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Vol. XVII.No. 3.
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eration on Negro Stab
bed by His Sweet- .
heart. . - '
Independence. March K n nr
kilt, most Qltt-fiSRlncr anil hnrnhb
accidents that ha. occurred in Polk
county, causing ' the death of two
young men, happened at 8 o'clock
this morning about one and one
half miles north -of Independence,
.where Curtis Baker was dynamit
ing stumps with John Barton on
Mr. Barton's hop land.
Mr. Baker went down
work this mornincr anr! an how rrt
e v l.V
Cabe. a vonnsr bov of abont 1 1
of age, went down with him lor the
purpose 01 visiting Him and seeing
him bfast Btumns. While Mr. ..
ton was heatine the dvnnmito ;n
can or not water Drenaratnrv tn
. . , .
blastiQff. tie dvnamile. from anm
unknown cause, exploded and set
on the reet of the hundred
-r j : . '
oi uDsme mat was near by. The
boys, McCabe and Baker, were in
ft inntly killed. . The bodies were
picked ud and hurled in midair a
distance of over l.sO feet.. Their
limbs were torn from their bodies,
which were disemboweled. mH
their faces were maoeled bevnnd
recognition, hannir hppn inmn in.
ly blackened bv the charve nf
A house standinsr at 'a rlia
or a few hundred yards is in com
plete ruins, the windows demolish.
ed, the casings and woodwork
wrenched loose, and the whole
house practically off frcm its found
ation. The earth where the hnrrnr
occurred was torn up to a depth of
xour ieet, ana lor a SDace of -?0 to
40 feet in diameter. A small pig
was feeding a few yards distant and
lDFtaouy tinea .
Mr. Barton was at wntt nnl.i
- ....
enori aisiance awav, and it was a
miracle that Mr. Woo J, a young
man who was in the field. wa nnt
also killed. He had started to the
spot where the boys were and was
called back bv Mr. Bnrr, whn
wished him to help him with some
oi nis wortc. not for this he too
would hvae fallen a victim in tho
The coroner of Dallas was called
up, but be concluded that an nffi.
cial investigation would not have
io oe maae and the bodies worn
picked up and taken to the under
taking parlors for burial.
Gilbert McCabe wan flvnnnarmfen
of about 18 years of age. His fath
er died here about a year ago and
his mother is livictr i n tha a.ef
His father bequea'hed him the tile
factory at this place, which is being
manazed bv thn hnva
- J
1 nomas Pomeroy. McCabe had
stated that he had no woik to do
this morning on the' farm and
thought he would go out and make
a visit. He got up early and left
with his friend for th hntfr,
where the accident occurred.
Mr. Biker was a young man of
about 62 years of aire, and well
known here,, having been in this
city for a number of years. His
death comes as a terrible shock and
calamity to the stricken family.
No blame ia placed for the accident.
It is thought that the sudden con
traction "caueed by the hot water in
the freezing process was the nnBa
of the explosion. ; :
on with its work with almost nor
mal steadiness and regularity.. The
cuv waa & targe one and required
Six Stitches. The nlnnr. woo
ed and a gathering of Wood was re
moved, s
After the wonnd had Koon
ea .bmergon was extremelv wmV
but is rallying slowly, and the ew
geoua neiieve ne will recover.
Madisan . Wis ffh -7 tt;
started at 3 o'clock this morning
from crossed electric wires and
completely gutted Wisconsin's beau
thai capital building. . The loss
waa $800,000. The insurance was
only 16,000. The fire waa not dis
covered until it waa under ereat
L J mi . .
ucuuway. locar nremea were
uuaoie 10 cope witn tbe lire and ap-1 : , .ui",lou uu piace . at
pealed , to Milwaukee department r: j o dock this afternoon and bom
but the aid pjtmn tnn lot. ' barded the town and shora hniter.
The loes involves the building of
n.. .
purpose was to Uraw the Fire of
Russian Shore Batteries Bat
teries at Port Arthur Have
H mm i a.
- cent Attacks.
VladivDstflk. Murnh R A t
j uugpim
-iapiun uaiLieenipB ana two
I cruisers appeared off this nlace t
a new capitol.. -A special session of
we leeisiature will h pbIIbH
probably renew the agitation to re
move the capital from , Madison to
Milwaukee. The east and woat
wingg-were entirely ruined.. The
ouiidmg cost $1,000,000.-
Governor Lafollette personally
directed the fight against the flames.
