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....... A .
The Comings and Goings of People,
Social Gossip, Personal Men- ;J
; ' tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
Miss Ethel Be)Uo a student at
OAC, left Monday fjr Grou Pass. .
J. K. Wcttherf ird and E1win
.Stone wtra In town on business Mn-
day- .
Pre3'daot Gatch le'oraed Mon
day from a brief buslneis viatc to
Portland and Salem.
Mrs. Hare of Albany, retnraeJ
to ber home MoDdav after a visit
with Corvallls fr!e-d.
Oscar He ily lefff yeste diy for
bis home la Portlaad, after a brivf
buelnees visit In Corvallis.
Olaud Hale, who finished tbe
commercial course at OA.O, Is now
stenographer in a prominent lawyer's
office at Rose burg.
Clyde Phillips returnfd Saoday
i from tbe bedside ot bis wif-, who re
ceatly underwent a surgical - opera
tion In a boaplial at Ejalem.
Mrs. Jerupe Post arrived Sunday
I from Santa Bona,. Calif rofa, and is
a guest at the home of ber father,
Ben B' attain near Pbilbmatb.
Tbe city eleotion occurs on the
third M-iodaV In My. The anaoun
- cement cf the canMraey of Lee
Henkla f jr chief of police uppeara ia
this Issue,
' Mrs. E. Bathers entrrtalied a
number of fi lends at ber home
Friday evening in honrr of , Sirs. A.
D. Morrl-jon of Ca Hon. The evenlog
wm spent pleasantly by tneaty gue ts
The county ciurt Is eaUlnp f r
bid) f Jf an aftiflolal stone tldiwalk to
be construct d a'oog tile north si te of
the ou t bouso bliclr. Tbe d olios to
bidders is to be f und In another col
umn. Bids f.t t J be opentd Wed
nesday, April 6 b.
Mr?. Jaesie S. Pet tit Flint re
cnuny receivea nr oidira'loo cer
tificate from tbe S ate tipliitualistlo
Assd. of Oregon. This gives her,
under tbe liws of tbn eta'e of Ores o.
ell tbe rights and privileges ot t' e
clergy of other dmoailnitloDs.
-The well Ik ring buskers aud ap
pliances of Mr. We'fnm aeries the
WUMratte has bejn purcbad bv
A. N. Ha'lao, rocantly ar.ivel from
Nebraska. Mr. Had in is au expr-
lenced man at the business. His
vertlseme it appear j elsewher.
ad- ;
Two Nebrislia families arrived
Saturday, and f r the present are lo
oa'elln Oorvallis, where they expect
to reside. They are families of O. A.
Stowe aid A. P. Harlan, both of
wh m tie'jio her In 'aw of J J. Cady.
They hall fr in Hi.lbrook, Nebraska,
Tw J other f unities a'e erpectrd to
. leave Holbrock on tbe 15'.b, wl h Cor
Tall'sai their deitlnatloo. 4
Harold Wells of Eugene, won the
Sa'flrdyy EsetdriK Post's fe trip to
tbe 8t. LtuIs f-ilr prize, for selling
the nost Posts during a Rivet time
la a city of less than 7,500 popula
tion. JjFrom November 7 to January
SI he" sold 9,275 Posts, tbe next near
est being a boy In Pennsylvania, the
third In Maryland and the f jurth ia
Indiana. The prize is worth at least
$200 and beside) during tbe contest
Wells won $29 In ra?h, a gold watch,
ellver watch ad twelve sweaters.
Miss Alice Wlckluud was winner
Of tbe' local oratorical contest of the
Prohibition League, hel 1 In college
chapel Saturday night. She wa
awarded a gold medal as the fruit ot
her victory, and Is to reprefeat the
local league In a state oritorloal con
test to take place In Pnllomath next
month. Her subject was, -'The Lif
Hail'aut." ard her tbe-ne the llf aud
achlevemeits of the late Princes
Wlllard. Second place aid a ellver
medal wera taken by Waldo E. Col
bert. The ntber contestant wai
MarkD McCal Uter.
