willing to "show you
. . around; .,- . "
If you would be used very nice and po
lite, . '..:".-
Yoa e,hould make tbe acquaintance -of
iS. 5. White. '
LWe are certain to please with the farms
to ne snown
By our gentlemanly eoliciicr H. M.
; Stone. ' . . .
Th ey will tell you where the best prunes
' iita .-' .
Thev have-been in the business and
surely know.
And where to grow fine grain, but if
dairyincr you would try
Thev cun tell vou l'nst where a fine
ranch to buy. .
They do your business, deal in city
lands . - -
And the renting of. houses- is in . ' their
, hands.-; - , , ,.
So when you come here, a stranger and
alone, ;
Just Call at the office of White & Stone
"" . Notice of Final Settlement,
, Notice is hereby gived that the under
signed, administrator .of the . estate of
Lina Neugass, deceased, with will as
nexed, has filed in the County Court of
the State of Oregon for Benton County
his final account as the administrator of
said estate afid that Saturday the 9th
day of April 1904, at the hour w f ten
o'cloek a. m. has been fixed by said court
4; r 1 : r "i..-: .
i re?" -ana me.setMemeoc tnereo1-
!"". . ' : ... . "JACOBS.- .
Administrator of the Estate of Lina
Neugass, deceased.
; .E'Holgate": :;-
Stenography and .typewriting done. ,;
Cf5ce in But rfett brick Corvallis.' Ore
;i'i -. ' .
h. G. ALTMAN, M. 1.
.Ffntnpnnathist . "
Office cor 3rd ond Monroe ets. Kwl
' drtoca cor 3rd - and -HarrlMOD . etf .
Hours 10 to 12 A. M; 2 to 4 and 7
rn g P V Stirifluss 9 t.n 10 A M
Phone 315. ' i ' ,
E. Bryson,
Attorney At-Lcuw,
.'. . ,.- .' , '.-'.-. v
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson- streets. Hoars 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 P- m. Orders may be
left at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
grain, fruit and poultry
Willamette Vallej
Banking Company.
Responsibility, $100,000
General Banking
Exchange issued payable at all finan
cial centers In United States, Canada
od Europe.
Principal Correspondents.
PORTLAND London & Sao FrancincoBank
taunted; iJauauiaii Sank ot Commerce.
SAN FRANCISCO London & San Francis
co l5anlc Lainined.
NEW TORlt Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LONDON, ENG. London Ss San Francisco
lank Limited.
Francisco Bank Limited.
Administrator Sale ef Real Property
In the matter of the estate of lane Elizabeth
Fisher, deceased. r
Xotice Is hreby given tht under and pur
sunut to nn order o Fale made by the County
t;ou:t of trie State of Oregon for Benton County,
on the llth day of March. 1904. iu the above en-
-tl'Ifd uiJitrer, the undarsigued, as administra
tor. w:tn m will annexed oi said esrate ot jane
Elizabeth Fisner, deceased, will from and after
Monday, theiSth day of April, 1904.
proceed to ell, at private sale, to the highest
bidder, for c-ah in b.mri, subject to continua
tion by said-Court, all of the following aescrib
td real proierty towit:
BegiuniuKaca point 37 chain? east ot the
southeast comer of the northwest quarter of
southeast quarter of section 20, T. 11 ti. R. 5 W.
and run 'bence north CO chains; ihence
east 2.50 chains; thence north 30 chains; thence
east to tbe West line of the donation laud claim
of Philip Mulkey, Not. no. 9t in t. 11 8. R. 5 W. ;
thence south, to a point 9.50 chains south of the
northeast corner of donation land cIhIiil of J. C.
Roberts, Not. No. 940, same Tp; and R.: thence
uorth 26 degrees 36 minutes, west 10.62 chains to
a point 4.7.") chains west of said northeflst corn
er of stdd Roberts claim; thence west to the
place of beginning. Also lot 10i!i section 22,
ana lots 1. 2. 3, 4. and b in section 21 T. 11 S.R.
5 VV., ex ept therefrom the following, beginning
at apfint 50 links east of the southwest corner
of Mtid lot 5 and run thence north 4.00 chains;
thence dotith 7-5 degrees east I0.'2;chHiua: thence
south 24 degrees ea&t . 48 chains to point on
sou ill bouudarv line of said lot o (said point
being 4.0 chaiiis west from boutheast corner of
said iot i) rhence west on south boundary
line of said lot -j. a distance of 10.55 chains to
the place of beginning, containing 2:1 acres
more or less. . Aiso a r-wip 01 muu ou icoi. muu
running along the full length ot the west &i'e
of a piece of laud containing 17.83 acres des
cribed as follows : beginning at th' H. E. corn
er of claim No. 55 T. 11 S. R. 5 W.. run thence
W. 18 chains: thence 8. 9.91 chains; thenca E.
18 chains; thence N. 9.91 chains toplfiL-eof be
Sinnlng All the above being in benton coun
ty, state o! Oregon. ,
It being Ihe intention to include in tha above
description all Linda described in mortgage
given by Jane E. Fisher and husband to tlie
rttate Land Board, bearing date December 8.
moo. T
Said sale is made fr the purpose of paying
claims against Mvid etJtts and charges and ex
penses ol administration, remaining unpaid.
Dated this Mrc i2( 1.04.
Administrator with the will annexed 6f the
ebtateoi Jane Elixabetn Fisner, deceased.
Iu the County Court ot the St,ite oi Oregon.
in the Mstter of the Estate of)
Wra,E. Bj cv, Defeased. - - J
hAlrs aul devise
Hale, Wm V. Byer, Nellie M.
AoriiTns, aad eeract n, uyer.
sees of Win. F. Byer, aeceaasd,
In the name of -.he Slate of Oreson. you are
hereby cited mid required to appear la the
!eum?of Uentnn. at the Court room tueieof
at Coi-vilis. in the County of Benton, on satur-
dav. the i.lh liav ! Apil!flf0l. at 9 o'ciock
I tbe loreno ui of that day, then and mere to
i show cause if ai-y eiist, wby an order ot stde
i s.miild rot be made as prayed for in the petl
t.tnn r.f w x alf r.i. administrator of s-iid es
tate of v ta. F. P.yer. dee.ised, ot the frulowiug
dekerlbed real vroperty dU:
Lots numb-red 7, 8. and 9 lu Block nrnnbar
ed 4 in Human's Addition to the Oity ot
Noth Brownsville. Linn county, qnwm; .Lot
rmmbered 23 la Block numbered 5 in Hyde
Pirk. Washington County. Oregon; and Lot
numbered 8 in Block numbered 10 1 in Riverside
Addition to Albius, now within the City of
Portland. Multnomah County, Oregon.
Ana you are further notified that this citation
ia served upon you aud each of you. by publi
cation thereof in the OorvaUls Times, news,
naoer fer four weeks, under an order made by
the Hon. Virgil E. Watters. Judge of said Court
bearing date ot March, 8, 1904.
Witness, tne Hon. Virgil B. Walters, Jucge
of the County Court ot the state ot Oresron, for
the Connty of Benton, with the seal of said
-Court affixed this sib. day of March a. d, 19M.
i tlerk. .
(Seal,) ' -