Students and citizens assisted in re
moving the records and law books.
The vaul s are believed to be in
tact. ;
Fire Chief Bernard Wfi.9 BPrirtnaltr
iojured by falling bricks. -
Lima. Pdru. March A. :TKo
earthquake in years occurred here
met evening and did much damage
( me city and surroundins conn-
try. A number of lives have been
TM 1 - J. .
lueuuasswaB louowerl bv an
extremely high tide at Callai and a
violent sea alone the Coast. ' Tt In at.
. .1 , . . . .
eu several minutes, dnrincr whioh
tns earth rocked violently anrl mmK
Hng WftB deeo and nrofonnd .
The earthntiatra Sfirvta AAnfinn
J xvarua. VUUUU VI
ed this morninsr and wnro tKn rnnat
0 i wa v uw UiWOt
severe known in a Quarter nf a .
iuxy. - t
Tha-damace to life and nronertv
ujust nave oeen ornat trn 41.
. O - tivui- WO
character of the tremors, but no fig-
moo ui lUBses are yet, ODtalnable.
Further advices are awaited With
xevensn anxiety.
Redding, Cal., March 4 Wil
nam Clements and his daughter,
""" groaning weaver reek, near
uougias uity, last evening in a bus
gy. had a thrilling e-rnnrienna Tt.
creek was a ratrino- inmnt .rit
buggy struck a holeandcapsized.The
occupants were tnrown out and the
ouiai waB carried down stream. Cle
meets cancht 1ia mM onj:u
a superhuman effort strapped her
to tne horss. and Ihon laim a ct,..
ibe bueiv was wrprVpd ni.
ments tainted whn tha ihn
reacned. Xhe horse, which had al
so reacbed the shore, ntartori fe
with the cirl. but aha TY1 ana noA 4- a
tree herself and walked toDouglae,
tWO mileS distant. mhara oka
tained help for her father, who was
uuwpieieiy over come.
4TV0Tyj?Y AT l.Al
- . Physician and Surgeon.,
w ,,J'P"1'?,,!-.w'l Or. Office Honrs.
1 .. 4 1' in...
Philadelnhia. March e. Thmos
. - j- uvulae
rjmereoo. a colored man rr-hn .
stabbed in the heart Monday by his
oweeiueari, nas Deen the eubject of
an unusual operation. His heart
was lilted out of the body and six
stitches were taken to close the big
cash made bv the?
The org'an was replaced and Emer
son is recovering." ; .
Alter the assault Emerson walked
Without a8si8tanCfl to tha hnenltol
a distance of five blocka. and ro
. - 1 ww- -n no
nn n JS al ? n ... '
fu uuuer me innuence oi ether as
soon as the wound had been exam
ined. On the operating table the"
heart was exposed by along inci
sion which necessitated the break
icg of several r?b. Th cnorsf ;
jeorgeon inserted two fiogtrs aad-
liiied out the heart. ' It was drawn
Sata Cruz. nal...ManT. a a
masked hizhwav man thiamAmin.
at the point of a pistol held up two
uiou uu iijeir way to town. The
orst One ennnnntsrail
nao yjiia
Hammond, a Salvation Army man.
The highwayman threatened to
blow out his brains. "God bles.
you shoot." said thn SaIof.-nJt
complacently. The bandit in ap-
yareui aieguEi lowered his weapon
and walked away.
St. Petersburg, March 4. Seri
ous concern is manifest in official
circles here over the statement that
America tOfl a V haa nmrniooJ T
. . j f.vuiLDcu o avail
the assistance of her warshins" in
the event that Russi
cognize the right of China to grant
u, i ci rrM iiH i nrfl Tf a m oi
- "j uiui ia-u LUU-
su about sent to Manchnria.
The stite department at Wash
ington desires neutrality, but the
worn was given out three weeks a
go that the integrity of ChiDa must
be preserved regardleea of Russian
les for 55 minutes.
The fleet armroarthfid from tha;.
rection of Askold Island, athe east
entrance to Ussuri Bay, and about
luuas souineast oi .Vladivostok.