What promises ta be the re?t
' basket bull game of the season takes
Dlace in Collece Ararnrr Fr'diy ev
enlog. It will be between the OAC
and Dallas College teitna, and until
tbe lat half ends, the outcome will
be Involved In doubt. Lat yf ar the
Dallas team dele itei the OAC men
ia the latter's own te rltcry, and this
season defeated them again at Da'las.
The style of play of the two teams la
very much the same, and eo excellent
is the play of tbe Dalits men tbat tbe
OAC players account tbe game as tbe
hardest of the year. Tbe contest wlil
undoubtedly a'tract a large crowd
A pretty Incident occurred ia one
of the society balls at the college
Saturday ntgbt. It was the presen
tation of a gold medal by the Amiel
tlaos to John Witty who fljurcd chi
sdIcuousIv iu the awatd of medals In
-the late loeal oratorical contest to
which he took second honors and was
a close competitor tor first place. The
presentation speech was neatly made
by Karl 8telwer In behalf ot the n so
ciety and called out a feeling response
from the recipient. The medal is
a handsome one and a fitting token
ot the very high esteem In which his
society holds Mr. Witty and his eff orts
as their champion.
each week. Bring vour horses and Svieeat dp. m. A cordisl lavita
have tient examined free of charge. I tion is exenrlrt to f
, K-WM. Jones of JJalla, is baying
catte is the Ticlottj; of Corvallis.
Born, Ms rob 7. on Dixon Creek-,
to. the household ot Burt Wood, a ten
pound boy.
... Bobeit Bowman, cf Tortland a
fjrtner resident cf Corvallls, is here op
tmsioess and for a week's stay -with
J. G. Horning went over to Lake
Creek tbe last cf the week to build a
house and otherwise prepare to live
on tit homestead. ,
By a fall, Monday evening, Mrs.
Wellsber' sustained a badly sprained
ankl. For a time it was believed that
the limb was broken.'
Miss Kathleen Canfield of Yamhill
county, and Lee Thornton " of Roee
borg, were married in Portland a few
days ago. Both are graduates and
former well-known students atO. A.O.
Mr. and Mrs. William Craea went
to Portland Monday. The latter goes
ta be treated for rheumatism and will
be away an indefinite time. Mr. Crees
is expected home today or tomorrow.
Prof. 8. L Pratt, a popular and
successful school man, announces his
candidacy for the office of county
school superintendent. A card, 'de
claring his purpose, appears elsewhere
In this paper. - "
" At the annual meeting Monday
night, the Citizens' League elected the
following officers: M. 8, Woodcock;
pre8ldent;E,AUenaDd Dr. Harper, v!ce
presidents E. E. WiUoo, secretary
and B. W. Johnson, treasurer.
Very Interesting lectures are. Id
progress this week at the church of
Obrist. The speaker if Bev. G. K.
Berry, an able pulpiteer of Portland,
and the subject Is "Church History."
The lectures arigiven every evening,
commencing at 8 o'clock, and are at
tracting good audiences. :
Copies cf the proposed Primary
Eleclon and Local Op ion Laws are
on file at the county clerk's office,
where they can be seen by those seek
ing light on the subject. Both meas
ures are to be voted on by the people
at the coming election under the ini
tiative pr .vision of.the constitution.
I Things were lively at the Lions
l)dga Monday evening. . After tbe
uudiuess meeting inere was a social et
which 135 person j were ' present. A
feature was the following program:
sob, Miss Spangler; recitation, and
encora, Mrs. Gale; reading, WeetNew
ton; solo, D..W. Prltcbard; recitation,
Bessie Daonemin; duet. Miss Carrie
Dauneuaan and; Miss Spangler; recita
tioo, Mies Huff. A banquet was the
concluding' feature.'; i r: ' - rV,
Of the 90 judges and clerks otie-T-
lection appointed by tbe county court,
no less than 23 have failed to tile no
tice ot their acceptance. Formal no-
tice has been given them by the coun
ty clerk of their, appointment. They
bava alio -been toll that It is necesaa
ry to file notice of their acceptance
with the county clerk, but In 23 1d
staaces they. bave f illed to do so. kThe
condi'lan is not understood at tbe
courthouse. :
The average height of the Willa
mette river has been greater during
the past month than has ever been
known f r the same period. At no
time this season has it reached a very
high stage, but it has maintained a
heavy flow. For more than two weeks
just passed the ferry here has been
able to run. only tbr?e or fonr hours.
That was en lat Monday afternoon,
but before six o'clock the river bad
risen again so tbat the ferry bad to
discontinue Its ttipe. ' Monday night
tbe river came up three feet and its
height gave promise ot another con
tinued rest for the ferryman.
An inter-class field and track
meet la One of the diversions for the
bear future out at the college. ach
of tbe four claeees is preparing to turn
out a field and track team to contest
in tbe various events. A pennant is
to be the prize tor the winner. In the
contests the freshmen loom up with
preat material , In Coatee, - Walxer,
Smltbsoo, Kumbaugh and others while
the juniors likewise tower with Wil
liams, Abraham, Moores, Stelwer and
other formidable figures. The meet is
likely to occur April 9 h.
The cove, to the training track on
the colleee athletic field, which ent
down In a 6trees of weather in the first
attempt to stretch it, was successfully
epreed last Saturday; and was ia use
for the first time by the athletes Mon
day afrernoon. A larse number of
track men were on hand to practice,
and a large number ot spectators were
out to watch proceedings. The track
is in excellent condition for use and
the hurdlers and Bprtntere from now"
on will have fine facilities for reaching
best results in training. Director
Trine is very much pleased with the
new arrangement and with prospects
la general.
Paris. March 4. Madagascar ad
vices state that the great Comoro
island craters still continue in e-
raption after two weeks with loss of
many native lives.
Madrid, March 5. An avalanche
of snow today buried the village of
Reas in the province of Grenada.
Many of the villagers were entomb
ed. ; Tts first Spiritual Union of Cor-
1 1 . .-!)! l . 1 .J . i c 1, in
Monroe man Spilled in Flooded
Road 'Shipping - Wheat from -
Eastern Oregon Philo--'
" mite Says Political pot ,
' . is Boiling Other
. " ' . - News.
Miss Willotighby of Eddyville is
visiting with Rev, Mrs. McElroy,
County Clerk Moees took in the
sights of oar city one day last week.
Philomrtb,Ore, March, 7. Prof.
Denmat was visiting the Philomath
public schools last week. -
The ladies aid society keep a
supply of pastry and bread at
Moses Bros, fer the accommodation
of students and others.
The loggers of the Benton Coun
ty Lumber Co. have not been able
to work for the. last few days on ac
count of fo much ice and bdow in
the mountains.
Mr. Thomas Chandler, a former
resident of Philomath has sold his
interest in the mercantile business
at Taneent, Mr. S.Moses was over
there to help invoice the stock last
The political pot is beginning to
boil. A Philomath correspondent
of tbe Times indulged in a little
undignified mud flinging in tbe is
sue of March 5th. County Superin- '
tendent Denman . enjoys immense 1
popularity in Philomath, not not
many would accuse him of making a
flirg at Philomath.
- - . -'.-'
The "dollar and . fix bit case"
will not down. It raised its ugly
head again -at the last fneeting of
the city council in the shape of a
bill nf eevent y-five dollars for law
ers fees from Weatherford &,Wyatt
of Albany. Tbi-r makes' ponsider
able over three hundred dollars tbe
the tax-payers -have had to"digup"
b'-sides'payir.g the origir al b 11.