Entering Ussuri Bay, the enemy
formed, a line of battle, but did not
approach to a closer range than a
mile and one-third. They directed
their fire against the ehore batteries
ana me town, but no damage result
ed, as most .of their 200 lyddite
aliens iauea to ourst.
The Russian hatr.aricc nnmman
ed bv General Vet-note md a...
ujuuuu, aia not reply, awaiting a
Kivaer approach or the enemy.
The Japanese fire ceased at 2:20
p. m., and the enemy retired in tbe
aireciion or Askold Island. Simul
taneously two torpedo-boat destrov
ers appeared near; Askold aland
and two more near Cape Maidel.
Ibe Japanese ships were covered
with ice. . . v
1 he attack resulted in no loss to
the Russians, but Root, tha limn...
w w V.HUbOV
uu ruoies in ammu
nition. Most Of tha nrnipp.t.ilaa mora
six and i2-inch shells. .
The population of Vladivostok
was warned this mom nor nf tv..
- 1 u
presence on the horizon nf a h
a . i i . i ... v ...
net i, ana me nrosnent nf aitanir Hn
jug mc aay, om it remained tran
ft. '9- r. XKTIK
and are boying all sulUble craft
At noon Friday tha
steamers, conveyed by the cruiser
Takao and two torpedo boats, land- -ed
men and stores 10 miles below
Hwangjd. Cossacks ase keepine a.
sharp watch on the Japanese move-
SL rflflrokiis - i . xt
Kussian commandant at Vladivoa- '
tok has issued a proclamatioB.
warning tha inhah?t.- .-.i.Tl .
17-mile radius to leave immediate
ly Ukin? theiy peraonai effects but
00 froa stores nor cattle. , (
This Droclamntin.
evidence that the Russians expect
an early attack upon Vladivostok. .
- It IS knnan K . - ..
ua. at pari or. ins
Japanese fleet was dispatohed in
the-directiou of Vla;..v ... :
is reported to have been seen in that
vicinity, but its movement have
been ehronded in mi. .
bor is ice-bound, but the Russians 1
nave been .
enable their vessels to get out.
i: arinur enonid be taken
by tbe Jananpaa .k..j . . x
the Russians, Vladivostok will be
ine neji point ot naval attack, and
the action taken h. tha nn
ant is indicative of a fear that it
may be near at hand. '
Niu Chwanir. March A Wan. o-
v- v iv ail
rivals from Port Arthur confirm
the rnmora in cirnnlatinn hn
. loob
Week that the waatarlir hot.
. .... . , U4. 1 u .1UD
have been greatly damaged by the
tiapaneee Boeu me. jUesaltory bom-
uaiuuxaui cununnm. i.ii r Kaa
. uwo uao
been an absence of concerted action
On tne Dart Of thp Jananaaa ...
I 7- . f.. uwuw not'
ships tor a couple of days. All of
tne civilian population has been ex
piea irom tne town.
. A heavilv-laden train nro A
. . rf w.h.m VI co ua-
railed near the town Saturday, but
it. la rint Irnnwii Viv- . J
uunu .uu luu-u uamage
Was done. Tha wrarlr naa inJ
.w wnuocu
by an obstruction being placed on
tbe track by Japanese agents.
1 he at tern nt to rana! r tha. A.,.
1 .. v. i y -
dock bo that it would accommodate
tne oatiie snip Uzarovitch has been
abandoned, and she will remain in
a disabled condition until the i
of the war, or until she can be Bent
to viaaivostok, where the drydock
is latsre enoush to tccnmmni-i-
her. Niu Chwaner is now fin) o
cupied by a small detachment
oi cavai'y.
, St. Petershiirc. Mo
Zl ei vu i. an
Otncer Of tha Rn-dion Mi.;B.. t n
da in aeecrihintr tha fi. t-
attack on Port Arthur, writes a de-
nial of the story that the Russian
officers were ashore. And a caaiili.
that the Japanese used false lights.
At 11 o'clock that r.;nl.. .....
drill to repel torpedo attacks was
executed by the Russian fleet and at
midnight four Russian torpedo
boats that had Bimulated the enemy
headed back toward n.u. t.1
crews of the fleet retired. - v ...