'. ..' AT- MOXROE.
iMrs. G'irlin q use is ill,1 and is
at Mr. Peal's. " . -.-, . J .. . v
"The mill has been shut downthe
papt few dayp, the water being too
high to grind. . ...
On account of the river - cutting
in, Mr. Doidge has moved his hotse
about 6o. feet i
A. Wilhelm & Sons hav had
15,000 bushels of when t, shipped
in o the Junction and Harrinburg
mills, recently irom Eastern Ore,
Tbe Roval' Ife'gbbors gave a
sniper in Wilbeloo'o Hall last tsat
urdi y. Taking tbe bad weather in,
con-ideratton thue was a good
titn and a general good time was
Csshn Nickelburz & Co's traveling
salman of SanFranciseo, Frank
Pe rg will not be liable to come to
Monroe agtin until the roads pet
bet er or the water goes down. He
wa coming from Junction City and
when within a mile t this place
and while crossing tbe water in
front of Mr. Brown's house his hack
was upset. The sample trunks got
-Tuesday, March 1 5th.--
Headed by the Only BILLY YOUNG and GORDON G0LL1NS,
Singing Comedians, assisted by Six Comedy Jesters
and a Competent Lady Chorus, Elevated First
" Part. Big Second Part Olio of Pleasing Vaude
ville, concluding with the One Act Rag Time Opera,
"Africa." Free Band Concert at 7:15 p. m.
wet and the contents badly " dam
aged. The driver and himself had
a narrow esiaps and the harn4s 1
was cut loo?e to let the horses ojjtW
I he .hack still remainsin the water.
It looks as if the roads should" be
looked after in this ' fart of the
country. - '
' --"
. . Miss Ruth vDrake commenced
her school at the Giodman school
house Monday, Feb. 29. X.
Dell Henkle returned home from
Portland Friday.
The Benton C .unty Lumber Co's
mill will start again Monday. -
Mr. Miller who bought the - Vet
stig place, came - last Saturday,
Oklahoma was his former home.;
H. F, White will represent the
Philomath ,I,oague in the State
contest next April. The . contest
will be held in Philomath.
The musical recital given by
Profs Goodnough and Turney in
tbe College of . Philomath chapel
last Saturday evening was excel
lent... I . ' .- . ' ' .
Rev. J. W. Berryman of North
western Idaho has moved to Pbi
lomatb. He will make his home
in town having bought the Homer
Wyati' place. t
Tbe contestants at the local
Oratorical Contest were H. F.
White, Oscar Weed, Merle Staines,
and Andrew Whittsn. The judges
on composition were Profs Bercb
told and Shav and E Bryant. All of
the judges on delivery were ,T. T.
Vincent, George Denman atjd A.
F. Green. : .. ; -.
1 .'i', . . . Ix igsk. .
M iscow; v ; March ' 2. Among
thoughtful 'Russians, there is a conT
ptatitly deepening '.'impression that
Russia will yet" have 10 face the
combined power' of the fellow raceB,
the cunning neutrality, prwlima
tions of China and Corea to tbe con
trary notwithstanding. "There a e
serious traces of despondency among
the -belter class of 'Riissiabs,; 'and
some solid Russian success is aDx
iouslv awaited and badly need as a
tonic. " ' .; ; :' . 5
The government, knowirg this
fact, caused to be circulated a re
port of a Russian success at Port
Arthur yesterday," in wbiah a Jap
anese warship was said to have been
Bunk, but the news was received
with open skepticism in the absence
of direct official confirmation.
It is Eemi-ofBcially stated that
Japanese and Russian advances are
10 sight of each other, and news of
tbe first land battle are awaited
with a deprree of apprehension.
News ff the activity of the Cbi
ne troops in tbe ptovince of Chi
Li is cnfirn:ed from ' official sour
ces. Genera's Yuan Shi Kai and
Ma ae concentrating their foreign
drilled forces at strategic points and
trouble is ftared.
New York, Mroh 4. At 2 o'
clock this morning workmen in re
moving the body of Alexander John
son, an ironworker, from the wreck
ed Hotel Dirliogton, uncovered
Charles LaEck, a plasterer, who was
alive, with sn immense beam across
bis chest. Hi had lain 36 hours
under tons of debris. The man died
as he reached the door of the hos
pital. The known dead are 15
I4 bodies have been removed.
Go to ZieroU'a for freBh.
oysters- :
Yaquina Bay
Liimtier ana Hlig llaterial I
s From iow on we.
Full Cine Building Cumber.
r: We have arranged with the Curtis Lam- ' A
- ' ber Go. to handle their lumber at Corval-
lis. We are now' prepared to offer Spe- - '
- cial Prices on a large stock of material.
Gentral Planing Mills & Box factory.
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
see me.. I shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
. ' you over the country.
, Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
'. ; j - " Philomath, Oregon. . -
Real Estate Co;
You have come from the land of ice and
,:- snow. -' .
And you dont know just where yon want
to go; , ,
You have not yet run short of cash
And you want to invest so as not ' to
smash. ' . '
Perhaps yoar'e a farmer want someone
to sbow
Where the largest and best crops un-
laiungiy grow .
And tell and assure vou exactlv where
Yon will surely be dealt with just and
Where tney will not try to cheat and
beat you.
If you are earnestly trying to purchase a
- home
Just call at the office of White & Stone.
Un Mam street. (Jorvallis, they will be
Always ready and willing to show you
1 arouna; .
If you would be used very nice and po
lite. : .' f':5 4.
Yoa should makej.tbe' acquaintance of
U.K. vmteTSSi .1 :
V?e are certain to pleasewtth the farms
to be shown
By cur gentlemanly solicitor H. M.
They will tell you lere the best prunes
. . grow
They have been in the business and
' surely knew.
And where to grow fine grain, but if
uairriHs yon would irv
They can tell you just where a fine
ranch to buy.
They do your business, deal in city
lanra y
And the resting Of bouses is in their
- nanas. .
So when you come here, a stranger and
Just call at the office of White & Stone
Time Card Number 22.
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany ia:45 P- m
" Corvallis. . . . . . 2:00 p. m
" arrives Yaquina. 6:2o p. m
I Returning:
Leaves Yaquina 6:45 a. m
Leaves Corvallis. 11:30 a. m
. Arrives Albany . . . 12:15 p. m
3 For Detroit: -
Leaves Albany. , 7:00 a. m
Arrives Detroit. 12:20 p. m
4 from Detroit: - ,
Leaves Detroit...' .i:0o p. m
Arrives Albany............. 5:55 p. m
" Train No. r arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north
bound train.
Train No 2 connects with the S P traine
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
Train 3 for Detroit, Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach.the Springs the
same day. '
For farther information apply to
Edwin Stonb, .
: Manager.
H. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany.
H. S. PERNOT, -Physician
& Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
left at Graham & Wortham's drag store.
E. R. Bryson,
. oi i c
mil keep in stock a
Whereas, the Secretary of State of
the state of Oregon has notified me
ia wriliog that pursuant to the pro.
visions of an act entitled, '-An act making ef
fective the initiative and referendum provis
ions of Secti :n 1 of Article IV of the Const! tu
tionof the StHie of Ore-ou, and regulating e
lectlons thereunder, and providing penalties for
violation of provisions of this act.' approved
Februaiy 24th. 1903, the State Prohibition Al
liance duly filed in bis omce on February 5,
1904, an Initiative petition containing S 816 sig
natures propeily attached thereto and certified ;
in accordance with law, demanding thit a prov
posed law, the tenor and effect ot which fs
neieinafter particularly set forth, providing
for elections iu any county or any precinct
therein or any subdivi-ion therein or any sub
division of a county consisting of any number .