The captain of the Pallida had
descended from the bridge when
he had been fur a loot
ships's lights, white above red, ac
cording to , the Russian method,'
were observed. Tha
- ""f'loiu BUD
r.03ed they were Russian boats te-i.
turning irom the drill nntil he no
ticed a different stvla nf at. ant. .v.f. '
was being followed. '
The crews were then called to
quarters; the euns were loaded .
grape and fire was opened. A ter
rific explosion under the Pallada
submerged tbe ornisarc riuv kn. '
did not stop the firing or maneuv
enng. Measures were taken at ones
to close the breech. Soon after tor
pedoes were exploded under the
Retvizan and the
a.t.uu, X UIQ.
ended the attack.
Cleveland. O ' T Q k m-
1 wa. wivu f. iUlOT
burplars were captured last night
by Mrs. Fannie. BlaRVhi.rn a
Ow of i5 veara. whn ia f ; v.... .
J 1 " w .9 HI UUU 11JUE
cnlar. v Sbe ueed a hickory club on
the men as thev emerorad f.nm
cellar, knocking them down one by
one. The burglars were .bo daz.d
that they were unable to get awav,
and were soon made helpless by the
sturdy widow's b'onra. . Tha
were eurnmonfd and took the men
into cusiodv. . - -
Paris. March i. The .nrn,j
ent of the matin of Tokio say6 that
a banquet eiven Thnrsrla-r .. v,
American war correspondent, the
vice-minist3r ot foreign affairs, in
thankiDS the Amerinnn riDiinn t
o 1U1
support hitherto given to Japan,
ucbiaicu luai, me government reck
oned unon receiving .n mna r
n - uu'i r
fective assitance from the United
aiate8 in the iuture.
AQe corresDOndent nava ho. v.n
" usa
nas reason to believe that the vice
mini.tar alluded to the proposed
loan in connection with which Bar
on Kaneko has eone to the Tin.-foj
fj -w WLI,OU
The subscriptions to the war loan
opened March 1 now amount to
St. Petersburg. Mamh k
, OH wa V AUORatr '
number of Jews being sent to the
.iuu.uyiun j&uBsian government ia
utterly di8DroRori.ii.not. t v.
portion of Hebrews to the entire
population., It is estimated that
fully 12 per cent, of the reinforce
ments to the rant-a nf tha
Jews and over 30,000 of them are
now proceeding to the scene of op
erations to take nait. In l.a 1
r -uv TfBtc tt- .
eainet Janan. Nn rth, -
. vtaos ltx
liussia-has contributed so largely
Notwithetandincr thaoa n-.r
loyalty, popular hatred of the Jews
uuuunues unaDated and fears are
entertained that whnlaaaia
. - uj.aoa-
ere of the Jews will occur at the
easier holidays.
London, March 7. Thft Daily
Mail's Cbefjo J..
scribes a visit he made to Chemul
po. ' He sava the nonntrv thanna .
Ping Yans is imnassahlH
the thaw. The villages are desert
ed and horses and provisions cannot
be obtained, everything having
uoou uuuj.i up uy me Japanese.
"I am informed," Bays the corres
pondent," that there will be no ad
vance until 100,000 men have
been concentrated at Pi D cr Vn nn Tt
is thswing inland and tbe water
way? bave greatly h.lpsd the trans-'
portation arrangements. Th Jan-
anese are Lu'v -at n-.r." hn;
Astoria. . Mamh. . t---t .
-uuroai: - while attempting to
boards the eteamship Clavering yes
terday morning a. she lay off the
mouth of the river, outside of the
lightship George Woods, bar pilot,
fell overboard into the rolling sea.
W hen rescued he
hausted, and could not have enr-..
vived much longer.
In company with others, Pilot
W OOdS wa9 in a email
, uuu w tv uti;i
was conveying them to thefilava,.
mg. Arriving along side of the big
liner a stepladder was put out for
him to climb nn 'an4 . i j
in some manner he missed his foot
ing ana tell, and waa soon battling
with the Waves. TT waa fnrrlnA
some distance from the ship, . and
about half the time was hidden
from view bv the rani no aaa Thnooi
occupying the small boat went in
pureuit oi me almost-drowned man,
and tliey finally succeeded, in pall
ing him aboard, more dead than a
live. He soon revived, however, ,
and then the officers and crew as- :
sisted him in boarding the steamer.
After changing clothes and hover
ias around a hot fire for a Mm- h
j recovered from his experiecc?.