of entire and contiguous preciuctsof such coun
ty to determine whether the sale of intoxlcat-
ing liquors shall be prohibited in such county1
or subdivision thereof or any such precinct
and for other purposes as hereinafter stated
shall be submitted to the legal electors of the
State ot Oregon for their approval or rejec
tion at the general election to be' held on the
6th day ot June, being the first Mdttday of June
Now THEEEFOp.E, I. Geo. E. Chamberlain,
Governor of the State of Oregon, In obedience
to the provisions of said act hereinbefore first
mentioned, do hereby make and i&aue this
Proclamation to the people of the State ot Ore
gon, announcing that the said State Prohibition
Alriance has filed said initiative petlttou with
the requisite number of signatures thereto at- .
tached , demanding that there be submitted to
the legal electors of tbe State of Oregon tor their
approval or rejection at tbe regular election to
be held on the 6th dayot June, being the first '
llonday of June, 1904, a proposed law provid
ing for eleotions in any county or precinct
therein or any subdivision therein or any sub
division of a county consisting ot any number
of entire and contiguous precincts of such
county to determine whether the sale of intoxi
cating liquors shall be prohibited iu such coun
ty or 8ubdivlslou thereof, and tor other pur
poses connected therewith as hereinafter stat
ed, having for its purpose and being briefly of
the tenor and effect following, that is to sayf ,
A bill to propose, by initiative petition, a law ;
providing for elections in any county or any
precinct therein or any subdivision of a county,
consisting of any number of entire an! con
tiguous precincts ot such county, todetermlue
whether the sale of intoxicating liquors shall
be prohibited in such county or subdivision
thereof or in such precinct: providing tor the
filing of petitions for sncb elections and the
form and effect thereof, and for notices ot such
elections and for tbe time and manner of bold- '
lng and . conducting the same; declaring what
stall constitute a subdivision of the county
within tbe meaning of this law; declaring
what acts shall and what shall not constitute
a violation of this law; declaring the qualifica
tions of petitioners and of electors at such el
ections: applying to such elections the prov
isions ot Sections 1900. 1901, 1902, 1UGS, 1901, 1905,
1908, 1907,1908, 1909, 191S, 1911, 1912. and l7.
of Bellinger & Cotton's Annotated Codes and
St ttutes of Oregon ; providing for printing and
distributing ballots for such elections; pre
scribing theduties of public officers in relation
to such elections and in relation to the enforce- .
ment of the provisions of this law: providing
for the issuance by tne County Court of ' orders
prohibiting the sale ot intoxicating liquors
within certain limits and declaring the duties
of such courts in reference' thereto: limiting
tbe time within which the question of prohib
iting such sale ot intoxicating liquors may
again be submitted t j vote in the same district;
providing penalties and punishment for the '
violatl in of any of the provisions of this law; -providing
for the return to any liquor dealer or
other terson of a proportionate amount otany
license fee which he may have paid, whenever
the diBtrlct in which he shall be engaged in
business shall be declared to ' be prohibition
territory; and applying to "all elections held
under the provisions of this law the provisions
of the general election laws of the state and
declaring certain rules of evidence applicable,
to prosecutions under this Act
Done at the Capitol at Salem this 10th day
of February, A. D., 1904.
By the Governor, -F.
I, Dunbab, '
Secretary of State.
(SEAL) .
Willamette Vallej
Banking Company.
Responsibility, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchange Issued payable at all finan
cial centers in United States, Canada
and Europe. .
Principal Correspondent.
PORTLAND London & San FrancixcoISavnk
Limited; Canadian Bank of Commerce.
SAN FRANCISCO London San Francis- .
. co Bank Limited.
MEW TOBK Messrs. J. P. Morgan Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LONDON, ENG. London & San Francisco
Bank Limited. -
Francisco Bank Limited.
7g7 altman, m. d.
Office cor 3rd nod Monroe et. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison st.
n -it. V ; ! - 7